The Vicinity

The Characters' Neck of the Woods

To the right is a map of the area with which the characters are familiar (click on the map to enlarge it).

Below is a list of the landmarks (including towns), who or what can be found there, the surrounding terrain and its significance to the area.

The characters are in or around the town of Redemption for one reason or another.

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Armee's Canal Ocean creatures and shipping traffic. A sea that divides the continent of Almebezbik. Legend states that his was once a vast canyon carved by the sword of the god Armee the Father. 
Clan Sleeplijmstamper (Tanglehelm) Dwarves Tanglewood between The Crater and Zelmbring. Dwarven clan that has existed here since most other dwarves retreated to The Rearing Realm over twenty millennia ago. 
der schwarze Greifer (The Black Talon) Orcs Tanglewood west of The Crater. This is a prolific and vicious tribe of orcs. It's numbers are kept in check by the forces of The Floating Tower. 
der troll Krieger (The Troll Warriors) Orcs Tanglewood surrounding Troll's Bridge north of The Almebezbik River. These orcs are the followers of the trolls that live under the bridge that spans The Almebezbik River within Troll's Bridge. 
Githyanki Fortress (Castle) Githyanki Situated on a bluff overlooking Armee's Canal in the midst of Tower's Heights. This is a githyanki constructed stronghold that cascades with colors on a regular basis. 
Gneville (Hamlet) Gnomes The harsh orc and goblin infested western Tanglewood Gnomish settlement that has managed to survive despite losing its protector, Walton, almost 900 years ago. 
Grotesque's Marshes Drymorjoc the Great Black Wyrm, scrag and other swamp dwelling creatures. Bordered on the north by Tanglewood and the plains of the Teton Nation to the south. Reputed to be a powerful magical node of some sort. 
Kettelmettel (Thorp) Gnomes In river valley just downstream from Ladyran Falls. This gnomish settlement has been under the "protection" of Princess Tangle and her ancestors for centuries. 
le Lamierine Bianche (The White Blades) Elves Tanglewood between The Crater and Troll's Bridge. This is a regiment of elven mercenaries that are at the beck and call of Elven Queen Senafar Illamaesa. They have claimed this area of Tanglewood for over 100 millennia. 
Marshes' Edge (Village) Humans, halflings, elves... On the northern edge of Grotesque's Marshes with Tanglewood looming above it to the north. A protectorate of the empire and embassy for the Teton Nation. 
Rebelton (Town) Humans, halflings... The plains north of Tanglewood. An imperial town known for its craftsmen. Its citizen's ancestors were from Walton. 
Redemption (Town) Humans, half-elves, elves... Forest valley in Tanglewood Center of Visaria the Beneficent's religious demesne. Safe-haven within Tanglewood. 
Tangleton (Hamlet) Halflings, kobolds, dwarves, humans A ridge of The Mount of Walls. Newly founded by an influential halfling of Rebelton and the kobold Mae'krix of Tanglewood, this hamlet is open to all. 
Tanglewood Cedarcleaver the Great Green Wyrm, fey, magical beasts and all manner of creature that dwell in forests. This is a vast forest of ironwood that spreads throughout the northeastern part of the continent. This forest is a central resource for The Almebezbikian Empire and Waldsee. It is very wild and generally considered a fairy forest as the Fey (particularly The Unseelie Court) hold sway here. Human establishments have always fought to remain here to claim its timber and other resources. 
The Almebezbik River River creatures and shipping traffic Cuts a path through Tanglewood. The longest and widest river on the continent running from Waldsee to Messerkopf Sea. 
The Crater Giants, orcs, illithids, undead The ever encroaching ironwood trees of Tanglewood. The remains of a city-state that was destroyed when the mountain upon which it was built collapsed almost 900 years ago. 
The Floating Tower (Castle) The Heroes of Redemption (Primarily Celesta Artural) Hovering over The Crater The only remaining structure of The City-State of Walton. 
Tower's Heights (City) Humans, halflings... On the southern coast of Armee's Canal directly north of Rebelton and The Crater. This is a major port for The Almebezbikian Empire and buffers the Githyanki Fortress from intrusion. 
Troll's Bridge (City) Humans, halflings, elves, trolls... Around a natural bridge spanning The Almebezbik River within Tanglewood. Founded by the survivors of the Walton disaster. Continuously battling the forces of Tanglewood to remain a civilized spot in the wilds of The Almebezbikian Empire. Troll's live in the caves under the bridge. 
vethiSha'Tek Kobolds Tanglewood east of Redemption and north of vethObulus. This kobold tribe is a recent off-shoot of vethObulus. 
vethObulus Kobolds Tanglewood north of The Almebezbik River at border between The Almebezbikian Empire and Waldsee This is a large kobold tribe that has been in existance for centuries. They cut timber as well as mine. 
Zelmbring River River creatures Tanglewood at Zelmbring flowing towards Armee's Canyon to the north. Headwaters undergound below Zelmbring. Flows through Redemption and out to Armee's Canal. 
Zelmbring (Temple) Priesthoods of Visaria and Corellon Head of the Zelmbring River Valley south of Redemption in Tanglewood. A converted castle used as a temple to Visaria and Corellon. 
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