Gaedracis' Brigands

This is a group of bandits that roam northwestern Tanglewood.  They range from the road to Rebelton to the road to Redemption.

Gaedracis is a title referring to their current leader and there is tremendous turnover at this position.

These bandits are known for a group of berserkers they call the wild-ones.  When the wild-ones are involved in ambushes, there are dire results.

There are four groups of these brigands each lead by a powerful leader, who in turn report to a mysterious figure.

  1. Gaedracis Zuoclades, a.k.a Gaedracis the Scout hired by Ezra Nanz, but was destroyed by our heroes along with his band during their assault on Zelmbring.
  2. Gaedracis Zuooriri, a.k.a Gaedracis the Troll claimed Zecrom's Cave treasure, but left it unguarded.  Kidnapped Ozimius to ransom him for return of the treasure.  Decimated by Aifos' Army of The Mage; destroyed by our heroes during Ozimius' rescue.
  3. Gaedracis Zuodeyja, a.k.a. Gaedracis the Gnoll, who attempted to claim the Gaedracis Zuoclades and Zuooriri's territories. Met his demise at the hands of our heroes after Aifos exposed him while they hunted him during the Battle of Rebelton. This lieutenant has returned having been prepared for lichdom at the time of his death.  He tried unsuccessfully to retrieve his head from Ozimius, but abandoned his former body for another whole body sacrificed by one of his gnoll followers.
  4. Gaedracis Zuomystos, a.k.a. Gaedracis the Usurper maneuvered to consolidate the Tanglewood territories vacated by his fallen fellow lieutenants.  Having overstepped his authority and getting all the remaining Tanglewood Gaedracis forces destroyed was slain by this master Gaedracis Pejorative.  Our heroes destroyed this Gaedracis' most powerful ally, a craa'ghoran giant.
  5. The Gaedracis, a.k.a Gaedracis Pejorative destroyed by our heroes by using items taken from his lieutenants based on clues left behind in an ancient temple he was using as a lair.