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  1. Convergence
  2. Irruption
  3. Shufti
  4. Mapemounde
  5. Asportation
  6. Sabotage
  7. Zelmbring
  8. Pursuit
  9. Reunion
  10. Folugubs
  11. Dragons
  12. Gaolbreak
  13. Rescue
  14. Vampire
  15. Devils
  16. Giants
  17. Elroy
  18. Gnolls
  19. Gaedracis
  20. Parley
  21. Labyrinth
  22. Wyverns
  23. Freezing
  24. Arrival
  25. Auction
  26. Audience
  27. Groves
  28. Duergar
  29. Collusion
  30. Elán
  31. Escapees
  32. Conclave
  33. Decimation
  34. Nines
  35. Bedeviled
  36. Chelsia
  37. Omnibus
  38. Ambush
  39. Quest
  40. Wyvern
  41. Jaunt
  42. Demimondaine
  43. Charogne
  44. Demogorgon
  45. Kobolds
  46. Gresham
  47. Immured
  48. Homecoming
  49. Nightmare
  50. Ghoti
  51. Hurler
  52. Driders
  53. Truetimber
  54. Palingenesis
  55. Tower
  56. Deliberation
  57. Residuary
  58. Breach
  59. Imhiakaam
  60. Demons
  61. Cemetery
  62. Ring
  63. Prochronism
  64. Eclipse
  65. Decapitated
  66. Ascension

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posted Jul 12, 2011, 3:07 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Dodecitina 25, 1000 PC


Our heroes stand in the collapsing crypt when the third gong sounds, though the gong sounds more like a sonorous hum as it continues to ring.
Dale: If you're hurt, come close. I have some healing I can share.
Legeand steps closer to Dale.
Dale: Oh, or should we run?
Wintersky moves to Dale.
Legeand: Best if we heal now in case we get hit on the way out.
Celesta floats over the debris and aims a disintegrate and the rotting, split head of Hardun.
Dale casts mass cure critical wounds.
Celesta: That is the end of that monster, though I would have liked it to be more...prolonged suffering.
Wintersky: Thank you, Dale.
Luanes stands back to make way for Celesta.
Wintersky: Let us get out of here.
Sparta: Celesta or Nyza, can you get us out of here?
Nyza: Dead is dead. Like we'll be if we waste disintegrations like that.
The timbor of the ring slowly develops a rattle that becomes a deep growl.
Legeand: I think that is more then the bell.
Zodyu the Grotesque: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!
The deafening shout causes more rubble to fall from the ceiling as it penetrates the depths the group is at. One can only imagine the devastation it has wrought on the city above.
Sparta: He doesn't sound happy.
Wintersky: He has got a bee in his bonnet.
Collapsing shafts throw dust into the crypt making visibility difficult.
Legeand: Really? Sounded like he was overjoyed.
Aifos: I do not think climing out is an option.
Luanes: Are there any magic users with a teleport spell?
Legeand: Then teleporting should do us.
Celesta: Everyone who can teleport grab hold of someone who cannot.
Nyza: Celesta, can you take everyone out with me?
Celesta: Then everyone gather around Nyza.
Nyza forms a human chain with T'Krosh and the rest.
Wintersky: Unh, do we have to touch her?
Luanes waits for everyone to gather first, then takes her place.
Sparta grabs Ringo; motions for Dale to join him at T'Krosh.
Nyza: That hurts, Ms Sky!
Wintersky: What hurts?
Aifos: Where are you aiming, Nyza?
Sparta: Can you take us to the gate to greet the Emperor?
Nyza: That sounded bad up above. Maybe we should go somewhere safer?
Aifos: We are already there...well maybe not anymore.
Celesta: Safe from the God of Death?
Legeand: Better where the other gods are nearby then far away.
Wintersky: I'll talk to the brothers...cannot guarantee I will not die and kill everyone around me.
The ground starts to quake.
Nyza: To where we last see the brothers then? Me think Leggy is right.
Celesta: Do it now!
Wintersky: Go already.
Nyza casts her teleport spell.
The crypt collapses entirely, but not before all are whisked safety?
The heroes find there feet, but the light is blindingly bright as they materialize, presumably near the gate Zodyu had created.
Wintersky shields her eyes.
The brightness of the surroundings is so intense that the sound of ringing metal is not immediately recognized either.
Nyza is dazzled by the bright display.
Wintersky blinks tears trying to see.
Lukinvor the Bard: Really, My Lord. I am perfectly capable of defending myself...for at least several exchanged before The Grotesque can take me out.
Luanes squints her eyes while holding up her hand as a shield.
As vision clears, the heroes see Lukinvor and a elaborately armored titan crossed swords with Zodyu and his flaming weapon.
Wintersky: Well is this not a smelly pickle. When the Gods fight us littles lose.
The titan flicks Zodyu's weapon to the side with minimal effort.
Nyza: Ugh, what do we just step into?
Armee the Father points his sword at the God of Death, "You have gone too far, Grotesque."
Luanes quite obviously has a reflex to draw her sword and join in, but she tries to suppress that urge.
Legeand: A spat of powers...
Sparta looks about for the Emperor.
The emperor strides forward through the gate and bows to the powers.
The pop of a teleport is heard behind the heroes.
Wintersky: Flaming buffalo biscuits! If YOU lay waste to my world, You will answer for it!
Ran MCXI raises his eyebrows and bows to someone beyond the heroes, "My Lord."
Luanes spins around to see who is there.
Dale turns to see who else has joined them.
Wintersky turns.
A squat, almost humanoid creature wattles up and through the heroes into the midst of the other gods.
"The Billiken": I believe there has been enough interference here.
All the other deities take a step back.
"The Billiken" turns to the heroes, "Do you know what must be done?"
Sparta steps forward.
Sparta: My lords, time short.
Sparta presents his dagger to the Emperor.
Wintersky raises her eyebrows.
Sparta: If you can, please draw my Grandfather forth from your scabbard.
Sparta: Only he can avert Nana's cataclysm.
Legeand cups his chin and watches wondering how events will unfold.
"Was he not smaller and in your pack?" Wintersky asks Sparta quietly.
Ran MCXI turns to Sparta drawing his sword with his off hand and holding his other out for the dagger.
Luanes watches with interest.
Aifos (whispering): That is the real one, Wintersky.
Sparta extends the hilt of the heirloom to Ran as he wonders at Wintersky's words.
Ran MCXI takes the dagger and sheaths it in his scabbard for a moment before withdrawing it by the crosspiece.
Wintersky: Woow!
Nyza watches in awe, desperately hoping that the plan will succeed, for once.
As the dagger leaves the sheath it transforms into a halfling of extreme age.
Wintersky looks at the godly spirits.
Sparta: Grandpa Manty?! Is that really you?
Manitowoc: My goodness. Such a reception.
Legeand: Well, that is one way to return to ones form.
Wintersky: Kiss your bride quick the wedding is almost over.
"The Billiken": This is but one step towards averting the cataclysm.
Sparta: The city square. We need to get you before Nana.
Wintersky: Always a catch.
"The Billiken": Bard, would you care to explain what else is required?
Lukinvor the Bard steps forward with a smile that falter almost imperceptibly for a moment.
Lukinvor the Bard: My heroes, do you recall what The Grotesque's need for Hardun was?
Legeand: Something to do with containing the energy or something.
Wintersky: A conduit.
Dale: A channel for Nana's pent up energy
Lukinvor the Bard: Exactly.
Lukinvor the Bard: Well, that conduit--specially crafted for The Grotesque--is no more. However, the energy still needs to be channeled, though through more conduits now.
Sparta: I will do it, even if it consumes me, to bring my Nana peace.
Wintersky: Can we be the conduits.
Luanes: I will offer myself as well.
Legeand: The question is, can we handle all of it?
Lukinvor the Bard: That is the idea, but yes, it could consume you if you are not certain in your beliefs.
Zodyu the Grotesque smirks.
Armee the Father glares at Zodyu.
Dale: Better that it consumes us than destroys all the land.
Luanes: Indeed.
Legeand: The land or the people in it.
Nyza: Better it consumes no one! But if this is the only choice.
Wintersky: My beliefs are strong. I can help.
Lukinvor the Bard: Being consumed, you will break the conduit and still do terrible damage to the land.
Luanes: Then we must not be consumed.
T'Krosh looks nervous at first, but his encounter with Kurtulmak suddenly comes to mind. He nods in resolve.
Sparta: We will not falter.
Wintersky: This is the energy from the souls in the cataclysm?
Lukinvor the Bard: Souls, arcane and divine energies, elements...all that Zenda has accumulated.
Wintersky: Then we all have expertise to help. Is Ozi around? We may need him too.
Luanes hides a scowl.
Lukinvor the Bard: The Sajenese is nearby.
Sparta: How do we begin?
Legeand looking around at the gods before him Legeand scowls inwardly. gripping his sword and looks towards where he remembers the fort and sighs, mumbling, "It should not have come to this."
Wintersky: Not all that Zenda has accumulated could we deal with Luanes. We must channel it, not block or try to change it.
Luanes: I understand.
"The Billiken": First, Manitowoc and Zenda need to be joined again.
Manitowoc: What are we waiting for?
Sparta: Can you walk, my father?
Wintersky: Are we in agreement?
Manitowoc begins hobbling towards the city's main square.
Nyza: We do not come this far to let everything fall apart.
Nyza: So Nyza is in!
Legeand: Well, he can move at least, Sparta. You think he would be stiff after being shoved into your sheath so often.
Dale takes her mammoth form has she moves beside Manty.
Dale: Perhaps you would like a ride?
Dale extends her trunk to Manty.
Sparta smiles wryly at Legeand.
Luanes: I will do whatever is necessary to channel it, not block or change it.
Manitowoc looks startled, but allows the trunk to lift him onto Dale's shoulders.
Sparta: Sorry, not much for joking right now
Sparta: I can hardly believe my eyes that Grandpa has returned to us after all these years.
Legeand: Enjoy it while you can, Sparta. It will not be forever.
Dale holds Manty gently to her shoulders as she picks up the pace a little from an ancient halfling's shuffle.
Manitowoc: That's right, sonny. I am not long for this world.
Sparta: I know.
Legeand pats Sparta on the shoulder, "This is the moment. You go there and hug him until you crack a rib or something."
Wintersky looks about wondering if Zenda will be able to direct the energy as she releases it or if it will explode down the channels like a flash flood.
Sparta looks at Legeand.
Sparta: I don't think that would be hard to do.
Legeand grins mirthfully, "Better you and your scrawny arms than me and my metal."
The group proceeds toward the center of the city.
Wintersky: Ozi are you with us?
As they approach the square, they see that there is a vortex swirling about Zenda.
Ozimius (whispered from nowhere and everywhere): I am here.
Wintersky: I am thankful.
Ozimius (whispered): I am gratified.
Sparta: I'm glad you could join us, old friend.
Wintersky starts chanting a calming chant to ease the soul and bring peace.
Luanes bites her tongue.
Ozimius (whispered): Really, Luanes, are we not saving the world...together?
Wintersky pats Luanes' shoulder.
Luanes: Yes, something for which I am grateful.
Sparta smiles at Luanes.
Sparta: There is good in him yet.
Zenda Blackfoot (moaning): Oh, please, let it end.
Sparta: Nana! We're coming and look I've brought Papa back to you.
Manitowoc: Oh, dear. Let me down, Dale.
Dale kneels and helps Manty down.
Zenda Blackfoot: You and that dagger aga...
The vortex subsides significantly.
Legeand stands back and watches the two non-living halflings.
Dale: Not the dagger. It's Manty, alive and breathing.
Zenda Blackfoot: By Lukinvor's Strings! Is that you, Manty?
Wintersky watches the spirits of her friends and her own spirit altering the chant to keep them centered.
Manitowoc: It is, my wildflower.
Zenda Blackfoot sheds a ghostly tear.
Sparta looks a little surprised at his Papa.
The air chills as the ghost manifests into something almost solid.
Zenda Blackfoot descends to the ground before Manitowoc.
Zenda Blackfoot looks down at her hand and then into Manitowoc's eyes, "Have you seen my ring?"
Manitowoc glances over his shoulder at Sparta.
Sparta: Her ring, it's in the portable hole.
Sparta opens up the hole and reaches inside for the ring.
Manitowoc reaches behind his back with his hand cupped.
Sparta pulls out the ring and slides it into Manty's hand
Manitowoc produces the ring from behind his back with a flourish, "You mean this ring, my dear?"
Zenda Blackfoot smiles.
Manitowoc: Allow me.
Manitowoc slips the ring on Zenda's finger.
There is a great flash and everyone is thrown away from the couple, some even finding themselves clear on the other side of the square.
T'Krosh picks himself up, "Ouch."
Luanes scrambles to her feet.
Wintersky stands up.
Legeand stands up and dusts himself off "Ow."
Dale returns to halfling form to stand up next to Sparta.
Wintersky looks at the couple.
Celesta stands, "How did I know something like that was going to happen?"
Aifos stands and looks curiously about.
Sparta takes Dale's hand.
Elenia stands and looks about."Dang, that hurts."
The pale couple stands embracing in the center of the square when the vortex resumes is whirling.
Sparta: It won't be long now. Are you ready?
Wintersky: I think we should encircle it.
Legeand: Please tell me we do not have to hold hands and sing some silly chant.
Luanes nods and steps forward to take her place.
Nyza: Why, do you know a good chant Leggy?
Lukinvor the Bard appears behind Sparta and Dale, "It is time. State your convictions and become a conduit to the outer planes."
Dale and Sparta step up and reach out to their friends.
Nyza: The kobolds step forward to join the circle.
Wintersky moves to the circle.
Sparta: I am Sparta of Rebelton. I stand here to protect my friends, my family and my home. Let Nana and Papa pass through me to the other side.
Legeand glances at the bard, sighs, steps forward and stands in the circle like the rest.
Aifos: May I, Aifos Auravici Octavius, fulfill my destiny as protector of all dragonkind.
Elenia joins the circle.
Dale looks at Sparta lovingly and calms her thoughts.
Energy begins to flow through Sparta and then Aifos.
Dale: I am Dale, protector of Tanglewood and all natural beasts. I lend my strength to the Mantyson Clan.
Celesta: May I, Celesta Artural, aspire to the ultimate of all sensations.
Bahamut appears behind Aifos as energy pierces the dragon-blooded half-elf.
Borgose the Blue appears behind Celesta as energy flows through the archmage.
Wintersky: I stand here as Great Shaman protector of people, liberator of dragons, Bridge between this world and the next.
Alavasia the Mother appears behind Dale as energy rushes over the tiny halfling.
Hosts of Teton spirits appear behind Wintersky as a bolt of energy passes through the Great Shaman.
Ran MCXI joins the circle.
Luanes: I am Luanes Ilrya Alaphasus, paladin of Visaria the Beneficent, and I stand here with my friends to help this couple pass to the other side.
Elenia: I am Elenia, I can find a way and do what must be done!
Ran MCXI: May I, Egalem Random, see that the world exists as it should for as long as it will.
"The Billiken" appears behind the Emperor as energy pierces him.
Visaria the Beneficient appears behind Luanes as energy courses through the winged paladin.
Eins appears behind Elenia as the energy flows through her.
Nyza sensing the seriousness of the occasion, Nyza speaks her bit in Draconic.
Nyza: Nyza vethIxen, leader of hundreds of souls and yet a scion of destructive elements, is ready to choose between the two - and I will protect my kin at any cost.
Ozimius steps into the circle.
Ozimius: May I, Ozimius Khan, see to the commerce of my people, the Sajenese.
Messer the Rogue appears behind Ozimius as the energy passes through the Sajenese.
Legeand taking his sword out and stabbing it into the ground, "Let it be know, I Legeand Thre'bruell, stands here of my beliefs that no matter what has happened, what will happen, and anything yet to happen I stand here, beside my sword, Not by right of might nor power of arcane. I stand for walking my path, taking anything as it comes and dealing with it in my way. That is how it ought to be, not dancing or a puppet on strings! Nothing but myself and a blade to protect those who are my Cherished Friends!"
Armee the Father appears behind Legeand as energy crashes through the northman.
T'Krosh speaks curtly in somewhat of a contrast to the others. "I will not doubt again."
Lehnbor the Creator appears behind T'Krosh as energy bursts through the kobold.
Kurtulmak appears behind Nyza as the energy slips through the fiery elemental.
A zombie shuffles into the circle and shrieks as Zodyu the Grotesque appears behind it.
The Grotesque turns and opens a portal to Gehenna as the zombie succumbs to the energy. The God of Death then steps through and disappears.
The other deities follow suit, opening portals to their own realms.
They stand before their portals and push a small bit a energy back toward the middle of the circle where the vortex spins around the ancient halfling couple.
Another flash knocks the participants to the ground once more and when they look up, Manitowoc and Zenda float in the air above, looking as they did in the prime of their lives.
Sparta: Papa? Nana?
Sparta picks himself up again.
They open a portal above themselves and all the deities pass through their respective portals and are gone.
Silence falls upon the square.
Sparta watches them pass beyond.
Dale rises and moves behind Sparta.
Celesta: I think we just saw the ascension of two new gods?
Sparta blinks away the tears forming in his eyes.
Elenia: Hmmm.
Nyza: "You think?" Nyza doesn't seem to agree.
Sparta: What? Ascension? I thought they had passed on.
Luanes blinks, looking around.
Legeand: Is that not passing on in one way?
Wintersky looks around,
Ran MCXI: Is it not about time Halflings were represented in the Greater Pantheon?
Luanes: How wonderful!
Sparta looks lost.
Ozimius: Be careful, Sparta. You might end up a priest.
Sparta: Thank you, my friend.
Sparta: You will always be welcome at our temple.
A mischievious grin returns to Sparta.
Nyza: Hah, we'll have to build one for them now, huh? Congratulations to your family, Sparta.
A gleam of metal flashes in the sunlight and then rings as it hits the ground in the middle of the square.
Legeand: I think his robes would end up with too many stains on them.
Sparta grabs the blade as it spins upon the cobblestones.
Sparta lifts Manty's Heirloom aloft for all to see.
Sparta: He sent it back.
Luanes: Were we successful?
Dale: We're still here and The Mirror wasn't destroyed.
Dale: You did it Sparta, you rescued your Nana.
Celesta: The city is a little worse for wear, but it is still here.
Legeand: At least it can be rebuilt. unlike the lives lost.
Sparta: We did it. I couldn't have done this without all of your help.
Ran MCXI: Rebuilding will be the empire's first priority.
Sparta: Rebelton and Tangleton stand ready, we can reopen the old north road through Tanglewood.
Ran MCXI: Something that is long overdue.
Legeand: First, you think we can get some rest? It has been a long few months if you ask me.
Sparta: And I'm hungry.
Ran MCXI laughs.
Wintersky snorts.
Nyza: Hobbits.


posted May 20, 2011, 2:09 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Dodecitina 24, 1000 PC

Lukinvor and Eins und Zwei give advice and gifts to help our heroes before they send them on their way to slay Hardun.

The heroes make there way into the ruined castle and quickly find their way into the dungeons. The gain access to the lower levels where they vanquish four vampires.
After finding a shaft with a staircase leading into the depths below the city, Legeand and then Luanes are possessed by a demon while trying open a portcullis.

After Aifos uses Kurtulmak's iron scale to neutralize the demon an inadvertently strengthening T'Krosh's scales, the heroes find a room with statues of the original council members of Troll's Bridge's council with various time place on them that are out of place for the given member, except the one that became a vampire.

Hardun makes his presence known and the heroes quickly engage him in the crypt in the deepest parts of the dungeon. The vampire puts up a tough fight using powers a typical aristocrat would not normally possess. In the end, Sparta with Manty's Heirloom decapitate the vampire, fulfilling an ancient promise by one of Sparta's distant ancestors.

Lukinvor: You only have a short time to accomplish the destruction of the vampire.
Zwei: We do not want Zodyu wondering why you are all so quiet.
Legeand: Define how short, would you? Short enough to fiddle with traps or should we just bowl though?
Eins: Seeing the traps will speed things up...
Zwei: Before they get you if you do decide to just run through them.
Legeand: If they can get us.
Zwei: For you they may just bounce off.
Nyza: Heh.
Nyza: Nyza think we know who is going first, then.
Celesta: Not me.
Legeand: I do have the capability, as long as they are not too damaging.
Aifos: We do not want him frenzying prematurely.
Dale: Maybe we'll let you go first then Legeand, or not.
Wintersky: I will ask for a miracle as soon as we are in.
Legeand: Any spells to boost my resistance over my ward diamond might help.
Elenia: I have the glass to detect the traps.
Legeand: If the traps are arrows, they might not even hit me, as long as I do not run.
Dale: Lady Lukinvor, we came prepared to battle dragon's not vampires today. We are ill prepared to take on Oli's grandfather. Since time is of the essence, is there anything you can do to help us?
Eins: That would be our other gift.
Elenia raises an eyebrow.
The Twins begin to float and move in a circle surrounding the group.
They accelerate quickly and are just a blur for a few moments and then stop abruptly.
Zwei laughs, "I always like doing that"
Nyza looks curiously at her own arms, trying to figure out what changed.
Eins frowns.
Sparta: What happened?
Lukinvor: It is a manner of speaking. Prepare what you need for the upcoming mission.
Wintersky smiles.
Dale: Thank you.
Grinning Legeand shrugs, "I am ready as is, so I will leave you guys to get your other gear."
Dale: There are several natural spells that can help us with the traps as well.
Eins nods, "You are healed and rested. Choose your spells and actions wisely."
A gong rings out.
Elenia: Dinner?
Lukinvor: The first bell has passed. You must go quickly.
Eins: The vampire that was once Hardun Chicdell must be destoyed before the third bell finishes ringing.
The ring of the gong can still be made out echoing, but is fading fast.
Sparta: Thank you, Lady Lukinvor. Your magic aided me greatly on my travels and it will again today.
Sparta turns to his friends
Sparta: Heroes, are you ready for battle?
Wintersky: Oh, Great Spirit I beseech you protect us as we go forth on this mission. Save us from the preditations of the undead by granting all of us life's grace.
Legeand: Ready to slaughter and fight.
Luanes: I stand by my friends.
Wintersky: Now I am ready.
Aifos: Slaying undead is much more preferable than dragons to me.
Celesta: Let us destroy the fiend.
Sparta begins casting spells upon himself and Ringo.
Celesta turns toward the castle stiffly.
Wintersky: Let us hurry.
As the heroes turn toward the castle, they realize they only need to will themselves toward it and they quickly float into the ruins.
The group rematerializes within the crumbling audience chamber.
Celesta: What a mess.
Dale: There will be time to rebuild this when it's all over.
Legeand: If not just remove this place and start from scratch; be rid of any evil; Right?
Celesta: On top of everything else in this city.
Nyza: Oli will have his hands full, especially once Hardun is gone.
Aifos: Oli will need to keep a low profile after using the orb.
Legeand: Very low.
Sparta: Only the castle's inhabitants were evil, Lukinvor built it long ago.
Celesta: Evil has been living here every since, however.
Legeand: They say Evil has a taint that scars the land.
Dale: With care and tending, the land can be healed.
Celesta: Maybe Oli will turn it around again. He was one of the good folk once.
Aifos: So, we need to get into the dungeons from here...which way?
Sparta casts jump and freedom of movement on himself and shares them with Ringo.
Celesta: I can lead you to the entrance of the dungeons, but then Legeand really needs to be in front.
Luanes casts aura of glory.
T'Krosh: So, follow the mage.
Celesta leads the group to the entrance of the dungeons.
Dale: How large are the dungeon halls? Can I pass through as a mammoth?
Much of the castle is damaged and the passages are choked with debris.
Legeand: Dungeons, by the word, are small and cramped.
Celesta: They are too narrow for mammoths.
Celesta: Judging from the damage, Legeand may have to bust his way through in some places.
Legeand: That will be fine, I am strong enough.
Legeand: Question is will that trap glass help me at all?
Dale: Elenia, would you care to go second? I can follow close behind.
T'Krosh: You don't seem one for subtlety. Can you be patient enough to use it?
Elenia looks throught the glass then hands it to Legeand.
Legeand: I can.
Elenia: Try it snd see Leggy.
Dale: Or that works too.
Legeand takes the glass and tries to use it.
Elenia: I will go second.
Elenia: I can spot traps.
Celesta: Do you know what to look for, Legeand? Will you know a trap if you see one through the lens?
Legeand: I have some sense of what traps look like. plates, switches, triggers.
Legeand: Magical ones will elude me I am sure.
Nyza: Elenia knows what to look for. Give her the glass and she can just follow close behind you.
Celesta: I have an idea. I know where a trap is that we do not need to set off along the way. We can test it.
Legeand: Best she follow close then.
Elenia: Best you block me with your big burly body.
Legeand hands the glass back to Elenia and chuckles, "I will switch out my armor if the passages get too tight. Thankfully, this necklace allows it to be quick."
Elenia takes the glass and scans through it.
Elenia: Go, big man.
Elenia, for the moment, sees no traps.
Legeand takes the lead and starts down the passway.
The group begins pushing their way through the rubble down into the dungeons.
It is a tight squeeze getting down into the dungeon when they find an intact hallway lined with doors.
Elenia scans again through the glass.
Elenia sees that all the doors are glowing when viewed through the monocle.
Elenia: Stop, Leggy.
Legeand: What do you see?
Elenia: Look through the glass.
Legeand takes the glass and examines around him closely.
Legeand sees that the doors are glowing.
Legeand: This is odd, glowing doors. Trapped or just runed?
Elenia: All the doors were glowing do you see it?
Dale: Can I look through?
Legeand: There is not much room to let everyone in to examine them.
Elenia: Can you squeeze up here?
Legeand: Shall we just head part way down and ignore the doors until everyone is at least in here?
Elenia looks at the nearest door carefully.
Dale changes shape to a small animal and squeeze through.
Legeand: Or dale can do that; glad you are small.
Legeand: These hallways are tight, but enough for two aside. Still tight mind you.
Elenia: Legeand, let me use the glass to look carefully.
Legeand: I will just take a few steps down to the first doors.
Elenia looks at the doors.
Elenia is positive the doors are trapped, but will only be a problem if opened.
Elenia: I think the traps will only be a problem if we want to open the doors.
Legeand: All things considered. we probably need to check every room if we are smart.
Elenia: Move back; I will try to disarm it.
To Legeand, the doors look like cell doors and have little barred portals.
Legeand: You know this looks more like a prison with these doors.
Legeand: They all have small barred portals in them.
Elenia: Yeah, wait a second.
Elenia casts detect undead.
Dale: Can you see through the portals?
Legeand: I rather not stick my eye near them.
Luanes: Are they barred for a reason?
Elenia: We need to hurry, remember.
Legeand: To hold in, or out?
Legeand notices that the doors are barred on the outside to keep prisoners in.
Nyza: Want me to wall off the doors?
Elenia detects no undead within range.
Legeand: Hmm... Well their made to hold people in.
Legeand: So, I think we would be safe to explore the hall first.
Elenia: There are no undead with in sixty feet of me. Let us go find Hardun.
Celesta (distantly): So, what is the hold up?
Elenia: Cells.
Legeand: Let me take a stroll about fifteen feet or so, just watch and make sure I do not explode.
Legeand walks to the next doors.
A moment later, Elenia follows.
Celesta (distantly): The doors are the traps I mentioned. Let us just pass them.
Dale moves closer to Elenia to let more squeeze in.
Legeand: You say that now, wizard, but what if they are able to let something bad out behind us?
Dale resumes her halfling shape.
Elenia: Nyza will flame it.
Legeand: And if it is immune to fire?
Elenia: Undead?
Legeand: I think it is best to take a little time to make sure they are not too bad.
Nyza (distantly): Nyza can burn things immune to fire!
Dale: Luanes, do you want to switch places with Ringo?
Elenia: Come on, I will lead.
Elenia: Though I like it better when big strong man is in front.
Elenia scans for traps and tries to sense undead.
Elenia sees the passage is blocked by a heavy portcullis.
Elenia: Heavy gate.
Legeand: Look trapped at all?
Celesta: Oh, Hells. Why is that down?
Elenia looks through glass.
Dale: Is there a release?
To Elenia the portcullis glows faintly as though it is a dormant trap (since it is down).
Legeand: How strong does it look?
Elenia: Looks like it is a sprung trap.
Wintersky: Where are the monsters to chew us up?
Legeand: Mind if I test lift it?
Celesta moves up to one of the doors.
Elenia: Try.
Celesta smirks.
Legeand: Tries to lift the porticullis.
The portcullis does not budge.
Nyza: Psst, Mask. Can you zap it?
Celesta: Do not hurt yourself, Legeand.
Legeand: I will not.
Elenia looks for the counterweight release.
Celesta: The mechanism for lifting it is behind this trapped door.
Legeand: Can you tell what kind of trap?
Celesta: Not sure, they are...were changed regularily.
Dale: I think I can fit through.
Elenia: Then what?
Dale changes to an air elemental.
Dale: I can fly through and change into something stronger to lift the gate from the other side.
Celesta: Let us just get this door untrapped and lift it conventionally.
Elenia heads back to Celesta.
Celesta moves back a bit.
Elenia looks through the glass and tries to disable the device.
Even having never disabled a trap before, Elenia manages to fumble through it and disable the scything blade trapping this door without injuring herself.
Elenia: It is done.
Elenia attempts, again, to detect undead.
The door swings open revealing a crank. It is corroded, but probably still functional.
Elenia still senses no undead.
Sparta: I can give it a crank.
Elenia: Strength is not my strong point.
Legeand: Need me to return?
Celesta: Legeand. It always took the biggest, burliest guard to turn this crank.
Elenia: Heads to the gate.
Legeand: Well, most guards around here are not as burly, so let me see.
Sparta lets Legeand in near the crank.
With a great deal of effort, Legeand manages to start cranking up the portcullis.
Celesta: Ah, you might not want to stand too close. There might be something waiting.
Legeand: You never know, maybe the floor will attack.
Sparta readies his bow.
Sparta: C'mon Ringo, our turn up front.
Elenia continues checking for undead and more traps.
Luanes: If something is waiting and it bears ill will, I would rather be the first one it sees.
The portcullis slowly lifts, revealing a sloping passage leading deeper into the dungeon.
Dale: Elenia, do you see anything?
Elenia: Checking.
Elenia: Nothing yet.
Nyza: The kobolds start bringing up the rear, cautiously looking at each door before passing.
Wintersky: After you, Celesta.
The passage leads into oppressive darkness even with Legeand's gleaming armor lighting the way.
Elenia suddenly detects undead.
Elenia: Undead about.
Legeand: Good, let them come.
Dale: Do we want more light?
Elenia: Yes.
Dale casts daylight.
Luanes casts holy sword.
Legeand draws his blade.
Wintersky draws Blessed Black.
Dale: Don't go in there!
Elenia can see two vampires.
Elenia fiddles with several holy symbol secreted about her body find Armee's.
T'Krosh (to Nyza): There seems to be some commotion up front.
Elenia: Vampires!!
Legeand: Dark spawn, ready for your doom?!
Sparta lets loose with a volley of arrows.
Dale casts sunburst inside the room.
Angry shrieks fill the room.
Ferocious slips past Elenia and charges the one directly in front of him with a pounce.
The vampire bobs and weaves avoiding the lions mauling attacks.
A vampire rounds the corner and slams Legeand, but has no effect.
Legeand grins wickedly.
Another vampire rounds the corner and slams Legeand hard.
Celesta floats up and forward and fires a bolt of arcane energy over everyone into the vampire Ferocious attacked.
Elenia: Turn foul creatures!
The vampire closest to Elenia cringes and begins to back away.
The vampire that dodged Ferocious flys at Elenia.
The vampire tries to pummel Elenia, but Elenia avoids the blows.
Legeand's sword sings as it slices repeatedly at the vampires near him causing one to explode with necromatic enery.
The vampires in the blast heal and shed the effects of the turning.
Wintersky moves around the corner and casts sunbeam, but holds it since it will strike her friends as well as enemies..
The vampire still in the chamber charges Legeand and hits him hard.
Aifos moves up casting a spell on his rapier.
Luanes casts knight's move and smites the vampire.
Luanes: Be gone, you vile creature!!!
Luanes: By the might of Visaria!
Nyza rounds the corner and shouts, "Heads up!" She then immediately fires off a fireball into the frontlines, not giving much time for anyone to get out of the way.
T'Krosh flaps his way into the fray. Once he gets there, he lays a healing touch on the closest vampire.
T'Krosh: Blasted vampires are fast... how do you hit these monsters, Legeand?
Legeand: All Things Slaughter Before Me!
Sparta launches another volley of arrows into the fray.
T'Krosh looks cockeyed at the barbarian.
Dale summons a firestorm upon the two further vampires.
The flanked vampire explodes, healing the other two.
Dale in elemental form, flies over Legeand as a whirlwind.
Ferocious will move up beside Dale to pounce the vampire and flank it with Legeand.
Celesta floats along the ceiling and blasts a vampire with arcane fire again.
The vampire explodes.
Celesta (whispering to Elenia): Prepare to stop Legeand.
Elenia moves out of the narrow hallway and holds calm emotions readied to cast on Legeand.
The remaining vampire swipes at Elenia as she moves passed.
Legeand continues his bloody assault on the remain vampire.
Wintersky releases a sunbeam at the vampire.
The final vampire explodes.
Wintersky: Yea!
The vampires corpses burst into flames as they fall and gutter there for a while before turning to ash due to the daylight spell.
A passage leads to the right out of the room resuming a steep decline into the earth.
Legeand looks down the hallway.
Legeand: This way down.
Sparta looks around a bit to see if they are missing anything.
T'Krosh: It can't be a dead end.
Dale: It's only a dead end for the vampires, T'krosh. Let's follow Legeand.
Elenia: I'll watch for traps.
T'Krosh nods decisively.
Celesta: I have a true seeing up as well.
Dale: Me too.
Wintersky: Into the bowels, then.
Legeand leads the way through the arch and our heroes travel deeper below the city.
The passage twists and turns while descending, eventually leading to a shaft with a stairway doubling back and forth below, leading even deeper into the ground.
Sparta tries to resist the urge to kick a pebble down the shaft to see how deep it is.
At the bottom of each section of stairs is a narrow passage skirting the shaft. The third level down is lined with bookshelves and presents a passage leading out at the level of this floor.
Legeand: Elenia? You coming?
Elenia: Coming.
Dale: Ferocious, you stay back a ways. Protect Nyza.
Sparta: I'll go next, if you don't mind, Celesta.
Sparta: C'mon Ringo, keep up boy. You don't want to fall behind down here.
Legeand sees by the light of his armor that the corridor is blocked by a portullis.
Legeand: Well, we got a little blockage up here.
Elenia: Is that to keep us out or the nasties in, I wonder?
A gong sounds loudly, echoing up and down the shaft.
Dale: Probably both.
Wintersky: We must hurry.
Dale: Legeand, can you open it?
Luanes: Is it trapped?
Aifos: That was the second ring, I believe.
Legeand: Open it... Not sure. remember how tough the last one was.
Elenia looks for traps.
Sparta looks around the room for a lever to operate the portcullis.
Legeand sees that the portcullis is well maintained.
Nyza wonders if an apocalyptic blast would reach the party down here.
Legeand looks for traps while commenting, "This gate is very well maintained, it is not going to move easily, I think."
Dale: Is it wooden?
Elenia sees that the portcullis is coated with a glossy liquid.
Sparta finds no levers.
Legeand: Hmm, let me give this a lift.
Elenia: Wait!
Sparta: I don't see anything back here to open the door.
Legeand: Wait?
Elenia: The portcullis is coated with something, poison maybe.
Nyza: "Break it down!" Nyza calls from the rear.
Legeand: Think I can resist it?
Elenia: Do not know.
Dale: I could try burning it.
Dale tries to be helpful.
Elenia: Then we would get to breathe it.
Legeand: Do any of you have anything to cure poison?
Dale: I can create water, will it wash away?
T'Krosh: Yes, let me get up there.
Legeand: T'Krosh can cure me then, should be fine.
Nyza seems disconcerted that T'Krosh is leaving her side, but she does not stop him.
Elenia: Okay, go for it.
Legeand leans down and attempts to lift the portcullis.
As Legeand touches the portcullis, the fluid quickly slides from the iron, engulfing him and then vanishing.
Legeand falls to the floor writhing.
T'Krosh moves to Legeand to neutralize the poison.
Legeand falls into a catatonic state, trapped in the reliving of Chelsia's betrayal and death.
Legeand's perspective is from Chelsia's as Legeand might imagine it.
T'Krosh casts neutralize poison on Legeand.
T'Krosh's remedy seems to have no effect.
Legeand continues to writhe on the cold stone floor.
T'Krosh: Uhm... This might be a problem.
Dale: I have another neutralize poison, but I doubt it will work any better.
Wintersky: Let me up there.
T'Krosh shuffles past the others and returns to Nyza's side. He shrugs when he gets there.
Wintersky casts panacea.
Luanes: Perhaps a disease? I can try to remove the disease...or is it a curse?
Wintersky: Panancea should help disease.
Luanes: I have a spell that I could try.
The dark fluid latches onto Wintersky's outstretched hand, but she manages to shake it off.
Wintersky: Try not to touch him.
Luanes casts break enchantment.
Dale sees, besides the fluid now coating Legeand beneath his armor, there appears to be a faint cloud around him as well.
Dale: Don't get to close to him, he is encased in some kind of vapor.
Luanes: Elenia, you should probably back away.
Luanes spell seems to have an effect, though it is unknown if it is good or not as Legeand stops writhing and stiffens.
Luanes: Legeand, can you hear me?
Legeand continues to dream.
Nyza whispers to T'Krosh, "Can you raise dead too?"
Legeand remains unresponsive,
T'Krosh nods.
Dale: Perhaps dispel magic?
Luanes: I have that spell, as well.
Celesta: What is going on up there? We are running out of time.
Celesta: Let us see what kind of magic first...may I come forward?
Luanes: Please. This is more likely your area, but be careful.
Luanes: It looks to be contagious, like a disease.
Celesta moves into the corridor well enough to view Legeand.
Wintersky: A disease should have been cured.
Luanes: Legeand, if you can hear me...hold on. We will help you.
Celesta stares for a moment.
Wintersky: Maybe a possession.
Wintersky look for foreign spirits.
Celesta's eyes widen, "He is possessed."
Celesta: It is a demon!
Dale: Can you banish it?!
Luanes hardens her expression.
Celesta: Wintersky, be very careful. It will take Legeand with it if you are too aggressive.
Wintersky: Luanes, can you do a protection from evil to help make it let go of Leageand?
Wintersky: I can try to dismiss it.
Luanes: It will be done. Right now?
Wintersky: Yes.
Wintersky starts to cast dismissal.
Luanes casts protection from evil on Legeand.
Luanes kneels to touch him.
Luanes collapses to the floor as the fluid transfers to her.
Wintersky finishes the dismissal.
Luanes dreams of the murder of her kidnappers by Sezdelishae in the woods.
Legeand relaxes, but does not stir.
Celesta: This is not going well.
Legeand feels he can now control his dream.
Wintersky: Luanes fight it!
Luanes sees the murder from the perspective of the kidnappers.
T'Krosh realizes he touched Legeand with out any ill effects or reactions.
Celesta stomps her foot, "I have nothing prepared to deal with this!"
Wintersky casts protection from evil on Luanes.
Aifos steps forward, pulling out the iron scale that had turned the samurai into Kurtulmak.
T'Krosh stirs into action at the sight.
Dale steps out of the way to let Aifos up.
Wintersky fights much harder this time to remain free of the demon, but does manage to free herself again.
Wintersky: Fight it!
T'Krosh: I'll send this presence back to whatever foul plane it came from!
The protection spell causes a cloud to form around Luanes.
Wintersky: Could it be from here?
T'Krosh steps directly into the cloud and says rather dramatically, "Kurtulmak, I need your help to fight this!"
Aifos tosses the scale into the cloud, "You may get your wish, T'Krosh."
All goes dark for a moment.
The cloud engulfs T'Krosh and combines with the scale. The scale dissolves in the cloud and then the fluid encases the kobold.
When the darkness lifts, T'Krosh stands over Luanes, his scales turned from green to the dull gray of iron.
Celesta gasps and turns to Aifos, "What did you do?!"
Aifos: Put the scale to good use...I think...this time.
Wintersky: Maybe...
Celesta: The demon is least...I hope you were not guessing that would happen.
Wintersky: T'Krosh, are you okay?
T'Krosh: Okay? I feel...divine.
Aifos smirks, "I did learn some tricks in my time travels."
Wintersky: Can you open the gate--your divinity?
Legeand's eyes open.
Legeand: Gah!
T'Krosh: GRAAh--OW!
T'Krosh: Not that divine, after all.
T'Krosh: Legeand, how are you feeling? On a scale of 1 to 10?
Luanes' dream comes under her control now.
Legeand: Glances around seeing Luanes down and T'krosh a tad less colourful, "What kind of poison was that?! Around 5-6 after whatever that was."
Dale: If the demon is gone, perhaps the stronger ones should try the gate now? Sparta, can you help the big guy?
Celesta: It was a demon, Legeand.
Sparta: I'd be happy to.
Nyza raises her eyes as T'Krosh comes into view.
Nyza: That's a nice look for you.
Legeand: Try the gate? I swear if there is another demon on the other side, someone is going to die.
Luanes tries to direct the dream, yet slowly she will realize that she has to wake up.
Sparta: Maybe we should let the elephant try?
Aifos: Someone give Luanes a nudge.
Legeand does manage to lift the portcullis a few inches and hold it.
Celesta: I do not think a woolly mammoth is going to fit in this corridor.
Elenia casts Bigby's forceful hand under it to help lift.
Legeand with a curse, "Could always do the simple way and use LEVERAGE!"
Luanes' eyes open as a large ghostly hand passes over her.
Luanes sits up, slightly startled.
Elenia's forceful hand slides under the portcullis and lifts it to the ceiling.
Celesta: That is impressive. Let us find a way to keep the portcullis open on the other side, shall we?
Luanes gets to her feet, looking around.
Wintersky: Are you alright, Luanes?
Luanes: Yes, I think so.
Wintersky: Sparta, Leggy lead the way.
Wintersky: Let Elenia by so she can look for traps again.
Sparta steps past Legeand and looks for a catch for the portcullis.
The small square chamber beyond the portcullis contains statues in each corner. Passages lead to the left and straight ahead.
The statues are recognizable as four of the original council of Troll's Bridge: Elgin Tarcik, Moritalus Lesh, Magnus Artural and Elan.
Elgin wears a pentacle amulet seemingly out of place for the reconciled paladin he was known to be.
Magnus' eyes have been replaced with rubies.
Sparta: Luanes, can you look at the pentacle on the paladin?
Luanes: Certainly.
Legeand (sarcastically): Well, this room obviously isn't trapped.
Moritalus Lesh is draped with cloth of gold.
Luanes makes her way up next to Sparta.
Elan holds a doll in her arms like a baby.
Elenia: My spell will not last very long. I think we need to get everyone through.
Celesta makes her way into the chamber.
Dale: Ferocious, Ringo, let's go if you don't want to be left behind.
Nyza: The kobolds enter the room and squeeze by the statues.
Celesta looks at Magnus' statue, "He bares a striking resemblence to my father."
Luanes examines the pentacle.
Wintersky and Elenia enter the chamber.
Luanes frowns at the pentacle.
Elenia looks for a locking mechanism for the gate.
There seems to be no mechanism for the portcullis in this room.
Sparta looks down the next hallway.
Wintersky: We need to decide which way to go. It is getting too crowded in here to sneeze.
Sparta sees there is another portcullis blocking the way.
Sparta: This way is blocked, is the other hall open?
Wintersky: Aifos, can you see?
Luanes: These items are additions to these statues.
Aifos: This way goes for a while.
Celesta: Clues? They all seem out of place for the recipient...except Magnus's "vampire" eyes.
Sparta: I suggest we follow the wizard then.
Luanes slides her sword underneath the pentacle necklace.
Wintersky: What is the chance that if they are removed, the statues come to life and hack us to bits.
Luanes: Should we remove them?
Dale: I think we should bring them along.
Luanes: Can anyone here detect magic?
Celesta: Oddly enough, there is no magic in this room other than what we bring.
Nyza: Still, me think we should take them. They're too unusual not to.
Wintersky: I guess bring them.
Luanes: Then there will be no harm if I remove this abominable blasphemy from this statue.
Celesta: I agree. They may be part of a puzzle.
Legeand: Need I remind you the poision door was not poison, so be wary taking them.
Luanes (pointing to the pentacle): I'll not carry that thing.
Nyza: Nyza get it then...
Nyza snatches the pentacle off of Luanes's sword.
Luanes attempts to break the chain of the pentacle necklace.
The chain is severed by the sword.
Celesta steps forward, but lets Nyza take it.
Dale: Let's put them in the portable hole.
Celesta turns and looks at Elan's statue more closely.
Celesta: Oh, my.
Celesta picks up the doll and turns it over to look at the back of its neck.
Celesta drops the doll and steps back, "How did he get that?"
Wintersky: What?
Dale picks up the doll.
Dale: Celesta? What is this?
Celesta: That was mine.
Celesta: I am going blast that monster into oblivion!
Dale: Then let us hurry.
Celesta's voice echos through the corridors and a deep chuckle follows from the passage in which Sparta stands.
Legeand: Mind yelling louder?
Luanes: I guess we know which we to go.
Celesta looks daggers down the corridor over Sparta's head.
Sparta: So much for any chance of surprising our nemesis.
Sparta: Legeand, care to give me a hand with this portcullis?
Luanes: Our nemesis knew we were here the moment we entered.
Legeand moves to go help Sparta.
Elenia moves up ready with forceful hand.
Legeand and Sparta manage to lift this portcullis, which catches about four feet up. It stays in place as Legeand lets go.
Elenia casts Bigby's forceful hand again.
Sparta walks easily under the gate.
Sparta steps onto a staircase leading down into a large vault with a high ceiling.
Luanes follows.
Dale: Now we're getting somewhere.
A thick patch of fog fills the chamber up to the top of the stairs.
Wintersky follows.
Sparta: There's a fog up ahead, probably hiding something nasty.
Luanes: Make sure the fog is not poisonous!
Sparta draws his sword and descends the stairs.
Sparta disappears into the fog.
Luanes: Sparta?
Sparta: If you can hear me, I'm not dead yet. C'mon down.
Luanes exhales, relieved.
Sparta finds the fog is very chilly...almost bone chilling.
Sparta moves into the room, following the wall on his left.
Legeand follows down into the fog.
Sparta: Brrr, it's cold down here, clammy.
Elenia joins Sparta.
Luanes follows the line.
As Dale approaches the fog, she takes on elemental form and prepares a gust of wind to blow away the fog.
Nyza: Brr...
As Nyza moves into the fog, the fog appears to sublime, giving her a wide birth.
Dale flies into the fog as a whirlwind to disperse the fog.
Luanes watches the reaction of the fog to Nyza.
Wintersky nocks an arrow in Blessed Black.
Legeand draws his sword.
Sparta continues along the wall as the others follow.
Luanes: Whatever it is, it does not like flames.
The fog begins to disperse starting about the heroes and heading deeper into the vault revealing sarcophagi.
Nyza: Looks like we're in the right place at least.
Luanes keeps her sword out.
A fireball erupts in the center of the group.
Wintersky casts mass heal.
The heal spell heals all and momentarily causes rapid decay of Hardun. However, blackness surrounds him for a moment and he then appears unhurt as well.
As Snowshadow charges forward, the large cat suddenly falls upwards and crashes into the ceiling, raining masonry down on the front row of heroes.
Luanes casts knight's move to flank vampire and then smites it.
Luanes' attack bites deeply into the vampire.
Hardun Chicdell: Not ones to talk then. Probably wise.
Celesta roars in arcane fury and a bolt of energy cuts through the chamber.
The raw magical energy rocks the vampire, but he remains in place.
Legeand begins to charge forward and falls to the ceilng crashing into it. More masonry and boulders crash back down.
Hardun Chicdell laughs.
Nyza: No time to talk. We've got a city to save!
Nyza speeds up the flow of her magic with one spell and then attempts a dispel upon Hardun with another.
One of the aura about the vampire fizzles out.
Hardun Chicdell scowls.
Dale: Not much point in talking when you try to barbecue us
Dale casts flame strike upon the vampire.
Dale: Ferocious, Ringo, backup and guard the hall way.
The flames engulf the vampire momentarily, but it survives them.
Aifos launches two scorching rays at the vampire, both striking true. Wisps of smoke begin to rise from the vampire.
Hardun Chicdell turns on Luanes with an evil sneer and falls upon her.
The vampire pummels the paladin and she visible wilts under the attack.
Sparta looks at Legeand and SnowShadow clinging to the ceiling and thinks better of charging the vampire.
Sparta draws his bow and tries to plunk an arrow at Hardun.
Wintersky watches carefully.
Sparta: Hardun, why don't you come pick on someone your own size.
Hardun Chicdell: My own size? How halfling of you.
Hardun Chicdell sneers.
Elenia casts disintergrate at the vampire.
The green ray strikes the vampire and blasts away pieces of it.
T'Krosh takes a page from Nyza's playbook and tries to dispel Hardun's protections.
A cloak-like wrapping falls away from the vampire. Also, a glowing ring winks out.
T'Krosh flaps over to Hardun.
T'Krosh manages to stay level passing underneath Legeand.
Wintersky: Great Spirits, I ask for myself and allies the protection of Life's Grace.
Wintersky: SnowShadow tries to leap and pounce Hardun.
The great cat leaps from the ceiling towards the vampire and falls upon him with teeth and claws flashing.
Luanes casts restoration on herself.
Enough with all the magic around him!
Celesta casts Mordenkainen's disjunction on the area of the reverse gravity.
Legeand falls back to the floor with a crash.
Celesta: Sparta, there is a really old halfling that needs to take really big bite out of that son of a bitch!
Legeand leaps to his feet and takes a mighty sink at Hardun, nearly cleaving him stem to stern.
Sparta laughs.
Sparta: I hear you, Celesta.
Nyza unleashes a barrage of fiery orbs against Hardun.
Dale blasts Hardun with another flame strike.
Dale: Hang on Sparta, you're going for a ride.
Dale: In her whirlwind form, Dale swoops past Sparta and carries him into the corner behind Hardun before returning to her original position.
Aifos fires two more scorching rays, striking Hardun.
The vampire turns and motions to the ceiling with a pulling motion. Boulders fall before him onto T'Krosh, Legeand, SnowShadow, Dale and Wintersky.
Dust billows as the rocks fall.
Sparta drops his bow to draw the family heirloom and swipe at Hardun.
Hardun's head flies through the air and lands at Luanes' feet.
Sparta: Just die already!
Sparta: That'll teach you to impune the honor of halflings.
T'Krosh: Hah! Well done, Sparta.
Hardun's body collapses in a pile of dust, mingling with that of the rock fall.
"You won't rise from that", T'Krosh says directly to the severed head.
Sparta smiles at T'krosh.
Luanes with a mighty holler, brings her sword down on the head, cleaving it in two.
Luanes (breathing-heavily): Well done, Sparta.
Luanes looks around the room for injured, her eyes falling on SnowShadow.
Wintersky: Oh, quills! SnowShadow
Sparta: Thanks, but we haven't much time.
Wintersky casts calm emotions.
Wintersky picks her way through the rubble to SnowShadow.
Dale descends to the floor and resumes her halfling form.
Luanes gently lays her hands on the great beast, praying for healing.
The dust begins to settle.
Wintersky strokes the great cat.
Luanes scans her friends to determine who is in need of healing.
Luanes: SnowShadow will be fine, my sister.
Wintersky breathes a shaky sob.
SnowShadow gets to her feet and shakes rubble and dust about.
Dale tries to comfort Wintersky.
Luanes puts an arm around her, lightly.
Dale: Snow Shadow is an strong kitten.
T'Krosh casts restoration thrice upon Luanes.
Wintersky casts heal upon herself.
Luanes: Thanks, T'Krosh!


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Dodecitina 23, 1000 PC

Our heroes find little advice at The Dome of "The Billiken," but they do find solace and assurance that a good night's rest is afforded them before the chaos of the upcoming days.

The chaos does not wait. The next morning, Cedarcleaver and his clan overfly Troll's Bridge on the way to meet the approaching legions in a bid to keep the Emperor away from the city.

Feeling the need to keep Cedarcleaver from laying into Ran's army, Oliveryn uses a new found power to retrieve the Orb of Green Dragonkind from the tomb where it was secured by Aifos. His plan succeeds in attracting the great wyrm back to Troll's Bridge and right into the midst of the Heroes of Redemption.

Incensed by the use of the orb by the bard, Cedarcleaver cracks the orb in his fury to destroy it. Wintersky believes the spirit of Vertigriis is ready to be released from his imprisonment, but with Cedarcleaver primed to be possessed is immobilized by the orb's magic and Wintersky attempt to send the mythic dragon's spirit on its way.

Vetrigriis attempts to take over Cedarcleaver, but is foiled by Sparta freeing his mortal enemy from the restraints of the orb.

With all of the heroes concentrating on killing the dragon's body, Wintersky makes a second attempt to force the passing of Vertigriis. She succeeds, but at the price of trapping Cedarcleaver's spirit within the orb and nearly killing everyone else as the ancient dragon's spirit explodes.

Acting quickly, the survivors, along with the returning Aifos, bring back the fallen from the brink of death. The chastised Oliveryn wanders away while the rest ponder the healed orb.

A second time this day the sky darkens.

The group waits for the priest to respond, looking about the massive temple. It is filled with cityfolk that had escaped the devils, demons and vampires.
Meliomonee is tended to by the acolyte near by who looks concernedly at the various wounds of the others from where he kneels.
Sparta: How badly are you hurt, Legeand. I think Dale has all of her healing available.
Luanes stands next to the acolyte, watching.
Legeand walks back and forth in slow pacing.
The acolyte skillfully deals with Meliomonee's cuts, bumps and bruises as professionally as he can manage, given his patient.
Luanes: Rest, mother. Father will be here soon.
Belrus Kanglis: You seek advice that in my giving might change what must be, but I can say that halflings always end up having a good effect on the outcome of epic they not?
Sparta: Aye, we try to anyway.
Belrus Kanglis smiles, "You all look like you have been worn thin and could use some rest. I think you can spare a few hours now that Faerie is no longer making a mess of things."
Sparta: But Zodyu seems to have stacked things in his favor this time.
Wintersky looks around this holy place, comparing it to others.
The temple is open and has many natural features despite being a massive building.
Sparta: We were on our way back to Armee's Avengers and thought we could spare a moment for your advice.
Belrus Kanglis: Zodyu has a great deal of opposition, but He does have and use power in His measure.
Legeand: As good as rest is, we have a large fate in our hands and every hour is another we waste.
Celesta: It is a waste if we do not survive until the end of all of this because we are exhausted, Legeand.
Wintersky looks appraisingly at Belrus Kanglis.
Wintersky: Seeing, knowing, shaping, unfolding tis the way.
Belrus Kanglis: I will risk divulging too much by saying this much. You have plenty of time for a good night's rest.
Sparta: Is that all you'll say? From what I remember of my catechism, "The Billiken" does not actively oppose Zodyu, but is the God of the Way Things Ought To Be. All I ask is whether these events are the way things ought to be?
Belrus Kanglis smirks, "So far, so good."
Belrus Kanglis: We are not terribly fond of Zodyu as he wrested a great deal of power from us when he ascended.
Belrus Kanglis: But, yes, we will neither help nor hinder what ought to be.
Sparta sighs and looks to Wintersky and Celesta.
Wintersky: Sparta we can do this.
Legeand: Or we have time to get it right at least.
Celesta smiles at Legeand and nods to Sparta.
Wintersky: Time enough to do something.
Sparta: Well, I won't say no to a little rest, but our time is short.
Sparta: And for all our talents, I don't see what we can do to stand against the gods.
Belrus Kanglis: You are welcome to take your rest here or continue to The Fortress of Armee. Both are quite safe.
Luanes: We will need to rest if we are to stand any chance at all.
The exhaustion of the group slowly sinks in after the time warping effect of Faerie and the break-neck pace of the last several days.
Wintersky: Oh, I'm tired let us rest here.
Dale: Legeand, let me tend to your wounds.
T'Krosh: It has been a long, long day.
Dale casts cure critical wounds upon Legeand.
Dale: Is anybody else injured?
Wintersky: I am fine.
Celesta looks around for an area that will accommodate the group.
Dale: Before we rest, Belrus, is your well full? I can replenish it if needed.
Belrus Kanglis: The well...It could use a fill.
Nyza eyes Dale suspiciously.
Dale whispers to Nyza, "Don't worry, I won't spill any of it."
Luanes: I am fine, thank you.
Dale: Perhaps your acolyte could show the way, if he has finished tending to Meliomonee.
Celesta points up to a balcony, "That looks like a good place. Is it available...and accessible, Magister Kanglis?"
Luanes walks away from her resting mother and up to Wintersky, embracing her warmly.
Wintersky hugs back.
Wintersky: I am glad your mother is well.
Luanes: Thank you, my sister...
Luanes: And my deepest gratitude to all of you.
Celesta bows to Luanes.
Celesta: We are a team...a family even.
Luanes nods, smiling brightly and happier than anyone has ever seen her.
Legeand: Bonds stronger than blood.
Wintersky: Choosen blood.
Wintersky: Now we must rest if we are to save everyones' mother here.
Luanes: Agreed.
Belrus Kanglis: The heroic family may take the stairs up to that balcony.
Belrus Kanglis motions to another acolyte to lead the group up the stairs.
Wintersky leads the way and beds down.
Along their procession, several of the cityfolk thank them as they pass.
Sparta: Thank you, Belrus. There may soon come a time when you will need to choose to let Zodyu steal more power.
Belrus Kanglis: Don't I know it.
Luanes follows, finds a room, does her nightly prayers and goes to bed.
Sparta: Good night then, and thank you for your sanctuary.
Nyza responds to some of the thankful citizens.
Nyza: We appreciate it, but our job is not yet over! The city is still in danger and you all must be wary of the remaining evils here.
A pleasant calm descends upon the group on the balcony and all sleep, of those who sleep, soundly and long.
Everyone is more rested when they finally rise than any can remember.
However, the peace is not to be lasting as a earth-shaking roar echos across the city interrupting breakfast.
Wintersky: I think I hear our summons.
A vast shadow passes over the city, darkening the translucent light of the sun streaming through the dome.
Sparta: Always at breakfast.
Legeand: Well then start eating ealier...might save your meal.
Celesta giggles, "Eating breakfast is the most powerful magic Sparta casts...Summon Trouble."
Luanes rises and strides outside to investigate.
Panic breaks out among the crowds throughout the temple.
Wintersky heads outside to investigate.
Three other shadows quickly follow accompanied by more roars.
Luanes looks for the source of the roars and shadows.
Sparta grabs an apple from the table and follows the others outside as he tightens down the buckles on his armor.
Struggling to get to the streets outside the temple, those investigating see distant winged shapes flying west towards "The City."
Sparta: Who is it this time Luanes? Dragons?
Luanes: Visaria only knows.
Luanes: I will go find out.
Luanes lifts into the air to get a better view.
A streak of rainbow hues suddenly crosses the sky in the opposite direction and continues passed the city entering Tanglewood to the east.
Upon rising into the air, Luanes finds the First Wing gathering after being scattered by the roaring creatures.
Pegasus Rider: It was dragons, Lady Ilrya! Four green dragons!
Wintersky tries to find Raceslightening.
Luanes: Where are they now?
Nyza: Ahh, what are they doing here!
Wintersky's mount appears as if from nowhere.
Elenia casts Rainbow Pattern to distract the panicking folk.
Pegasus Rider: Flying towards the Emperor's Army.
Luanes: All right. Are you following?
Wintersky mounts up.
Elenia's distraction allows the heroes to exit the temple without further impedence.
Pegasus Rider: Upon your command, we will.
Luanes: Very well! Follow! My friends and I will meet you there!
Legeand: Will as much due haste as some of us on foot can get.
Luanes can see that the dragons are coming under attack from the Emperor's forces.
The rainbow streaks back from Tanglewood and lands atop Schloss Tanglewood.
Wintersky looks about trying to determine if the dragons are a distraction for something else.
Wintersky is struck by a spiritual roar from the vicinity of the castle the rainbow streak landed on.
Luanes: Aid the emperor!
Wintersky readies Blessed Black.
Sparta: Nyza, can you get us close to the dragons?
Wintersky: What is happening at the Castle, Luanes!?
The spiritual presence seems familiar to Wintersky.
Luanes speeds back down to the ground.
Wintersky: Something is going on there too.
Nyza: If you think it is a good idea. Flight or teleportation, pick.
Luanes: There are four green dragons.
Wintersky: Spiritus?
Luanes sees a glowing point of green light just above the castle as she descends.
Wintersky: No, but draconic.
Wintersky: Is it a distraction?
Wintersky: Aifos?
Luanes: I do not know.
Luanes: But the Emperor seems to be handling it.
Wintersky: No, but just as old.
Luanes: I sent the First Wing to assist.
Wintersky points at the castle, "Something is going on that way."
Wintersky: Lord Tangle or what is his name?
A distant roar reverberates back to the city from the west and shortly Cedarcleaver is diving towards the castle.
Wintersky: Vertigriis!
Wintersky: The dragon trapped in the orb!
Wintersky: Oh, Spirits! Someone is using the dragon orb!
T'Krosh scowls.
Wintersky wheels RacesLightning and heads toward the spiritual presence.
Cedarcleaver (in Draconic): You will not have control over me, bard!
Legeand: Then it is settled. We stop that orb user.
Nyza: It cannot be Oli... He would not do something so stupid.
Wintersky: This way! SnowShadow with me!
Sparta: Are you so certain? Who else knows where it was hidden?
Celesta: Aifos?
Wintersky: Aifos would not use it!
Celesta: But did I hear the Draconic word for bard?
Sparta: True, but he's no bard and this younger Aifos wasn't there when his older self hid it.
Nyza: You heard right.
Celesta: Very true. If it is Oli, he is in big trouble.
Sparta: No use arguing about it, Nyza. Can you get us there?
Luanes: Instead of speculation, let us go find out and stop this person.
Sparta: I think a teleport is in order.
Nyza: Yes, and in a hurry. Grab my... uh, grab T'Krosh's hand.
Celesta: Half with me and half with Nyza.
Sparta and Dale grab their animals, then take T'krosh's hands.
Nyza forms a human chain with T'Krosh and her half of the party.
Luanes grabs Celesta's hand.
Legeand grabs onto someone hurriedly.
Just as the teleport is about to take effect, Cedarcleave plows into the castle.
The orb and its wielder are sent sailing off the castle and into the fields north of the castle where the dragon quickly follows.
Celesta: Nyza! The field!
Nyza nods.
Wintersky teleports to with SnowShadow, Elenia, RacesLightning and Elenia's mount to where she feels Vertigriis.
T'Krosh prepares to cast destruction on the dragon as soon as it is in range.
The dragon dives in with a roar, stomping on the small glowing orb.
Green tendrils of magical energy begin to rise from Cedarcleaver's claw where he landed on the orb.
Wintersky (unfazed): Cedarcleaver! Tone down the fear effects and we will help you destroy the orb.
Nyza believes the dragon has cracked the orb.
Wintersky: You are a dragon that can see the truth of what I say.
Wintersky: Nyza! The orb! Disintergrate it!
Nyza: Gladly! That orb is as foul to kobolds as it is to dragons!
Wintersky: Who else can help!?
Nyza casting arcane spellsurge and limited wish, "I wish it would just disintegrate!"
Legeand: Unless HE wishes to use it himself.
Wintersky: It is bane to all drgonkind. It is enslaving.
Legeand: Be that as it may, but control over his fellow dragons.
The gray beam strikes Cedarcleaver's claw, damaging many of its scales.
Wintersky: Cedarcleaver spread your talons a bit so we can help.
Cedarcleaver looks up as if he had not noticed the heroes' presence.
Wintersky: If dragons could destroy them without help thy would be gone already.
Nyza flies past the dragon after the limited effect of the wish.
Sparta: CedarCleaver, we will destroy the orb if you let us.
Cedarcleaver begins a massive inhale.
Sparta casts resist acid on himself and shares with Ringo.
Wintersky: Cedarcleaver, you would spurn our help in this task?
Sparta: We are not here to fight you.
T'Krosh: He seems quite capable by himself.
Sparta holds his ground.
Wintersky: If they were easy to destroy, they would be gone.
Wintersky: I have made a solemn oath to Vertigriis to free him.
Legeand: Holds his ground, waiting on the hero spell from Luanes.
Wintersky dismounts and walks forward under the dragon and casts miracle, "Spirits hear my call release the bonds that hold Vertigris enslaved. Free him that he might pass to the spirit realm.
SnowShadow moves behind the dragon as Nyza, but in the opposite direction.
Wintersky: You know that there are few that would help destroy the orbs. Most would think of the power they could wield. I will destroy them all.
The tendrils intertwine around Cedarcleaver forming a lattice of energy about him.
Dale casts protection from acid on herself and shares it with Ferocious.
Dale: Cedarcleaver, I will help the others destroy the orb. Step back and let us try.
Luanes casts Lionheart on Legeand.
Cedarcleaver begins to rear, but seem constrained by the energy.
Legeand is now immune to fear.
Celesta casts assay spell resistance and prepares an attack spell while moving back.
Elenia dismounts as her mount bolts.
Cedarcleaver eyes his wings and the lattice of energy with concern.
Elenia casts telepathic bond including all within range including Cedarcleaver if he is willing.
Elenia: Cedarcleaver?
Elenia: CedarCleaver? Can you hear our intentions.
Cedarcleaver ignores Elenia's prying and begins testing the lattice's limits.
Wintersky watches the spirit realm too.
Wintersky sees an even bigger dragon spirit superimposed over Cedarcleaver.
Wintersky: Vertigriis? Is that you?
T'Krosh tries to destroy the great wyrm with a single spell, but it is only minimally effective causing the great wyrm damage.
Cedarcleaver struggles against the magical lattice and the draconic spirit surrounding him.
The spirit begins entering Cedarcleaver.
Wintersky sees Vertegriis has a malevolent expression as he begins to take over Cedarcleaver.
Wintersky: Do not kill Cedarcleaver. He will be sucked in. I need to send Vertigriis on.
Nyza: Are you sure you can do that?
Wintersky: I think it will take another miracle.
Nyza: No kidding.
Vertigriis eyes Wintersky and shakes his head slightly.
Wintersky: You must go.
Nyza begins casting a spell summon a group of lantern archons.
Wintersky suddenly realizes that the body of Cedarcleaver needs to be destroyed as soon as possible or Vertigriis will live again to take revenge.
Wintersky: Vertigriis is taking over CedarCleaver! We will have to kill him.
Wintersky: I am going to try to sing them both on.
Sparta: Cedarcleaver, let me help you. This spell may free you from the orb!
Sparta rides Ringo up to the nearest part of the dragon that he can touch and casts freedom of movement.
Cedarcleaver's wings suddenly jerk into the air, free.
Legeand: So are we killing him or freeing him?
Legeand: Because if I am going to start hitting, it is going to be hard to stop.
Wintersky: Kill him.
Sparta: I can't believe I'm saying this. Are you sure?
Legeand: Then let us get chop, chop, chopping!
Legeand runs up to the dragon, attacking with great slashing swings.
Wintersky uses moment of prescience and casts miracle to send Vertigriis on. She starts chanting the exorcism and death passage ceremony.
Wintersky: Keep fighting him, Cedarcleaver.
The tendrils of magic disappate into a chilling cloud of death and at the same time Cedarcleaver goes limp and collapses with an earth-shattering crash.
Dale: Is that it? Are they dead?
Wintersky: Does CedarCleaver yet live?
T'Krosh, Ringo, RacesLightning, Dale, Ferocious and Elenia all fall unconscious.
Sparta: Dale!
Everyone else is chilled to the bone with necromatic drain.
Vertigriis gives a deafening roar that only Wintersky can hear.
Wintersky collapses into the fetal position next to the orb, shivering.
The orb glows again with an internal greenish light.
Luanes runs to Wintersky, intent on seeing to her and then to Dale.
Oliveryn stumbles over from where he fell several yards behind where the dragon landed, "Not so smart, I guess."
Sparta: Oli, I should kill you where you stand.
Legeand flies into a frenzy.
Luanes risks getting hit to cast a spell on Legeand.
Luanes casts resurgence.
Legeand collapses exhausted only a moment later.
Oliveryn raises his hands, "I know, I know."
A drakkensteed flies in mounted by Aifos.
Aifos: What in The Hell's was that Lord Oliveryn?
Legeand: Lord Idiot trying out an Ord of Dragonkind.
Luanes checks on Wintersky.
Nyza: Trying to destroy it. Weren't you Oli?
Aifos looks around, "Are they all dead?"
Legeand: Dead or dying, hurry up.
Nyza walks over to T'Krosh and lays a healing touch on him.
Aifos runs to the closest dying person and channels arcane energy through his unicorn horn.
Luanes finds Wintersky to be in shock.
Celesta wanders into the midst of the group, staring at the orb.
Celesta points at the orb, "I think Cedarcleaver is in there now."
Luanes: She is in shock
Luanes: Celesta, could you stand here with Wintersky while I check on Dale?
Celesta distractedly nods, "Yes, Luanes."
Sparta casts a cure spell on Ringo to stabilize him and then runs to Dale's side.
Luanes makes her way over to Dale and assesses her injuries.
Aifos sees to RacesLightning and then Ferocious.
Wintersky shivers and curls tighter into herself.
Aifos: I think they'll all be alright. Let us see about Wintersky.
Sparta: Dale, Dale, are you ok?
Aifos gives Oliveryn a quick, dark glance before returning to the Teton shaman.
Dale groans as Luanes's ministrations bring her around.
Oliveryn stands looking guilty for a moment before wandering away.
Nyza: Wintersky's injury looks different.
Luanes lays hands on Dale to help her recover.
Nyza: Like she is afraid maybe?
Various Teton spirits gather around Wintersky and begin chanting, bringing her back to her senses.
Dale: Oh my, that feels better.
Dale: Thank you, Luanes.
Dale: What happened?
Wintersky chants with the spirits no one else can see.
Luanes: I think the dragon is now encased within the sphere.
Celesta: Wintersky?
Wintersky: Ummmm Ummmm Ummmmm.
Celesta: The crack in the orb healed when the cloud disappated.
Wintersky: Celesta.
Dale: If Miss 'Sky will last till morning, I can heal her.
Celesta: Are you alright, Wintersky?
Wintersky: Did the dragon go on?
Luanes walks back to Wintersky, glancing around to see if there are any others who need healing.
Wintersky: Not sure yet.
Wintersky: I think so, maybe.
Sparta fusses over Dale.
People and animals get back to their feet.
Sparta: It was bad enough when I lost Ringo. You need to be more careful. I'd be lost without you.
Legeand: Well, let us not leave this in Oli's hands again if this is how he thinks of using it.
Wintersky looks at the orb.
At that moment the sky darkens.


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Dodecitina 22, 1000 PC

Our heroes travel north through Troll's Bridge to take distant look at the location of Meliomonee. They find that Faerie has begun to merge with the fabric of Almebezbik as evidenced by the expanding meadow surrounding a great oak in which Meliomonee is trapped. Through Celesta's true seeing spell, they also know that there are Fey guarding the area that will need to be driven off for Luanes to be able to free her mother.

Upon Celesta's prompting, the group returns to The Fortress of Armee to rest and prepare for the rescue. Concerned with the acceleration of time due to Faerie's influence on the area, Wintersky suggests that Luanes use the crystal ball to scry and speak with Meliomonee to try and discover what to do when they arrive.

During the conversation through the crystal ball, the nymph informs Luanes that a good deal of her blood will be needed to help free her mother from the oak and once freed, the oak should fall and close the rift that was opened by Meliomonee when attempting to assist the Fey in entering Troll's Bridge when the wards went up. The nymph discovered that the Fey intended to bring an end to the city, so she instead prevented the Fey from passing into Almebezbik. Meliomonee also implies that she will be lost in the process of closing the rift. This distresses Luanes, but Wintersky believes she can prevent such a loss.

After a troubled rest, our heroes prepare and teleport to the oak. Luanes immediately moves to attend to her mother, spilling her blood on the tree while the others drive away the Fey guards. The Fey are less of a threat than the tree is once Luanes' blood has been spilled. The great oak begins drop branches and fall. Initially, it does not seem that Meliomonee will be freed by her daughter's sacrifice, but only moments before the tree collapses, the nymph slips free of the tree's bark and the group is thrown as the oak uproots itself.

As everyone picks themselves up, they see that the tree is gone and Faerie's influence has also disappeared, returning the barren ground of Troll's Bridge to its usual state.

As they make their way back into the heart of the city the bells of The Floating Castle of Eins und Zwei can be heard lauding the arrival of Tetratin. This also indicates that the short time our heroes spent in such close proximity to the oak cost them a day. Less than six days remain until until Zenda's thousandth year is complete.

The Faerie-Rift Oak
Celesta: So scout the area out and then retreat back to The Fortress?
Dale: Sounds like a good idea; might help us choose spells for tomorrow if we have an idea what we are about to face.
Legeand: That and it will give us some idea of the layout of damage.
Nyza: Mm. No "retreat"ing back though.
Luanes: Well, I would not get too close...
Celesta: Oh, right. Would not want to end up blind.
Luanes: I had trouble getting close.
Sparta: Blind?
Luanes looks ashamed.
Wintersky: What do you mean?
Celesta: Your mother is a nymph, correct, Luanes?
Luanes: My mother...I thought everyone knew...
Luanes: Yes.
Celesta: Blindingly beautiful when they want to be.
Nyza looks oblivious, but T'Krosh raises an eye.
Legeand coughs a bit and looks aside, "Is that how she is distracting them?"
Sparta blushes.
Luanes: She is using her aura to keep the worlds separate.
Luanes: I could barely reach her...
Celesta: Let us just have a quick, distant look and then get some rest...though it has been quite restful this short time we have been talking.
Wintersky: But the worlds are naturally separate. It should take effort to breach them.
Luanes: I do not understand the problem in its entirety
Wintersky: Let us go look.
Luanes: But I believe my mother caused a breach for protection.
Luanes: To protect Tanglewood.
Sparta: And now we need to try to seal it up again.
Wintersky: From the demons and devils?
Nyza: It will not be the first time.
Luanes: From Fey.
Celesta raises an eyebrow.
Celesta collects her staff and cloak and leads the way to the stairs.
Nyza motions for Legeand to go ahead of her. She follows at a distance behind him.
Wintersky motions to Snowshadow to come along and follows.
The group heads out of the cellar and makes their way through the throng in the tavern, exiting The Smoking Pipe.
Sparta looks around the cellar one more time, lingering upon the bloodstain on the floor before following the others out of the tavern.
Wintersky whistles for RacesLightning.
The streets are quiet and there is only a passing scent of death where the battle took place along the riverfront.
The group heads north along the main road and pass between Armee's Fortress and The Billiken's Dome.
Nyza: Psst, Sparta... Things are looking better, methinks.
Sparta raise an eyebrow at Nyza.
Sparta: Better?
Much of the city is now in shambles and not much further north, nature has quickly begun to reclaim the area.
Nyza: Less demons.
Wintersky stretches her senses trying to see and feel the fabric between the realms.
Sparta: True, but if the Fey keep accelerating time, Nana's cataclysm will come sooner than we can stop it.
Wintersky is taken aback by the pulsing aura of Faerie as they approach the final row of relatively intact buildings .
Wintersky: I think it more likely an effect of Faerie bleeding into our world.
A great swath of meadow has grown between the remaining construction and the wall.
A very large oak dominates the area north of this meadow against the wall of Troll's Bridge.
Celesta shields her eyes.
Wintersky: Caterpillars and chrysalises, Faerie has really encroached.
Celesta: There are dozens of various Fey within a small radius around the tree, Luanes. Do you see them? Your mother appears to be fused into the tree.
Wintersky sees them as spirits.
Wintersky tries to find the edge where the two realms meet.
Wintersky sees that the meadow is a merging of Faerie and Almebezbik.
Nyza looks around.
Nyza: You have good eyes...
Luanes: I...
Luanes looks closely.
Luanes sees the meadow, oak and her mother, but nothing else
Luanes: I can see my mother....
Celesta squints and then covers her eyes with a wince.
Celesta: We need to leave.
Wintersky sees that the space directly around the oak is Faerie.
Nyza: We just got here.
Celesta: Time is greatly sped up here.
Legeand: If the mage says leave, then let us leave.
Dale: Is the oak tree the portal to their world?
Wintersky: That is my take on it.
Sparta: I think Legeand has the right idea.
Celesta starts and then lowers her hand from her eyes, "And my spell just expired."
Nyza gives one last look to the big tree before turning around.
Wintersky: Let us go.
Nyza: 'Kay
Celesta: We do not have a lot of time for rest, so let us take it quickly.
Wintersky turns and moves away.
Celesta turns and starts walking back towards The Fortress.
The group returns quickly to The Fortress of Armee where Melora is waiting to let them in.
Melora: Come in, come in. It is getting late.
Melora: What were you doing in the north part of the city?
Celesta: For my part, nearly getting myself blinded.
Wintersky: Watching Faerie encroach upon the Troll's Bridge.
Legeand: Scouting the next step of the long list of things we need to do.
Melora: That explains the blinded soldiers that were stationed up there.
Sparta: And they are hurrying the approach of Nana's cataclysm.
Nyza: Oh dear...
Melora: Hurrying it? How?
Wintersky: Gah, what a problem.....
Nyza: Maybe we can cure their blindness after the city is no longer in peril.
Celesta: Luanes? Do you know what you need to do to help your mother?
Dale: Yes, Nyza, I think I can help the soldiers, but when we have more time.
Wintersky: TalksMuch have you ever heard of Faerie encroaching upon our world in such a manner?
TalksMuch only responds with a shake of his head.
Luanes: She just said that I would need the talents of all my friends.
Sparta: Well that's rather cryptic.
Nyza develops a concerned look on her face as something occurs to her.
Sparta: Can't the bad guys tell us how to stop them, just once?
Celesta: And our talents would be put to what purpose, Luanes?
Luanes: Helping me get closer to my mother, I think...
Wintersky: Why?
Luanes: And to fight off the fey.
Celesta: Hmmm.
Dale: Is there anything besides blindness in her aura that stopped you from approaching?
Luanes: I think she will tell me what to do, but I must get closer to her.
Dale: We could give you protection from her sight.
Luanes: I felt like I was barely able to move.
Celesta: Maybe we can drive them back further into Faerie and not damage them too much?
Nyza nods emphatically.
Legeand: One big problem is the time going too fast near her.
Nyza: We need to, definitely.
Wintersky: Around the oak tree seems to be Faerie, a true juxtaposition not just a portal.
Dale: There are spells that slow time, aren't there? Could they counteract the Fey influence?
Celesta: It is probably going whatever speed it goes in Faerie, which is two weeks here to every hour spent there.
Wintersky: Moving through Faerie is usually not a problem for you, correct Luanes?
Luanes: No, I am also elf.
Celesta: We will have to move in quickly, do what needs to be done to drive away the Fey and keep them away long enough for Luanes to help her mother...without aging us too badly. We will not be able to count on spells for protection either.
Dale: If we cast our spells under the Fey influence, will they last longer?
Wintersky: That sounds like a repulsion of some sort.
Celesta: Given how spells are expiring early, we can only count on them being even shorter in duration the closer we get.
Celesta: We probably do not want to get next to the tree where it is full Faerie.
Legeand: How about the ones of us who cannot see the Fey?
Wintersky: It should require a great deal of energy to force such a juxtaposition between realms.
Dale: I could give Luanes freedom of movement. That spell usually lasts a few hours in our time, but that is not even a minute in Fairie. But it might give her enough time to approach her mother.
Luanes: She is fused to the tree for power.
Dale: Fused? We need to separate her?
Wintersky: You believe she is causing the juxtaposition?
Wintersky: Why?
Luanes: To protect Tanglewood.
Wintersky: Am I missing something? How does opening the way to Faerie protect Tanglewood?
Luanes: I am uncertain of the specifics.
Luanes: I only know that she caused the breech to protect Tanglewood.
Legeand: Maybe to place a breach on a breach?
Wintersky: Could you speak to her through the crystal ball?
Luanes: I don't know. We could try.
Celesta looks at Legeand, "You were a wizard in a past life."
Wintersky: Here try.
Wintersky hands Luanes the crystal ball.
Luanes: How do I....use it?
Legeand: Simple ideas are generaly the best solutions right?
Celesta: Hold that thought, Legeand.
Wintersky: Think of your mother, focus on her.
Luanes takes the crystal ball, looking clueless.
Celesta turns towards Luanes.
Wintersky: Describe her in detail out loud if it helps.
Celesta: Just gaze into the ball and think of her. You are connected by blood and you know where she is.
Luanes looks into the ball, thinking of her mother.
Luanes: She is lovelier than I ever imagined...long hair...crystal eyes.
The crystal ball fills with mist that then clears to show an image of the nymph merged with the oak tree.
Wintersky: Speak to her.
Luanes: Mother? Can you hear me?
Meliomonee looks around questioningly, "Luanes?"
Luanes: Yes, I am here...or...sort of.
Luanes can now see the other Fey in the background.
Luanes: I...I can see the Fey...
Luanes: Mother, hold on...we will save you.
Meliomonee: Keep your wits about you, child. Scrying here is like scrying to another plane.
Sparta: Ask her how to close the rift.
Luanes: How are we to close the rift?
Meliomonee spots the scrying sensor and looks directly at Luanes through the crystal.
Meliomonee: I need some of your blood. It will act like a universal solvent to allow me to slip out of this tree.
Wintersky: Ask what is under the rift?
Luanes: Whatever you need, Mother, I will provide.
Meliomonee smiles.
Luanes: What is under the rift, Mother.
Nyza: We can teleport in and out, try to minimize our time in the Fey area.
Nyza looks at Celesta.
Celesta nods.
Celesta: It will have to be greater teleport since there is a planar boundry involved.
Meliomonee: Beyond the rift is Faerie. Once I slip free, the tree will collapse, sealing the rift...forever.
Meliomonee looks saddened.
Wintersky: How did the rift protect Tanglewood?
Luanes: Mother, what is wrong?
Luanes widens her eyes with realization.
Luanes: No, Mother!
Meliomonee: This is...was my way back to Faerie. I was asked by Titania to open the away for the Fey into Troll's Bridge when the wards went up.
Wintersky: Luanes?
Meliomonee: I wished to protect what little was left of nature in the city, but the wards were too powerful and closed me inside the city. Fortunately, one of the Court let slip their true intentions...Troll's Bridge's total distruction, so kept them out.
Meliomonee: I am banished.
Luanes: Banished...
Luanes: No, there must be something we can do...
Sparta: You will always be welcome in Tangleton.
Meliomonee shakes her head.
The image in the crystal ball suddenly goes blank.
Wintersky: Total destruction, but destruction is coming another way.
Nyza: The Fey are really impatient. What, was one source of destruction not enough?
Luanes: ...
Celesta: I do not think they knew of Zenda, Nyza.
Celesta smirks, "Or were you implying yourself."
Wintersky: Luanes... We can try to help her. What have you figured out.
Luanes lowers her hands holding the crystal ball, her wings drooping.
Luanes: She is going into Faerie.
Nyza feigns outrage, "Nyza would not do that! It would be bad for trade."
Wintersky puts her arms about her friend.
Celesta tries not to smile, unsuccessfully.
Luanes leans into her arms.
Wintersky: Do you think the Fey will kill her?
Luanes: She intends to leave this world...
Wintersky: Oh, my sister, my heart aches.
Celesta turns to Legeand, "So breach a breach?"
Legeand: Yes, if a breach is on top of another, the first could not be used yes?
Celesta: Especially if it is particularly violent.
Legeand: As such, if you close one, it might close the other...or it might still be open.
Celesta: I think we will be breaching the breach and we better come back out. Half an hour in Faerie means there will not be a Troll's Bridge when we return.
Luanes: I cannot lose her...not again.
Wintersky: I may be able to pull her here rather than allowing her to be drawn into Faerie.
Luanes looks up at Wintersky hopefully.
Wintersky: I do not know if that will save her. She may need Faerie. But we can try.
Luanes nods.
Wintersky: I will do my best for her and you.
Luanes: Thank you, my sister.
Celesta: Alright, we are wasting what little time we have for rest. When we awake, prepare transportation, long duration spells and instantaneous spells.
Wintersky rests.
The group settles in for a rest and though fitful it is enough to prepare for the upcoming rescue.
Wintersky: Cold iron is particularly effective against Fey.
Wintersky: I will try to find more cold iron arrows.
Celesta: So the plan is to teleport in between the tree and the other fey, correct?
Wintersky: So far as we have a plan.
Nyza: What do we do while Luanes, um, tends to her mother?
Luanes: Fight off the Fey.
Celesta: If they want to retreat into Faerie, let them...I am guessing through the wall behind the tree.
Wintersky: I will try to ensure Meliomonee is brought to this side of the rift.
Luanes: Thank you
Wintersky: Before we go, I want to summon a greater spirit ally; it stays until its job is done.
Wintersky summons a greater spirit ally.
Celesta: I have teleports ready for in and out.
Wintersky: I summon a great spirit to help resue the Fey Meliomonee, protect her and unite her safely with her daughter Luanes on the plane of Almebezbik.
The spirit appears before Wintersky as a great snowdrift, which rises into the form of a great polar bear with red whisker marks painted on its muzzle. It distinctly winks at Wintersky.
Wintersky: I am ready now.
Wintersky whispers reverently, "Sister Bear."
Celesta: To the tree and avert your eyes. Meliomonee will realize what is happening quickly enough to drop her aura.
Luanes: All right.
Teleports are cast and all feel unusual twists and pulls as they appear near the tree.
Wintersky: I hate teleporting.
Dale: Stay close to the tree everyone.
Luanes: Mother!
Luanes advances towards her mother.
Luanes: Tell me...what do you need me to do?
All notice that Meliomonee's aura is already down.
Luanes: Mother?
Meliomonee looks up at Luanes, exhausted, "You will need to bleed on the tree...I do not know how much."
Luanes immediately draws her sword and slices into her hand.
The entire area bursts with shrieks, shouts and howls.
Wintersky moves to the tree to help Luanes free her mother. SnowShadow pounces a shaedling that has suddenly appeared next to Celesta.
The shaedling is no match for the panther and it quickly vanishes into the wall.
Nyza: Legeand, look out!
Legeand: I see him
A troll materializes from apparently nowhere and attacks Legeand. The northman dodges.
A sprite appears to accost Elenia.
Another sprite appears near Sparta.
A third sprite appears near Elenia again.
A banshree attacks Nyza.
Legeand attacks the troll with a flashing blur of his sword.
The troll dissolves in a spray as Legeand's blade whirls.
Dale: Nyza, see if you can cauterize that troll before it regenerates.
Sparta does his best to immitate Legeand.
The air is now abuzz with hundreds of wings.
The little, but vicious pixie goes the way of the troll.
Wintersky, watching the tree and Luanes sees the job may require Luanes' Life's Blood.
A pixe appears near Luanes and a shaedling near Sparta.
Another shaedling appears near Dale.
Sparta: Well, this is going to get ugly quick.
A banshrae appears near Celesta.
Sparta: Fey, we mean you know harm, but you mustn't interfere with our task.
Wintersky: Luanes, it is going to take alot of blood.
Sneers as well as laughter answer Sparta's diplomatic words.
Luanes: Whatever it takes...
Luanes: No matter what my mother.
Nyza aims a fireball at the ground directly beneath her.
A pixie and shaedling burn to cinders.
Nyza: Fine, ignore Sparta! Enjoy the slash and burn.
Another pixie appears near Dale.
Legeand: They all know better than to come and fight me it seems...
Dale: You're not going to be happy about this outcome, wee folk. Go home while you still can.
T'Krosh: "You were warned," snarls T'Krosh at the closest shaedling. He then unleashes a divine reproach on the Fey.
The shaedling shrieks and looks to lift off into flight.
Another troll materializes and smashes into Legeand.
Legeand flies into a frenzy.
Dale: I think we have more to fear from Legeand than from the Fey.
Dale takes a step closer to the tree while Ferocious pounces the sprite behind her.
Dale casts control winds to create a wind storm outside the radius the oak's branches.
The sprite is no match for a lion.
Dale: That may buy us a few moments respite.
Wings beat madly in the branches of the tree.
A third troll appears next to Legeand.
The troll pummels Legeand.
Elenia casts scorching ray at a pixie in the calm and at the troll.
The pixe falls to the ground, charred. The troll yowls.
Meliomonee passes out and falls limp held up by the tree enveloping her.
The tree goans and shudders.
Luanes: Mother! No!
Celesta casts disintegrate and reduces the banshrae near her to dust.
Elenia: T'Krosh can you be ready to heal Luanes?
T'Krosh: Give the word.
Wintersky: We need more blood fast.
Luanes slices her wrist deeply.
Blood spurts onto the tree and the tree goans and begins to lilt toward the wall.
Wintersky prepare miracle to pull Meliomonee to safety as soon as she is free.
SnowShadow returns to Wintersky's side.
DrifingSnow pries at the tree.
The last pixies flee into Faerie.
The banshae sprays darts from its flute.
Wintersky: She holds the miracle ready.
Legeand lays into the second troll, reducing it a quivering mass. His momentum carries a blow to the third troll.
Dale: Should we let Legeand bludgeon himself senseless against the trolls? He can kill them, but they'll just grow back until he's exhausted.
Sparta goes to Nyza's aid and swings clumsily at the banshrae.
Nyza: Thanks, keep it there!
Nyza casts orb of fire at the banshrae.
The banshrae goes up in an inferno.
T'Krosh moves over to Luanes.
The tree begins to crack, its huge branches beginning the fall.
T'Krosh: Let me see that wound...before you pass out.
Luanes allows the kobold to do his thing.
T'Krosh lays a powerful healing touch on Luanes, lest it become to late.
Luanes' bleeding ceases completely and immediately.
The tree shudders and a branch the size of most trees falls between Celesta and Wintersky.
The branch pushes Legeand and the troll over.
Dale takes her mammoth form and moves closer to Luannes to protect her and her mother from the falling branches.
The troll flails at Legeand, but misses.
Elenia casts forceful hand above Wintersky, Luanes and her mother to prevent branches and debris from injuring them.
Celesta climbs over the fallen branch.
The tree tips towards the wall beginning to rip up roots.
Meliomonee: It is not working. Save yourselves.
Luanes: No, I will not abandon you!
Meliomonee: You will be trapped. Go.
The bear stands on the roots and peels away bark.
Luanes slices deeper into her wrist, almost cutting to the bone.
Blood gushes over Meliomonee, Wintersky and the tree.
A branch falls and lands squarely on Dale's mammoth shoulders.
Wintersky works the blood over Meliomonee, pulling, trying to free her...
Luanes prays, "Hear me, merciful Visaria. Even if the cost is every drop of my blood, please...please, save my mother. Or if you cannot, let me take her place instead so that she may live."
Meliomonee slips loose from the bark.
Celesta: Before this tree goes all the way down, let us get out of here!
Legeand flails as the third troll.
The third troll goes the way of the first two.
Sparta casts cure serious wounds upon Dale.
Sparta: Let's get out of here, while the getting's good.
Celesta: What about Legeand?
Dale: I can stop the windstorm and let him return, but he appears to still be in a frenzy.
Celesta: He is most definitely in a frenzy.
Celesta: Luanes, what spell is that that you use to calm him?
Luanes: It was resurgence...
The tree tips further, exposing more roots.
Nyza: It isn't much, but Nyza lends her own healing magic to Luanes.
T'Krosh: Stop that!
T'Krosh casts heal again on the woman.
Again Luanes completely and immediately stops bleeding.
The tree is now in full free-fall.
Dale ends the windstorm and casts True Seeing and looks about for any more adversaries.
Dale sees that all adversaries appear to have fled.
Elenia tries to cast calm emotions.
Legeand stops frenzying.
The tree finally crashes sending dirt, animals and people flying. When they pick themselves up and look around, the tree is gone.
Wintersky: Meliomonee?
Meliomonee moans faintly.
Wintersky: Are we home or in Faerie?
Luanes runs to her mothers side.
Celesta: Feels like home...looks like Troll's Bridge.
Sparta: Is time back to normal?
Meliomonee looks up into her daughter's eyes, "It worked after all."
Luanes: Yes, Mother. It did.
Luanes smiles down at her, tears escaping the corners of her eyes.
Dale: You have a brave daughter, Ms. Meliomonee.
Celesta: I think we gave ourselves some time back. Hopefully enough to help Zenda.


posted Jan 26, 2011, 6:15 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Dodecitina 20, 1000 PC

The heroes, having entered The Smoking Pipe, hear the sad news about its owner. During the conversation with Tun, they hear that the cellar is open to the sewers again and begin their search there for the missing ring.

Celesta ethereally jaunts to search from and extraplanar perspective while the others scour the material confines for the ring. Celesta returns suddenly with news that a terrible monster in the form of a vast putrid angel has interrupted her and that the creature now floats nearby over the river.

The sounds of retreat draw the group's attention to the tavern and they investigate.  The stench of death is strong and they resolve to face the thing that is sweeping through the city killing.

The group exits the tavern to be confronted by an angel of decay, which were it not for Wintersky's requesting a miracle may well have cost everyone their lives. Protected from the worst of the undead creature's depredations, the group quickly puts it to rest.

The battle won, Celesta announces that she did, in fact, discover a ring below the floor of the cellar. With Dale's help in elemental form, the ring is recovered and discovered to be none other that The Elder Ring of Castigon, the third of the Sajenese rings being hunted for by Ozimius and Aris.

The discovery attracts Zenda's attention and she appears in their midst despite all the wards raised by Celesta to discuss the ring in utmost privacy. The ancient ghost relinquishes the material ring to Sparta's care, who now has to figure out what to do with it, possibly having to draw lost information about its disposition from Manitowoc...if he can only remember.

The Elder Ring of Castigon

Tun Arenson looks down, "He didn't make it, I'm afraid. Got caught between the square and here when everything went down."
Sparta: I'm sorry to hear that. He was a good man. One of the few in this damned city.
Sparta looks down and shuffles his bare feet.
Tun Arenson nods.
Wintersky: So sorry to hear that.
Tun Arenson: I almost didn't make it myself; hid in the sewers for days before Ozi found me and got me back here. Mom was a wreck.
Wintersky: Ozi rescued you?
Tun Arenson: In a way. He released Nana Zenda into the square.
Wintersky: How?
Tun Arenson: He was trying to get into The Smoking Pipe from the sewers and was working with someone to see if Zenda's ghost could chase things off, seeing she is so old. Don't know who the someone was, though.
Wintersky scratches SnowShadow thoughtfully.
Tun Arenson: We broke through a weak bricked up section in the basement to get in and then Ozi brought Nana's dulcimer to the square.
Tun Arenson: She's been there ever since...haven't seen hide nor hair of Ozi since either.
Sparta: The sewers? You can still get into the cellars from the sewer? Nana Zenda fell to orcs who broke into the cellar from the sewers.
Tun Arenson: Only since we broke back in. There is a huge crate of old scap metal blocking the hole right now.
Nyza approaches Mexkir and the gathered kobolds. Before speaking, she nods in deference to the statue of Kurtulmak.
Sparta: Celesta, can you do that trick again in the cellar?
Nyza: And a most welcome sight it is, Mexkir. I had faith in your abilities, of course, but I was worried that a demonic invasion might be too much for even you to stave off.
Celesta: Which trick would that be, Sparta?
Mexkir smiles, "Our faith keeps us strong."
Sparta: Like you did in the graveyard, to search for Nana's ring?
T'Krosh: Your disintegration-beam spell might be appropriate too.
Celesta: Oh, sure. If it is tethered to your Nana, it will stand out on the Ethereal Plane.
Wintersky: Tun, do you know if there was a ring in the dulcimer?
Celesta smirks, "We do not want to destroy the ring if it is still in the basement, T'Krosh."
Tun Arenson: Not that I am aware of. It's been here for centuries.
Dale: Nor the foundations either.
Wintersky: Zenda would pick it up. Did others?
Tun Arenson: Maybe? We never did, not for generations.
Wintersky looks about for the Spirit of Tuk, "Is he still here?"
Wintersky sees no sign of Tuk's spirit.
Sparta: Tun, can you point us to the cellar, then we should let you get back to your other guests.
Tun Arenson: Sure.
Nyza: There are so many things that have happened since we last met. So many achievements and so many deaths, as well. But let me start with the most apparent change. Nyza holds up her own, flaming tail.
Tun leads the group back through the kitchen and to some stairs. They are narrow and steep with a rickety door at the bottom.
Wintersky: You and your mother are holding things together well here. You are doing a good job.
Tun Arenson: Thank you, Wintersky.
Wintersky squeezes the lads shoulder.
Mexkir: It is a magnificent change. You have become your name.
Wintersky: Off you go.
Tun Arenson smiles and returns to his duties.
Sparta takes a deep breath and descends the stairs to the door at the bottom.
Wintersky follows.
Sparta listens at the door for a moment
It is as quiet as a tomb beyond the door.
Sparta opens the door.
Nyza chuckles, "Flattery! It was the result of search for power, to act fully as your Mae'Krix. And it was not without drawbacks." Nyza thinks sadly to the egg resting in Bektul's care; not her own!
The stairs open into a large cellar lined with racks, shelves and crates, though most are empty. On the wall opposite the door is a large crate with rusty metal heaped in it.
Sparta enters the room and looks about.
Sparta: The larder is bare.
Nyza: But I am the same 'Nyza' as before, yes? So that is that.
Celesta: Nothing has come into the city in weeks.
Wintersky looks about the room.
Sparta: Well, if we can make it through the next week, maybe Tangleton can help resupply the city.
Mexkir: The same origin, but now far different...a true leader.
Celesta: Or Honor Shipping.
Sparta: Yup, it'll take many hands.
Celesta walks over to the large crate.
T'Krosh: As soon as possible would be best.
T'Krosh: I do not know if the warband from the Obulus will have brought their own provisions or if they intend to scavenge.
Sparta: Legend has it, that the orcs burst through that wall and Nana was all that stood between them and The Smoking Pipe.
Sparta: She fell to their blades, just as her Grandson Hurley came with reinforcements.
Wintersky: We best search then.
Sparta: There may not be much chance of her ring still being here after so much time has passed, but I don't know where else it might be.
Celesta: I guess another jaunt is in order then.
Sparta: We'll do what we can from here.
Celesta casts Ethereal Jaunt and become incorporeal once again. She moves into the crate and disappears.
Sparta begins searching the rest of the cellar.
Sparta's ranger senses notice a discoloration on the floor near and under the crate.
Wintersky carefully checks nooks and crannies.
Sparta kneels before the crate and touches the stain.
Sparta: This looks like blood, I wonder if this is where she fell?
Celesta suddenly streaks from the floor in the middle of the cellar and becomes solid again, terror in her eyes.
Nyza "hmms" in agreement, wanting to sound at least somewhat modest, "You mentioned before that your numbers have grown. Refugees, perhaps?"
Wintersky: After a thousand years?
Wintersky: Celesta what is it?
T'Krosh grasps his spear, ready for trouble.
Celesta: We have very big problems...outside.
Dale: Outside? In the sewers?
Wintersky: A few details, please.
Celesta: From the Ethereal Plane it looked like a great angel of death out over the river.
Sounds of people rushing into The Smoking Pipe from outside can be heard from up the stairs.
Wintersky heads up the stairs.
Wintersky finds the place quite crowded as she is about the leave the kitchen. There is a distinct smell of death in the air.
Sparta and Dale follow the Teton Shaman upstairs.
Celesta duplicates herself with a Mirror Image spell and then follows.
T'Krosh follows cautiously, wondering why he would want to confront an "angel of death."
Sparta: Grandpa, do you know anything about angels?
Manitowoc: They are usually good...except the death ones.
Sparta: I was afarid you were going to say something like that.
Wintersky: I think it is an angel of decay.
Sparta: Maybe he was attracted to all the decadence in the city.
Celesta: Death, Sparta, death.
Mexkir: Not refugees, just others who have found us.
Nyza takes a few minutes to describe the recent history, in case any of Mexkir's augurations were incomplete. She details the encounter with Kurtulmak and T'Krosh's subsequent resurrection and redemption, the battle at Tangleton, and the current status of Troll's Bridge.
T'Krosh casts Freedom of Movement, Spell Resistance, and Visage of the Diety on himself.
T'Krosh: Best be prepared if it is really an angel out there.
Sparta: Especially if it isn't a friendly angel.
Sparta casts Long Strider and Barkskin on himself and Ringo
Dale casts Mass Owl's Wisdom on the heroes and extends it to ten more of the city folk in the tavern, especially Tun.
T'Krosh: either case.
Dale casts Longstrider and Barkskin on herself and Ferocious.
Dale: Do you think we're going to have to battle it?
Troll's Bridger: I hope someone can battle it. It is sweeping through the city spreading death.
Wintersky casts and shares Stoneskin, Life's Grace, Divine Agility, Divine power, and Divine Favor.
Dale casts Stoneskin on Sparta and Ringo.
Celesta: I will see you out there. Maybe I can distract it while you exit this place.
Nyza: "... and now, after piercing the barrier, I have come back with the other Heroes of Redemption to secure Troll's Bridge. Wybak, too, is leading an army here against the demons."
Sparta casts Bear's Endurance on himself and shares with Ringo.
Mexkir: Wybak? Is he helping or taking advantage of the situation?
Elenia casts Displacement, Protection from Evil, and Greater Heroism on herself.
Sparta: Are we ready?
Celesta casts Greater Teleport and disappears from the tavern with a pop.
Sparta moves through the gathering crowd to the round door of the tavern.
Nyza: "Wybak is shrewd enough to take advantage, I think. T'Krosh suggested that the Obulus lacked the strength to attack the humans, but perhaps Wybak simply seeks a better bargaining position. If so, his advantage is our advantage."
The stench of death becomes very strong as Sparta approaches the door and putrid slime seems to be seeping in.
Mexkir nods.
Sparta shouts, "Stand back everyone, we're going out!"
Sparta steels himself and opens the door to dash up the stairs to street level.
As the door swings, a putrifying corpse flops into the tavern, nauseating those nearby.
The way up to the street is lined with putrifying corpses and the stench is overwhelming even for the heroes.
Manitowoc: Celesta says back away from the door. She is going to clear the path.
Sparta groans and backs up, tell her to hurry.
Sparta looks like he's about to lose what little breakfast he ate early this morning.
Elenia vomits.
Nyza hesitates before continuing. "But I will greet him, to be sure of his intentions. Keep below, and to your defenses, until the city is finally secure."
Elenia: Do we have to go out there?
T'Krosh clutches at his stomach and then to his shoulders, oddly enough.
Elenia is white faced as she wipes her mouth on her sleeve.
A great woosh of fire descends down to the door and only just misses Sparta as he backs away. The corpses lining the passage to the street are now charred, smelling comparatively nice compared to what they did.
Dale casts Purify Food and Drink to try to help those huddled in the tavern.
Wintersky looks grim.
Spirits writhe in the passage way to the street as Wintersky looks through the doorway.
Sparta tries to climb the stairs, a little more hesitantly.
Wintersky: I will help you, but I must take care of the living first.
Wintersky climbs the stairs.
Sparta exits the tavern to see a putrid humanoid form floating above the river, dripping slime and bits of flesh.
Dale follows behind after finishing her purify spell.
Wintersky: It is undead.
Sparta: Eh, could use that flaming kobold right about now.
The vile monster floats menacingly toward Celesta who also flies above the river.
Celesta casts Assay Spell Resistance quickly followed by the grayish ray of a Disintegrate spell.
Celesta flies to the cover of a tree since the monster has nearly closed with her.
Sparta steps out of the doorway and unleashes a volley of arrows at the angel.
Sparta: Hey stinky, leave this city alone. They have suffered enough.
Dale climbs up next to Sparta and casts Resistance on him, before taking her mammoth form.
Dale: I wonder if Finger of Death will work on the undead?
Wintersky: Oh Holy Spirits, I beseech you. Help turn the tide of this battle and protect my allies with Life's Grace.
T'Krosh moves outside and aims a spell at the horrible divinity. However, as soon as he starts casting, he screams out in pain and falls to the ground.
Elenia casts Dismissal.
The spell seems to function, but then there is nowhere for the being to be drawn back to.
The annoyed monster turns towards it attackers.
It sipes at Sparta with a putrified claw and tears a vicious wound.
Sparta: Grandpa, I could use the Protection from Evil thing you can do.
Manitowoc: Already raised, sonny."
Celesta raises Mage Armor in preparation for her next move.
Sparta drops his bow, draws his sword as he steps up and swings it at the angel of decay.
Sparta: You're not listening, I told you to go back to whatever hell hole you crawled out of
It chuckles.
Dale the Mammoth summons a fire storm upon the ghastly beast.
The fire washes over the being without effect.
Dale the Mammoth steps back a little.
Wintersky fires Blessed Black.
The thing slashes Wintersky as she fires.
T'Krosh, now on all fours, cries out again in agony. Blood can be seen trickling down the shoulder holes of his breastplate.
T'Krosh lets out one last scream when, suddenly, a set of leathery bat wings spring forcefully out alongside his arms.
Sparta double takes at T'krosh's wings.
T'Krosh somehow manages to stand up and focuses on resisting what must be some kind of attack. He doesn't quite seem to recognize the new appendages yet. With all his concentration, he steps closer to the divinity and casts a Heal spell on it.
The undead cringes and shutters at the kobold's touch, flesh falling to the ground.
Elenia casts Disintergrate.
Elenia: Take that!
The beast steps to the side before unleashing a flurry of attacks.
Putrid slime speads from where the thing has now landed and is flung about as it slashes its claws and wings at the group.
Elenia: Celesta kill it.
Celesta flies from her concealment and lets loose a cone of rainbow colors.
A red beam strikes the creature and scorches it.
Elenia: Nice.
Sparta unleashes his own flurry of attacks, though not as effectively as the angel's.
Dale casts Mass Cure Critical Wounds on the party and the undead angel.
The healing blast helps Dale's friends and causes the undead to drop more flesh from its putrid bones.
Wintersky: Using the talisman of undead mastery and phylackery of undead turning, "Turn you foul creature."
T'Krosh casts another Heal spell, harming the creature before it turns to escape the shaman's wrath.
T'Krosh: To dust with you!
The creature shrieks in agony.
Elenia casts Disintegrate again.
Elenia blow another hole in the thing, but is remains intact.
The creature's legs go out from under it with Sparta's swing and the thing tumbles over the edge of the gorge and into the river below.
Sparta: Why don't these things ever listen to us?
Celesta flies in.
Celesta: Because undead cannot be reasoned with.
Elenia: Just what we need. That in the water supply.
Dale: Too bad I cast my only purify spell inside the tavern.
Celesta: It is already polluted...something to be dealt with once order is restored.
Wintersky: That was a nasty fight.
Celesta: And smelly. I will not be able to get this smell out of my nose for a month.
Celesta shudders.
Dale: And you don't have a trunk.
Celesta laughs.
Dale resumes her halfling shape.
Celesta: Ah, are those wings, T'Krosh?
T'Krosh removes his breastplate and allows the wings to spread out more freely.
Sparta: Thankfully your miracle protected us from it's worst, Miss 'Sky.
T'Krosh: It would appear I have regained Kurtulmak's favor, Celesta.
Celesta: You need the same armor adjustment as Luanes did.
Wintersky: I hate asking for miracles on the fly. I feels wrong somehow.
Celesta looks at the small breastplate and adjusts the straps.
Celesta: That should help.
T'Krosh looks awkwardly at the adjusted armor.
T'Krosh: I think I'll, er...go without the armor until I get used to these.
T'Krosh shrugs his shoulders, and the wings flap haphazardly.
Wintersky: I am not sure if wings are rewards or to teach humility.
Celesta: Oh! The ring!
Sparta: The ring? Did you find it?!
Celesta: It is in the floor under that crate full of metal. It may take some digging.
Dale: Digging? That can be accomplished.
Dale: If you can direct me, I can take on the shape of an earth elemental.
Celesta: We will not even need to move the crate then.
Celesta: I will show you, Dale.
Sparta breaks out in a grin.
Wintersky: You could wall the hole while you are at it.
Sparta: What are we waiting for then?
Celesta leads the way back into The Smoking Pipe.
Wintersky: If Tun and his mother want it closed.
As the group enters, the patrons and refugees look surprised that the group has returned.
Tun Arenson begins clapping and the rest of the place explodes in cheers.
Dale: I'd be happy to, but Wall of Stone might be more permanent.
Celesta (whispering): Do they not know who we are?
Celesta smirks.
Sparta bows low to the applause.
Celesta: Ham.
Celesta makes her way to the kitchen and down into the cellar.
Sparta: Ham, hmm, that sounds good. Do you have any?
Celesta rolls her eyes.
Sparta: Maybe we can order some in from Rebelton.
Wintersky slips away to take care of the tortured spirits she saw upon leaving the tavern.
Wintersky: Let me soothe your souls, ease your suffering and send you to the beyond.
Dale: T'krosh, do you now the spell Create Food and Water? The city could use sustenance sooner than Sparta's ham can get here from Rebelton.
T'Krosh: That is not within my power.
T'Krosh: However...
T'Krosh withdraws the Field Provisions Box from his backpack.
T'Krosh: Enough for 15 people per day, anyway.
Celesta: Or eight halflings. Dale, you coming?
Dale: That's a start, we halflings can tighten our belt for a day. Coming, Celesta.
Celesta and Dale return to the cellar and Celesta directs Dale to the ring, which is retrieved.
T'Krosh: Hard to believe that something so small can save the whole city.
The ring is very large and wrought of platinum with a large, flat diamond magnifying a sigil.
Sparta examines the ring.
Sparta: Grandpa, is this her ring? Do you know what the sigil means?
Celesta catches a glimpse of the sigil, gasps and puts a hand to her mouth.
Manitowoc: Sure, that's the ring.
Sparta: What is it, Celesta?
Celesta begins putting up wards around the cellar.
Celesta: You know the ring that Ozi wears, The Elder Ring of Khan?
Sparta: Yes, weren't there others too?
Sparta: Wait, you think this is another one of their rings?
Celesta: He also has The Elder Ring of Sphinx.
Celesta: That is The Elder Ring of Castigon.
Celesta: The one Aris has been looking for.
Dale: Um, what happens if Aris or Ozi get this ring?
Celesta: Scary things.
Sparta: Your wards, will they protect us from scrying?
Celesta: And almost anything else.
Sparta: It's doubtful the Sajenese know what we've found down here.
T'Krosh: Not yet. We will have to keep this a secret. The Sajenese will hear of it if we even whisper.
Sparta: They probably don't know Nana had their ring in Walton, or there's no way she could have kept it from them.
Celesta: Ozi walked right over it and did not even know it.
A chill fills the room suddenly and a halfling-sized bard of a ghost appears in the group's midst.
Sparta: Nana?
Zenda: What, pray tell, are you doing with my ring?
Sparta: Hello, Nana.
Sparta: We rescued it.
Zenda: It didn't need rescuing.
Sparta: It was buried, lost beneath the floor.
Celesta has gone ghostly pale herself.
Zenda: Lost, you say?
Sparta: Nana, please don't be upset. We were only trying to help.
Sparta: I thought you might like to have your ring back after all these years.
Zenda gives Sparta a stern look, "I have had it all along."
Sparta looks sheepish.
Sparta: Then you won't be needing this one.
Sparta: He puts the ring in his pocket.
Zenda: Now that the cat's out of the bag, what are you going to do with it. The Sajense thought they were close and they were.
Sparta: You knew it was Sajenese?
Zenda nods.
Sparta: Celesta thinks it would be bad if they get it back.
Zenda: If the wrong person gets it back.
Sparta: I think this is a family heirloom, lost for a millennium. It belongs in the Mantyson's Clan now.
Zenda: I wasn't meant to keep it this long.
Sparta: No? What should have happened?
Zenda: The one who should have claimed it died in the Fall of Walton.
Sparta: Aris is a Sajenese who claims lineage to the Castigon Clan.
Sparta: Was your claimant from Aris' clan?
Zenda: It wasn't to be claimed by a Castigon. Only my love had any idea who it was supposed to go to.
Manitowoc: What?
Sparta: Grandpa, you knew?
Manitowoc: I don't remember.
Zenda: Of course that doesn't remember.
Sparta: Well, this is no good. Nana, we are going to need time to think our way out of this pickle.
Sparta: May I keep the ring while we decide what to do?
Zenda: Yes, you are and yes, you may.


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Dodecitina 19, 1000 PC

After Wintersky is delivered the talking horse RacesLightning by the Teton warchief HawksPride, our heroes race over to the Town Hall to find the location of Zenda Blackfoot's grave.

There, they meet Lord Melage Random, who survived the destruction of the castle district and has been living in the Town Hall. He escorts them before the Valencian priestess keeper of the archives.

The priestess questions Sparta about his ancient family history and uncovers a connection that Celesta believes may be a key to defeating Hardun. The priestess divulges the location of the grave, satisfied with Sparta's answers.

The heroes walk through the eerily quite city to the ancient cemetery to search its southern most corner for a hemispherical grave marker. Dale casts find the path, making the search as quick as possible.

Celesta uses ethereal jaunt to investigate the sight and after a lengthy search determines the ring is not in the grave. With this discovery, Sparta suggests that it must still be in the cellar of The Smoking Pipe.

As they turn to leave the cemetery, Nyza decides to visit her follower below the cemetery and finds Ixolal guarding the entrance to their underground lair.

The heroes on edge, waiting for some monster to attack, walk warily back across the bridge and over to the round door of The Smoking Pipe.

The Troll's Bridge Cemetery
Wintersky: Well, you are full of surprises.
Celesta: Did that horse just snicker?
Dale: Kinda sounded that way, didn't it.
Wintersky: You have yet to answer, handsome steed.
Celesta approaches the Tetons.
RacesLightning: Oh...yes.
RacesLightning: And I like the name.
Wintersky: It seemed right.
RacesLightning: You must be the real thing; only they can tell a horse's name just by being around them.
Wintersky: This is my friend Celesta.
Wintersky: They?
Celesta: It is talking? Sorry, you are talking?
RacesLightning nods.
Wintersky: She usually seems more intelligent.
RacesLightning snickers again.
Nyza: Is that because of the spell, or can you always speak, horsey?
Celesta raises an eyebrow at Wintersky, "He may be quite intelligent, but it is still unusual for a horse to speak."
Wintersky: This is Nyza, another friend.
Wintersky: I was speaking of you and you being a mother are definately a she.
Nyza waves cheerfully.
RacesLightning: I have spoken for a couple moons.
RacesLightning: Are you made of fire, little one?
Nyza: Yes.
RacesLightning: It is good that everything around here is stone then, I guess.
Wintersky: Sparta, Dale, come meet RacesLightning and HawksPride.
Nyza: Oh, it is no problem. Nyza can fly if there is grass around.
Celesta continues to marvel at the talking horse.
HawksPride: And AmberHooves, as long was we are making introductions.
HawksPride: AmberHooves does not talk.
Wintersky: AmberHooves, too.
AmberHooves snorts.
Sparta: Pleased to meet you and these are Ringo and Ferocious.
Dale: I'm afraid they don't speak as well as you do.
Celesta pries her attention away from RacesLightning, "Lady Celesta Artural, at your service."
Wintersky: RacesLightning will be joining us.
Ringo barks.
Wintersky raises an eyebrow in question at HawksPride.
HawksPride: Yes, Great Shaman?
Wintersky: Will you be staying or have you other duties to attend to.
HawksPride: Oh, I must return to camp.
Wintersky looks disappointed.
Wintersky: We will meet again soon I hope.
HawksPride: I am certain of it. The Great Chief is expecting me back shortly.
Wintersky: Have you time for a short break, to eat and rest?
HawksPride: I have broken my fast already and must return. Drymorjoc has been stirring again and I am needed to command the warparty.
Sparta: You've only broken your fast once? What about second breakfast?
Nyza: He has? That is news...
Wintersky: Spirits guard and bless you.
HawksPride: Yes. The Great Chief is ready to thwart any actions he may take.
HawksPride: Thank you, Great Shaman.
HawksPride turns AmberHooves and begins cantering back through the city towards the south gate.
Wintersky watches him go.
RacesLightning: What is your next course of action, Great Shaman?
Wintersky: I believe we have a graveyard to search, a ring to find and a ghost to send on her way.
Celesta: But first, let us narrow our search for the grave a bit.
Wintersky: Not to mention killing any undead that attack.
Celesta nods, "Shall we?"
Wintersky: And, having our first ride together.
Dale: I think I'll join you.
Wintersky: Do you mind a saddle?
RacesLightning shakes and staddle and tack magically materialize on him.
Wintersky: Wow.
Celesta: Oh, that is wonderful.
Legeand: Magical tack, that will make getting ready easy.
Sparta: Nifty trick. I wonder if Ringo could learn that one?
Wintersky: I have shoes if you want them.
RacesLightning: The ones I have are wearing, so yes this would be good.
Wintersky removes horseshoes and a saddle strap from her pack.
Celesta: Let me remove the old ones, the magical ones should just attach.
Wintersky smiles and bows to Celesta.
Celesta casts a minor spell and the nails come free of RacesLightning's hooves.
Wintersky places the shoes on RacesLightnings hooves.
RacesLightning: Those feel good. It is like I am hardly touching the groun...I am not touching the ground!
Wintersky: Oh, dear. I have not introduced you to Elenia, my cohort.
Wintersky: If you stomp, you send out a wave that can knock beings in front of you to the ground.
RacesLightning stops abruptly after raising a hoof to stomp.
RacesLightning: Good to know.
Wintersky laughs delightedly.
Celesta: Let us have you ride towards the Town Hall where the records are kept.
Celesta: We will meet you there.
Wintersky: You can run on soft uneven ground easily; even water should you choose.
Wintersky: Ready?
RacesLightning: Yes, most definitely.
Wintersky mounts RacesLightning with a flourish and leans forward for him to run.
RacesLightning bolts off at a full gallop.
Sparta: Oh well, I guess the refugees need second breakfasts more than we do.
Melora: Legeand, was that a talking horse?
Legeand: I believe so.
Legeand: After everything I have seen...I can believe it.
Sparta: C'mon, Ringo. Let's follow Miss 'Sky.
Wintersky draws Blessed Black and experimentally fires a few arrows while RacesLightning runs.
Melora: The Avengers and I are going to take another day to rest. Be careful.
Sparta mounts Ringo and follows RacesLightning at a gentler pace.
Legeand: Can do. I should be good for at least this trek.
Celesta smiles while drawing a staff from her glove, "That horse is still not as fast as a teleport."
Dale leaps atop Ferocious and follow Sparta and Ringo, calling behind her.
Dale: You coming?
SnowShadow races along behind RacesLightning.
Celesta: Legeand? Teleport or run?
Legeand: I will teleport. I do not think I can keep up with animals.
Elenia: Teleport
T'Krosh leans close to Nyza, who seems slightly distracted.
Wintersky: This is great!
T'Krosh: And, how will you be following?
Nyza: Huh? Oh, right. Me fly. And, so will you.
Celesta takes Legeand by the arm and Elenia with her other and teleports to the steps of the old Town Hall.
Melora smiles and returns to the safety of the fortress.
Wintersky: Dang, I think they beat us.
RacesLightning: The lady is a wizard after all.
Nyza: But we are going in style!
Sparta and Dale come trotting up moments later.
T'Krosh: Oh yes, it's very stylish to fly like a giant fiery target.
Wintersky: Certainly can not beat for comfort or class.
Celesta: Extravagant, but fun.
Celesta heads up the stairs into the Town Hall.
Wintersky: Teleporting always make me a little motion sick.
Celesta looks over her shoulder, "Intoxicating to me."
Wintersky: Come on, you will not be the first horse in city hall.
A stately gentleman exits the doors at the top of the stairs.
Lord Random: Welcome, heroes.
Wintersky: Greetings, Lord Random. It is nice to see you again.
Celesta: Lord Random! You are alive!
Wintersky looks closely at him.
Legeand: We did not think to see you here.
Lord Random smiles, "I am a descendant of the Emperor. We are hardy folk."
Wintersky: Like halflings.
Lord Random: This place is far safer than the estate...guarded by a powerful entity.
Sparta: Entity?
Wintersky: Hmmm.
Lord Random nods at the ghost floating over the square.
Sparta: Oh, you mean my Nana.
Wintersky: Do you know where her grave is.
Lord Random: Its location should be in the archives here.
Celesta: Which is why we are visiting.
Wintersky: Perhaps you would lead the way.
Lord Random: Certainly.
Lord Random turns and re-enters the Town Hall followed by the heroes.
Lord Random: The archives are kept by the Valencians. They may request some service for access to the archives.
Wintersky: Perhaps ridding the city of a ghost that will cause a cataclysm will suffice.
Celesta: They usually look for answers to questions to record. Sometimes it is just a matter of answering a question.
Celesta: Oli would be handy to have along for this.
Sparta: Well, let's see how we do without the ol' bard.
Dale: We could use the sending stone.
Wintersky: Well, let us see what they want.
Lord Random leads the group into the lowest basement of the Town Hall where a priestess stands among books, tablets and scrolls.
Valencian Priestess: Welcome, seekers and givers of Knowledge.
Sparta: Howdy.
Sparta: We are looking for records of my Nana's grave.
Valencian Priestess tilts her head to one side, considering.
Valencian Priestess: Your Nana, halfling?
Sparta: Nana Zenda's ghost is protecting the city square above. She was one of the original settlers of Troll's Bridge. I am descended in direct line from her.
Sparta: I think she's buried somewhere in the old cemetery. I'd like to visit her grave site.
Valencian Priestess eyes brighten, "A decendant?"
Sparta smiles.
Sparta: Aye.
Valencian Priestess: I have a gap in an ancient halfling bloodline. There are too many years between Bruce Longshanks and Hayward the Farmer. Are you of this bloodline?
Wintersky realizes the priestess already knows part of the answer.
Wintersky: Is this the question?
Valencian Priestess: The question is...Who are we missing?
Wintersky looks at Sparta.
Sparta: In that case, yes, I am descended from Hayward. We halflings take pride in our family line.
Sparta: You speak of Bruce son of Cecil? His son was Mukwonago, Mukwonago begat Muskego and Muskego's son was Hayward.
Valencian Priestess: What was Muskego's profession and what House was he associated with?
Sparta: Ah, another question?
Wintersky: Perhaps you could tell us the location of the gravesite?
Celesta: She will after a bit more prying.
Celesta (whispering to self): Oli would be jumping out of his skin right now.
Sparta: Muskego was born in Rebelton like most of the Mantyson's clan members. He journeyed to Troll's Bridge as a young man where he held many jobs.
Wintersky: Sparta could talk for days about his family history. It probably would not require more than pints and meals. but we need the location of the grave.
Valencian Priestess smirks at Celesta.
Wintersky: Time is a limited quantity right now.
Valencian Priestess: He had a particularly important job working for a particular House, did he not?
Sparta: You seem to know quite a bit about Master Muskego. Is there something in particular you are looking for?
Valencian Priestess: The House, if you please?
Sparta: He spent some time working for Chicdells, if that's what you mean. Though I believe it was before they ascended to the council.
Celesta's jaw drops.
Wintersky: Hmmm.
Valencian Priestess smiles, "The grave is in the southern most corner of the original cemetery marked by a hemisphere stone.
Sparta: Thank you. If you have more need of my family history, perhaps we can chat after the current cataclysm is averted.
Wintersky: Perhaps we should get ready for nasties before we get there.
Celesta nods still regarding Sparta with surprise.
Wintersky: Do you keep a list of what lurks in the cemetery, priestess?
Valencian Priestess: No, that is the providence of The Grotesque.
Wintersky: Too bad. The Grotesque and I are not on speaking terms at the moment.
Wintersky: Good Day.
Valencian Priestess nods and returns to her meditations.
The group leaves the archives and heads back to the entry of the Town Hall.
Celesta: Sparta, the Muskego that worked for Angelo Chicdell was your ancestor?
Sparta: He was.
Sparta: Though that was a long time ago.
Wintersky casts Mass Align Weapon to Good.
Celesta: I think you are the one that will finally put Hardun to rest.
Dale: Miss 'Sky, would Owl's Wisdom help against the nasties you're expecting?
Wintersky: Yes.
Sparta: Really? Why do you think that? He's a vampire, wouldn't Miss 'Sky be a stronger opponent to him?
Dale casts Mass Owl's Wisdom.
Wintersky casts and shares Stoneskin with SnowShadow.
Celesta: There is a legend about the parting of Muskego and Angelo, that the ones blood will undo the others.
Sparta: Well, I hope it doesn't require shedding of my blood. I'm rather partial to it.
Celesta: I read it in the Artural Family history, but I always just thought it was a parable. I will have to see if that book survived to find the specifics.
Sparta: Perhaps after we release Zenda, we can search for it together.
Celesta nods.
Dale casts Long Strider on herself and Ferocious.
The group makes their way through the ancient core of the city and across the bridge without incident, casting spells in preparation of the worst when they enter the cemetery.
Wintersky casts Life's Grace on Legeand.
Wintersky: It would be great if there is nothing here to bother us.
Legeand: If it were so easy.
Nyza: Nyza see enough demons. Undead would at least be a step in the right direction.
Dale: At least they can burn.
The southern ancient core is extremely quiet and there is no activity or movement.
Wintersky: I will keep watch, you guys look.
The group enters the cemetery and it is just as deathly quiet as the rest of the area.
Wintersky look for spirits.
The group heads south through the cemetery searching for the rounded tombstone. The area is surprising bereft of any spirit activity.
Nyza looks a little worried.
Wintersky nocks and arrow in Blessed Black.
The group enters an area of the cemetery and the halflings find it familiar, as it is very similar to the cemetery in Rebelton.
Wintersky casts Detect Undead.
Sparta: This looks more like a halfling's resting place.
Dale casts Find the Path.
Dale takes the lead through the graves as though she knows exactly where to go. In moments, Dale is standing before a small hemisphere of ancient, worn stone.
Dale: Sparta, here is your Nana's final resting place.
T'Krosh: Who brought a shovel?
Celesta: Who needs a shovel? I will take an ethereal jaunt to take a look if that is alright.
Sparta: Please do.
Celesta casts a spell and becomes insubstantial, lowering into the ground beside the marker.
T'Krosh scratches at his left shoulder, waiting anxiously for Celesta to return.
Sparta approaches the marker and brushes away the dirt and vines that have accumulated around it.
Wintersky lets her eyes rove the surroundings, watching for movement.
Celesta does not reappear for quite a while, but finally emerges like a ghost from the middle of the marker. She moves to her original spot and rematerializes.
Sparta: Did you find her ring?
Celesta: There is very little left after so many centuries, but there was no sign of such an impressive ring as she wears as a ghost among the bones.
Celesta: The sarcophagus has not been tampered with by the looks of it, so it must be somewhere else.
Wintersky: Check the headstone.
Celesta: There wasn't anything within the headstone either.
Sparta: The Smoking Pipe? Papa Manty says the ring had a tendency to fall off.
Celesta: That is where you said she fell against some orcs.
Sparta: Yes, in the cellar.
Celesta: Could it have been there all this time?
Wintersky: Has it been made part of Manty's Heirloom?
Wintersky: Or sheath?
Sparta: Her dulcimer stayed in the tavern all these years, perhaps the ring did too.
Wintersky: Let us go look.
Sparta draws his heirloom.
Wintersky: Perhaps Zenda knows where it is.
Sparta: Papa hasn't seen the ring since they were separated before the fall of Walton.
Celesta: Her ghost is wearing it, so she probably does not think it is lost.
Sparta: Nana seemed reluctant to speak of the ring. She hid her hand when I asked her about it.
Celesta: So, she is probably protecting it until she can see her love.
Wintersky: But she is aware she is a ghost. She must know her body is gone. She may know where her belongings are that could survive such a time.
Celesta: Like I said. She probably does not consider it lost.
Wintersky: Let us leave here before we bring unwanted attention upon ourselves.
Nyza: A moment, please.
Celesta looks at Nyza.
Wintersky heads towards The Smoking Pipe.
Dale: There doesn't seem to be much here to attract?
Nyza: Me want to split off while you look. The Troll's Bridge kobolds are beneath this cemetary, yes?
Wintersky pauses and waits when Nyza speaks.
Nyza: Nyza have to check that they are okay.
Celesta: We are here and it seems quiet enough.
Dale: We should stick together.
Wintersky: Too quiet. Like the quiet before a storm or a battle.
Dale: Can you scry on them?
Nyza: Hmm, perhaps. They are underground though.
Wintersky: I will wait.
Nyza finds the secret entrance to the caves.
As Nyza approaches, a voice in Draconic commands, "Halt!"
Nyza: Ixolal? Is that you?
Ixolal: Mae'Krix?
Ixolal: You are all fiery.
Wintersky is wary.
Nyza: Oh, Nyza did not notice.
Ixolal: Well, you are.
Nyza: Ms. Sky, everyone, please continue to the tavern. Nyza teleport back in a while.
Nyza: Me have to talk with Mexkir, especially with the demon invasion about.
Dale: Be careful, Nyza.
Nyza: Mm, thanks. It will be okay.
T'Krosh begins to follow Nyza, but she stops him and points toward the other heroes.
Sparta: If your sure.
Wintersky: You will be safe?


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Dodecitina 18, 1000 PC

Our heroes leave The Cathedral in Wintersky's wake after her refusal to play The Grotesque's game. They speak with the distracted ghost of Zenda, who floats high above the square.

Her distraction seems to be two-fold. She is watching Legeand, who had wandered off after The Avengers, battle a balor on the bridge and also playing with a ghostly ring on her left ring finger, notices by Sparta and Zenda denies when asked about it.

Wintersky tries to determine some spiritual out for Zenda's predicament, which the ghost seems oblivious to when the balor's death throes prompts the group to action.

As the group tracks down the frenzying Legeand and the demons he is slaying, Manitowoc telepathically chats with Sparta about this ring, which is suspiciously absent from the Mantyson's family history.

The mental conversation is put on hold as the group find Legeand is about to face another balor...two balors as the first summons another.  Thoroughly prepared for brutal battle, the balors are quickly dispatched. One dismissed by Elenia, but not before Ringo's apparent loss, which causes Sparta to abandon his attacks. The other is cut down by Legeand and Wintersky with help from her spirit companion and magic.

The balor's death throes cannot be avoided and StormClouds, Wintersky Teton Paint Horse, is slain in the blast, while others in its radius are grievously injured. All limp into Wintersky's reach and she employs her most powerful healing to ensure their survival.

Elenia, distraught with Sparta's despair, draws every bit of her power to pull Ringo back from death.

After catching their collective breath, the group returns to discussing how the help Zenda, Manitowoc and Sparta revealing the existence of a ring Zenda wore during life, but all memory of which has been lost to time. Maybe this ring holds some significance or means of averting the cataclysm.

The heroes present wander out into the square where Wintersky speaks with a distracted Zenda.
Wintersky: Uh? Big shinny fighter...where is Legeand?
Celesta looking a little perturbed, "That was not how I was hoping that would go."
Sparta: Me either.
Zenda points towards where the bridge would be, "That one is known to you, correct?"
Sparta: Is there another way to summon Zodyu?
Wintersky: Zodhu is playing games and making a grab for power...I would not care, except he wants me to provide the catalyst by murder.
Zenda looks down at Sparta, "Why would you want to go doing that?"
Sparta: Hello, Nana.
Nyza chimes in, "Because so many people will die if we do not."
Sparta: We need Zodyu's permission for Emperor Ran to enter Troll's Bridge.
Zenda tilts her head, wearing a comical expression of confusion.
A terrific explosion can be heard from the direction of the bridge.
Legeand just killed a balor single-handedly.
Wintersky: Zenda, does the shiny figher need help?
Zenda: Uh, whatever he was fighting just blew up.
Nyza: So, he is fighting?
Celesta: Was it wielding a sword and a whip, Zenda?
Zenda: As a matter of fact, yes.
Sparta notices Zenda's ghost twirling a ghostly ring on her left ring finger.
Dale: Is that Sezdelishae?
Celesta: No, that sounds like a balor...literally. They blow up when they are slain.
Sparta: Nana? What's that ring on your finger?
Zenda pulls her hands apart and places them on the dulcimer in playing position.
Dale: Oh dear, do you think Legeand was hurt?
Zenda: Ring? What ring?
Zenda: He probably is not feeling his best. He is picking himself up off the ground.
Nyza is too stunned for words. She starts flying in the direction of the blast.
Zenda: Hmmm, now he is frantically looking around all wild-eyed.
Sparta: I'm sorry, Nana, you were whirling a ring just now. I don't remember any mention of it in the family history.
Wintersky whistles for Stormclouds.
Dale: Nyza, wait for me. I'll help too.
Celesta: Ah, take your time. He is probably still in a frenzy.
Dale climbs aboard Ferocious who leaps to a run to keep up with the flying kobold.
Dale: That's what I'm worried about. He'll destroy the rest of the city before he tires.
Nyza pauses briefly.
Nyza: Frenzy? You are right, he probably IS okay.
Manitowoc pipes up in Sparta's head, "She did have a ring."
Nyza: But we cannot wait for long.
Sparta: Grandpa, do you know what it did? Can she help us summon Zodyu?
Wintersky leaps to Stormclouds back.
Dale: Lead the way, Nyza. I'll follow you.
Zenda turns and scowls, "That is not good."
Nyza: Right.
Nyza turns to T'Krosh.
Nyza: You go first.
Sparta: Nana?
Elenia mounts up also.
Manitowoc says, "She had a magnificent ring. Not magical though as far as I could tell."
Zenda waves her hand as if shushing a child as she continues the look to the west.
Wintersky: I think we better go help.
Sparta looks to his departing friends, then at Celesta.
Zenda: Oh, that was a good hit. He does not need too much help.
Celesta: What are you seeing, Zenda?
Sparta: Perhaps Miss 'Sky is right. We should follow the others.
Wintersky rides off after the others.
Sparta reluctantly mounts Ringo.
Elenia: Come on Sparta, Celesta,
Zenda: Lots of demons, but that shiny fellow is swatting them down like flies.
Elenia rides towards the battle.
Sparta looks at Zenda, then to the west, trying to see Legeand through the buildings.
Celesta: Demons?! We better go. They are heading into the castle district.
Sparta: We'll be back, Nana.
Celesta frantically casts spells as the others move off and then teleports.
Sparta spurs Ringo to follow behind the others.
Manitowoc (in Sparta's head): You do not know about the ring?
Sparta: No, Grandpa. I can't remember it being mentioned in any of the family stories.
Manitowoc (in Sparta's head): Hmmm.
Sparta: As they depart the square, Sparta ventures to speak aloud to his grandpa. If anyone can hear him, he probably sounds a little crazy.
Wintersky slows enough to cast a couple spells.
Sparta: What do you remember?
Manitowoc (in Sparta's head): It was very big and had a tendency to fall off. She was always playing with it.
Our heroes try and follow the progression of the demons' movement as they sweep from south to north, avoiding Zenda's demense.
Legeand leaves a trail of demon ichor as he wades through the weak ones and Nyza guides the rest from above.
Sparta and Dale each cast Barkskin upon themselves and their animal companions as they go.
Finally, the group comes into sight of Legeand as he hacks away at demons.
Unfortunately, another balor trails the lesser demons, approaching Legeand with obvious bloodlust.
Nyza casts Arcane Spellsurge and Mirror Image on herself while T'Krosh casts Freedom of Movement, Visage of the Deity, Divine Power and Righteous Might on himself.
The balor sees the other approaching heroes and slows his pace and makes a reaching gesture at his side.
Dale casts Summon Natures Ally VII and summons 5 xorns.
Dale changes to her mammoth wildshape.
Rays, beams, flashes and blasts begin to light up the area far behind the balor as the flickering figure of The White Witch can be seen floating above the river preventing further demons from supporting the balor.
Wintersky casts Mass Resist Fire on all.
The balor completes his gesture and a second balor materializes at its side.
Sparta: Oh look, he brought a friend.
Nyza: No problem.
The original balor drops a firestorm down on Legeand as the other advances towards the group.
Nyza fires off an opening salvo of fire spells.
Nyza casts Lingering Flames and a Searing Fireball, engulfing the demon in flames.
Wintersky draws Blessed Balack and fires a salvo of arrows, piercing the demon viciously.
The demon looks bewildered and glares back at his summoner.
SnowShadow heads to pounce the original balor.
Dale calls a Firestorm down upon the farther demon.
Dale and Ferocious move a little closer.
The xorns charge straight at the nearer demon.
Legeand charges the closest demon slashes it.
Elenia casts Dismissal on the closest demon after moving into range.
The demon looks alarmed for a moment, but then shakes off Elenia's spell.
Sparta rides Ringo along side the xorns and fires his bow at the nearer demon, hitting it solidly.
T'Krosh strides closer to the demon and drops a Destruction spell on it, but it does not have the expected devastating effect.
Another explosion puncuates the battle to the south.
The original balor flails at Legeand.
The balor hits Legeand twice with its sword and once with the whip, but Legeand breaks free of the whip.
Wintersky: Legeand! Are you hurt badly?
Legeand looks close to death, if not past; looking upon the gaze of death himself.
The second balor drops a fire storm on the grouped creatures.
Dale the Mammoth trumpets, "Hold on, Legeand. I'm coming to save you."
Four of the xorns and Ringo are torched.
Nyza retreats while casting more destructive spells.
Nyza casts Searing Fireball and Lingering Flames again, this time only the fireball having any effect.
Wintersky casts Phantom Bear then rides toward Legeand.
SnowShadow pounces upon the original balor, tearing into it.
Dale in mammoth form, comes running to help Legeand.
Dale: Ferocious, you better go back by Nyza.
Legeand lets loose a flurry of flashing sword strikes, slicing deeply into the balor.
Elenia desparately tries one more Dismissal on the closest balor before it explodes.
The demon falls through a chasm that suddenly forms below its feet and disappears.
Sparta: Nooo!
Sparta: I wanted to kill him.
Elenia: Sorry, Sparta.
T'Krosh is visibly relieved.
Sparta: Ringo? Come on, boy.
Sparta breaks down and cries into his friends burnt fur.
Sparta: Not again!
Manitowoc: Sparta! There's one left!
T'Krosh: Not now!
Sparta: What difference does it make, Grandpa?
Sparta: Ringo's dead. We can't stop Nana's cataclysm.
Sparta: This whole city is cursed.
Manitowoc: Can't say I disagree with that last statement.
T'Krosh aims an Empowered Flame Strike at the remaining Balor while trying to ignore Sparta's lamentations.
The spells fizzles over the demon.
The remaining balor points at Legeand and a wave of resonance shakes him.
Legeand's fury continues to drive his tattered body on, resisting the spell's effects.
Nyza continues firing Fireballs from long range, but the never materialize on the remaining demon.
Wintersky moves forward a step and casts Mass Heal upon the group around the balor.
SnowShadow continues to shred and Phantom Bear tries to find a vulnerable spot.
SnowShadow's bite and first claw rip out the guts of the demon and it explodes in a blinding flash, knocking everyone to the ground within a longbow's short range.
Celesta flies in, "Damn! I could not get quite close enough."
Nyza shouts something back, but is too far away to make her voice heard.
StormClouds falls. SnowShadows begins to limp slowly towards Wintersky. Legeand collapses.
Wintersky: All those still living gather around. I will do another mass heal.
Wintersky moves to Legeand, Dale and SnowShadow. Bear goes away.
Nyza and T'Krosh catch up with the others.
Wintersky heals the living.
Sparta continues to weep over Ringo's corpse.
Ringo stirs.
Wintersky then heads back to StormClouds looking for the spirit of the mighty steed.
Sparta: Ringo?
Wintersky: Crying, she looks to see if his Teton has come for him.
Sparta tries to tell if Ringo is really still among the living.
A Teton warrior spirit walks up from behind Wintersky and pats her on the shoulder, then mounts StormClouds and rides into the beyond.
Ringo licks Sparta.
Sparta: Boy! you're back! Are you hurt?
Sparta casts Cure Serious Wounds on Ringo.
Ringo lies there, still a bit stunned.
Wintersky cries, "Thank you, warrior. Take care of him."
Sparta holds Ringo tight and continues to cry, now with tears of joy.
Wintersky joins Sparta, "I am so glad he is all right."
Elenia sits down hard, shaking from the effort expended in her last spell.
Sparta looks up at Wintersky.
Sparta: I don't know what happened.
Sparta: One minute he was gone, but then he came back.
Wintersky: Ask Elenia.
Sparta: Elenia? You brought him back?
Wintersky: A miracle to be sure.
Sparta: Aye, I thought I'd lost him forever this time.
Elenia: I do not know. It was heart-breaking and I just did...something.
Sparta: How can I ever thank you, Elenia?
Elenia smiles.
Sparta: Ringo, I think adventuring is too dangerous for you.
Sparta: When we get back home to Tangleton, I think it is time for you to settle down and start raising a family.
Ringo barks.
Celesta: I think this will discourage the demons. Sezdelishae has fled.
Legeand coughing and sheathing his sword as he scowls, "I would hope it did something. It was not easy."
Dale: I don't suppose she fled back to the Abyss where she belongs?
Celesta: Provided the demons stay away, that only leaves vampires...and figuring out how to keep a ghost from releasing a the next ten days.
Sparta: Just before we left, Nana was playing with a ring on her finger.
Manitowoc says in Sparta's head, "You don't recall the ring in the family stories?"
Legeand: What kind of ring?
Wintersky wanders back to StormCloud's body. She strokes the silky mane then gently cuts a lock and places it in her medicine bag.
Sparta: Grandpa remembers it, but doesn't think it is magic.
Manitowoc: It wasn't.
Sparta: It was a big ring, one she's had a long time.
Manitowoc: It was always falling off.
Nyza: Did you see on what finger she wore it on?
Manitowoc: Her left ring finger, of course.
Sparta: Her wedding ring?
Manitowoc: Of a fashion.
Sparta: But, you gave the ring to her?
Manitowoc: No, she always had it.
Sparta: You're speaking in riddles, Grandpa.
Manitowoc: It was so big and nice and important to her, we just agreed that it was the right ring for her to have.
Sparta: She wore the ring upon her finger, a ring that was too large for her hand.
Sparta: It was so important that she brought it with her into the afterlife.
Manitowoc: Well, that was the strange part. We got it re-sized and it would still fall off.
Sparta strains his memory for some recollection of her ring.
Manitowoc says in Sparta's head, "Don't sprain anything."
Celesta: So, she would have been buried with this ring, no?
Sparta: Unless she lost it in the battle with the orcs, when she fell in The Smoking Pipe's cellar.
Manitowoc: I do not know. I never got back to see her before she died.
Sparta: Nana's grandson Hurley was the last of the Mantyson's to see her alive.
Manitowoc: She was long buried before I got trapped in this blade.
Sparta: She had the ring in Walton, before you met. Do you know if she brought it with her from Rebelton?
Manitowoc: I assumed she brought it from Rebelton.
Sparta: I wonder. Could the ring be part of the focus that keeps her here, like her dulicmer?
Celesta: Could the ring be in the dulcimer?
Sparta: It's been nearly a thousand years since she died. Assuming she took the ring with her. It was most likely buried with her, in the old cemetery.
Celesta: The demons are gone and the undead do not stay there, so maybe a look is worth our trouble?
Sparta: It's across the bridge, where we found Nyza's kobold friends hiding.
Elenia: I think we should call it a day and get some rest. As Lady Artural said, we have ten days.


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Dodecitina 17, 1000 PC

Our heroes take cover from the rain caused by the release of tons of smoke into the atmosphere to discuss their next move. After contacting Oliveryn in "The City" and supplying him with more ammunition to convince the Emperor to visit Troll's Bridge, they are convinced by Melora that they should take advantage of the smoke, rain and darkness to get some rest before making their way to The Cathedral of the Grotesque in an attempt to summon the avatar of Zodyu and implore him to allow Ran MCXI to enter the city.

The next dreary morning while our heroes prepare to make their way to the cathedral, Imhiakaam appears with several devils to make an assault on The Fortress of Armee and make an end for The Heroes of Redemption. A pitched battle is fought with the devil while all wonder when Ozimius was going to make a treacherous appearance as he had on House Artural. Believing that Ozimius was leading the assault within the castle, Nyza and T'Krosh teleport within to find devils rampaging, attacking refugees.  However, this assault is lead by a horned devil; Ozimius is nowhere to be found. Back on the ramparts, Asmodeus' gifts to Imhiakaam seem to finally fail her as the heroes finally are able to make attacks directly against her. Alone and pierced by arrow and spell, Legeand finally brings the brachina down.

Finally, Ozimius makes his appearance. Flying in as Imhiakaam collapses, he tosses Imhiakaam's Gift to Wintersky to affect the devil's final destruction. With the pleasure devil pierced with the blade wielded by a hand of good and forged to aid her evil offspring, Imhiakaam's being is destroyed forever.

Smoke swirls around the fortress as the weather is effected by the colossal volume of smoke released. It begins to rain, obscuring vision even more and the group is forced to retreat inside.
Melora: Rain. We have not seen any of that for a while.
Nyza: The city is doomed! We cannot go outside in that!
Nyza is frantic.
Dale: Nyza? What's the matter? A little rain won't hurt us.
Celesta: This much might put her out.
Legeand: Yea, it is not like we are made of dust or ash.
Dale: I was just about to offer Melora, when this is all over, to summon a storm to help cleanse the city.
Dale: Nyza, you may stay inside when the time comes.
Nyza calms a little by Dale's words.
Dale smiles at the flaming kobold.
Melora: It is going to take more than rain...holy rain might do it.
Nyza: No, it is okay. Nyza will manage somehow.
Celesta: Should we inform Oliveryn that the wards are down before the whole empire notices when the sun comes up?
Wintersky: Sounds like a plan.
Sparta: Yes, and find out when the Emperor will arrive.
Elenia: With all this smoke, they might think Walton happened all over again.
Sparta: We need to get through to Zodyu before he gets here.
Melora: Preferrably without any sacrifices.
Wintersky: No sacrifices.
Dale: Agreed.
Legeand: Yes, preferably, but we can leave that up to our talking half and we can clean out some of the gutter trash with the rain to help.
Dale is silently thankful she doesn't have to go through with the offer to sacrifice herself.
Melora is briefly interrupted by one of her Avengers.
Wintersky: I will not be a party to Zodyu devouring someones Spirit for kicks.
Melora turns to the group, "I have some good news...seems like a long time since I have been able to say that."
Legeand: Well, it will keep piling in now that we are here.
Wintersky looks surprised.
Melora: The merchant ship Illamaesa sailed toward "The City" as soon as the wards were brought down. It is a very fast ship and may help in getting the Emperor's army here quickly.
Legeand: That would be a good thing, we were unsure about holding the bridge crossing the river.
Nyza: It is some relief, but it does not help us immediately.
Melora: The other good news is it appears that the outsiders are being contained by forces other than the wards now that they are down.
Legeand: Are they summoned to a limited space maybe?
Wintersky: That at least prevents them from scattering.
Melora: No, more like four armies.
Legeand: Which?
Dale: Four?
Melora: Apparently the Tetons have secured the southern part of the forest outside the city.
Melora: An army of kobolds from vethObulus have approached from the east.
Sparta: I would guess the White Blades are another faction.
Melora: The White Blades have the west and the Fey the north.
Legeand: Well, that is a good sign, for sure.
Nyza: Hah! Wybak pulls through for us!
Legeand: I only see one problem with having more people here. If we can not get Ran here in time, much more will be at stake. We will have to let them know at "The City."
Celesta: Nyza, do you have the Sending Stone?
Nyza reaches into her pack and produces the stone.
Celesta: Who would like to do the honors this time?
Wintersky: Here. I will try to contact them?
Wintersky: Who has the other? Luanes?
Celesta: Oliveryn.
Wintersky: Oli, can you hear me?
Oliveryn: Huh, Wha...Wintersky?
Wintersky: Yes, it me. When is the Emperor coming? Things a getting dire here.
Wintersky: You have stated our case, yes?
Oliveryn: We meet with him in the morning, first thing.
Oliveryn: The runes are not glowing. Are you not in Troll's Bridge yet?
Wintersky: Umm, you better interrupt him. Things are moving quickly here. Tetons are in the south.
Wintersky: White Blades to the west, Fey to the north.
Wintersky: Kobolds from the east. All these people will die if we can not stop the cataclysm.
Oliveryn: More ammunition for our argument.
Wintersky: We are in Troll's Bridge. The wards are down.
Oliveryn: That is progress. Is there anything left?
Wintersky: Spirits and blood! Do you know how to crash a party. The time for fancy footwork is past. Get the job done.
Nyza: Yeah, tell him Ms Sky!
Wintersky: Yes, we need the Emperor here.
Oliveryn: Alright. The Emperor is out on the Barbarian Plains and is returning specifically to speak with us.
Wintersky: Or we need to move a ghost.
Oliveryn: Move a ghost?
Legeand: An answer on our side would be better sooner than later.
Sparta: Good, Nana's time is coming fast.
Wintersky: If we cannot get him to Troll's Bridge, then perhaps we can move Nana to Rebelton.
Wintersky: I would not count on it, however.
Dale whispers, "No, not Rebelton."
Oliveryn: That would make it easier for the Emperor to get close enough.
Wintersky: Where?
Celesta: The Barbarian Plains?
Wintersky: Is Redemption where Nana was born?
Dale Yes, but that village barely survived the Gaedracis. They would be completely destroyed by Nana's cataclysm.
Wintersky: Yes, anywhere would be.
Nyza: It would be wiser to take her somewhere uninhabited then, like the middle of an ocean.
Oliveryn: There is no true wilderness on Almebezbik. We will have to find some way to prevent it.
Oliveryn: Luanes suggested The Abyss.
Wintersky: Moving her will be difficult. Moving her to somewhere she has no connection to unlikely to impossible.
Sparta: Cedarcleaver's lair might work, but only if he's home at the time.
Sparta starts counting on his fingers.
Celesta: You really do not like that dragon, do you, Sparta.
Nyza grins.
Sparta: How much longer is it until New Years again?
Legeand: Not like two dragons are enough you want a third.
Wintersky: Since the catyclysm has to do with her existance, it may be connected to the place of her birth also.
Celesta: Nine more days.
Wintersky: Rebelton is a small place; evacuation may be possible.
Dale: We need to get word to them, or they'll never know what hit them.
Celesta: Or it could take out Tower's Heights and Tangleton as well.
Sparta and Tangleton is nie on the edge of Walton's crater. Nana lived there for years before the fall.
Wintersky: They are probably at risk already. I feel that the cataclysm would reach out past the Teton Plains.
Sparta: It'll take days to get them as far as The Castle of the Canyon Guardian, if that is even far enough way.
Oliveryn: Aifos believes the cataclysm may occur wherever Zenda's spirit goes.
Oliveryn: If she is before Zodyu when that happens, that could be very bad...or good...
Wintersky: And extend how far?
Celesta: Wizards' Catalysms generally confine themselves to one plane...generally.
Dale: It wouldn't tear a rift to the between Zodyu's realm and here, would it?
Wintersky: If she passes on the cataclysm should be averted.
Celesta face palms herself.
Sparta: Then we need the Emperor and his scabbard.
Legeand: Well all this 'We hope' is good for words, but let us concentrate on getting Ran to say yes or no first and clearing the way.
Sparta nods at Legeand.
Celesta: Zodyu may be setting this up to happen.
Wintersky: Maybe I should just try to summon Zodyu.
Oliveryn: I think we will be able to convince the Emperor without a lot of trouble with the information you have given me.
Wintersky face palms.
Legeand: We can plot and assume, but right now it is not getting us anywhere head or foot.
Celesta: Zodyu is familiar with the spirit powers of the Tetons. He is probably counting on their Great Shaman to avert the disaster.
Melora: May I interrupt?
Wintersky: Please.
Melora: We should take advantage of the cover the smoke and weather has provided to get some rest. Tomorrow will be very trying without a doubt.
Wintersky: Shall I try to call him...outside of course.
Dale yawns.
Dale: Perhaps Zodyu should wait until tomorrow.
Nyza: Right...along with the demon hordes...
Dale: When we are all rested.
Legeand: Yes, a good night's sleep then we can reconviene in the morning.
Celesta smiles, "I agree."
Celesta: Go back to sleep, Oliveryn. Be ready for the Emperor in the morning.
Sparta: Maybe we can make it to the cathedral in the morning, it might help your summons.
Wintersky hands the stone back to Nyza.
Oliveryn: Good night.
Nyza nods in thanks.
Sparta: See you in the morning, for breakfast.
Nyza (to T'Krosh during the night): I worry about Wybak's army. That the Obulus are coming unprompted could be dangerous--for the humans, not the demons.
T'Krosh (to Nyza): I do not think so. You took in his refugees.
T'Krosh (to Nyza): vethObulus knows better than to mess with Troll's Bridge.
Nyza (to T'Krosh, still worried): You're right...they would be no match.
Nyza (to T'Krosh): Tomorrow, let's be observant about the city. We can send the army information before they get here--it may save lives.
T'Krosh (to Nyza): Agreed.
The heroes bed down high in one of the towers, assured by Melora that there will be plenty of warning if an attack should come.
No attack materializes during the night and the heroes awake to a gloomy morning similiar to mid-winter.
Sparta sleeps fitfully, worried they won't rescue his Nana.
Legeand sleeps like a log, not waking once.
Wintersky sleeps deeply, searching for the powerful spirit of The Grotesque.
T'Krosh sleeps, but he is plagued by nightmares of Tangleton engulfed in a terrible black energy.
The rain subsides and after a quick breakfast, our heroes return to the ramparts of the fortress to prepare for their attempt to contact Zodyu the Grotesque.
Sparta scans the streets for signs of devilry.
Sparta: Do you think we can make it to the cathedral?
From the gloom, an unpleasant, familiar voice floats in.
Wintersky: Not without a fight.
Imhiakaam: Trying to upgrade from Heroes of Redemption to Heroes of Troll's Bridge, my friends?
Sparta looks about for the source of the voice.
Nyza: Not much of an!
Sparta: There she is.
Legeand: Where are wings when you need them?
Sparta readies his bow.
Imhiakaam: So typical.
Dale: Looks like you were right, Miss 'Sky.
Wintersky: Sad but true.
Imhiakaam: Oh, Ozi. Your friends are back.
Celesta: She is too full of herself.
Sparta: Ozi?
Imhiakaam: Speak for yourself, archmage.
Legeand: Couldn't stand fighting with everyone else, so you thought you'd come pick on small fry today?
Shadowy images can be seen moving about behind Imhiakaam and her flanking kytons, but they remain silent.
Sparta looks about for his lost friend.
Wintersky: What is it you want here?
Imhiakaam: Not obvious?
Wintersky: Spell it out. I hate word games.
A thunderous crash can be heard from the other side of the fortress followed by screams from the refugees.
Imhiakaam: Your end has come, heroes.
Legeand: Is that the fiftieth or sixtieth time we have been told that?
Dale casts Stoneskin on herself.
Celesta smiles, "Who cares. She will never learn humility."
Legeand: Or a sense of timing. We haven't had our first meal, Right, Sparta?
Wintersky: At least the fortieth, but never by someone so skanky.
The shuffling of many feet is followed by the rushing and shouting of refugees.
Imhiakaam: This spell is completely wasted on "Mask," but the shaman is a good choice since you sent all the paladins away.
Imhiakaam casts Morality Undone at Wintersky.
A flood of evil thoughts and intentions washes through the shaman, but pass through without effect.
Wintersky: Bleah.
Imhiakaam growls in frustration.
Wintersky: I just do not think like you.
Wintersky: Thank the spirits, she was only aiming at my convictions.
The chain devils advance over the ground toward the base of the wall.
Legeand raises his bow to fire at Imhiakaam and is compelled not to loose any arrows at her. He advances toward the ramparts instead.
Wintersky casts Divine Agility shared with SnowShadow.
A horned devil flies in from the northeast.
Elenia steps up to Legeand and casts Magic Circle Against Evil upon him.
Elenia: That should allow you to fire your bow legeand.
T'Krosh spins around to find himself closest to a large devil.
Legeand: I don't use it often, but this will definitely leave at least one mark.
T'Krosh: Ahh! You picked the wrong tower, devil!
T'Krosh casts Destruction on the horned devil, but it resists.
Celesta: You are so dead, Imhiakaam!
Celesta fires a grayish ray of a Disintegrate spell at the pleasure devil.
The ray stikes Imhiakaam and she shrieks in anger.
Wintersky: Oh, that has to hurt!
Nyza casts Arcane Spellsurge on herself, then fires a greenish beam of an Dimensional Anchor spell at the horned devil.
The ray just misses the flying devil.
Dale casts Mass Owl's Wisdom on the Heroes.
Sparta sees another horned devil approaching from the southwest.
Sparta looses a volley of arrows at Imhiakaam.
Sparta: There's another one of those beasts coming at us from the other side.
The first two arrows strike Imhiakaam.
Imhiakaam: What? Now him too?
Sparta: What happened to the kytons?
Ringo moves to protect Dale.
Legeand: Here kitty kitty kitties. We have some sharp treeties for you.
A roaring chuckle can be heard from within the fortress and then the familiar sound of a Fireball can be heard. Much of the screaming suddenly stops.
Imhiakaam: Time to get serious. Ozi! Execute your plan.
Sparta smiles at his bow at his ability to hit Imhiakaam, but the smile quickly fades from his lips at the sounds from within the fortress.
Wintersky: I guess if the whole populace of Troll's Bridge dies, we do not have to worry overly much about the cataclysm.
Legeand: Blanking all out, Legeand concentrates on his coming shots.
Sparta shouts, "Ozi, don't listen to her, you're better than this."
Imhiakaam: The archmage needs to go.
Sparta: You're my friend.
Nyza: And mine! Wake up, Ozi.
Imhiakaam raises a gem and points at Celesta, "Time for a new prison, love."
For a moment it appears that Celesta will be sucked into the gem, but finally resists and smiles evilly.
Celesta: Not good enough, love.
Imhiakaam shrieks.
Wintersky: Temper, temper. Must not let us get too you.
Chains begin to writhe over the ramparts in two locations.
Legeand works himself in to a rage and directs an intimidating display at the pleasure devil.
Imhiakaam sneers.
Legeand still cannot bring himself to fire at Imhiakaam.
Of the flurry of arrows that Legeand looses at the horned devil instead, three strike the horned devil.
The arrows do minimal damage to the charging devil.
Sparta: Miss 'Sky, can you bless our weapons or something?
Sparta: We're barely scratching them.
Wintersky: I can align our weapons so that might make more damage stick.
Sparta: Please do.
Celesta: Silvered weapons as well, if you have them.
Wintersky casts Mass Align Weapon (Good).
SnowShadow tires of waiting and pounces the approaching horned devil.
Legeand: How about steelisin, Celesta. Any good on them?
Celesta: If you can make it behave like silver.
Legeand Oh, verily so.
SnowShadow bites and manages to rip into the devil with three of four claws.
SnowShadow scrabbles about the devil, but still does little effective damage.
The devil tries to catch and bite the panther, but cannot pin it down.
Elenia casts Dismissal upon the horned devil.
The devil chuckles at the factotum's feeble spell.
The second horned devil finally arrives.
Celesta: Oh, I do not think so, beastie.
Celesta casts Dismissal on the too-close devil.
A pearly radiance appears behind the unsuspecting devil. Suddenly, it is drawn screaming into it and vanishes.
Celesta: See you in hell...not!
Nyza dashes to T'Krosh.
Nyza: Quickly, we have to stop Ozi!
Nyza grabs T'Krosh and Teleports deeper into the fortress.
Nyza and T'Krosh appear among dozens of fallen refugees. They can see Avengers nearby fighting lesser devils while another horned devil revels in his destruction.
Nyza immediately blasts the large devil in front of her.
The horned devil looks suddenly surprised and stands dazed.
T'Krosh attempts to destroy this devil as well.
T'Krosh's spell fizzles.
T'Krosh growls and then closes in with his spear!
Dale tries to target a spell on Imhiakaam
Dale casts Finger of Death.
Imhiakaam: Another one!?
Imhiakaam roars.
Ferocious turns to join SnowShadow and charges the devil with a pounce.
Ferocious' bite sinks in as well as one claw.
Though not a lot of damage is being done by the cats, the several hundred pounds is slowing the devil down.
Two more of Sparta's arrows hit, one if a vital organ.
Imhiakaam shrieks again.
Ringo joins the cats attacking the horned devil.
The devil in front of T'Krosh stands dazed.
T'Krosh: Rawr!
Imhiakaam advances and throws flames at Legeand.
Even as difficult as it is for the pleasure devil to gaze at Legeand, the flames still strike him and strike hard.
Dale: You can thank me later.
A chain devil finally crests the rampart with dancing chains flailing.
Chains lash out at Legeand and Sparta, one slashing Sparta viciously.
The other kyton also appears attacking Legeand and Dale with it chains.
One of the chains strike Dale.
Legeand bull rushes one of the kytons and knocks it off the ramparts.
Wintersky pulls Blessed Black and takes aim at Imhiakaam. She says a small prayer and lets fly.
Three of four of Wintersky's arrows strike true.
SnowShadow continues to try and maul the beast.
The arrows burn Imhiakaam as they stike her and she shrieks in anger and frustration.
One of SnowShadow's claws manage to rip this time, but the panther stays on the devil.
The devil drops a Fireball on itself to try and free itself from the animals.
The fireball disappates and the animals seem little effected with just a bit of singe on Ferocious' mane.
Elenia attempts to cast a spell at Imhiakaam.
Elenia cannot seem to direct the spell at Imhiakaam, so she directs it at the remaining kyton.
The kyton evaporates instantly.
Celesta: Nice, Elenia!
Dale: Nice shooting, Elenia.
Celesta: I have had enough of your pets, Imhiakaam.
Celesta fires a spell at the remaining horned devil.
The devil turns into a good-sized rabbit, landing on the ramparts below the surprised animals.
Celesta: I like that better as a pet.
T'Krosh casts Visage of the Diety. He grows a pair of horns and a set of non-functioning bat wings.
Nyza steps aside for a clear shot and then fires again on the devil!
Dale casts Flame Strike
Dale's Flame Strike fizzles as it passes over Imhiakaam.
Dale: Time for Ferocious to eat a little coney.
Sparta sees Ozimius rising into the air beyond Imhiakaam with a wink and his usual sardonic smile.
Sparta let's fly another volley of arrows.
Sparta: This is for all the pain you've caused my friends
Two more arrows strike the pleasure devil.
Sparta: Why don't you come down here and face me.
Imhiakaam raises an eyebrow.
Sparta is trusting that Ozimius is still his friend.
The horned devil lays into T'Krosh.
Imhiakaam gazes at Elenia.
Elenia turns and launches a Baleful Polymorph at Celesta, but to no effect.
Celesta glares at Imhiakaam, "Not funny, bitch!"
A scuffle can be heard from the ground were the kyton fell.
Legeand looks over the ramparts and sees the fallen chain devil surrounded by Sajenese assassins.
Legeand decides to attempt an attack on Imhiakaam one last time since she is hovering low enough for him to hit her and she is convinced she is protected from him.
Legeand: Suffer for your sins, devil, for you will only know them where you return!
Imhiakaam falls to the ramparts, though not quite out.
Ozimius flies over and tosses Imhiakaam's Gift, sticking it in a wooden post next to Wintersky, "You are the holiest. Stick that in her."
Imhiakaam: No!
Wintersky grabs the dagger, leaps over to the crumpled figure with a war cry and sticks Imhiakaam with the dagger.
The knife plunges into the ancient devil and she immediately begins to be desolved where it touches her. The knife seems to float above her, of its own volition, staying in contact until she is consumed. Then, the dagger disintegrates and is no more.
Sparta: Ozi, my friend, it is so good to see you are still alive.
Legeand: And not under her control.
Devils can be heard roaring across the entire city briefly before being cut short as they drawn back to the Outer Planes.
Ozimius: I told Luanes not to believe what she heard about me. Where is she?
Nyza and T'Krosh are not precisely sure why the devils disappeared, but they waste no time in tending to any burn victims that can be saved.
Legeand: In "The City."
Sparta: She is meeting with the Emperor, we need his scabbard here to prevent a cataclysm.
Celesta stalks up to Ozimius, hate in her eyes and slaps him hard, "That is for my family."
Legeand grins slightly.
Ozimius: I suppose I deserve that.
Sparta: You're lucky she only hit you with her hand.
Celesta: I am not disintegrating you on the spot because you finally got rid of Her.
Ozimius: Thank you, Lady Artural.
Sparta: Let's get inside, there are wounded to tend to and stories to tell.
Sparta: And, the stories will go better with food and beer.
Legeand: And, no skulls to collect this time, hmmm?
Ozimius: I cannot stay, Sparta, as much as I would like to catch up. There are a lot of demons that no longer will be kept at bay by the devils.
Sparta: We came here to fight them as well.
Ozimius: Good, we will see each other again soon.
Sparta: There is a she-demon that leads them.


posted Nov 3, 2010, 6:44 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Dodecitina 16, 1000 PC

After the previous night's solemn feast, our heroes get to work quickly the next morning.  They decide where to enter Troll's Bridge and to which refuge to they will seek cover in. This becomes The Fortress of Armee.

After preparing and teleporting to a clearing outside the walls of the city.  They fly invisibly through the wards with Legeand in the lead.  The significant quantities of steelisin sheathing the northman cause the wards to be broken, though few if any prisoners realize it.

While approaching The Fortress, two goristro demons demolishing some of the few buildings that remain standing in the Noble's District spot our heroes and attack.  The demons are vanquished quickly and the group finds themselves engulfed in the smoke that now swirls throughout the city since the winds have been let in again.

Returning to the street, Sparta guides the group to The Fortress where they are challenged, but welcomed by The leader of Armee's Avengers, Melora Agirrish. They quickly realized the extent of the suffering in the city and begin to get the lay of the land, so they can find a way to help Zenda pass on before setting of the cataclysm predicted by Isildul.

The feast is a pleasant if not a bit solemn.
Sparta and Nyza explain their plans and contingencies to the community.
The feast ends earlier than most halfling affairs, but our heroes need their rest for an early start in the morning.
The night passes uneventfully and our heroes are rested and ready to go when the sun rises.
Celesta walks into the hamlet from the valley in the morning after having been conspicuously absent the night before.
Celesta: Good morning.
Wintersky: Good Morning. Where have you been?
Celesta: Visiting with Lyphnur.
Nyza nods at her fellow mage.
Sparta: Good Morning, did you have breakfast?
Celesta: I broke my fast, thank you, Sparta.
Wintersky: Any good ideas?
Celesta: One thing we did not discuss is from which direction we will approach Troll's Bridge.
Nyza: Will it matter, do you think? My plan is to just go straight at it.
Sparta: What is it? Do we try to get to Nana first? Or do we need to get to the Grotesque's cathedral?
Wintersky: Which refuge are we heading for: Visaria's, the Grotesque, or Armee's?
Celesta: We are sure to run into resistance and may expend our resources quickly just finding someplace safe to take refuge.
Legeand: I'd say Armee's
Celesta produces of a map of Troll's Bridge.
Wintersky: I like Visaria's myself, but Armee's will do. Which is closer to the walls?
Wintersky: Where is Nana Zenda?
Celesta: The Fortress and Orphanage are the closest safe havens from the respective gates.
Celesta draws arrows from the closest gates to The Fortress and The Orphanage, then circles where Zenda is.
Sparta: I'd rather be on the same side of the river as Nana.
Nyza: In the dead center of the city, naturally.
Celesta: The Orphanage is by far the closest to a gate.
Sparta: The bridge could leave us quite exposed to attack.
Wintersky: The bridge does make for a nice bottleneck.
Legeand: We also need to think about defenses when we get in there.
Celesta: Once inside the wards, we should be able to teleport to large open areas such as the square where Zenda is and the Cathedral stands.
Dale: Are any trees left standing in the old city?
Wintersky: That would eliminate crossing the bridge.
Nyza: What about allies in the city? While we are dealing with Zenda, the demons will still be running around killing townsfolk.
Nyza: We could rally some support on our arrival first.
Celesta: Rallying support could imply entering the north and making our way to The Fortress.
Wintersky: I think most are keeping their head down and out of sight.
Nyza thinks on her own followers beneath Troll's Bridge. She hopes Wintersky is right.
Celesta: The south is where the tanar'ri are retreating due to their battles with the baatezu.
Sparta looks down and pokes at a rock with his toe, "I hope Tuk & Tun have survived so far."
Celesta smiles, "They are under Zenda's protection, so to speak, Sparta."
Legeand: Well, if they are retreating south cutting though the enemy will help, won't it?
Wintersky: Shorter fight through the city to the safety might be good. Once in a secure location, we could contact other pocket of resistance.
Nyza: Yep, me like that.
Nyza: We get a foothold first and then we can decide how to proceed from there.
Legeand: The problem I see from the south is the river and bridge. they make it less favourable even if the friendlies are there.
Wintersky: If teleporting is not a problem, the river is inconsequential to our decision.
Wintersky: Do you know anybody at Armee's?
Legeand: Erm...I trained most of the fighters well as...
Celesta: Melora is there.
Legeand: Yes.
Wintersky raises eyebrows.
Legeand: Do not think ALL I did was train when I disappeared...
Celesta: The manors between the gate and The Fortress have all been leveled, so they will present us no cover, but we may be able to sneak through the tenements.
Wintersky: It would be very good to have trained fighters at our back.
Legeand: The real question we need to follow the roads in?
Legeand: Why not approach from the west and pass the walls.
Wintersky: Fewer people to hurt that way.
Wintersky: Can we get in without going through a gate?
Celesta: From the west, the passages lead into Schloss Tanglewood and directly to Hardun. I would prefer to have that battle once the devils and demons are banished.
Wintersky: I do not really want to blow up the wall, Nyza.
Legeand: And the river?
Legeand: If we had boats that is...
Wintersky: I do not want to tangle with Hardun right away either.
Nyza: No need to blow it up. We can all fly over.
Sparta: The river lies in a deep crevasse, with steep cliff walls, but if we can teleport over it from Visaria's to the square, it should pose no obstacle to us.
Celesta: A flying campfire is not very subtle.
Celesta: The defenses along the river and the poisonousness of the river are quite dangerous and designed to prevent intrusion that way.
Legeand: You said the cover is open from the houses right? What about invisibility?
Wintersky: A diversion while we work on Nana's problem might be good.
Wintersky: Could your fighter friends provide that for us?
Legeand: More then likely.
Celesta draws another line from a point in Tanglewood just west outside the walls straight to The Fortress of Armee, "Fly invisibly this way?"
Legeand: Yes.
Legeand: Invisible and flying short and true.
Legeand: My armor is enough to put a hole in the shield, I am sure if we need more I can make it back to a main road.
Dale: Can the demon's see through invisibility?
Celesta: The most powerful ones, but they would have to be alerted to our presence ahead of time.
Wintersky: Do we have more contact stones?
Legeand: So, if we fly high and quiet they will not know we are there.
Wintersky: Except, if the shield makes firework going through it.
Celesta: I would suggest low and take advantage of any smoke and ruins.
Dale: How many of us can fly? I can take five with me on a Wind Walk.
Wintersky: It would be helpful to coordinate different pockets of resistance.
Celesta: I can cover us all with one spell.
Wintersky: SnowShadow and I can fly but not StormCloud.
Celesta: Are you suggesting splitting up, Wintersky?
Legeand: We could...
Wintersky: I should have him reshod with Cinders shoes.
Legeand: You want a distraction, but do we have more steelisin for another path?
Wintersky: No, not splitting up.
Wintersky: That is too dangerous, but we could get to someplace safe and then teleport to other areas to connect them.
Celesta: So we get in, set up a headquarters and then contact pockets of resistance as a team.
Sparta: I agree, we've already sent half our party to parlay with the Emperor. We should stick together.
Celesta nods.
Wintersky: Yes. then organize a distraction, get Zenda, kick demon and devil butt, then kill the vampires.
Legeand: I say fly invisibly to the fortress, from there we can span out easily.
Wintersky: I do not think it matters where we hole up first if travel is not restricted.
Legeand: I say there because it has forces for its own for defense.
Wintersky: Can anyone make a horse fly?
Celesta: Got that covered, Wintersky.
Wintersky: Great. Let us go from the west then and get this party started.
Sparta: Agreed.
Celesta: We just need to teleport to a place outside of Troll's Bridge and go from there.
Wintersky: Sparta do you know a clearing west?
Celesta, looking a bit uncomfortable, "I do."
Sparta: Before we go, can you scry the path to Armee's Fortress to see how active the devils are?
Wintersky: I have not been able to scry throught the shield.
Celesta: Yes, scrying into the wards does not work.
Celesta: We will have to check visually once we arrive.
Wintersky gives Celesta a long look.
Wintersky: The clearing?
Dale: Will we be free to cast our defensive spells when we arrive outside the barrier?
Celesta: I suppose scrying the clearing to make sure it is "clear" is prudent.
Wintersky: True.
Wintersky hands Celesta the crystal ball.
Celesta takes the crystal ball, going pale as she concentrates on the location of the clearing.
Wintersky places a gentle hand on Celesta's shoulder.
Nyza: See anything?
The image of a glade fades into view. It looks clear and the sun shines in, highlighting a tree with a long burnt scar.
Celesta glances at the crystal ball intermittently.
Dale catches her breath.
Celesta: Clear, as always.
Sparta: Then let's hurry.
Celesta hands the crystal ball back to Wintersky shakily before the image fades.
Celesta: Shall we?
Legeand: Yes.
Wintersky puts the crystal ball away.
Celesta: We can use the new teleportation circle.
Nyza: Ok then. That should be safest.
Nyza: It would not do for our own teleportation spells to misfire - not now.
Wintersky calls Cinder, removing her shoes and saddle strap.
Wintersky: I'll bring them back, sweety. See that she get new shoes.
Wintersky packs away the shoes and exchanges the saddle strap. Okay, ready.
The heroes collect there gear and Celesta leads them to the circle.
Wintersky: Are you ready for this Celesta?
Celesta: As ready as I can be.
Wintersky: You will be fine. Just breathe.
Celesta smiles with one corner of her mouth.
Everyone enters the large circle in one of the caves at the front of the mine.
Nyza: We will win.
Nyza: We fight for our family, for our friends. The demons fight for nothing. They have no chance.
Celesta concenctrates once everyone is in and a moment later they are standing in the clearing, the wall of Troll's Bridge in view through the trees.
Celesta turns immediately to face Troll's Bridge.
Legeand: One small step for man, one giant slaughter for demon-kind.
Wintersky applies warpaint to her cheeks.
Celesta: Stay together so I can cover all of us with the Fly and Invisibility.
Legeand stays close, but readies his sword in both hands.
Celesta wields her familiar staff and casts, everyone now feeling a slight lift as the Fly spell takes effect.
Wintersky mounts up holding Blessed Black ready.
Dale waits until Celesta finishes, then begins casting her own spells
Wintersky begins casting too.
Celesta: Let us all hold here until we are all prepared, then Legeand, you will need to lead the way.
Nyza and T'Krosh prepare their own defenses as well.
Legeand gives a quiet grunt of acknowledgment.
Dale: How long will it take us to fly to Armee's Fortress?
Celesta: Only a few minutes, provided there is nothing we need to deal with once we have passed the wards.
Dale casts True Seeing to see through any devilish or demonic illusions.
Dale: Then I'm ready.
Legeand: Everyone else good to go?
Nyza: Ready!
T'Krosh: To victory!
Celesta: Ready.
Wintersky: Ready
Legeand: Alright then, let us see what we can do.
Celesta mysteriously transforms the staff into Isildul's staff and casts again and everyone vanishes from view.
Legeand begins to try and make his way to The Fortress of Armee flying.
Sparta, alongside Ringo, follows closely behind Legeand.
The group rises invisibly into the air, floating toward the wall. As they approach they see the devastation on the Noble's District.
Fires burn out of control sending pillars of black smoke into the air, which accumulates thickly above the city, trapped by the wards.
Wintersky mounted on StormCloud and SnowShadow follow the group.
Legeand nears the wall knowing the barrier must be there, flinching as he crosses the wall. The wards resist him for only a moment before they give. The light tinkling sound of shattered crystal can suddenly be heard, but there are no immediate signs that the wards have actually fallen.
Celesta whispers, "Too much steelisin."
Legeand chuckles softly, "Never enough for me."
The clamor of conflict assaults the heroes suddenly and the clanging of a ship's bell can be heard in the distance to the group's right.
Wintersky startles a bit.
Legeand: Sounds too?
The group flies toward The Fortress of Armee and begin to pass over a group of buildings not associated with any of the manors. Two huge minotaurs are throwing rocks, slowly demolishing these buildings.
Celesta whispers, "Goristro."
Nyza growls lowly.
Sparta: Keep going, we need to make the fortress.
One of the giant demons suddenly swings his head around, gazing with glowing eyes in the group's direction.
The demon roars and launchs a rock in the group's direction, narrowly missing Ferocious.
Dale: I think we've been spotted.
Nyza: We'll just have to be quick about it!
Sparta looses a volley of arrows at a demon.
Ringo circles pass Nyza to the right.
Legeand flies forward to just out of reach of the goristro in the open.
Nyza quickens the pace of her magic with Arcane Spellsurge and then begins to summon a huge earth elemental.
Celesta: What a pain.
Celesta casts a Assay Spell Resistance and then the gray beam of a Disintegrate spell streaks across the intervening distance.
The spell blows a hole in the demon's side, but it remains standing.
Wintersky: Dang, I hate demons. Wintersky rides closer, then casts Dismissal upon the scaly creature.
The demon remains, unphased by Wintersky's rebuke.
SnowShadow moves up, but does not attack yet.
Elenia moves up also.
The goristro charges Legeand and slams into him.
Legeand is thrown back ten feet and slammed prone onto the street.
Dale charges as a mammoth at the first demon with Ferocious at her side. Dale the mammoth gores the demon.
Ferocious pounces as she charges the demon, sinking teeth and claws into it.
Dale trumpets in anger at the demon slamming of Legeand.
T'Krosh flies to the front of the battle.
The other goristro climbs up the building and leaps to strike the flying mammoth.
Sparta changes his target to the second demon and lets fly another volley of arrows, hitting it with half of the volley.
Sparta looks disgustedly at his bow and switches to his dagger.
Ringo moves down in a circle to the flank the first demon.
Legeand flies back at the goristro in a frenzy and attacks, cleaving large slices in the demon.
A towering being of elemental earth appears on the road as menacing in size as the goristro.
Nyza moves into position behind Wintersky and fires a volley of force-missiles at the demon in combat with Legeand.
Four of the five missile damage the demon.
Celesta moves up and casts Dismissal on the flanking demon.
The demon shrieks as it is thrust back to The Abyss.
Dale: Thank you, Lady Celesta.
Celesta: It is a good thing the wards are down or that would not have worked.
Wintersky fires arrows from Blessed Black in quick succession.
Sparta: Why can't I shoot my bow like the Shaman?
SnowShadow moves to pounces on the demon to try out his enhanced teeth.
The volley of arrows cause the goristro to explode in a shower of blood and demon ichor.
SnowShadow stops mid stride before reaching the demon.
Shrieks and roars can be heard all around, but no other demons appear to be in the immediate vicinity; and Legeand is frenzied.
Elenia floats in the air concentrating and directs a jumble of gestures and obscure words at Legeand.
Legeand suddenly hangs limp in the air exhausted from his frenzy.
Celesta: We need to get to the Fortress!
Dale the Mammoth gently grasps Legeand with her trunk.
Wintersky: Let us hurry.
Legeand: Gah, that is tiring.
Dale: I can carry you.
Wintersky: I hope they let us in.
Nyza's summoned elemental wanders off to wreak havoc on more, lesser demons.
Swirling smoke now obscures all vision as the air again begins to move after the breaking of the wards.
Wintersky: Legeand, I think you broke the shield.
Legeand: Well, at least I did something.
Sparta: Oh dear, the demons will scatter as soon as they figure it out.
Celesta: I think they will think of it as escape, Sparta.
Elenia: The Fey and the dragons will not let the demons stay long.
Wintersky: But will they go home?
Celesta: We should get to the ground, so we do not lose our way in this smoke.
Wintersky heads down to the ground.
Dale: And here I didn't think we would want any wind today.
Wintersky: Perhaps the smoke will hide us.
Legeand: Or show us...
Sparta hurries to catch the group before they are obscured by the swirling smoke.
Celesta: Stay to the road and it will lead us straight to The Fortress.
Elenia heads to the ground too. SnowShadow follows Wintersky.
Celesta descends and finds the road.
Wintersky: Where is Dale?
Dale: You can't see the elephant in your midst?
Wintersky: No, she blends in with the smoke I guess.
Sparta: Follow me everyone, the fortress is this way.
Wintersky: Coming.
Legeand: Lead on, I am too worn to move fast.
Dale brings up the tail end of the group, carrying Legeand.
The kobolds fly closely together, both near Wintersky.
The group makes their way through the swirlng smoke until the vague shape of The Fortress of Armee begins to loom before them.
Melora Agirrish: Halt! Who goes there!
The familiar voice comes from above them.
Wintersky: Leggy, wake up you are our introduction!
Sparta: I am Sparta, I bring the Heroes of Redemption to your aid.
Sparta: We seek shelter, may we enter?
Legeand: Legeand...The sword of the north!
Melora Agirrish: Legeand?
Legeand: Who else would wear enough armor to sink boats!
Melora Agirrish: Where have you been?
Melora Agirrish shouts to the gatemen, "Open the gates!"
Legeand: You would not believe me if I told you.
Wintersky: Mysterious does not suit you, Legeand.
The gates barely open and a shimmer of chain darts out and leaps onto Legeand, both toppling to the ground.
Legeand: That it does not, but I do what I can.
Wintersky: Umm, wrestle inside.
Melora Agirrish: By the Gods! Have you been missed.
Melora Agirrish: Are you alright, Legeand?
Wintersky rides in with SnowShadow.
Legeand: Well...
Legeand: Until you hit me and I am exhausted. Other than that...
Legeand grins wide, "Yes, I am well, not much slows me down!"
Dale resumes her halfling shape to fit through the fortress gate.
Elenia rides in also.
The heroes file in and are confronted by a grim sight. Refugees from the streets take up most of the usually open space.
Wintersky: Oh my!
Nobles and paupers sit in the dark, thin and gaunt from fright and hunger.
Melora Agirrish: It has been hell here for weeks now. If you have a way to end this...
Legeand: Well, it is a good thing we came when we could.
Celesta wanders around looking for familiar faces.
Legeand: The ward is down around the city, so at least that is over, but we have bigger concerns. The next cataclysm is soon upon us if we do not hurry.
Melora Agirrish: A cataclysm? On top of this!
Legeand: Yes, on top of a rather large pile of things going on.
Melora Agirrish: Let us take this somewhere more private, all of you.
Dale: Do you have food and water for all these people?
Legeand: We definitely need it and to plan.
Melora Agirrish leads the way through the destitute and up stairs to the battlements.
Melora Agirrish: We are running out of resources and the priests are exhausted. The Temple of The Billiken is also in dire straights.
Dale: I will lend them a hand while you discuss strategy.
Elenia: I will help where I can as well.
Melora Agirrish nods in thanks.
Legeand finds a seat and slumps down exhausted, "Well, where to start..."
Melora Agirrish sits next to Legeand and then casts a spell that dispels his exhaustion.
Melora Agirrish: It has been utter chaos here since a couple days after you all vanished near Schloss Tanglewood.
Legeand: We know, and we didn't disappear...We traveled back in time if you would have it.
Melora Agirrish looks stunned.
Melora Agirrish:
Legeand: Yes, to the days before some gods were in power...and Ran was a kid.
Sparta: That was after we escaped from the dragons.
Melora Agirrish: Several green and a couple gold dragons flew over the city a day or so before the chaos started.
Legeand: Yes, that was them. We were with Aifos and he used a teleportation spell...and the gods had other ideas...
Melora Agirrish: The Mage's Marshal did that?
Legeand: Among other things.
Melora Agirrish like what other things?
Wintersky: Where are there pockets of resistance and are you in touch with them?
Melora Agirrish looks at Wintersky, "We try to protect the surrouding area and a group of Beauregard's soldiers patrol the northern part of the city, but I do not know how many are left."
Wintersky: I know you want to catch up, but we need to work in the here and now if we are to prevent a cataclysm.
Melora Agirrish: Over the last several days, since the White Witch vanished, the demons and the devils have resorted to battling each other. The devils are winning. Amongst all that, Hardun has restored himself as mayor.
Sparta: Lord Oli won't be happy to hear that.
Celesta joins the conversation, "Hardun is not long for this world."
Melora Agirrish: Lady Artural? You survived!
Celesta: As always.
Wintersky: To prevent the cataclysm we have to get to the center of the city.
Sparta: We should let Lord Oli know that the wards are down.
Melora Agirrish: Where the ghost now reigns?
Legeand: Never gets easier...
Sparta: He will need to meet us there with the Emperor's scabbard.
Wintersky: That would be about right. She needs to find her rest.
Sparta: The ghost is my Nana Zenda
Melora Agirrish raises her eyebrows.
Sparta: She is nearing her thousandth birthday.
Wintersky: What has the ghost been doing?
Melora Agirrish: Well, actually making that part of the city moderately livable.
Melora Agirrish: No devils, demons or vampires will approach any longer.
Legeand: Thank the gods for small favors...
Wintersky: That is good, but if she does not pass on there will be dire consequences for this city.
Melora Agirrish: They are running out there as well, but they are at least not fearing for their souls on top of starving.
Wintersky: Perhaps she will let us approach her without a fight.
Legeand: At least Ozi is not here to mess that up for us...
Melora Agirrish: The devils are cruel and guard the perimeter, so no other refugees can escape the torments of the rest of the city.
Sparta: I wonder what happened to poor Ozi and his Sajenese friends.
Wintersky: Do you know if a teleport will work inside the city?
Melora Agirrish: The Sajenese lord? He and his followers are in Imhiakaam's camp.
Sparta looks down, "Our friend fell pray to her lies again."
Celesta sneers.
Melora Agirrish: Teleporting? The White Witch did it at will.
Wintersky: Then it should be possible for us to move about.
Melora Agirrish: If there is anything I or The Avengers can do for you, just let me know.


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Dodecitina 15, 1000 PC

Our heroes continue to discuss their next steps and get ready to depart the tower.  In the process, half of the sending stone is sent to "The City," so there can be some communication between the two groups, Celesta having modified the other half to be able to penetrate the barrier around Troll's Bridge.

Nyza discovers that T'Krosh's reincarnation was not successful and Wintersky casts true resurrection to retrieve Nyza's cohort from Zodyu's realm.

Having gathered all they think the will need, the group teleports to Tangleton to inform the hamlet that they will be traveling to Troll's Bridge to try and rescue it from its plight. As a means of announcing their plans, a feast is organized for the community.

Celesta walks back into the banquet hall.
Celesta: He is sleeping again.
Dale: You'll find he does a lot of that at first.
Celesta: I suspect he will not be this cooperative for very long.
Nyza nods.
Nyza: It is very different with kobold hatchlings. They take to the ground running.
Nyza: But the human way is better, Nyza thinks. You get eased into parenthood.
Dale: There are several halfling families with little ones in Tangleton. I will help you find a nanny with one of them. It's always easier to raise a family with help from your neighbors.
Celesta: I appreciate that. Thank you, Dale.
Wintersky: And the bigger the family the better.
Celesta smiles sadly, "I have only Eregard left of my family, so any family I can find among you and the folk of Tangleton will be a blessing."
Dale gives Celesta a hug, "You'll always have family in Tangleton."
Celesta crouches down to return Dale's hug.
Nyza nods, but does not voice her own support.
Legeand busies himself with making sure his armor, weapons and other gear are all ready for the extensive battle to be joined over the next fortnight.
Nyza: The rest of our family is taking quite a while. How do you think Luanes and the rest are doing?
Sparta: I hope they got to see the Emperor, it is a long journey from The City to Troll's Bridge.
Celesta: They will no doubt need to be at their diplomatic best. I would imagine they are not making a great deal of headway just yet. The Emperor has many advisors that will step between them before they can see him.
Nyza: The emperor's advisors surely have that ability.
Sparta: If they can't convince him to lend his scabbard, then all of our preparations will be for naught. Nana may become enraged if we return without being able to show her Grandpa.
Celesta: We should have sent them off with a half of the sending stone.
Dale: Or, I could ask a furry friend to deliver it to Luanes, if one of you could teleport it to the City?
Celesta: There is a quicker way, but I need to add some steelisin to the other half, so it will work both ways through the barrier.
Nyza: That sounds good. As long as we get in contact with them.
Nyza: Waiting around here is such a waste! We should be doing something - anything. Like finding T'K-ah, yes! Where is Wintersky? Me need to use that orb...
Wintersky pulls forth the crystal ball and hands it to Nyza.
Nyza: Thanks!
Celesta: I will take your half of the sending stone to the alchemy lab and add the steelisin to it then.
Nyza: 'Kay.
Dale: Oh, and Celesta, could I twist your arm into casting a couple permanency spells while we prepare?
Celesta grins, "Not too hard."
Dale: Very gently.
Dale grins back.
Celesta uses the alchemy lab to alter the other half of the sending stone, so it will work both ways through the barrier.
Nyza focuses on the crystal ball.
Nyza says soothingly, "T'Krosh... T'Krosh..." - and then, rather sharply - "HEY! Are you alive yet?"
An image appears in the crystal ball of the darkened ground of Tanglewood. The decayed skull of a kobold lies partially buried in some leaves. Nearby what appears to be a desicated hand lies palm up.
Nyza looks on sadly.
Wintersky: Oh, my.
Nyza: Strange that the spell worked at all if he's still dead.
Dale: Nyza, how did you try to raise T'krosh from the dead?
Dale knows that if Nyza used Reincarnation to try and bring T'Krosh back, having been killed by the effect of Kurtulmak, it would not work.
Nyza: Um, well... Nyza does not have many options, yes? Raising a person long dead is beyond me.
Nyza: So me call his spirit into a new body.
Dale: The only spell I know to do that is Reincarnate?
Wintersky: I concur.
Nyza: Right.
Dale: Kurtulmak could prevent you from summoning his spirit.
Dale: It will take stronger magic to bring back your companion.
Wintersky: Nyza, you should have asked me to see if it was possible.
Nyza: There is a little more to it than that...
Nyza: Kurtulmak is angry at T'Krosh. Me think that if he is in a non-kobold form, it may both work to assuage Kurtulmak's anger, and to serve as a sort of penance for T'Krosh.
Nyza: If a god is directly blocking the ritual, then no magic will be strong enough.
Legeand: T'Krosh was rather brash.
Nyza smiles fondly.
Nyza: You cannot fault someone for what they are.
Wintersky: If you wish his return, Nyza. I will try to recover his spirit into his own body. Then we will see what transpires from there.
Dale: It may take a stronger penance to assuage Kurtulmak's anger.
Celesta: I was wondering where T'Krosh was. I thought you had him keeping tab on things in Tangleton.
Nyza (to Wintersky): Please, do try. If magic will not work to bring him back, then me have to take more drastic steps.
Nyza: was not about not trusting you, of course. But you know more about this kind of thing. Nyza should talk to you first.
Wintersky: That is alright, Nyza. We do not always think straight when we lose someone close.
Dale: Celesta, T'krosh's passing was rather sudden. We had a run in with one of Cedarcleaver's kin.
Dale: T'krosh vanquished the dragon, but got carried away with his power.
Dale: Then Aifos accidentally summoned Kurtulmak into Legeand's body.
Nyza: Accidentally!
Legeand: Ahem, Sjach's.
Dale: Kurtulmak raised the dragon and slew T'Krosh.
Celesta: Aifos has a lot of trouble with unintended consequences, does he not?
Sparta: Aye, he does, or at least we do.
Celesta: Maybe we should send this other half of the sending stone to Oliveryn, so we can keep each other abreast of our situations.
Wintersky: While you take care of that, Celesta, I will try and bring T'Krosh back.
Nyza: Will you need me to retrieve his remains?
Wintersky: No, Nyza, not with the miracle I have in mind.
Celesta brings the sending stone into Isildul's study and takes the crystal ball from the desk. She places the crystal ball in a fixture on the right arm of Isildul's throne and sets the sending stone on a similar fixture on the left arm. She scrys Oliveryn and finds him in a chamber of white marble with luxurious furniture conversing with Aifos, Eregard and Luanes. With a quickly spoken rune the stone vanishes from the arm of the chair and appears at Oliveryn's feet.
Celesta: We probably ought to clue him in.
Nyza moves all around the throne, inspecting it.
Nyza: Isildul has a lot of interesting toys.
Celesta: They are ours now. I will show you how to use the ones I know how to use.
Sparta: Did you see the shelf in the storeroom? It amplifies the power of magical enchantments.
Nyza: Really?
Nyza beats lightly on her chest, striking her armor.
Nyza: Think it would work on this?
Celesta: It should.
Sparta: Celesta, may I use the sending stone?
Celesta hands the stone to Sparta, "Certainly."
Sparta takes the stone awkardly, not used to using it.
Sparta: Hello, Oli? Are you there?
Oliveryn: Sparta?
Sparta: Yes, Oli, it's Sparta. Have you talked to the Emperor yet?
Oliveryn snickers, "No, but soon...I hope."
Sparta: Keep trying, our efforts will be in vain without his scabbard.
Nyza: Ask if we can help at all?
Sparta: And use the stone to tell us what you learn.
Sparta: Celesta changed it to penetrate the shell around Troll's Bridge.
Oliveryn: I think we have this under control. It is just typical bureaucracy. We will cut through it.
Sparta: I hope so, otherwise Nana won't be happy.
Oliveryn: Neither will the Emperor.
Nyza: Who would be happy?
Sparta: We need to find a nanny for little Isildul first, but we should be leaving for Troll's Bridge in a day or so.
Oliveryn: Do not get yourselves killed before help arrives.
Sparta: Just make sure the help arrives before we get ourselves killed.
Oliveryn laughs, "Will do."
Sparta: G'night, Oli.
Sparta returns the stone to Celesta.
Sparta: I don't know if I'll ever get used to how these things work.
Celesta holds the sending stone out to Nyza, "Do you want to hold this?"
Nyza: Alright.
Celesta hands the sending stone to Nyza.
Nyza: Don't worry, Nyza is good at relaying news in an emergency. It is in good hands.
Nyza starts back towards Wintersky.
Wintersky returns to the chamber where she performed the miracle to recover Manty's Heirloom and pulls various gems, trinkets and herbs from her medicine bag and begins chanting. She reaches into the spirit realm in search of T'Krosh and finds his tormented soul between Zodyu and Kurtulmak on a desolate plane. She calls spirits from about her to encircle T'Krosh and hide him in a swirl of their ethereal essence before whisking him away. Slowly a shadow of a kobold forms before Wintersky in the chamber and gradually solidifies into the familiar body of T'Krosh. With a finally trilling cry from Wintersky, T'Krosh takes a sudden deep breath and opens his eyes.
Nyza: T'Krosh! Wintersky, you did it!
T'Krosh: What?! Now, that was no fun. Not one bit.
Nyza steps up to T'Krosh and lightly smacks him along the head.
Nyza: Idiot!
Nyza hugs T'Krosh, happy that at least someone around here is resistant to fire.
T'Krosh hmphs.
Celesta casts spells for those who need permanency or various other long-term magical effects.
T'Krosh doesn't bother struggling against Nyza. He looks to Wintersky in a sort of "why me?" expression.
Wintersky: We said it was not your time yet, T'Krosh.
Dale casts Greater Magic Fang with Celesta's Permanency to transmute Ferocious and Ringo.
T'Krosh: The Ironscale would not agree, I think. But still, you have my deepest thanks.
Wintersky: You are most welcome.
Celesta collects reagents, component and various other items of arcane spellcraft to make use of during the next fortnight of trying to save Troll's Bridge.
Dale: Miss 'Sky, Celesta and I can increase SnowShadow's enchantment while we are at it.
Wintersky: Thank you, Dale.
Dale casts another Greater Magic Fang on the panther.
Nyza eventually lets T'Krosh free and returns his belongings to him.
Spells cast and things collected, our heroes find it is about time to return to Tangleton before making the jaunt to Troll's Bridge.
Nyza finds time to use Isildul's magic chest and shelf to alter, and in some cases, create more powerfully enchanted equipment.
Celesta: So, I had only one taker on speaking with Darzagon.
Wintersky: Speaking with a demon is not a wise thing to do and therefore will not be done by me.
Celesta: I hope the knowledge we have a demons will be enough to stem the tide without Darzagon's potential assistance.
Dale: It may not be wise, but it will be better of Celesta isn't there alone.
Dale: I'll go with her.
Nyza: Sparta, do you remember the time that a giant ice elemental attack Redemption?
Sparta: Yes?
Nyza: We find a way to close that portal, and we do not need a demon's help to do it.
Nyza: So Nyza says we do not need to make that kind of compromise. We will manage again.
Celesta: It is true that Darzagon's words could do more harm than good.
Wintersky: Since we will be off to Troll's Bridge soon, I will send my followers back to Teton lands.
Elenia: I am coming with you, Wintersky.
Wintersky: I do not want anymore Tetons than necessary caught up in the affairs of Troll's Bridge.
Elenia: Troll's Bridge has been my home and I feel the need to help restore it to some semblence of normalcy.
Sparta: You might be right Nyza, but I don't like leaving Dale and Celesta to talk to the Demon alone.
Nyza nods.
Celesta: We will let sleeping dog lie...and demons lie to themselves, I think.
Celesta: Shall we take our leave of the tower, so we may take our leave of Tangleton in the morning?
Sparta: That sounds like a good idea, we shall get our fill of demon lies in Troll's Bridge.
Legeand: A feast to see us off, perhaps?
Nyza: Hah, me think we can manage that.
Sparta: Ah, I thought you never ask.
Celesta: To the teleport circle. I have the makings of circle to be placed in Tangleton, so we can get back here easily.
Sparta: Before we feast?
Nyza: Is there an easy way to get back as well? The wards are up for the demons, so can we teleport through them? Maybe attune ourselves?
Celesta: Already accounted for, Nyza. It will take a little time to perform the spell while the feast is being prepared. I will get little Isildul.
Dale: I can watch Isidul for you while you cast the spell.
Celesta retrieves Isildul and his things and the heroes step into the teleport circle appearing beside the inn a moment later.
Wintersky and Elenia make their way over to the Teton encampment as soon as they arrive in Tangleton.
T'Krosh looks around awkwardly.
The townsfolk are pleasantly surprised to see the return of the heroes and gather around with questions as to their previous whereabouts and such.
Dale introduces Celesta to the Fernleaf family.
Dale: Mrs. Fernleaf, Celesta will be needing a nanny to watch over her little Isildul.
Nyza speaks shortly in Draconic.
Nyza: Everyone! It is a relief to see that business is much as usual after the latest attack. We have since then been attending to matters in the south. Tonight we will have a meeting - and a feast! - to discuss the latest events. Please make such preparations.
Celesta: Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Fernleaf. Little Isildul, I am certain will be in excellent care in your household.
T'Krosh disappears shortly there after to find Bektul.
Kobolds chatter and begin scattering to make preparations.
T'Krosh inquires about his and Nyza's egg; generally checks the status of Tangleton, etc.
T'Krosh finds things in remarkably good order.
Sparta: Halflings of Tangleton, in case you missed Nyza's annoucement, there will be a feast tonight! We have news from many points to share and wish to hear all the news of Tangleton.

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