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NameClass/ProfessionRaceLocationDescriptionOrder of Appearance
NameClass/ProfessionRaceLocationDescriptionOrder of Appearance
Belrus Kanglis Magister Priest of "The Billiken" Human The Dome of "The Billiken" in Troll's Bridge An elderly priest wearing a simple black cassock emblazoned with a white merchant's balance. 091 
Elian Bladebirthe Skylord Captain of the First Wing Elf "The City" A muscular elf in mithral full plate astride a pegasus, shield as his side and lance held upward with pendant of The Elven Monarchy flapping in the breeze. 090 
Sher Baig Wizard Fivtorian Fivtoria A tall, thin humanoid with yellowish skin - An immortal wizard who has hunted Manty and his dagger for centuries. 089 
Cliqsed Alamorstan Field Marshal of The Almebezbikian Empire Human Starpoint Castle, "The City" A large older gentleman in a gold dress uniform with wide black trim and silver epaulets. His sword, a broadsword with an extensive gold basket hilt; his chapeau-de-gras brimming with white feathers. 088 
Semoudiap Imperial Magister Meziltarni Starpoint Castle, "The City" A young female in wizard's robes, wielding a staff. 087 
Dierisa Skald Bard Elf Sinkhole South of Tangleton Thin, pale, beautiful elven woman. 086 
Lyphnür Ghoti Archmage Meziltarni Wizard's Tower near Tangleton A wizen old man in violet robes with silver trim supporting himself on a staff. 085 
Vistij Ijoynvaeh Marquis of Elvish Tanglewood Elf Zelmbring An ancient, stately elf attired in fine clothing. 084 
Visaria Ijoynvaeh Prostitute - Half-Sister of Malachi Ijoynvaeh Half-Elf Zelmbring A scantily clad young woman with long, curly dark hair. 083 
Malachi Ijoynvaeh Champion of Zelmbring - Son of Marquis Vistij Ijoynvaeh Elf Zelmbring A plate-armored elf wieldling a longsword. 082 
Egalem Random Wizard's Apprentice Human The City-State of Walton A homely boy dressed eclectically in a variety of fine clothes. 081 
Mazimur Dean of Magus Universitatus Human Magus Universitatus - Walton A elderly, severe looking wizard. 080 
Isildul Wizard Human Magus Universitatus - Walton A young wizard in midnight blue robes. 079 
Dexter Withers Husbandman Human The Colosseum Menagerie Scruffy but fit man wearing a bloody canvas apron. 078 
Elezor Forgostan Priest of Armee the Father Human Temple of Armee - Walton An aged priest in brown robes with a blue cincture. 077 
Zodyu the Grotesque Future God of Death Half-Ogre The City-State of Walton A slim giant wearing a shining, bronze-tinged harness with a matching horned helm. 076 
Drymorjoc Monster Black Dragon Grotesque's Swamp A colossal black dragon. 075 
Sakuri Ninja Ogre Mage The Leprechaun Bus A giant dressed head to toe in black. 074 
"Bob" Monster Two-Headed Half-Troll Ogre Mage Dunjon in The Leprechaun Bus Hideous two-headed giant. 073 
Jogthin Chicdell Aristocrat Human The Chicdell Estate - Troll's Bridge A thin, middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair and penetrating eyes. 072 
Keltuur Loremaster (Bard) Kobold vethiSha'Tek An elderly, robed kobold leaning on a staff. 071 
Destibier Ancient Horror Red Dragon (Ghost) Varies (currently Tanglewood) The ghostly image of an astoundingly colossal red dragon. 070 
Oregon Blackfoot Farmer Halfling Rebelton Middle-aged rotund halfling. 069 
Kimberly Longshanks Farmer Halfling Longshanks Farm - Rebelton A kindly-looking aged halfling woman with weather skin and graying hair. 068 
Ishpeming Riverreeds Cook Halfling Mantyson Clanhold - Rebelton Heavy-set halfling in his early fifties. 067 
Dale Blackfoot Farmgirl and girl friend of Sparta Longshanks Halfling Rebelton A small, pretty halfling maid. 066 
Mortikai Lesh The Grotesque of the Church of Zodyu Human The Cathedral - Troll's Bridge A gaunt, cowled man wearing black and green embroidered robes. 065 
Melora Agirrish Favored Soul of Armee Human The Fortess of Armee - Troll's Bridge A armored woman armed with a greatsword. 064 
Mystol Alaphasus Field Marshal of the Elven Monarchy Elf Kinfolk Forest An elf in mithral chainmail, adorned with various items of fine workmanship; a longsword at his side. 063 
Meliamonee Cohort of Mystol Alaphasus Nymph Kinfolk Forest A mysterious woman of elven stature wearing a voluminous cloak made of leaves. 062 
Maximus Khan Khan Clan patriarch Human (Sajenese) Troll´s Bridge A decripit, old man with cataract-clouded eyes. DECEASED 061 
Morrisul Groves V Lord of House Groves Human Groves Estate - Troll's Bridge Elderly, toadish looking noble in gaudy Troll's Bridge fashion attire. DECEASED 060 
Gresham the Golden Wizard-King of Genesee Human (Genesian) Lich Portrait in his library in Tanglewood. Skeletal figure with burning red flames for eyes in a jeweled, gold crown and gem-encrusted, gold-trimmed, black robes. 059 
Ellengia Homaris Priestess of Visaria Human Orphanage of Visaria, Troll´s Bridge Kindly middle-aged priestess in white robes. 058 
Baezoran El Guildmaster of Assassins Half-Orc Troll's Bridge A tall humanoid , his gray-green tinged complexion betraying his orcish ancestry. 057 
Hardun Chicdell Mayor of Troll's Bridge Human (Vampire) Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos, Troll's Bridge A venerable man in noble finery. 056 
Melage Random IX Lord of House Random Human City Hall - Troll's Bridge Elderly statesman in fine noble attire. 055 
Tun Arenson Runner Human The Smoking Pipe, Troll's Bridge Teen-aged boy with curly dark hair and dressed in common, but finely made clothing 054 
Elenia Thrask Handmaiden Human The Troll's Bridge Inn A young local woman who does not have the typical features of an imperial citizen with darker skin and higher cheek bones, betraying some foreign heritage. 053 
Emulov Wizard Meziltarni The Tower of Lehnbor, Troll's Bridge A wizard in long scintillating robes and pointed hat sporting long white hair and beard. 052 
Susana Chicdell-Witson Lady of House Chicdell Human House Chicdell Estates, Troll's Bridge A regal lady with penetrating eyes. 051 
Balis Sphinx Assassin Human (Sajenese) Riddlemaster Pub, Troll's Bridge Seductive Sajenese woman in revealing skin-tight leathers. 050 
Tuk Arenson Bartender Human The Smoking Pipe, Troll's Bridge A tall, heavyset man with wild black hair and beard wearing a stained apron. 049 
Mexkir Priest of Kurtulmak Kobold The Troll Lands A kobold in tattered robes. 048 
Mortos Edgegrinder Grandmaster Smith Dwarf Black Anvil Smithy, Troll's Bridge A aged, but imposing dwarf 047 
King David King of The Seelie Court Fey Leshay Tanglewood A Fey of great splendor. 046 
Rorkus Zor Consort of Princess Tangle Minotaur Labyrinth behind Ladyran Falls. A towering minotaur armored in plate. 045 
Ironroot King of Trees - Tanglewood Treant Tanglewood A massive Tanglewood ironwood tree with a face high on its trunk. 044 
Gari Arro Elder of Kettelmettel Gnome Kettelmettel, Tanglewood An elderly gnome with a long white beard. 043 
The Faerie Queen Queen of the Unseelie Court Fey Tanglewood A pale-skinned, red-haired woman with dark butterfly wings wearing a dark green gown. 042 
Aris Castigon Assassin Human (Sajenese) Redemption A man with features and build very similar to Ozimius, who is bald with a narrowly trimmed beard that follows his jaw line coming to a point on his chin and has the sallow complexion of a Sajenese. 041 
Varnil Chieftain vethiSha'Tek Kobold Sha'Tek caverns in Tanglewood A lanky kobold, wearing a small suit of scale armor and armed with a vicious looking spear. 040 
Alma Heatherfoot Former Mayor of Rebelton Halfling (Ghost) Rebelton Elderly, but hale female halfling in colorful dress. 039 
Gaedracis Pejorative Villian Gnoll (Lich) Plains north of Tanglewood A billowing dark cloud. DECEASED 038 
Gaedracis the Usurper Brigand Human Tanglewood Dark figure standing an a cliff. DECEASED 037 
Ran MCXI Emperor of The Almebezbik Empire Human "The City" A golden armored figure. 036 
Isildul Lord of The Floating Tower Human (Lich) The Floating Tower A richly robed skeletal figure carrying a jeweled staff. DECEASED 035 
Senafar Illamaesa Queen of the Elven Monarchy Elf Varies Radiant elven woman clothed in gossamer veils and golden jewelry. 034 
Angul Postimeer Weapon Enchanter Human Redemption Mercantile Proprietor of magical goods. 033 
Eregard Artural Swashbuckler Human The White Blades Camp - Tanglewood Foppish cheery fellow dressed in the latest fashion of Troll's Bridge. 032 
Gaedracis the Troll Brigand Leader Troll Tanglewood A troll wearing tattered robes painted with the symbol of Gaedracis Zuooriri; adorned with fetishes and walking with an knarled ironwood staff. DECEASED 031 
Silva Scout Half-Kobold Redemption Lurking reptilian humanoid. DECEASED 030 
Terrishaw Perinil Warrior Silver Dragon Tanglewood near Redemption A menacing, armored silver dragon in natural form; a beautiful woman in armor in alternate form. 029 
Aifos Auravici Octavius General Gold Half-Dragon Tanglewood near Redemption Tall gold half-dragon in flowing white robes. 028 
Cedarcleaver Monster Green Dragon Tanglewood Gargantuan great green wyrm. 027 
Princess Tangle Monster Green Dragon Tanglewood near the Crystal Cave Large green dragon lurking about the cave's mouth. DECEASED 026 
Manitowoc Rogue Halfling Dwelling within Manty's Heirloom A friendly voice inside Sparta's head. 025 
Chelsia Brigand Human (Ghost) Northeastern Almebezbikian Empire Ghostly figure of a young human woman. 024 
Talis Mayorphyn Owner of Crater Crystals Human Redemption (Crater Crystals) A man with a healthy glow and dressed in silks with various crystals hanging around his neck, ears and wrists. 023 
Arvind Trollstomper Council Smith of Redemption Dwarf Redemption (Sleeplijnstamper Smithy) An old, weathered but muscularly-built dwarf. 022 
Zazaltash Summoned outsider Azer Elemental Plane of Fire A short powerfully built humanoid with hair of flame. 021 
Auronaur Mann High Priest of Visaria the Beneficent Half-Elf Zelmbring An elderly, but charismatic half-elf in finely embroidered robes. 020 
Xonaq Illamaesa High Priest of Corellon Larethian Elf Zelmbring A elf with a powerful presence and ancient eyes dressed in cloth-of-gold robes. 019 
Imhiakaam Consort of Isildul Brachina (pleasure devil) The Floating Tower Perennial thorn in Redemption's side. 018 
Tserov Random Council Lord of Redemption Human Redemption (Town Hall) A mountain of a human, arguably as big as Iyam. 017 
Tracyka Witson-Duvalier Spy Human Redemption (Broken Hilt Tavern) An old woman stooped with age while in disguise. Actually, a lithe half-elven woman dressed in purple and black silk puffed-and-slashed shirt and breeches, a wide-brimmed black hat with a purple hat band hanging down her back from a cord around her neck. 016 
Rojr Greddy Council Guildmaster of Redemption Human Redemption An elderly, well-to-do, sallow-skinned man dressed in unusual silk robes and a turban. 015 
Shayla Mecastic Caravan Master Human Walton-Kramer Road A well-dressed older woman. DECEASED 014 
Altark Helm Council Diplomat of Redemption Half-Elf Redemption Well-dressed elderly gentleman wearing spectacles and walking with a cane. DECEASED 013 
Nagav Offspring of Imhiakaam Half-Fiend Redemption (back room of Redemption Mercantile) Lanky man with a complete set of pointed teeth and wings. DECEASED 012 
Gaultarkis  Shady Dealer Human Redemption (back room the Redemption Mercantile) A heavy-set man. DECEASED 011 
Ezra Nanz Assassin Human Troll's Bridge Wrote a letter instructing Gaedracis to shake down the caravans approaching Redemption and kill Oliveryn. DECEASED 010 
Gaedracis the Scout Brigand(s) Humanoid Tanglewood Leaders of the clan of brigands who attacked the caravan to waylay Oliveryn. There are four of them throughout Zuodeyjamystos Tanglewood. DECEASED 009 
Tesela Argrave Council Seeker of Redemption Human Redemption Her face is disfigured, looking like a bear had slashed her across it. Her skin and hair also appears to have been burned. It is obvious that one of her eyelids is gone, so she cannot close it easily. Her throat appears to have been caught in jaws of some sort, which explains her voice. She could be a half-orc. DECEASED 008 
Grezeliziea Fighter Githyanki Githyanki Fortress Yellowish mottled skin, long russet hair gathered in multiple top-knots and lots of unusual weapons and armor. 007 
Master Chicdell Imposter/Alter-ego of Ezra Nanz Human Redemption (Queen's Inn) Visitor from Troll's Bridge claiming to be Luvian Witson's son; looking for Luvian's Lute. 006 
Luvian Witson Assassin Human Redemption Oliveryn's Father 005 
Brestis Borshae Sheriff of Redemption Elf Redemption a severe looking elf  004 
Merizae Illamaesa Council Mistress of Redemption Elf Redemption a beautiful elven lady 003 
T'Krosh Witchdoctor of the Obulus kobold tribe Kobold Tanglewood Draped in simple robes with several fetishes affixed about his body; leans upon a short staff. 002 
Brezaya Talisin Psychic Warrior Human Redemption Female human who welcomed us to Redemption. 001 
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