Nyza's Scrapbook

Although she does not often show it to others, Nyza the Kobold sorceress keeps a journal / artbook. Below are some of its entries, all written in Draconic.

Terminology (updated as the need arises)
Softskin - "Creatures with skin, not scales: most mammals." Nyza uses this phrase a lot. In Almebezbik, the word carries a mildly insulting connotation toward non-reptiles. It implies that they are inferior because they do not have a natural layer of scaly armor. Because this attitude is so prevalent among kobolds, the word is generally not even considered disrespectful to use.

Feud - "A long, bitter quarrel." In Almebezbik, a feud is usually considered a bad thing. Protracted fights among two families can lead to the destruction of them both. Among kobolds, the equivalent Draconic word is actually very positive. Kobolds hold long grudges when they feel they have been wronged. The longer a kobold vows revenge, the stronger his resolve and strength of character. The most prominent example of this is an ancient legend involving Garl Glittergold, the god of gnomes, and Kurtulmak, god of kobolds.

Hexatina 19, 1000 PC

posted Apr 3, 2011, 4:21 PM by Dekana

How things have changed since this morning! After T'Krosh and I finished breakfast (and made up for an argument that I don't wish to repeat here), I teleported us to the Sha'Tek once again. Cedarcleaver was not there this time, thankfully. Destibier's sudden appearance must have sent him into a panic, that's for certain.

I have to say, I was very nervous about meeting with Boss Varnil. I needed him to be cooperative, submissive. Destibier specifically told me that I'd have to destroy anyone who didn't agree to serve under me. So what if the Boss refused? I couldn't kill him! I'm trying to lead the kobolds into a golden age, a period of good relations with the softskins. I'm not trying to be some sort of bloodthirsty tyrant! I was confident in my ability to be persuasive, but T'Krosh is much better with these formal things. I'm glad I brought him along.

So, I called a meeting with Boss Varnil, laid out my reasons for taking control over the tribe (making sure to stress the charge from Destibier), and asked if he would submit. Nothing too fancy, and no long speeches. Well, T'Krosh may be a better negotiator than I, but I'm a quick learner! Varnil presented me with his headdress. I am now the official Boss of the Sha'Tek! ... How many lives does that place under my responsibility now? More than a thousand if I include Tangleton's halflings, I should think. No, I shouldn't dwell on that. Yes, I'm responsible for them, but I can also guide them to a better future. Risks and rewards, and all that. On that note, I made my first act as Boss to order many of the kobolds moved to Tangleton - it's simply safer, what with Destibier there and all.

What's next, then? I need to get Wybak to be follow me too, but I don't think he'll be so willing. And even if I wanted to fight him like Destibier commands, I don't think I would win. Ugh, I can just imagine this turning into some kind of war between the Sha'Tek and my two towns. What a disaster that would be! Kobolds fighting against kobolds! Absolutely not! If any sort of fight does break out, I need to keep it one on one - me and Wybak. But hopefully, he'll see reason and a fight won't be necessary.

Hexatina 19, 1000 PC

posted Apr 3, 2011, 1:20 PM by Dekana

There's much to talk about, and it feels like forever since I have written in this journal! First, let me cover what happened after we killed the Gaedracis (again).

While we were gathering the spoils of the battle yesterday, Mask had an idea to get us teleported to the Floating Tower so we could use one of Isildul's artifacts. I don't think any of us were eager to enter another lich's presence so soon, but we put our doubts behind us and went ahead with her plan. And am I glad we did! Isildul has this amazing treasure chest of... transmuting, I'll call it. You place something inside, and out comes whatever you want of equal value. We all used the chest liberally. I got myself a new shirt - a CHAIN shirt. That's right, you read that correctly; Nyza wears armor now! It's very light though, so it won't interfere with my magic at all. And it certainly stops blows better than those bracers I was using.

After we all finished with the chest, we went our separate ways. I teleported with T'Krosh to see the Boss at the Sha'Tek. It had been too long since I'd checked in with him. But this, uh, was not a good time for that. When we appeared outside the caves, we found none other than Cedarcleaver waiting. New armor or not, I don't think I've ever felt so naked as I did when teleporting right next to a hostile dragon. Luckily, he wasn't that hostile, and he was willing to indulge me in a brief conversation. Basically, enough to tell me that he was sending his clan to attack Tangleton. Can you really believe this dragon! Here I am, wanting to start a new town and perfectly willing to let everyone live in peace, and Cedarcleaver thinks he'll just snuff us out!

Anyway, the only reason this did not turn into an outright disaster was that I held some help from a... distant relative. You might remember me writing awhile ago, during a meeting with the summoned Azer, that I am descended from an enormous red dragon by the name of Destibier? Well, deceased or not, his spirit put in an appearance at Tangleton and scared off the greens. I spoke with him in fact; he confirmed that he was related (a "distant cousin" as he put it), and he gave me a mandate to defend the kobolds under Troll's Bridge and to gather the tribes under my banner. Basically, what I was already doing, yes? I am grateful that he is staying to defend Tangleton, but I do not like how he treats us. Like we are his possessions, perhaps. A father is responsible for his children, but he does not own them.

Shortly after the encounter, I began plotting with T'Krosh about how best to assert authority over the Tanglewood tribes. But before we got very far, there was yet another crisis! Wintersky scryed me to tell me there was trouble brewing between Oli and Imhiakaam. Sooo, we teleported once again, this time to pick up Sparta and his new companion, a halfling woman named Dale. I had to drag Sparta out of his clanhold mid-speech (sorry Sparta!), but we got to Troll's Bridge in time. With everyone gathered together, we stormed the Troll's Bridge castle to Oli's rescue. T'Krosh and I brought our weasel mounts this time since we were expecting battle. In hindsight, perhaps it was not a good idea? The dire weasels are ferocious in battle, but they are not of sound enough constitution to withstand magical blasts of cold from ICE DEVILS AND A SUCCUBUS WITCH! Because that's exactly what was inside that damned castle! And then there was the blood! Enough blood to fill a swimming pool - it was everywhere! Splattered on the doors, on the walls, even on the ceilings. I can't even imagine where all that blood came from, considering how few people actually died. Maybe the devils teleported it in from the Nine Hells with them?

As I said, there were devils inside, including Imhiakaam. We killed the ice devils (I hope we never come within 100 miles of one of those things again), and Mask drove off Imhiakaam, but only at the cost of the lives of our weasel mounts. I do hope that the reincarnation stories are true, because Biter was a loyal, brave companion. He deserves better if he lives again. T'Krosh gave a little prayer for Biter and for his own mount. That may be the first "priest" work I've seen him do? He took it very seriously, I noticed.

Hello. My name is Nyza vethIxen. You killed my weasel. Prepare to die.

Hexatina 16, 1000 PC

posted May 23, 2010, 9:16 AM by Dekana   [ updated Jun 27, 2010, 12:37 PM ]

The Gaedracis is dead! Again! And this time he'll stay dead. The big break in the search came recently when the lich attacked Redemption again, assuming me and the other "Heroes" were there. We've moved on to bigger and more important things though, so all he did was hurt innocents. Or maybe I should say noncombatants? We're innocents too! Anyway, Tesela was killed, and Brezaya (the woman with big breasts) was badly hurt. Luckily, one of Ms. Sky's compatriots was able to track the lich back to its lair after the attack. I was notified and met the others at Redemption so we could launch the counterattack!

We stopped at Tangleton for a night during the march. I hope nobody was too disappointed at the small tunnels and the hastily built hobbit holes, but I tried to stress that the new town is still under construction (and will be for some time). Maybe one of my friends will stay there when we are done adventuring? Oli will be busy with his own city of course, and Wintersky will probably return to her own tribe. Maybe I can convince Leggy to make a home here? We could use his muscle! And maybe the quiet setting will soothe his nerves a bit.

The next day, we located the Gaedracis's lair. The approach was dangerous - not so much for us, but for Wintersky's friend! The ghost Chelsia, along with a really nasty blade trap, cut him into tiny pieces and then deformed his spirit! T'Krosh showed his interest moreso than I, and he was very insensitive about it! Yes, the trap was very effective, and I'm sure we were both thinking about how we could build a few of them ourselves for Tangleton. But a friend of a friend had something horrible happen to him! For being a priest, T'Krosh is not much of a "people person."

Our assault on the lich went quickly. I summoned a very large magma spider to tear down the outer gate, and then we proceeded inside. Have I written of the spider before? I only researched the method to summon it recently. The spider is like an enormous one from this world, but made of pure fire (even its web). It is truly an amazing creature. Anyway, we were immediately beset by wraiths and, of course, the lich himself. Mask stole the show once again by turning the undead gnoll into dust with a disintegration. She lacks style! All she ever does is point her finger and poof, dust. Meanwhile I made a spectacle by setting the entire room on fire! Ahaha! Now that catches people's attention! The wraiths perished quickly, and nobody was seriously hurt in the encounter. We then had to disarm a bizarre trap which was protecting the Gaedracis's phylactery.

The gnoll is very stupid really. Why would he make a quiz based trap if he only intended to be able to disarm it himself? He should have made the questions tied to events in his own (un)life - things that only he would know. As it was, Oliveryn and Legeand easily disarmed it. Sparta had the honor of completing his revenge by destroying the phylactery with his own summoned fire creature. I hope the halflings of Rebelton who were killed can rest easy now.

Oh, and Chelsia is still on the loose. The Gaedracis was, in my view, the more dangerous of the pair since he could raise an undead army. Chelsia is just a lone spirit, if frightening in her own power.

What manner of puzzle is this?!

Hexatina 3, 1000 PC

posted Mar 29, 2010, 9:17 AM by Dekana   [ updated Jun 27, 2010, 9:47 AM ]

Doesn't the gnoll lich have anything better to do with immortality? He could be studying ancient spellbooks, or crafting an army of invincible golems, or pondering the mysteries of godhood! Instead, he recently attacked Rebelton. How petty. Just because we killed him a few times and severed his head! I mean, he got better didn't he? He should just get over it.

Sparta wanted to get some halfling workers for Tangleton - oh, we settled on a name for the new settlement - so I teleported him to Rebelton about a week ago. That's when we saw that something was wrong. There were nobody around on the streets, not even animals. We searched around for a bit and, after dodging a few arrows from them, found the scared softskins hiding in their clanhold. Long story short, I fetched everyone else from Troll's Bridge so we could go on a lich hunt. And a ghost hunt, since Legeand's ghost friend is apparently here too.

The whole scene was very suspenseful at first. Some of the halflings were sickened by the undead, so Wintersky had to immediately start treatment. Some Rebeltoners were trapped in their mage tower, so Mask and I had to see about freeing them before they starved. Most unnerving was that the graveyard was dug up! Clearly, the lich worked some animation magic on the corpses, because we found bony tracks leading away. But one by one, we solved each problem.

Except the lich's army. The party has been spending the last week trying to find where the Gaedracis is hiding at, without luck. Now that we have greater responsibilities (Tangleton for me and Sparta, Troll's Bridge for Oli), a week is a long time to spend killing undead. So I've been working on my own until we find where the lich is, burning undead corpses and helping the excavation of Tangleton. Mining is not ideal work for me, I find. I can superheat rock walls, but as for handling a pick? Any of my followers are more productive. I suppose that's not too unusual though. The general of an army is expected to be a good leader, not a super-being in combat (although that is often the case anyway).

Dug up graves are never a good sign.

Pentatina 25, 1000 PC

posted Mar 25, 2010, 8:05 PM by Dekana   [ updated Mar 27, 2010, 8:18 AM ]

As part of Oli's plot to take control of Troll's Bridge's government, he had the rebel "leader" Eregard summon all of the house lords together. No, not to kill them in one strike. Although that would have easily started a revolution if we could have blamed it on the mayor, I think.

Oli wanted the meeting to happen in the most secure setting possible, so he had me create an extradimensional mansion with a magical scroll. I've always wanted to use this spell too! The property persists for an entire day, so I could live comfortably forever inside of one... if I only knew the spell myself. It would be too redundant though, what with the new city Sparta and I are making. That should be home enough! And if we get rich enough, we'll make our own real castle, mwahaha!

The meeting did not go entirely as planned. As the guests were filing into the mansion's portal, an assassin came for Eregard's head. Much confusion followed after the assassin used a darkness-inducing spell, but I managed to dispel it quickly. With his ability to hide compromised, we were able to take the attacker as a prisoner. As always, that meant a death sentence for him. Why do our prisoners never survive too long? He would have made for a fine laborer - only long enough to pay for his crime, of course! At least this time we got some information from him before he passed on. I was expecting Mask and T'Krosh to be good at extracting information, but Leggy too? That was a surprise.

It was hard to follow the conversation between all the human nobles, but it seemed like they left happy. I suppose that's a good sign, but then again, humans can be very devious at hiding their emotions when they choose to be.

Eregard's guests enjoy an otherworldly meal.

Pentatina 24, 1000 PC

posted Mar 25, 2010, 12:54 PM by Dekana   [ updated Mar 25, 2010, 8:04 PM ]

Ringo is alive! ALIVE! If magic can retore a dog to life after a full day of being dead, then it can do anything. It can turn me into living fire, unite my kin, and get me a huge pile of coin to sleep on. Hmm... but it's not really magic that accomplishes those goals: just a strong will. Still, I do not think Sparta could resurrect his dog just by willing it. In any case, that loose end is tied up. It wasn't the only matter we left untended. See, the Elans apparently thought it would be a good idea to store superpowerful monsters in their basement. Why that would ever be a good idea, I'm not sure. When the tower came crumbling down last night, the monsters became just as free as the slaves. So today, it fell to us to chase down the missing beasts as they wreaked havoc in the city. 

Our first clue that something was wrong came when Legeand recovered super-worg hair from the scene of a murder. Unusual, I thought, but not a massive surprise in a city so infested by evil. We were about to start tracking down the errant wolf when a huge EXPLOSION came from Oliveryn's place - with him still inside! We rushed over to check on him / raise him from the dead, but luckily we found that the disturbance actually came from just outside. The huge worg was there, and it chomped at Legeand a few times before we could put it down. As if that wasn't enough, next an ice devil showed up at the ruins of Elan Tower. Which promptly summoned more small devils. And then one really big demon.

The lousy devils don't burn of course - not even ice devils - so I spent most of the fight using support magic: dispel magic, invisibility, and the like. Meanwhile Legeand was having a grand time hacking off limbs and firing his sword-bow, Sparta was riding his ressurected dog and around swinging his ghosted sword, and Oli was... er, singing. Even Mask had her ever-useful Disintegrates to cast. Of course, I could have burned the devils if I wanted to - that's how strong my metamagic is! I just thought it would be more helpful for me to banish the summoned devils back to where they came from.

The last, biggest demon didn't actually enter the fight until the end. He made lots of threats about "ruining" Luanes, but he was intercepted by, apparently, her parents. They insisted we run while they fight the demon, although it took some convincing. None of us like backing down from a fight, especially not when one of our own is in danger.

After all the fighting was over, we got some recognition for once! Not that the evil, vampire mayor is someone we like associating with, but he did give a nice speech to honor us.  Mask did not take the attention so well. She revealed her face to us in private, sobbing about how Hardun is an evil monster who had just tried to curse the other ladies in the group to some Borgosian ritual. Mask has been living with her desire for vengeance for too long, I think. Revenge is a very powerful desire, one that should not be held onto for too long. It eats away at you, leaving you broken after enough time has passed. I think that's what is going on with Mask, as seen after the Duergar were killed too. I might pity her misfortune, but I still see how dangerous she is. I don't doubt that she would sell everyone in the group out if she thought she could cut off Hardun's head in return.

Legeand finds some suspicious hairs. Hunter or hunted?

Pentatina 23, 1000 PC

posted Mar 25, 2010, 1:42 AM by Dekana   [ updated Mar 25, 2010, 12:50 PM ]

Poor Ringo. Sparta's dog got killed during the mission today to recover Ozi's slaves. He was ferocious as ever one second, and then wham, he got the life sucked out of him the next. Oh, and Miqulius and was killed by the necromancy spell too. Hmm, have I mentioned that man before? He is one of Ozi's friends I think. I guess that makes him my friend too... but I knew Ringo for longer! And besides, Miqulius was only dead for a few seconds thanks to Wintersky's abilities.

The rescue plan went off without a hitch, at least to begin with. Mask used group invisibility spell to take us all into the House Elan, and then we found most of Ozi's countrymen on the first floor. We didn't even have to fight anyone to do it! Makes you wonder why the slaves hadn't already walked out the front door. After we set the first batch free, Wintersky let us know that there were more waiting on the top floor of the tower. When we entered the apex, we found a single sorceress waiting for us in a room filled with portals. She managed to set off an alarm before getting cut down by our group's swords.

"Okay," I was thinking, "that's some cause for alarm. Who knows what can teleport through those doorways?" I was expecting a huge demon or some other monstrosity to pop out, but instead a pack of human mages came through led by Methylpenta, Elan's leader. I should have recognized how dangerous the situation was, but I'm so used to fighting non-spellcasters! Except for their leader, they only had low level magics - magic missiles and charms for the most part. But in their large numbers, such spells almost stopped our rescue attempt. Worse, Methylpenta possessed very potent spells, including the death effect that drained the life from Ringo. But not the slaves in the room! Nope, they were already felled by Wintersky's dispel on the bonds that held them 20 feet in the air. (To be fair, it would have been my spell that killed them were it not resisted.)

The only good thing about fighting the mages was that they did not wear huge armor or have thick hides like demons. My party members' swords hacked right through them, and the mages surrendered after Methylpenta got roasted by Mask. I figured that I'd make them pay for killing the dog though, so I burned down their tower to the ground! Mwahaha! After the dust settled, Ozi saw to his freed relatives, Ringo carried off his dead dog, and we returned to Oliveryn's manor. Sparta is talking about resurrecting his dog now, but I can't say I would do the same. There are many replacement dogs he could get, and they would not cost thousands of gold worth of diamonds to resurrect. I mean, if Yentis were to get himself killed, I wouldn't think for a second to spend th -

Ouch. Stupid weasel has a sharp bite.

I shrugged off the pitiful missiles in Athena-form!

Pentatina 22, 1000 PC, Evening

posted Mar 24, 2010, 10:53 PM by Dekana   [ updated Mar 25, 2010, 1:40 AM ]

At times, our group has an odd sense of priorities. The duerger ghost from last night mentioned something about an invasion of mind-flayers: MIND-FLAYERS! The squid people who have domination magic and can suck out your brains through your nose! You'd think we would want to do something about that, yes? But no, instead we're going to focus on stealing some slaves for Ozimius. I shouldn't complain too much. After all, everyone went out of their way to help me rescue (the corpses of) those mercenaries I hired. I need to pay back that favor of course. But Ozi won't have much use for his slaves if his brain is sucked out by an illithid tentacle.

About the slaves, they are more of Ozi's countrymen, like those at the auction where Oliveryn was assassinated. Only these ones are owned by House Elan, so they were out of Oliveryn's power to free. Not that there's any sort of plan for helping them back on their feet. It sounds like we're going to unlock their cells, kick them outside in the cold, and tell them to fend for themselves in this lousy city. They'd be better off as slaves! Sparta suggested that they could come to our new settlement, so that is a little more realistic - there's plenty of work to be done there (I could use a softskin slave too...). Although, I'm not sure how Ozi would feel about such a drastic relocation. He might want to keep his distant family close by in the city.

This isn't to say we didn't make any plans about the mind-flayers. We did decide to gather information about them first. Mask is going to speak with her lich master about them, and we decided to also ask the githyanki, mortal enemies of the illithid, for advice. That task was left to me, so I got to speak with Grez through a scrying spell! It's been so long! And our first encounter was rather brief, but I liked her anyway. Something about her running away from home and fighting off her pursuers was very familiar, yes? My conversation through the scrying spell was unfortunately short. She say she couldn't let me come to her home for research - gith only! - but that she'd try to come to Troll's Bridge soon. I can't wait!

Pentatina 22, 1000 PC

posted Aug 2, 2009, 9:52 PM by Dekana

Okay, the Duergar problem is solved! It was not the ending I was hoping for, but it will suffice.

Yesterday, my companions (and Mask) joined me to investigate what wrong with the adventurers I hired. Along the way, I finally met with Mexkir, leader of the Troll's Bridge kobolds. He professed interest in having is tribe follow my leadership, so we struck a formal deal. Once I helped him to stop the Duergar attacks, he would allow the use of his cave as an outpost for the new city. I am glad that the trade went smoothly; Oli may be formally trained in negotiation skills, but I am not. I usually have to rely purely on charisma (and it does usually serve me well enough).

With that little matter out of the way, my party continued its descent into the cave network. Our first warning of trouble was when we found the bodies of many duergar along the path. As we approached the main cave, we prepared ourselves physically, mentally, and magically. At our best, we stormed into the cave to find several Duergar waiting. Sparta tried to greet them, but he was soon attacked. Amazingly, Sparta dodged the blows and continued trying to speak with the dwarves! He was honest and persistent, but unfortunately, his attackers just were not interested. With great reluctance, we let loose our full arsenal of attacks. The Duergar did possess some basic magical abilities - an enlarging spell and invisibility - but we were already had our most prepared. They did not even stand a chance.

After we finished mopping up the last few resisters, we came upon a cave littered with dwarf bodies. I also confirmed that my hirelings met their end, as their corpses were also present. Apparently, my hired adventurers decided to try slaughtering the dwarves on their own. And while that was an acceptable outcome to the problem, I would have rather they just scouted around like I asked. It does not make me a very good leader if my foreign policy consists of "commit genocide first, negotiate later." I do not feel very good about their actions, but Sparta and I decided it would be best to bring their bodies above to be buried according to their customs. It is a sad fact, but I can afford to make enemies of the Duergar, but not the humans - regardless of which party deserved their fate (if either did).

More disturbing to me than anything was that Wintersky immediately started conversing with the ghosts of the dwarves. I only caught half the conversation, but I wish I heard none of it. I was feeling guilty enough, and I did not need to be reminded that presumably innocent families were killed by men I should have been responsible for. I suppose all I can do is force myself not to dwell on the issue.

Oh yes, and Mask had some sort of breakdown in the aftermath of the fight. She saw the pile of bodies and, crying terribly, teleported away. It seemed uncharacteristic for the mage. I have seen her kill many people with magic similar to my own, so why did she only lose her composure with the Duergar? At least humans has a physical way to express their sadness. I was more responsible for the slaughter than she was, and I feel guilty too, so would I be crying too if I were able to?

Pentatina 20, 1000 PC

posted Aug 2, 2009, 7:41 PM by Dekana

Just as I was getting comfortable with my followers in Tangleton, my scrying revealed that it was time for me to return to Oliveryn's side. So yesterday, I teleported back to Troll's Bridge. I arrived in the midst of my friends' planning to attend a dinner party that night - a party at House Groves. I was just happy to get another opportunity to dance and eat good food (I was away from the city, in the cold, for several weeks). If only I teleported a few minutes earlier, I would have received one of the doses of antitoxin that were passed around. They would have come in handy later!

Oh, shortly after I arrived, T'Krosh informed me that my hirelings had disappeared more than a week ago. That was most troubling to me; one of the big reasons I hired them was so that me and my friends would not have to get involved with the duergar. We have our hands full protecting Oli already! My friends were gracious enough to agree to help me investigate beneath the city, but I told them it could wait until after the ball.

There were no attacks on our trip across town to the party, which was a nice change from my last visit to this city. There were many guards present, but nobody was violent at first. The party was actually quite pleasant for awhile. The food was excellent and I had some time to dance. I think I was perhaps the only one of my friends even having fun! Everyone else was absorbed in the subtle political dealings going on. Legeand just looked like he was tired, Ms. Sky was busy caring after her horse (why did she bring it to the party if she wasn't going to eat it!), and T'Krosh just looked annoyed at everyone (as usual for him).

Maybe I should have been a bit more serious, because the next attempt on our lives occurred during the dinner - as in, while actually eating it. The food was quite poisoned, and I became deathly ill, probably because of how much I ate. Wintersky cleansed the toxins from my body before I expired, so all was well in the end. Many of the guests aside from my friends became sick, but I do not believe any of them actually died. The party continued on, and the dancing started in earnest. I was still feeling the effects of the poison though, so I decided to rest for awhile. It was very disappointing too, since I came all that distance to be there! At least Ozi and Oli started to enjoy themselves in the dancing.

Undoubtedly the use of poison was ordered by Groves. When it failed, he must have decided that more drastic steps were necessary. During the dance, a whole squad of assassins swept into the ballroom and began to attack. Predictably, the guests fled in a panic as the battle ensued. The doors became clogged up, and a few people were even trampled on in the confusion. What a disaster! The dance was going so well, too! I decided to fight fire with fire, and not in a literal sense for once. With my robe, I summoned a very large scorpion from the hells. I thought it would be poetic justice to use poison against the assassins since they were presumably responsible for my poisoning. But, to be fair, my scorching rays and fireballs during the fight probably had more of an effect. At least was very distracting to the attackers, I'm sure. Also, Mask teleported in immediately after the battle started - very suspicious.

Groves vanished behind a locked door and started screaming about something or other. However, I was more concerned with the big hell-beast that just arrived on the scene: something called a dogai. It was resistant to my fire (like all of the hell creatures), and it was mobile enough to evade my scorpion's blows as well as my resilient sphere. It even teleported around for a bit until I put that to a stop with my runestaff's powers. If any attack was successful, it was Legeand's powerful sword blows. I do not think the dogai even cared about the arrows that Wintersky rained down on it. Eventually though, our combined attacks did manage to send it back to the hells.

Unfortunately for House Groves, its leader did not survive the night. When Ozi picked the lock of the door, he found Groves dead by his own hand and Imhiakaam standing over the body. Hmm, have I written of that devil woman before? She is the consort of Isildul, the powerful lich we met before. Apparently, she was collecting Groves's soul for Asmodeus, one of  very evil deities (and a friend of Kurtulmak I believe, but that is more in T'Krosh's area of expertise).

With the party thoroughly ruined, we all gathered our things and left. We wanted to rest for a bit after the ordeal, but next on the agenda is the duergar! We should leave sometime today, or very early tomorrow.

Now this is a dance!

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