Oliveryn's Followers

As Oliveryn prepares to assume the mantle of leadership in Troll's Bridge as the head of House Chicdell, as well as mayor, he has begun to build a following.  Besides his cohort, Eregard Artural, six Troll's Bridgers have sought him out to assist Oliveryn in his quest.

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NameRaceClass/LevelCurrent Mission
NameRaceClass/LevelCurrent Mission
Austin Alard Human Fighter 5 Combat support (archer) - Troll's Bridge 
Bel Tarczyk Human Urban Ranger 4 Spy (Teamed with Jas) - Troll's Bridge 
Chalis Que Human Cleric of Lehnbor 3 Barrister - Troll's Bridge 
Craftsman (25) Human Expert 1 Crafting - Troll's Bridge 
Eli Seg Human Rogue 4 Burglar (Teamed with Jas) - Troll's Bridge 
Elite Archer (9) Human Fighter 1 Combat support (archer) - Troll's Bridge 
Elite Lieutenant (2) Human Marshal 3 Leaders of Elite Troops - Troll's Bridge 
Elite Sergeant (2) Human Marshal 2 Sergeants of Elite Troups - Troll's Bridge 
Elite Shieldbearer (9) Human Fighter 1 Combat support (swordsmen) - Troll's Bridge 
Godric Talorcan Human Fighter 5 Combat support (swordsman) - Troll's Bridge 
Guildsman (2) Human Expert 3 Services - Troll's Bridge 
Isilayligard Meziltarni Wizard 4 Advisor - Troll's Bridge 
Jas Orthos Human Rogue 5/Spymaster 1 Spy (Teamed with Eli) - Troll's Bridge 
Laborer (50) Human Commoner 1 Labor - Troll's Bridge 
Melizza Morisle Human Aristocrat 6 Diplomat - Troll's Bridge 
Morckar Elamier Human Expert 3 Clerk at The Tradehall of Messer 
Noble (2) Human Aristocrat 1 Politician - Troll's Bridge 
Practitioner (10) Human Expert 2 Services - Troll's Bridge 
Troll's Bridge Halberdier (36) Human Warrior 1 Chicdell Estate Guards - Troll's Bridge 
Troll's Bridge Halberdier Corporal (4) Human Fighter 1 Chicdell Estate Guards - Troll's Bridge 
Troll's Bridge Halberdier Lieutentant Human Marshal 3 Chicdell Estate Guard - Troll's Bridge 
Troll's Bridge Halberdier Sergeant Human Marshal 2 Chicdell Estate Guard - Troll's Bridge 
Xor Galichas Human Battle Sorcerer 4 Arcane support - Troll's Bridge 
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