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Lieutenant Mayor of Troll's Bridge

posted Jul 31, 2009, 10:10 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Hardun's blind trust in his grandson has grown to ever greater lengths.  In his latest move, the mayor has appointed Oliveryn second-in-command of Troll's Bridge.  What this does for the loyalist and resistance Houses' attitude towards Oliveryn remains to be seen, but he will need to be careful of and yet take advantage of his newly acquired power.

Timeline of Events

 Pentatina 24, 1000 PC 
 Hardun appoints Oliveryn his Lieutenant Mayor 

Master of House Chicdell

posted Mar 19, 2009, 5:49 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Once Oliveryn has returned to his estate, he is instantly considered the new head of House Chicdell, as Hardun holds the office of mayor and named Oliveryn his heir.

Hardun took much of the staff and workers from the estate to the castle when he left.  One of Oliveryn's first acts as master of the House is to re-staff his estate.  To this end, Susana has arranged, as part of his homecoming, a slave auction to be held at the estate.  It is open to any who wish to bid, but she has made arrangements with the slavers to have the first selection, bidding only as a matter of etiquette during the formal auction.

Besides the necessary workers, there are paid staff need to fill positions, of which Suzana makes Oliveryn aware.  His time within the estate will be filled with administrative duties.  Once rumors of Oliveryn's return are leaked, the news travels like wildfire through the city.  This prompts many audiences with the other heads of the Houses of Troll's Bridge and imperial officials.

Fortunately, the Houses oblige the mayor's grandson, by calling on him at the Chicdell Estate, which keeps Oliveryn safer than having to visit each estate and the City Hall.  Susana ensures that only one House or official meets with Oliveryn at a time.

Timeline of Events

 Butyltina 25, 1000 PC   Oliveryn returns to the House Chicdell Estate. 
 Butyltina 26, 1000 PC 
 Slave auction announced to be held at the
 House Chicdell estate. 

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