Luanes' Journal

The Nightmare Beast

posted Jul 3, 2010, 8:25 AM by Unknown user

Again, we are blessed with a new comrade, a half-dragon named Sjach. Unfortunately, I did not get an opportunity to speak with him before we were thrust into yet another dire situation. We awakened to find everyone in the village dying and had to stabilize them to prevent their demise. Apparently, every person in the village experienced some kind of nightmare, including myself. The source of this turned out to be a Nightmare beast, which I and my comrades dispatched with swiftness. The newcomer did well in battle. I watched as he was struck by lightning, yet he suffered no wound from it. Truly amazing! I look forward to getting to know him better...if we could just have a moment's peace.

Before I was born

posted Jan 17, 2010, 2:12 PM by Unknown user

On this day, long before my mother bore me, death claimed me in a battle. The mighty shaman of the Teutons lead my spirit back into the light. I am forever grateful.

Whether through the workings of misguided magic or the will of the gods, my traveling companions and I exist in a time before we came to be. Wintersky, my sister in faith and guide to the spirits of the afterlife; Legeand, my comrad of the sword and comfort in the dark; Nyza, whose sorcery is only rivaled by her kindness; Celesta, mystical scholar and wounded soul; Oliveryn, who leads an inspirational life of music and politics; Sparta, the forest's ally and free spirit; Ozimus, walking the line between good and evil...I have come to know and love them all.

So long have I resisted the urges, the desires, the whims of my nature which will lead me from the path of righteousness. So often have I suppressed the call of chaos to follow the instructions of my father to stay the course. And now, after all this time, I discover that the road on which I travel is wider than I believed...that I can still follow the path without denying to myself who I really am. Even with this knowledge, I am at a loss, for I no longer know how to let my spirit emerge from the dungeon in which I have imprisoned it. How can I release this burden?

I have taken an oath as a paladin, so mustn't I follow through? If I break my oath, what is my word worth? What consequences will result? As I face these consequences, will my companions suffer as well?

I need council in this matter, but who is knowledgeable enough to offer it? Visaria, in this time, has not yet ascended, and without her guidance, I feel lost.

No matter. I will try to focus more on what is right in the eyes of Armee the Father and Visaria the Beneficient. I will carry out my duties while attempting not to bind myself with rigidity. Only as my true self may I glorify the name of Visaria.

The First Entry

posted Jan 2, 2010, 10:05 AM by Unknown user

The Journal of Luanes Ilrya

I begin my journal on this day because on this day, I became aware.

My father, Taevon Ilrya, has always been my hero. I look at his flashing golden eyes and his majestic white wings, hoping that one day, I will be like him. He is kind and loving, yet stern when it is required. When he speaks, his voice can be heard throughout the heavens.  He shines with Visaria’s love, a brilliance which can be seen from afar.

Yet, today, I have discovered that there is no blood between us.  He explained to me that he discovered me in the midst of a terrible and grotesque scene, the murder of my true parents. Before they died, they managed to hide me, after which, an unknown entity savagely ripped them to shreds. Father found me and raised me.

This does not cause my love for Father to diminish; in fact, it strengthens our bond. He rescued me and raised me, lavishing me with his love. He taught me of Visaria and how to control my impulses. He continues to guide me on this path of compassion and enlightenment. To me, he will always be Father, and I hope that he will always consider me his daughter.

It saddens me to know that I have no relation to the man who raised me so lovingly; it saddens me further that I will never know my birth parents. I swear, however, that someday, I will discover why they were murdered, and I will bring those responsible to justice. Not only this, I will determine the reason behind this gruesome execution and thwart whatever plan it was that was set in motion by their deaths. I will continue my training as a paladin and follow in Father’s footsteps.

May Visaria continue to light my way.

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