Sparta's Epic Pursuits

Initial outline of Epic pursuits:
  • Return to Tangelton & visit Rebelton
  • Put Ringo out to stud and start raising a new dog pack
  • Finish building the villa, clan hold and village ramparts
  • Founding the church of Manty & Zenda & proseltizing
  • Start building the road to TB
  • Summon a new companion (can I get something winged?)
  • & an epic 33rd birthday party

Ideas for future threads:
  • Explore the sinkhole, underdark & illithids
  • Cedarcleaver's kin
  • Gresham & any other liches that are malingering about
  • Drymorjoc
  • Helping Luanes with Darzagon
  • hmmm, lemme think some more