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Isocracy of Tanglewood

posted Mar 20, 2009, 12:19 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Aug 15, 2009, 10:48 AM ]

Nyza, the future leader of vethiSha'Tek, and Sparta, the future patriarch of the Mantyson Clan, have conceived of the idea of a Tanglewood governed by its natural inhabitants to oppose the reign of Cedarcleaver as its king.  To this end, they plan to join forces and build a capital city where all beings of Tanglewood can dwell in peace.

Sparta has revealed his vision to Aifos, Ran MCXI, Senafar Illamaesa, Isildul and Varnil.

For a start, Nyza has had her followers begin scouting and mining in a spur of the former Mount of Walls as a possible location for this city.

The Library

Timeline of Events
 Dodecitina 17, 999 PC   Sparta receives a vision from Lukinvor the Bard 
 to protect Tanglewood. 
 Methyltina 27, 1000 PC   Sparta reveals his vision of a peaceful Tanglewood 
 before Aifos' conclave. 
 Ethyltina 14, 1000 PC   Sparta reveals his vision to Varnil, the chieftain 
 of vethiSha'Tek. 
 Ethyltina 20, 1000 PC   Nyza's followers enter the cave in the spur of The 
 Mount of Walls. 
 Pentatina 10, 1000 PC   Nyza teleports Sparta and Tun to visit followers in 
 the caves in the spur of The Mount of Walls. 
 Pentatina 26, 1000 PC   Nyza teleports Sparta to Rebelton to request 
 the mayor's assistance regarding Tangleton. 

Great Zenda's Ghost!

posted Mar 19, 2009, 8:04 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Aug 15, 2009, 11:31 AM ]

In the early days of Troll's Bridge a family of halflings, survivors of The Fall of Walton, founded a tavern called The Smoking Pipe in the burgeoning town.  This family's matriarch was Zenda the Bard and she was the wife of the famous rogue Manitowoc who adventured with Lukinvor Trubble before she ascended into the Almebezbik Pantheon at the end of the last cycle.

The long-lived couple took up residence in Walton, operating a tavern, and lived there until days before the cataclysm that destroyed the city as Manty had his family go on holiday just before the event took place.

Zenda was killed by orcs when The Smoking Pipe was invaded from its cellars one day and Manty was believed lost until his grandson Hurley the Bard discovered evidence he had been back to the ruins of the metropolis years after its destruction.  Zenda would not pass until she knew Manty's fate and prompted Hurley, with several acquaintences, to search for proof of what had happened to her husband.

They managed to find Manty at The Castle of the Canyon Guardian, where wizards there discovered a way to prevent Manty from disappearing again.  However, during the incantation that was meant to trap only the entity that was whisking him away on a regular basis, Manitowoc spirit and being was infused into a jeweled mithral dagger that he had carried all his live and had recently bequeathed to Hurley.

Manty's Heirloom has since been passed from generation to generation until it now become the boon of Sparta Longshanks of the Mantyson Clan 870 years later.

Timeline of Events

 Dodecitina 8, 129 PC   Zenda slain by Orcs. 
 Methyltina 4, 130 PC   Manitowoc infused into Manty's Heirloom. 
 Butyltina 25, 1000 PC   Sparta visits The Smoking Pipe. 
 Pentatina 7, 1000 PC   Sparta speaks with Zenda at The Smoking Pipe. 
 Pentatina 14, 1000 PC   Sparta introduces Wintersky to Zenda 
 at The Smoking Pipe. 

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