Isocracy of Tanglewood

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Nyza, the future leader of vethiSha'Tek, and Sparta, the future patriarch of the Mantyson Clan, have conceived of the idea of a Tanglewood governed by its natural inhabitants to oppose the reign of Cedarcleaver as its king.  To this end, they plan to join forces and build a capital city where all beings of Tanglewood can dwell in peace.

Sparta has revealed his vision to Aifos, Ran MCXI, Senafar Illamaesa, Isildul and Varnil.

For a start, Nyza has had her followers begin scouting and mining in a spur of the former Mount of Walls as a possible location for this city.

The Library

Timeline of Events
 Dodecitina 17, 999 PC   Sparta receives a vision from Lukinvor the Bard 
 to protect Tanglewood. 
 Methyltina 27, 1000 PC   Sparta reveals his vision of a peaceful Tanglewood 
 before Aifos' conclave. 
 Ethyltina 14, 1000 PC   Sparta reveals his vision to Varnil, the chieftain 
 of vethiSha'Tek. 
 Ethyltina 20, 1000 PC   Nyza's followers enter the cave in the spur of The 
 Mount of Walls. 
 Pentatina 10, 1000 PC   Nyza teleports Sparta and Tun to visit followers in 
 the caves in the spur of The Mount of Walls. 
 Pentatina 26, 1000 PC   Nyza teleports Sparta to Rebelton to request 
 the mayor's assistance regarding Tangleton. 

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