Possible Adventures

This page lists possible adventures ahead for the heroes as discovered through their explorations and interactions in between sessions.
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Discovered ByName and DescriptionLocationCompleteLooted Items and Wealth
Discovered ByName and DescriptionLocationCompleteLooted Items and Wealth
Manty, Sparta & Wintersky Protect Manty's Heirloom from Sher Baig Floating Tower and wherever he finds us   
All Set Valencia on the path to godhood. Almebezbik   
All Set Lukinvor on the path to godhood. Almebezbik   
All Hunt down the illithids invading Troll's Bridge Troll's Bridge   
Luanes Destroy Darzagon and Sezdelishae Lyphnur's Tower   
Sparta & Nyza Gresham the Golden - oh dear, now we have another lich for a friend Gresham's Library in Tanglewood - Genesee   
Nyza & Sparta Delve the sunken city near the Mount of Walls Tanglewood   
Wintersky Track down all Orbs of Dragonkind and release the imprisoned dragon spirts. Almebezbik   
Sparta Meet the Fey - enlist their help in reclaiming Tanglewood from the dragons. Tanglewood   
Iyam Check on old community to see if it is alright. Silva must be near Redemption for a reason. Eastern imperial frontier along Armee's Canal.   
Celesta Save Troll's Bridge from Zenda's impending Cataclysm Troll's Bridge   
Luanes Become a paladin of freedom. Almebezbik   
Celesta Isildul's salvation. The Floating Tower  The Floating Tower 
All Set Visaria on the path to godhood. Zelmbring   
All Set Zodyu on the path to godhood. Walton   
Nyza & Sparta Investigate the stone tower in tree near the Mount of Walls Tanglewood  Knowledge of Gresham the Golden 
Wintersky Discover the plight of Teton ambassadors to Troll's Bridge Troll's Bridge  Murdered by Lord Groves 
T'Krosh Help the kobolds beneath Troll's Bridge get rid of the duergar that are threateneing them. Underdark below Troll's Bridge  See The Treasure under the heading Duergar 
Oliveryn Meet with leaders of Houses associated with the resistance to Hardun's mayorship of Troll's Bridge Troll's Bridge   
Celesta Artural Hunt down Hardun Chicdell and take revenge upon him. Troll's Bridge   
All Find and recover Princess Tangle's hoard. Ladyran Falls, Tanglewood  See The Treasure under the heading Labyrinth. 
Mask Hunt down Ezra Nanz and take revenge upon him. Troll's Bridge  Ezra's recently acquired replacement gear. 
Nyza & Sparta Found a capital for Tanglewood to promote peaceful coexistence among the dwellers of the forest. Tanglewood   
Sparta A wolf who disappears into thin air? Can he fly? Did he have help? Oh were, oh were could he have gone? Redemption  See The Treasure under the heading Vampire. 
All Rescue Ozimius from Gaedracis the Troll Zecrom's Cave, Tanglewood  See The Treasure under the heading Rescue. 
Iyam Find Silva, make sure she's safe, and relay some unhappy news. Somewhere in Tanglewood.  Iyam died before Silva was found, then Silva died defending Redemption shortly after being found. 
Ozimius Interrogate Ezra Nanz when the councel is finished questioning him. Redemption  Ezra escaped before having the chance. 
Nyza T'Krosh - deal with him one way or another. Somewhere on the outskirts of Redemption.  Potential cohort for Nyza. 
Sparta Party in Rebelton - Now that we've found Manty's dagger, it's time for a celebration. Let's get to Rebelton and party like a halfling should. (After we get ourselves out of this cave anyway.) Rebelton  Lots of food and drink. 
Sparta et.al. Tango with Lady Tangle -- It'll be a rumble in the jungle when we clash with the Mistress of the Wood Tanglewood  See Treasure under Dragons. (And Iyam's corpse. /cry) 
Legeand Find peace for Chelsia. Isilville  Chelsia 
Ozimius Take over the underground of Troll's Bridge as a foothold for the Sajenese in The Almebezbikian Empire. Troll's Bridge  Hand short-term control, but driven out by Thieves' Thought 
Oliveryn Become the mayor of Troll's Bridge so as to return rule to The Council of Houses. Troll's Bridge  Returned power to Council of Houses. 
Ozimius (et.al.) Kill Nagav - do you really want to be friends with this fiend? The Floating Tower  See The Treasure under the heading Gaolbreak. 
Sparta Cedarcleaver the Great - What fool wants to go messing with a dragon (at least before they have a few more levels under their belt ;-))  Tanglewood   
All Recover Manty's Dagger, we have 3 more Gaedracis and their secretive leader to kill Presumably at the other hideouts shown on the map we discovered at Mapemounde  Manty's Heirloom recovered. See also, The Treasure under the headings Rescue, Giants, Gnolls and Gaedracis. 
Ozimius Cursed? Zelmbring.  See The Treasure under the heading Zelmbring. 
Oliveryn Confront the imposter Master Chicdell, Ezra Nanz. Luvian's House.  See The Treasure under the heading Reunion. 
All Return Grezeliziea to the Githyanki Fortress. According to the map, Tower's Heights is northwest of Redemption, past Rebelton.  See The Treasure under the heading Sabotage. 
Sparta & Oliveryn Track down Gaedracis' Brigands and whomever attacked the caravan. Maybe it will lead to Elroy's killers too. Starting north (Zuodeyja) of Redemption.  See The Treasure under the heading Mapemounde. 
Ozimius Crystal Cave- Zecrom found a hidden treasure in the crystal shard cave. West (Zuomystos) of Redemption through Tanglewood toward The Crater.  See The Treasure under the heading Folugubs 
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