Devon, Ulley; Legeand Thre'bruell

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Years Roleplaying

3 years DnD
8 years Yahoo RP ( semi-paragraphs to full paragraphs <.<)

Versions of D&D Played

3.5, 3.0

Campaign Settings

Home-Brew, Fantasy 3.5

Other Roleplaying Games Played

Heroquest (I still own it :D), FFXI, Two worlds, and a wack of other rpgs.


Ottawa, Ontario. Canada Ey
Moved to Moose Jaw Sask, then Cold Lake Alb, now living in Airdrie Alberta

What I Do for a Living

I work as a reciver in a grocery store. I have worked as a Mechanic in a RV shop, fabric work in aircraft, construction, and electronic recyceling.


Mother, Father, Sister, Uncle, 4 dogs, and a wack of fish in my house currently

Other Interests

I'm into some games ( 360, ps2, pc)
Anime ( don't give me grip on stupid child ones. Kids don't have world changing power >.>;)
You'll know when I'm talking, I'm not a perfect speller but you'll see when I use alot of smilie faces you've never seen ^^;

Devon Ulley,
Feb 22, 2009, 7:33 PM