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Explanation of the Timestamp

The timestamp consist of 5 parts that are time units from long timespan to short time span.  These parts are:

  1. 01-12 - Cycle
  2. 1-9 - Age of a Cycle
  3. 0001-4000 - Year of an Age
  4. 01-12 Month of a Year
  5. 01-28 Day of a Month
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Dodecitina 25, 1000 PC After escaping the dungeon after the destruction of Hardun, Sparta request the Emperor to bring Manty forth from the dagger. Returned to humanoid form, the ancient halfling leads the heroes to the square where Zenda waits. Upon Manty and Zenda's rejoining, the energy is released to the waiting gods through each of the heroes acting as conduits. The gods direct a small amount of the energy back to the halfling couple, helping them ascend into The Pantheon. Almebezbik and The Mirror are saved. Ascension 12110001225 
Dodecitina 24, 1000 PC After many of the Gods of the Pantheon appear in Troll's Bridge, the heroes are afforded the opportunity to thwart Zodyu's plans for Zenda's power by destroying Hardun.  Decapitated 12110001224 
Dodecitina 23, 1000 PC The green dragons of Tanglewood attack the approaching imperial forces. However, Oliveryn recovers the Orb of Green Dragonkind, distracting Cedarcleaver from the battle. In the ensuing encounter with the heroes, Cedarcleaver is trapped within the orb and the spirit of Vertigriis is sent to its long-deserved rest. Eclipse 12110001223 
Dodecitina 22, 1000 PC The heroes rescue Meliomonee and close the rift open to Faerie. Prochronism 12110001222 
Dodecitina 20, 1000 PC The heroes recover Zenda's ring from between the stones in The Smoking Pipe's cellar. It happens to be none other than The Elder Ring of Castigon. Zenda appears and charges Sparta with its burden. Ring 12110001220 
Dodecitina 19, 1000 PC The heroes discover the location of Zenda's grave and determine her ring is not within. Cemetery 12110001219 
Dodecitina 18, 1000 PC The heroes slay Sezdelishae's balor commanders, Legeand slaying one single-handedly. This demoralizes and virtually eliminates the demonic threat to Troll's Bridge since Sezdelishae flees. Demons 12110001218 
Dodecitina 17, 1000 PC Imhiakaam destroyed while attacking The Fortress of Armee. A pillar of smoke rises above Troll's Bridge alerting the rest of the Empire of trouble there. Aifos, Luanes, Eregard and Oliveryn finally meet with Ran MCXI. Imhiakaam 12110001217 
Dodecitina 16, 1000 PC Celesta, Legeand, Nyza, Sparta, Wintersky and cohorts enter Troll's Bridge, the wards being brought down by Legeand's armor. They take refuge in The Fortress of Armee. Breach 12110001216 
Dodecitina 15, 1000 PC Those in the tower prepare to depart for Troll's Bridge. Wintersky performs a True Resurrection to return T'Krosh to Nyza. Residuary 12110001215 
Dodecitina 14, 1000 PC Aifos, Eregard, Luanes and Oliveryn teleport to "The City" to meet with Ran MCXI. Celesta, Dale, Elenia, Legeand, Nyza, Sparta and Wintersky are enlightened by Manty's Heirloom and then by the appearence of the projection of Sher Baig of his additional threat. Deliberation 12110001214 
Dodecitina 13, 1000 PC The group completes a ritual that will keep the devils infesting the region away from The Floating Tower. Tower 12110001213 
Dodecitina 11, 1000 PC Manty's Heirloom lost in The Crater. Celesta gives birth to her and Isldul's son. Isildul dies. Sjach slain by Imhiakaam in The Crater defending Luane and Sparta. Palingenesis 12110001211 
Dodecitina 10, 1000 PC Ironroot visits Tangleton and offers help. Truetimber attacks and is slain by our heroes, but is resurrected by Kurtulmak after an altercation between Aifos and T'Krosh. T'Krosh is slain by Kurtulmak and Sjach is left feebleminded after intervening on Aifos' behalf. The Estate of House Artural leveled and Houses Artural, Beauregard and Morisle virtually destroyed. Truetimber 12110001210 
Dodecitina 9, 1000 PC Celesta discovers that Zenda's ghost has driven the fiends and undead from the Zuodeyja ancient core of Troll's Bridge. Celesta's Journal 12110001209 
Dodecitina 8, 1000 PC Dale raises a berm around the Tangleton area. Driders 12110001208 
Dodecitina 7, 1000 PC The heroes rescue the adventurer Dierisa Skald from a dozen driders at a sinkhole south of Tangleton. Driders 12110001207 
Dodecitina 3, 1000 PC Celesta gets her half of the sending stone working one-way through Troll's Bridge's barrier and begins updating the heroes of the state of the city. Celesta's Journal 12110001203 
Dodecitina 2, 1000 PC Knudbor, the giant who convinced the orcs to attack Tangleton, launches his own attack. The heroes joined by a younger Aifos defeat the giant. Hurler 12110001202 
Undecitina 28, 1000 PC Celesta gets the better of Imhiakaam during an encounter in the streets of Troll's Bridge. The archmagess torments the pleasure devil, but lets her live. Celesta's Journal 12110001128 
Undecitina 26, 1000 PC Celesta discovers that the demons tormenting Troll's Bridge are associated with Darzagon. Celesta's Journal 12110001126 
Undecitina 21, 1000 PC Ozimius and the Sajenese affect their re-entry into Troll's Bridge. Ozimius' Journal 12110001121 
Undecitina 20, 1000 PC Oliveryn realizes the significance of the owner of the tomes in Gresham's Library and leads the heroes to meet Lyphnur Ghoti. During the heroes' visit Tangleton is overrun by an orc army with which they must deal. Ghoti 12110001120 
Undecitina 19, 1000 PC Celesta and Isildul (disguised as Mask) enter Troll's Bridge in an attempt bring some order to the chaos and hunt the vampires, devil and demons openly plaguing the city. Celesta's Journal 12110001119 
Undecitina 18, 1000 PC Our heroes awaken from nightmares to discover the entire hamlet of Tangleton has been nearly wiped out by a nightmare beast's depredations. Wintersky and T'Krosh prevent any deaths with their divine healing efforts. Sjach Aujir makes the acquaintance of The Heroes of Redemption. Wintersky's Teton followers arrive led by her cohort Elenia Thrask. Nightmare 12110001118 
Undecitina 17, 1000 PC Our heroes return to Tangleton to find T'Krosh and Ozimius already returned. Ozimius' condition is dire and Dale cures his insanity, which is actually discovered to be demonic possession. Celesta returns to The Floating Tower and discovers Imhiakaam is wrecking havoc in Troll's Bridge. Visaria the Beneficent visits our heroes with guidance for dealing with the impending anarchy of the Age. The Estates of Houses Beauregard and Morisle sacked. Homecoming 12110001117 
Undecitina 16, 1000 PC Dale triggers an effect that sends out heroes back to their time, but they are trapped in Gresham's Library and must find a way to escape. Immured 12110001116 
Decitina 23, 1000 PC Our heroes are ambushed by Cedarcleaver and his clan while conversing with Drymorjoc in Marshe's Edge. Ambush 12110001023 
Decitina 22, 1000 PC Our heroes a tricked into boarding The Leprechaun Bus where the leprechauns torment and test them before showing them some potentially important locations elsewhere on the continent. When they land in Marshe's Edge with Drymorjoc looming over them, the leprechauns bolt having accomplishing their mission for the Faerie Queen. Omnibus 12110001022 
Decitina 20, 1000 PC Aifos visits the Elite Dragon Samurai requesting that one of their number assist The Heroes of Redemption. Sjach Aujir, the battalion's newest member, is assigned to the task.  12110001020 
Octotina 4, 1000 PC During a gathering at Chicdell manor, Chelsia possesses Jogthin Chidell thus drawing the attention of our heroes to the disturbance. Legeand finally defeats her and Jogthin is released from the curse he had been under for decades. Chelsia 12110000804 
Hexatina 28, 1000 PC Oliveryn reliquishes the title of mayor and reforms the Troll's Bridge Council of Houses.  12110000628 
Hexatina 21, 1000 PC Sparta recruits a fair amount of the halfling population of Tower's Heights to help found Tangleton in earnest.  12110000621 
Hexatina 20, 1000 PC Nyza claims the title and full standing of Mae'krix, including bring Varnil into her circle of followers.  12110000620 
Hexatina 19, 1000 PC Imhiakaam attacks the mayor's council in Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos, nearly wiping out the government of Troll's Bridge. Bedeviled 12110000619 
Hexatina 18, 1000 PC Nyza returns to vethiSha'Tek to find Cedarcleaver tormenting her tribe.   12110000618 
Hexatina 15, 1000 PC The Gaedracis and his phylactery are destroyed. BuffaloHorn is slain, but his corrupted spirit becomes a dread wraith, which Wintersky destroys in the phylactery chamber. Nines 12110000615 
Hexatina 13, 1000 PC Oliveryn completes the first step in reinstituting the Troll's Bridge Council of Houses by adding all House Lords to the mayor's council.  12110000613 
Hexatina 6, 1000 PC Oliveryn reconstitutes the mayor's council of "loyalist" Houses.  12110000606 
Hexatina 5, 1000 PC Legeand converses with Chelsia south of Rebelton before she eludes him.  12110000605 
Pentatina 26, 1000 PC Sparta and Nyza teleport to Rebelton to recruit folks to help build Tangleton only to find the devastation of The Gaedracis' attack. Decimation 12110000526 
Pentatina 25, 1000 PC The meeting drafting the Declaration of Rebellion is drafted by the Lords and Ladies of Houses Artural, Beauregard, Chicdell, Elan, Illman, Morisle, Random and Tarcigorkan under the leadership of Eregard Artural. The Ghost of Chelsia thwarted again by Algoma Longshanks. Conclave 12110000525 
Pentatina 24, 1000 PC Creatures escape from the menagerie below Elan Tower. Luanes' biological parents reveal their presence. Wintersky and Luanes recognized for their services to Troll's Bridge by the mayor. Hardun names Oliveryn his Lieutenant Mayor. Gaedracis the Lich and his undead forces attack Rebelton. Escapees 12110000524 
Pentatina 23, 1000 PC Our heroes invade Elan Tower in an effort to free the slaves held by House Elan. In the process, Methylpenta and her family are destroyed along with their strong hold trying to prevent the rescue of the Sajenese slaves Ozimius is focused on. The Ghost of Chelsia begins terrorizing Rebelton. Elán 12110000523 
Pentatina 21, 1000 PC Our heroes eliminate the duergar threat to the kobolds (and the rest of the city) below Troll's Bridge. Mexkir and the other kobolds below Troll's Bridge join Nyza as followers. Duergar 12110000521 
Pentatina 19, 1000 PC The formal ball hosted by Morrisul Groves. It ends in disaster for House Groves as Morrisul commits suicide and his soul is taken for Asmodeus. Groves 12110000519 
Pentatina 18, 1000 PC Ozimius enlists Emulov in determining how to combine himself is Imhiakaam's Gift as Nagav had.  12110000518 
Pentatina 10, 1000 PC Nyza teleports Sparta and Tun to visit followers in the caves in the spur of The Mount of Walls.  12110000510 
Pentatina 7, 1000 PC Nyza hires a group of adventurers to help Mexkir with this duergar problem below Troll's Bridge. Sparta speaks with Zenda at The Smoking Pipe.  12110000507 
Pentatina 6, 1000 PC Oliveryn with his usual companions as well as Mask have an audience with Hardun Chicdell at Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos. Luanes drives off assassins from the Chicdell estate. Miqulius Khan becomes Ozimius' cohort. Guildmaster Baezoran El visits the Sajenese. Audience 12110000506 
Pentatina 1, 1000 PC Luanes enters the service of the Orphanage of Visaria.  12110000501 
Butyltina 28, 1000 PC Wintersky meets with Lord Melage Random IX about the situation with the Teton ambassadors. Luanes arrives in Troll's Bridge. Aris arrives in Troll's Bridge.  12110000428 
Butyltina 27, 1000 PC Oliveryn is assassinated during a slave auction on the Chicdell estate. Wintersky manages to revive him. Auction 12110000427 
Butyltina 26, 1000 PC Elenia is attacked by her father, who nearly kills Galifee, Elenia's mother, in a rage.  12110000426 
Butyltina 25, 1000 PC Our heroes meet with the Seelie Court and their King David. Each member of the group are transported to different locations within Troll's Bridge. Wintersky finds the imprisoned Wind-of-Dragons in the catacombs of The Cathedral. Sparta visits The Smoking Pipe. Wintersky and Elenia Thrask meet at The Troll's Bridge Inn. Ozimius discovers the Sajenese presence in the underworld of Troll's Bridge.  12110000425 
Butyltina 23, 1000 PC Our heroes depart Redemption, heading through Tanglewood towards Troll's Bridge. Arrival 12110000423 
Butyltina 21, 1000 PC Luanes has audience with Ran MCXI.  12110000421 
Butyltina 6, 1000 PC Luanes confronts Chelsia in Isilville.  12110000406 
Butyltina 1, 1000 PC Luanes leads an attack on the brigand leader and slays him.  12110000401 
Propyltina 28, 1000 PC Luanes arrives in Isilville, driving brigands away from a burning barn.  12110000328 
Propyltina 27, 1000 PC Luanes battles and defeats the ghost of Chelsia in Rebelton.  12110000327 
Propyltina 26, 1000 PC Luanes travels to Rebelton.  12110000326 
Propyltina 25, 1000 PC The extreme cold of winter in Redemption has opened a nexus to the Paraelemental Plane of Ice in the lake at the town's core, bringing a greater ice paraelemental to The Mirror. Our heroes endure the cold and keep the creature from destroying the Blazing Griffon Inn. Luanes is summoned to Zelmbring. Aris confronts Ozimius with Night Stalker information. Freezing 12110000325 
Propyltina 19, 1000 PC Post for Oliveryn finally begins to arrive from Troll's Bridge after the attention of Mask's interference subsides.  12110000319 
Propyltina 16, 1000 PC Legeand inadvertently causes Chelsia to realize she is dead and remember how she ended up that way. She begins a rampage that is quickly stopped by Wintersky.  12110000316 
Propyltina 11, 1000 PC Hungry wyverns attack Redemption in search of food. Our heroes dispatch two of them. A third wyvern crashes into the Blazing Griffon Inn where the lich of Gaedracis Zuodejya tries to retrieve his head before being vanquished, if only temporarily, by our heroes. Wyverns 12110000311 
Propyltina 7, 1000 PC Mask lures Ezra Nanz to The Scarlet Garter where she humiliates and burns him to death. Celesta's Journal 12110000307 
Ethyltina 24, 1000 PC Our heroes finish transporting the treasure from the treasure trove to Redemption through Aifos' portal, while Aifos secures the Orb of Green Dragonkind and restores Queen Semales tomb. Mask returns to The Floating Tower managing to fight off a wyvern that attacks her along the way.  12110000224 
Ethyltina 23, 1000 PC Our heroes enter Princess Tangle's treasure trove after defeating several gargoyle and green half-dragon minotaur guards. Mask joins the group, giving her counsel and summoning Aifos to secure the Orb of Green Dragonkind discovered in the hoard. Labyrinth 12110000223 
Ethyltina 22, 1000 PC Luanes Ilrya joins our heroes in Kettelmettel at the prompting of Taevon and Visaria the Beneficent.  12110000222 
Ethyltina 21, 1000 PC Our heroes encounter Cedarcleaver on their trek to find Princess Tangle's lair. After a conversation with the great wyrm, they are attacked by fey and then invited to audience with The Faerie Queen. They find the Gnomish thorp of Kettelmettel just downstream of Ladyran Falls. Parley 12110000221 
Ethyltina 20, 1000 PC Nyza's followers enter the caves of the spur of The Mount of Walls once inhabited by Gaedracis the Usurper.  12110000220 
Ethyltina 19, 1000 PC A tornado crashes into Tanglewood from the plains to the north. There is considerable debris, but little damage.  12110000219 
Ethyltina 18, 1000 PC Nyza and Sparta return from vethiSha'Tek. Nyza's scouts continue west to Gaedracis Zuomystos' former lair.  12110000218 
Ethyltina 14, 1000 PC Nyza and Sparta go before Varnil the chieftain vethiSha'Tek. Sparta reveals his vision of a peaceful Tanglewood before Aifos' conclave.  12110000214 
Ethyltina 13, 1000 PC The Grotesque captures and imprisons Wind-of-Dragons to prevent imperial backlash.  12110000213 
Ethyltina 12, 1000 PC Ozimius meets Aris Castigon.  12110000212 
Ethyltina 11, 1000 PC Our heroes arrive in Redemption to begin preparations to travel to Troll's Bridge.  12110000211 
Ethyltina 9, 1000 PC Mask returns to The Floating Tower to consult with Isildul and further her studies.  12110000209 
Ethyltina 8, 1000 PC Our heroes depart Rebelton.  12110000208 
Ethyltina 5, 1000 PC Our heroes eliminate the threat of Gaedracis Pejorative by using his lieutenant's items to bypass his protections. Gaedracis 12110000205 
Ethyltina 3, 1000 PC Our heroes participate in the Battle of Rebelton, in which Aifos' army flushes out Gaedracis the Gnoll so they could eliminate the fourth lieutenant. Gnolls 12110000203 
Ethyltina 2, 1000 PC Wintersky meets the ghost of Elroy, Sparta's brother, in Tanglewood and helps him on his way to be with his ancestors. Elroy 12110000202 
Ethyltina 1, 1000 PC Our heroes begin their hunt for Gaedracis the Usurper. While trying to engage him, they must defeat his craa'ghoran giant ally. Gaedracis Pejorative ends his lieutenant's play for control of Tanglewood and escapes. Giants 12110000201 
Methyltina 27, 1000 PC Aifos has called a meeting with some prominent figures. While entering the event our heroes are beset by Imhiakaam and her army from hell trying to harass Senafar Illamaesa, the Queen of the Elves. Caught in the middle of this offensive is Mask, who has been under the tutelage of Isildul for the last decade. Sparta reveals his vision of a peaceful Tanglewood before Aifos' conclave. Devils 12110000127 
Methyltina 26, 1000 PC Wintersky sends Tall Tree's spirit on to the Happy Hunting Grounds.  12110000126 
Methyltina 25, 1000 PC Our heroes, having been hunting a suspected vampire, encounter Magnus Artural and his minions. Vampire 12110000125 
Methyltina 18, 1000 PC Wintersky discovers Tall Tree's bow in the Crystal Cave.  12110000118 
Methyltina 16, 1000 PC After an extensive search for Ozimius, the ransom note is finally discovered on a slain member of Gaedracis' Brigands. Our heroes mount a rescue of their companions and rid Tanglewood of Gaedracis the Troll. Rescue 12110000116 
Methyltina 6, 1000 PC Wind-of-Dragons rises from the grave a vampire.  12110000106 
Methyltina 3, 1000 PC Ozimius unwittingly discovers Gaultarkis' secret, which prompts Redemption's fence to attempt to eliminate him from the picture. Ozimius escapes into Tanglewood only to be captured by Gaedracis Zuooriri, a troll sorcerer, who ransoms him for the treasure recovered from Zecrom's Cave. Magnus Artural drains the Teton ambassador, Wind-of-Dragons.  12110000103 
Methyltina 2, 1000 PC Our heroes are attracted by a commotion in the park area of Redemption's town core. They find summoned lemures and kytons rampaging and defeat them. They are a diversion created by Nagav to break Ezra Nanz out of jail. Ezra escapes, but Nagav is finally dispatched to the Hells. Gaolbreak 12110000102 
Methyltina 1, 1000 PC Our heroes attempting to return to Redemption finds Princess Tangle laying it wait. Iyam is slain in the process of defeating the green dragon. Aifos Auravici Octavius and his army arrive and protects our heroes from Cedarcleaver. Dragons 12110000101 
Dodecitina 25, 999 PC Our heroes travel to the Crystal Caves in Tanglewood to claim Zecrom's treasure. Folugubs 12109991225 
Dodecitina 23, 999 PC The ghost of Chelsia appears to Legeand in Redemption.  12109991223 
Dodecitina 22, 999 PC Ezra Nanz launches his Endgame by kidnapping Tracyka, Oliveryn and Ozimius, but the spiritual awareness of Wintersky as she enters Redemption through the Zelmbring Gate senses the wrongdoing and alerts the authorities. This, in turn, prompts Iyam, Legeand, Nyza and Sparta to come to the rescue and capture Ezra Nanz. Reunion 12109991222 
Dodecitina 17, 999 PC Sparta receives a vision from Lukinvor the Bard.  12109991217 
Dodecitina 13, 999 PC Nagav has finally crossed the line and our heroes begin the hunt for him. Legeand, Oliveryn, Ozimius and Sparta chase him into Tanglewood only to be ambushed by T'Krosh and his forces. Nagav and T'Krosh manage to get away. Ozimius, however, finds Zecrom's crystal cave. Pursuit 12109991213 
Dodecitina 12, 999 PC Our heroes march up to Zelmbring to determine if Ozimius or Imhiakaam's Gift might be cursed and for Legeand to deal with his issues. They discover the Gaedracis has invaded. Zelmbring 12109991212 
Dodecitina 11, 999 PC Legeand Thre'bruell enters Redemption.  12109991211 
Dodecitina 10, 999 PC Our heroes along with Brezaya Talisin eliminate the ballista threat to Grezeleziea's transport, allowing her to return to her people. Sabotage 12109991210 
Dodecitina 7, 999 PC Ozimius breaks into Redemption Mercantile to steal the dagger he became interested in. Nagav and a guard dog are waiting there for him. The dog is slain, but Ozimius and Nagav converse until Gaultarkis returns to make a proposition. Steal Luvian's Lute and the Baatoran green steel dagger is yours free and clear.  Asportation 12109991207 
Dodecitina 6, 999 PC The heroes follow the ruts from the bridge and find Gaedracis' Zuoclades hideout. Guarded by wild-ones, traps and zombies, our heroes clean out the hideout. They recover part of the caravan's cargo and the accumulated treasures gathered by the Brigands over the years. Mapemounde 12109991206 
Dodecitina 5, 999 PC The heroes take on a mission for Redemption to go out to the ambush site and meet the next caravan coming through. Shufti 12109991205 
Dodecitina 4, 999 PC Nyza , Oliveryn , Ozimius and Sparta are awaiting rooms in the bar of the Blazing Griffon. At midnight a portal to the Astral Plane expells three githyanki in their midst. They slay two, but the third, Grezeliziea, is only interested in getting home. Iyam joins the heroes when he busts the stuck door open to find the aftermath of the battle. Late in the morning it is discovered that Grezeliziea has wandered off. When they find her, she is fighting several githyanki hunters that have invaded Redemption. The party does in the last one, a soulknife, when he knocks Grezeliziea out. Irruption 12109991204 
Dodecitina 3, 999 PC Nyza, Oliveryn and Ozimius all converge on a point just outside the walls of Redemption and work together to fend off an attack by vethObulus kobolds lead by T'Krosh. Sparta Longshanks happens upon the ambush site of the caravan with which Oliveryn was traveling. He identifies the attackers as humanoids, probably humans. He tracks Oliveryn's coach down the valley and Oliveryn to the Blazing Griffon Inn. Convergence 12109991203 
Dodecitina 2, 999 PC The caravan that Oliveryn is traveling with is ambushed. His coach careens down through a valley where it safely comes to rest in a thicket of elderberry bushes. Having been knocked unconscious during the jarring ride, Oliveryn awakes the next day. Hardun Chicdell becomes a vampire.  12109991202 
Undecitina 27, 999 PC Nyza tricks the sentry into letting her out of the tribal caves. She runs into Tanglewood to escape being made maekrix of the Sha'Tek tribe.  12109991127 
Undecitina 25, 999 PC Ozimius Khan departs hideout north of Troll's Bridge to find a safer base of operations in Redemption.  12109991125 
Undecitina 24, 999 PC Sparta Longshanks begins tracking the murders of his brother Elroy. Cedarcleaver attacks Redemption. Hardun Chicdell installs himself as mayor of Troll's Bridge.  12109991124 
Undecitina 9, 999 PC Oliveryn departs Troll's Bridge on his quest to find Luvian, his father, and claim his legacy as Lord Chicdell.  12109991109 
Decitina 24, 999 PC Legeand banished from Isilville.  12109991024 
Decitina 22, 999 PC Wintersky begins her quest become Great Shaman of the Tetons.  12109991022 
Nonotina 28, 999 PC Legeand kills Chelsia in self-defense.  12109990928 
Dodecitina 20, 990 PC Nyza the Flame hatched.  12109901220 
Hexatina 18, 984 PC Celesta Artural is rescued by Isildul and identified as Mask.  12109840618 
Hexatina 17, 984 PC Celesta Artural disappears. She is raped, burned and left for dead by Ezra Nanz and Hardun Chicdell.  12109840617 
Hexatina 20, 982 PC Ozimius Khan born.  12109820620 
Decitina 6, 979 PC Legeand Thre'bruell born.  12109791006 
Ethyltina 9, 978 PC Wintersky born.  12109780209 
Ethyltina 21, 976 PC Oliveryn Chicdell-Witson born.  12109760221 
Hexatina 23, 969 PC Sparta Longshanks born.  12109690623 
Dodecitina 11, 967 PC Sjach Aujir born.  12109671211 
Decitina 14, 966 PC Celesta Artural born.  12109661014 
Pentatina 7, 964 PC Iyam Pathpounder born.  12109640507 
Methyltina 20, 857 PC Taevon Ilrya finds Luanes in a hollowed out tree.  12108570120 
Dodecitina 28, 856 PC Luanes Alaphasus born.  12108561228 
Methyltina 4, 130 PC Manitowoc infused into Manty's Heirloom.  12101300104 
Dodecitina 8, 129 PC Zenda Blackfoot slain by Orcs.  12101291208 
Undecitina 15, 25-9 Our heroes travel through Tanglewood to visit Gresham the Golden. After Gresham test the heroes' mettle he invites them to dine with him. A number of things transpire including Luanes' wings manifesting, Nyza lays her egg and Celesta's pregnancy is brought to light. Gresham 11900251115 
Undecitina 13, 25-9 Our heroes, having defeated the demons summoned by the kobolds, find that the kobolds had been possessed. The kobolds negotiate with the heroes to convince them to ask Gresham the Golden to leave them alone. Kobolds 11900251113 
Undecitina 12, 25-9 Our heroes investigate the disturbing chanting that kobolds are doing, which they discover has summoned a number of vrock and an aspect of Demogorgon. Demogorgon 11900251112 
Undecitina 5, 25-9 Celesta becomes pregnant with Isildul's child. Celesta's Journal 11900251105 
Undecitina 5, 25-9 Marquis Vistij Ijoynvaeh invites our heroes to dine with him, but the dinner is interrupted when the lord speaks in Ancient Elvish and brews a vile storm. Charogne 11900251105 
Undecitina 4, 25-9 Our heroes finally encounter Visaria and save her from execution. Demimondaine 11900251104 
Undecitina 3, 25-9 Our heroes travel to Zelmbring, the precursor of Redemption, to find Visaria and assist her to find her path the divinity. Jaunt 11900251103 
Decitina 27, 25-9 Ozimius slays the all members of the Sajenese Clan Sphinx, who were operating out of Walton, when they ambush him believing him to be and impostor posing as the head of Clan Khan. Scrying in the Past 11900251027 
Decitina 25, 25-9 Oliveryn performs as Lukus Falkin at the Old Walton Inn while Legeand joins Luanes as The Temple of Armee. A massive assault be hundreds of wyverns from Tanglewood interrupts all and our heroes charge to the summit of the Mount of Walls to face largest wyvern ever seen. In the ensuing battle, the wyvern is vanquished, but Luanes is also slain. Wyvern 11900251025 
Decitina 24, 25-9 Our heroes are unwittingly transported back in time by Aifos Auravici Octavius. Quest 11900251024 
Methyltina 1, 45-1 Aifos Auravici Octavius travels with his forces a cycle into the future a second time.  11100450101 
Nonotina 3, 43-1 Aifos Auravici Octavius travels a cycle into the future for the first time.  11100430903 
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