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Decitina 23, 1000 PC

After conversing with the demented great black wyrm Drymorjoc, our heroes are mysteriously give the opportunity to rest.  The next morning, the dragon returns for more conversation.  However, before any questions are answered, Cedarcleaver and his entire clan spring an ambush upon those gathered in Marshe's Edge.

As Celesta correctly suspected, our heroes were under the watchful eyes of protectors.  The Teton Chieftain Phoenix Breaking-Day rushes in calling for our heroes to run and then transforms into the gold wyrm Spiritus Magna Lumina to join battle with the green dragons.

Drymorjoc takes flight to engage Cedarcleaver, but the younger dragon avoids the older by using the dazzling sun and attempts to destroy our heroes as they retreat towards the cover of Tanglewood.  Aifos appears at the last moment to deflect the great green wyrm's corrosive breath.

As two more gold dragons and a silver dragon join the battle, our heroes escape the draconic maelstrom.  However, one green dragon still blocks their way.

Terrorteak, Cedarcleaver's mate, assaults our heroes.  As she soars in to attempt to melt them with her own breath weapon, spells and arrows fly, trying to bring the dragon to the ground.  The overconfident dragon flies directly over the assembled adventurers, who manage to cause significant damage to the her. As she sails around in order to bring her breath weapon to bare again, Celesta aims a second disintegrate spell at Terrorteak, which results in the dramatic destruction of the dragon as she is reduced to so much acrid dust.

As the dust settles, green, gold and silver dragons streak by overhead as Cedarcleaver and his surviving family retreat to Tanglwood, pursued by Auravici's Bane, Terrishaw Perinil and the gold wyrm Aifos calls from one of the staves he carries.  Aifos drifts down to the gathered adventurers where he informs them who they have just slain and that their lives will remain in danger until Cedarcleaver is no more.

After a discussion about how to deal with this, The Fey and Ozimius' future, which Aifos suggests would be more safely attended elsewhere, he transports our heroes to Tangleton.

Drymorjoc: Have we not awakened yet this morning?

Luanes looks around at her comrades.

Drymorjoc: Well, except the rude ones who were so diplomatic yesterday.

Legeand: We are up, just a matter of how awake we are.

Nyza: Nyza is very much awake! And, a little surprised to see you are still here.

Drymorjoc: Still here. Always here.

Ozimius slinks into the shadows.

Sparta rubs his calf and finds a rock to sit on and smoke his pipe.

Wintersky: And what does His Acridness want THIS morning?

Oliveryn does some early morning stretching, getting ready for the need to run as allocated.

Celesta: Yes, you have not left us much to go on.

Drymorjoc ponders his visitors, then looks around suspiciously.

Wintersky: Lose something?

T'Krosh, Nyza, Legeand, Wintersky, Dale and Sparta see a dragon flying towards the area out of the sun.

Legeand: Oh, oh. That cannot be good.

Nyza points toward the sun.

Nyza: Is that a friend of yours?

Drymorjoc: Rrooooaaaarrrrr!!!!!!

Sparta looks where the others are pointing and readies his bow

Luanes looks up as well.

Sparta: Looks like we have more company.

Eregard looks around confused.

Wintersky: Bet he wants your stuff Drymorjoc!!

Sparta sees green dragons in the cedars and behind other nearby trees.

Dale moves next to Sparta and Ringo.

Legeand readies his sword and shield.

Sparta: We have lots of company.

Wintersky readies her bow and spells.

Sparta: There are more in the swamp.

A Teton runs into the square from the south.

Phoenix Breaking-Day: Run!

The Teton transforms into a gold dragon.

Wintersky: Run? Where?

Sparta: And, they're green.

Sparta: I think they mean to ambush you, Drymorjoc.

Drymorjoc takes flight to meet the dragon coming out of the sun.

Eregard looks around even more confused as a random person starts telling him to run.

Ozimius casts Flight of the Dragon and sprouts wings.

Nyza: Why do we not let Drymorjoc attend to the newcomer.

Oliveryn: It is OK, Eregard.

Wintersky looks for cover.

Luanes calls for Gaelitae.

Legeand: Two on one, one on one on on... What is going on?

Spiritus Magna Lumina: North! Go north!

Oliveryn starts running north with Eregard.

Wintersky: Come on! She said north. Everyone!

Wintersky runs.

Sparta: Let's go, Dale!

Luanes waits for Gaelitae, mounts and flies north over her comrades.

Celesta casts Cat's Grace.

Legeand starts following the others at full speed.

Dale and Sparta climb on Ringo and start riding north.

Nyza hands out Fly spells like candy. One each to T'Krosh, Legeand, Sparta and herself.

Sparta: Whoa!

Sparta floats off Ringo's back and then starts flying along side.

The dragon invading from the sun uses the dazing light to evade Drymorjoc and swoops down towards the fleeing heroes.

Luanes follows the group and provides cover.

Sparta casts Long Strider on Ringo.

Cedarcleaver: I will show you that double-crossing me is deadly!

Cedarcleaver breaths.

Legeand: Oh, crap!

Dale casts Resist Energy on Ringo.

Sparta: Where's that scroll?

Oliveryn looks confused.

Oliveryn: Doublecrossed?

Luanes turns to look at the pursuing beast.

A robed figure engulfed in yellow flames appears directly in front of Cedarcleaver and deflects the cloud of acid back towards the great wyrm.

Nyza: Ahhh, Sparta! Why do they all come at us now?

Sparta: You're asking me?

Sparta: They're dragons, it's what dragons do.

Luanes casts Holy Sword.

Cedarcleaver avoids the flaming figure and gains altitude with Drymorjoc close on his tail.

Wintersky cast Mass Resist Energy.

Dale doesn't stop to watch the battle, but urges Ringo north at a run.

Oliveryn continues north with Eregard.

Nyza: Anyone think we could help?

Nyza: This would be a good chance to get rid of Cedarcleaver or Drymorjoc...or both.

Sparta: I don't think we can kill Drymorjoc.

Sparta: Let them battle. There are plenty of big green's kin to worry about.

Legeand: I think it is bad either way. Just hope the one who looses is weak enough to kill.

Ozimius flies after the others.

Celesta runs after the others.

Oliveryn: Agreed.

Sparta hunts through his backpack in flight until he finds his scroll.

Oliveryn looks up into the sky.

Luanes continues to urge Gaelitae forward at top speed, keeping herself between the dragon and the group on the ground.

Suddenly, two more gold dragons and a silver dragon swoop in flushing out several green dragons.

Nyza looks back to the lone figure protecting them, but turns back and follows the group.

Luanes: Visaria be merciful!

Sparta: Don't get separated! Alone we'll be easy pickings.

Wintersky summons a war horse with Summon Nature's Ally II.

Our heroes run north towards the cover of Tanglewood while a swarm of dragons battle in the sky behind them.

Oliveryn takes out his lute and strums up a hymn for the coming battle.

Ozimius flies ahead towards the nearest tree coating his weapon as he does so.

T'Krosh looks torn as to what preparations to make.

T'Krosh whispers "Kurtulmak protect us..." and lays a Protection from Fire spell on Legeand.

Nyza identifies the spell and grins.

Legeand: During his run, he picks his weapon crystal as adamantine.

A huge green dragon appears above the trees and begins to swoop in at our heroes.

The dragon floats in, casting a spell on itself before engaging.

Celesta casts Assay Spell Resistance swiftly, a contingent Sword of Deception appears before her and she lunches a Fireball at the dragon.

Terrorteak roars in pain.

Sparta lets loose with a volley of arrows at the onrushing dragon.

The arrows bounce off the dragon's hide.

Sparta: Arg!

Dale calls a Flame Strike down upon the dragon.

The column of fire fizzles over the dragon.

Eregard moves in front of Oliveryn to profect him if the dragon decides to swoop down.

Nyza recites her newly acquired Arcane Spellsurge spell. Arcane energy begins flowing at an increased pace for the sorceress.

Nyza follows up with a Greater Invisibility spell and flies away from the bunched up group.

Wintersky casts Downdraft in an effort to drive the dragon to the ground.

The wind seems to have no effect on the dragon's altitude.

Luanes casts Angelskin.

Wintersky: Wintersky wheels her horse and moves 50 feet off the path, Snow Shadow follows.

Luanes flies closer to the beast.

Oliveryn casts Lesser Globe of Invulnerability.

Ozimius gains altitude, moving to flank when the dragon passes.

T'Krosh: Maekrix? Where...did you go..?

T'Krosh: Fine, just me and Kurtulmak by my side!

T'Krosh casts Visage of the Deity on himself and takes on devilish aspects.

Legeand moves forward and takes a defensive stand.

Wintersky: Boy I miss Cinder.

Wintersky lands on her feet as her horse disintegrates underneath her.

Celesta and Dale sizzle as acid burns them.

Celesta casts Disintegrate as her Sword of Deception strikes at the passing dragon.

Sparta drops his bow and attempts to grapple the passing dragon.

Terrorteak rips Sparta free with a claw as he tries to cling to it.

Sparta sticks the landing after being clawed off the dragon.

Dale leaps off Ringo's back as she transforms into a dire lion, moving to the northwest with Ringo in tow.

Eregard readies his attack in case the dragon goes to snap at Oliveryn.

Nyza unleashes a pair of flaming orbs at Terrorteak.

Terrorteak shrieks as the orbs strike her.

Wintersky casts Spell Vulnerability attempting to make the dragon less resistant to the group's spells.

Wintersky moves forward under the dragon.

Luanes drops about 5 feet closer to the ground and casts Holy Storm.

Oliveryn continues to sing.

Ozimius charges and plunges his rapier into the dragon's back to great poisonous effect.

T'Krosh projects a wave of healing on Dale and nearby allies.

Dale: Purrrrrrrrr

Legeand swings his blade at the dragon with a blur, but only sparks fly from its scales.

The dragon continues is swing through the area readying for another pass while our heroes take aim at it.

Sparta manages to thrust Manty's Heirloom into the dragon as it passes.

Celesta casts Disintegrate again.

The ray shoots from Celesta's outstretched hand and the dragon explodes in a cloud of fine dust.

Wintersky: Hey, you turned it.

Sparta: And ole' blackie called me the dragonslayer.

Nyza shields herself from the avalanche of dragon ashes that descend upon her.

Sparta: Nice shooting, Celesta.

Celesta: Wow!

Legeand: Well, how many more do we need to kill today?

Sparta: I barely scratched it.

Wintersky: I guess I do not like killing dragons.

Celesta: That might have hurt ole blackie.

Sparta: I don't know, but let's not wait around for the next one.

Nyza: Me neither, but it was us or her.

Oliveryn: True.

Sparta: How many can we teleport home?

Luanes looks around, stunned.

Celesta: I can take myself and four.

Nyza: If Celesta and myself work together, I am sure we could all go. If we really want to, that is.

Nyza: There is a very neat battle going on we could watch for a while.

Luanes ends her spell.

Dragon-shaped shadows fly over.

Luanes looks up at the shadows.

Sparta: Is that reinforcements or a retreat?

Glancing up, green, gold and silver streaks trail off over Tanglewood.

Legeand: Watching the dragons, "Did we win?"

Wintersky: I do not know.

Sparta: Nyza, I'm worried about Tangleton.

Luanes: This is...something is not right...

Sparta: Cedarcleaver won't be happy with a loss today.

The floating ball of yellow flame drifts towards our heroes from the village.

Nyza: Tangleton still has Destibier. Nyza worry more about Troll's Bridge and Rebelton since they are closer.

Luanes looks up at the flame.

Aifos Auravici Octavius puts the flames out, "That should take care for them."

Wintersky: What is that? Who is that?

Nyza: And what provoked it all?

Wintersky: Ohh!

Sparta: General Aifos?

Sparta: Why did they attack like that?

Legeand: And, what has been going on?

Wintersky: What is bothering you, Luanes?

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Draconic senses are quite keen. Terrorteak has been spying on Drymorjoc for months.

Luanes whispers to Wintersky.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: She reported your conversation with Drymorjoc to Cedarcleaver last night.

Luanes (quietly): Did this not seem...far too easy?

Luanes dismounts Gaelitae.

Nyza: Maybe, but we had much help.

Dale returns to halfling form.

Wintersky (whispering back): We certainly had unexpected help.

Luanes (quietly): I mean...even that one dragon...

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Yes, Lady Ilrya. Your troubles are just beginning. Terrorteak was Cedarcleaver's mate.

Sparta: I was afraid of that.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: He will not take kindly to her destruction.

Oliveryn: Yeah...I can see that now.

Legeand: Well, she attacked first; not our problem.

Luanes:, she is truly destroyed?

Celesta: I really was not really expecting for the spell to work that well against a dragon.

Sparta: Not until he exacts his revenge.

Luanes nods to Celesta.

Luanes: Precisely.

Wintersky looks for Terrorteak's spirit.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Disintegration is pretty final.

Dale: If Nyza's right, he'll lash out at Troll's Bridge or maybe Redemption.

Legeand: If he is not busy with other dragons.

Dale: I hope Rebelton is far enough removed to be somewhat safe.

Luanes: Tis true...yet a dragon usually has resistance or immunities to such magic.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: He is currently busy with my companions, but he will not forget this.

Wintersky addresses the confused dragon spirit.

Legeand: Then we need to add him to our list of things to remove from out path.

Celesta: I had some help in overcoming her defenses.

Luanes: Ahh.

Wintersky: Well, Green Terror shall I sing you home and ease your passing?

Luanes: I see.

Celesta: A spell that lets my see her weakness.

Dale: I wish I knew how to do that Celesta, she shook off my spells with no trouble at all.

Terrorteak's spirit turns to look at Wintersky.

Nyza crosses her arms and looks away from Celesta. Not jealous at all.

Wintersky: Your spirit is mighty and strong and it belongs home.

Terrorteak's spirit nods.

Luanes: That was ingenious, Celesta.

Celesta: We will have to see, Dale, if it can be cast by druids.

Wintersky begins to sing in Draconic.

Celesta: It was lucky...lucky I found it in Isildul's library.

Sparta: I don't suppose Drymorjoc was seriously hurt?

Luanes: To find knowledge is luck; to use the knowledge effectively is wisdom.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: He was wounded, but Cedarcleaver is worse off.

Nyza: Weak enough for us to finish off?

Celesta: That is a gracious complement, Luanes.

Sparta: That's what I was thinking.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: No, Nyza. I am afraid not.

Luanes: Truthful and well-deserved.

Sparta: I'd love to get him outta our forest.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Even Celesta's special spell would still be chancy with the great wyrms.

Luanes: I am still unclear as to what the black wyrm wishes us to do.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: And, I would like to keep the slaying of dragons to a minimum if possible.

Nyza: He mentioned wiping out The Fey, yes?

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Really.

Nyza: Or uh, blocking them from entering the world? Something along those lines.

Luanes: No, he wanted us to close the portal between the fey world and this one.

Sparta: Or at least closing off their portal to The Mirror.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: The Fey have been driven away before, but they always find ways back to this world.

T'Krosh: Maybe we can only close the leprechaun portal and not the others.

Celesta: So, we will not foolishly try to extinquish Eternal Fires, Marshal Octavius.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Precisely.

Sparta: He seemed to think the Fey sent us to Marshe's Edge to assassinate him.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: They did, Sparta.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Long before you are ready.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Fortunately, Drymorjoc is losing his faculties.

Sparta: Well, that's true. I, for one, had no intention of tangling with him.

Legeand: Then someone needs to talk to them to make sure they don't do that again.

Nyza: Reasoning with the fey? That seems far-fetched.

Luanes: Very.

Sparta: He's welcome to stay in the swamp as long as he likes, as long as he leaves Tanglewood alone.

Aifos Auravici Octavius smiles.

Luanes: Marshal?

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Yes, Lady Ilrya?

Luanes: it against the law for the Fey to dwell in this world?

Aifos Auravici Octavius: No, not at all.

Luanes: Then why drive them away?

Luanes: Or, close the portal?

Aifos Auravici Octavius: They are chaotic and often cruel and cross more than just ley lines.

Luanes: Then subject them to the

Sparta: Eh, good luck with that one.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: They will retreat for a time of their own accord...until their indiscretions are forgotten.

Luanes: As does any criminal.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Of course, you and I are not going away anytime soon, so there may be pressure we can bring to bare.

Celesta: Changing the subject a bit. We have been setup now to have no choice but to rid Tanglewood of Cedarcleaver.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: It would seem so, Lady Artural.

Luanes: I just an entire race from this world simply because it is more convenient than dealing with them...

Nyza: Indeed. It does not help that he try to attack my former tribe.

Nyza: The black dragon clearly had no such worries, Luanes. But you are different from him, yes?

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Bringing the lords of the Fey unlikely, however.

Legeand: So, we choose the lesser of two evils?

Luanes: Yes, I am

Wintersky (sung in Draconic to Terrorteak): Mighty terror of the woods. By tooth, talon, scale. All the tangled plots you wove still hide within the dale. They will ambush the unwary, but here you no longer tarry. You passed beyond the veil. You passed beyond the veil.

Legeand: I rather hate the Fey as well, but someone needs to *ahem* put a foot down on them a bit.

Luanes: Then someone should...

Luanes: Instead of driving them from our world.

Terrorteak's spirit passes on.

Nyza listens intently to the song and imagines what a departing spirit must look like.

Luanes whispers a prayer for the dragon's spirit.

Sparta sheds a tear at Wintersky's bittersweet song.

Wintersky: Terrorteak is gone from us now.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: A bit idealistic...and naive. It is like dealing human criminals...always getting away with something.

Luanes: Idealistic or not, it is the right thing to do.

Ozimius: And very hard to accomplish.

Wintersky: It is.

Legeand: Let them get away with some things; but others they need to be counted down.

Luanes: The difficulty of the task does not make it any less right.

Ozimius: I find I might agree with that if not for my situation.

Wintersky: The Fey are completely self-centered. They are like small children with extreme power.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: A very accurate assessment.

Wintersky: Your situation, Ozi?

Luanes bites her lip to keep from speaking.

Ozimius: I have a future that probably is most undesireable to the rest of you.

Sparta: What are you talking about, Ozi?

Wintersky: You can change your future if you will it.

Sparta: You'll always be welcome in my home.

Ozimius: As much as I try, I inexorably continue to be drawn in a direction that is alluring and dangerous.

Luanes: The road you are travelling need not be have the power to change it.

Wintersky: You do not have to become a Lord of Darkness.

Ozimius smirks.

Luanes looks at Sparta then back at Ozi sadly.

Ozimius: That, some already consider me to be.

Nyza: Well, you have my blessing, Ozi! You are a friend, right? So stay being a lord of darkness if you like it and you stay our friend.

Luanes: I cannot say the same as Sparta or Nyza, Ozimius.

Ozimius pats Sparta on the shoulder, "I will try not to abuse it."

Luanes: I am sorry.

Legeand: Just try not to kill to many innocents, Ozi and your fine with me.

Sparta: I trust you.

Ozimius: I do not expect to be accepted in this, but I will do all I can to keep in as good of graces as I can with all of you as my friends.

Luanes: Ozimius, you do not need to....give in to your nature. Unless it is something you desire, that is.

Ozimius: You all have my loyalty.

Ozimius: The issue is that I desire it, but I do not want to drive you away or betray any of you.

Wintersky: Please do not become what I fight against. You can yet change your path. But soon it will be too late. You asked me once if there was hope for you. It is still there, but it gets slimmer with your choices.

Luanes: There is redemption for all, no matter how far you descend into darkness.

Sparta: Can we say the same for the Fey or Cedarcleaver?

Ozimius: We will see. I, as you all seem to believe, am not entirely lost yet.

Luanes: My point, exactly, Sparta.

Wintersky: Sometime redemption includes death.

Legeand: In death, all creatures are the same.

Ozimius: Right now, death would probably be my loss.

Wintersky: No, all meat is the same.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: As I arrived, I heard you discussing transportation.

Nyza: We need a destination, though, General. Do you think you know where Cedarcleaver is heading off to?

Nyza: If it is a settlement, we should probably go help defend it.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Your discussion would be better secured elsewhere, I believe.

Luanes: Agreed. Where are we going?

Sparta: I think Cedar will go nurse his wounds until his ego goads him into attacking again.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Cedarcleaver is retreating to his lair. He will be recovering for some weeks after his battle with Drymorjoc.

Nyza: Then... to Oliveryn's house? His mother has wards set up, so we could speak safely there.

Celesta: That is a good option.

Oliveryn: This is true.

Sparta: I've had just about enough of that city. I'd just as soon return to Tangleton.

Sparta: We'll need to see to its defenses soon enough.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: I can transport all of you at once, wherever you desire to go.

Celesta: I would prefer that. My spell is a bit risky.

Luanes looks to the rest of the group for confirmation.

Legeand: Anywhere is fine.

Nyza: As is mine. Still, me think Troll's Bridge is better. We need to talk more about our plans.

Ozimius: Tangleton would be better and we need to protect our interests there.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: It is the Chicdell Estate or Tangleton, then?

Wintersky: I have no preference.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: All the towns need to be warned of these events. My runners are positions to spread the word.

Luanes: I would prefer somewhere fortified.

Celesta: Seems we are leaning to Troll's Bridge.

Sparta: The caves of Tangleton will protect us against almost any assault.

Luanes smiles slightly.

Legeand: Flip a coin on it; let luck decide.

Aifos Auravici Octavius smiles.

Luanes: What will it fail to protect us from?

Sparta fishes in his purse for a crown.

Sparta: Anything small as a kobold and vicious as a dragon.

Sparta: Or, able to move through hundreds of feet of solid granite.

Legeand: Heads for Tangleton, tails for Troll's Bridge.

Celesta: Then we only have to fear Nyza and T'Krosh.

Celesta smirks.

Sparta: Ready, Nyza? Call it in the air.

Luanes: And what of Oliveryn's house? What are its deficiencies?

Nyza smiles, but tries to hide it.

Nyza: It is magically warded, so would not be observed. The defenses are less formidable however.

Sparta flips the coin.

Luanes nods, thinking.

Oliveryn: Plus, I have house guards as well.

Luanes: How are your guards against dragons?

The coin lands heads up.

Oliveryn: Well, they will give us warning at least.

Celesta: It is in Troll's Bridge with Jogthin and the rest of the slime that run the city.

Wintersky pick up the coin and examines it.

The head's side is a portrait of Ran MCXI and the tail's side is Star Point Castle.

Luanes: I think that...Tangleton sounds to be a safer choice.

Wintersky: If we are moving our base of operation, I have some belongings to recover.

Nyza: Nyza was not talking about any long term stay...just a few minutes to hold a meeting at. We can teleport after that to wherever we'd like.

Nyza: If it is such a hassle, Tangleton is fine with me as well.

Sparta smiles at Nyza.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Are we ready?

Legeand: Yes.

Oliveryn: Either, or.

Aifos Auravici Octavius: Tangleton, then?

Dale: Luck has settled us on Tangleton.

Aifos Auravici Octavius waves his arms and our heroes appear before the mine entrance in Tangleton.