Dodecitina 13, 999 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 12:56:35 AM

Stupid Nagav! He stabbed me after I spoke with my summoned Azer! I'm just lucky Yentis was bright enough to alert the others about what happened or there would be no more pictures in this journal. Now here is where other kobolds where swear a blood-feud against Nagav and everyone he ever loved, but I don't think that really helps matters. I should just focus on my studies so when we next meet, I will be able to sear his eyeballs into liquid with magical fire.

And speaking of that, my new azer friend was very helpful. An expensive conversation, it was, but he had much to say about the Plane of Fire. He also seemed to immediately know who I was, or at least who my ancestors were. Very strange.

Things to remember

I am descended from Destibier, an ancient great red wyrm. His spirit still exists, usually in the Plane of Fire.

The City of Brass might be safe for me to live in, but evil efreeti rule the place. There might even be some kobold slaves there.

Fire elementals are sentient, and they can make good soldiers. That could be useful. In fact, I should probably learn their language.

I need to bring two gems the next time I summon this azer. He hinted that he could teach me how to shrug off raw flame as he and Nagav do.