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Methyltina 2, 1000 PC

After our heroes find and make contact with Silva with nearly disastrous effect and Imhiakaam's Gift causing everyone concern, they return to the Blazing Griffon to an amazing performance by Oliveryn singing his ballad about Iyam's fall and Princess Tangle's demise.

There is celebration of New Year's Day far into the night.  After breakfast and activities to begin another day, a commotion breaks out in the town core.  When our heroes investigate, they find six lemures wandering between the pond and the mercantile.  After a pitched battle, Nagav is spotted flying above the town hall.  They find a chain wielding kyton blocking their way to engage Nagav.  While Ozimius concentrates on engaging Nagav and Oliveryn spots Ezra Nanz's escape and gives chase, Nyza, Sparta and Wintersky meet the kyton and defeat it with some difficulty.  Silva can be seen battling another kyton on the other side of the park.

Ezra Nanz escapes into the crowds, but Nagav is corralled in the town hall where Ozimius, with the support of his companions, finally eliminate Nagav's threat to Redemption forever.

Silva: Do not pretend you did not hear me, Ozi. You are the one who sneaked into my space, silent as a rat. I did not know you from Ran, so as far as I knew, shadow skulker, you were another enemy like those two.

Wintersky: Which two?

She points at two lumps deeper in the alley.

Nyza: Those two attacked you as well?

Ozimius: I heard you Silva. I choose not to acknowledge your presence. I snuck up to be sure you were safe and not startled.

Ozimius draws his sword.

Ozimius: But threaten me again and I will not be so easily taken.

Silva: You need to work on not being seen.

Wintersky: That is kind of a neat name Shadow Skulker. Do you like it?

Silva: If you were looking for me and knew my name, announcing yourself would have been appropriate.

Wintersky: Do not fight, you two. The Teton bind two like you together for a week.

Sparta 's head spins as he watches the fiery back and forth between Silva, Ozimius and Wintersky.

Ozimius: I am familiar with this area Silva. Far moreso than you, I imagine. And if one of my colleages was stalking you, it is my buisiness to know.

Wintersky: Ozi, put your sword away. You still need healing?

Wintersky: At least let it be a surprise for me when more blood flies.

Wintersky: She has put hers away.

Ozimius sheaths his sword.

Nyza shrugs and returns to Wintersky's side. Her illusion drops to her normal, kobold self.

Silva: Oh, you are actually a kobold?

Silva relaxes.

Nyza: Yes. Nyza thought you might run off if she approach normally after you kill someone.

Ozimius watches Sylva suspiciously, but relaxes.

Nyza: And then me cannot tell you that Iyam died.

Silva: So, what was that about Iyam?

Ozimius: Iyam is dead, as I told you. Killed by Princess Tangle.

Wintersky: By the way, I am Wintersky.

Silva nods.

Sparta: And I am Sparta of Rebelton. We are very sad for your loss.

Wintersky: Iyam impetuously lept onto Princess Tangle's back, bringing her to the ground.

Sparta: Iyam was a great warrior.

Wintersky: He acted very much the hero.

Ozimius: Unlike you, (Silva).

Sparta: Yes, his final act may have saved us all.

Wintersky: How often have you attacked first and asked questions later, (Ozimius)?

Ozimius: If those who dwell here attacked you I should know.

Sparta: But, you're not quite like other kobolds, are you, Silva?

Ozimius looks at Wintersky. I try to refrain from attacking those who obviously do not deserve it. Granted I have been known to use bad judgement in my choice of those in whom I try to befriend, but Nagav is best forgotten for now.

Wintersky: Did you obviously not deserve it, Ozi?

Sparta: I have never seen a kobold with red hair before.

Silva: I am only part kobold, I think.

Silva: Some think I am yuan-ti.

Sparta: Iyam told us you were his sister. He was very worried about you.

Ozimius: As I said, I was trying to watch for her safety. Do you forget, it was I who was willing to search for her alone?

Wintersky: You are brave and reckless, my friend.

Ozimius: Iyam was my friend. I may not show my friendship with words, but Iyam asked me to look after Silva after we finished with Princess Tangle, And I always keep my word.

Nyza: Umm, Silva? Do you mind if Nyza look at the two thieves that attacked you?

Nyza: You take treasure, of course.

Wintersky: Iyam also ask me to meet with Silva. After he died.

Silva: They do not have anything I want, go ahead.

Ozimius: Nyza, I would also be interested in those who attacked her.

Silva: What?

Wintersky: Let me heal you first, please.

Ozimius: As I said Wintersky, we show our loyalty to Iyam in our own way.

Ozimius nods.

Ozimius: As you wish.

Nyza walks to the bodies in the dark alleyway.

Sparta: Silva, what brought you to Redemption. Are you not a long way from home?

Wintersky: Wintersky begins to chant and casts Cure Serious Wounds on Ozi.

Ozimius: Thank you, Wintersky.

Silva: The commune was attacked and Adaka was almost killed.

Wintersky: Looking better. Keep it that way awhile.

Sparta: Who is Adaka?

Wintersky: What can we do to help?

Ozimius grins.

Silva: Iyam's and my step-mother.

Wintersky: Who attacked?

Silva: I do not know. I was out hunting.

Wintersky: Is everyone dead?

Silva: Most.

Sparta: And you came to fetch Iyam home? To protect your commune?

Wintersky: Can the survivors tell anything?

Silva: I was hoping against hope.

Silva: No, we all returned after the attack.

Wintersky: We will need to come up with another solution.

Sparta: I will go.

Sparta: How long ago was the attack?

Wintersky: I will help.

Ozimius: Who attacked?

Ozimius looks at Silva.

Ozimius backs up.

Wintersky: Ozi? What is up?

Ozimius: Ozi takes ten paces away from Silva.

Ozimius: I am feeling...

Sparta: Ozi? What are you doing?

Ozimius: A bad feeling.

Ozimius: Wait.

Ozimius: Sparta keep a close watch on me, please?

Ozimius: Something is happening.

Sparta moves closer to Ozimius.

Ozimius: I do not know what is going on.

Wintersky looks for spirits.

Sparta grabs hold of Ozimius' arm.

Ozimius: It is cold Sparta, the Gift is ice cold.

Sparta: Ozi, are you ok?

Sparta: Nagav?

Ozimius draws Imhiakaam's Gift and looks at it.

Sparta: Is he coming back?

Wintersky chants Protection From Evil.

Ozimius: Odd.

Ozimius resheaths the gift and steps toward Silva.

Ozimius: Keep an eye on my please, Sparta?

Sparta: I am right behind you.

Sparta: Do not try anything foolish.

Nyza: Since everyone seems to be watching Ozimius, Nyza scans the sky and alley for any other visitors.

Sparta: You have done enough of that tonight.

Ozimius: Something effected the Gift.

Sparta: Maybe we should find someplace more protected?

Ozimius: Perhaps an unseen enemy?

Sparta: Back to the inn?

Ozimius: Wintersky? Nyza? Can you use your magic to search for traces of Nagav or a devil?

Wintersky: Sounds good to me. Silva?

Wintersky: I cast a spell to protect your soul.

Ozimius: Please. The Gift is an unknown element. This is the first time since Nagav escaped that it has reacted. I would dearly like to figure out its power.

Silva looks confused.

Sparta: I think he will need that no matter what happens tonight.

Ozimius: Sylva who attacked? Perhaps that is the key.

Silva: A couple thugs.

Sparta: Nyza do you recognize the bodies?

Wintersky starts chanting again to Detect Magic.

Nyza: They might be from around town, but me is not sure.

Ozimius: Wintersky! Nyza! Something is here!

Ozimius draws his sword and stands ready.

Ozimius mutters, "What game are you playing, Nagav."

The smell of burning leather fills the alley.

Wintersky pulls out her bow.

Nyza casts Invisibility on herself, "Better to set an ambush than be caught in one."

Sparta draws his greatsword and grabs his oil of magic weapon.

Ozimius: Nagav!

Ozimius: Show yourself!

Sparta looks around trying to locate the source of the scent.

Ozimius sheaths his sword and draws the Gift

Ozimius slowly circles, feeling if the Gift changes temperature.

Wintersky: The gift is blazing with magic.

Ozimius: Magic?

Wintersky: Yes, very, very strong magic.

Ozimius: Everyone has told me it has no magic. I thought it useless, but it will not stay gone when I get rid of it.

Sparta turns his attention to Ozimius.

Ozimius: The presence is gone.

Ozimius: Does anyone have any idea what is happening?

Sparta: Manty? Are you here?

Ozimius sheaths the Gift and draws his sword.

Wintersky: Magic just disappeared.

Manitowoc: Yes.

Ozimius slowly walks in a circle waiting for the gift to react.

Wintersky: Maybe something was trying to possess your soul, Ozi.

Sparta: Manty, something weird is happening to Ozi. Can you see what is bedeviling him?

Ozimius: The priest checked.

Ozimius: Damn!

Ozimius: Again!

Ozimius: Something is here!

Ozimius takes out the Gift and throws it in frustration.

Wintersky: The magic is back, Ozi.

Imhiakaam's Gift lands in the wall of the Broken Hilt.

Ozimius: I feel it Wintersky. But I cannot understand it. Can you?

Ozimius retrieves the Gift.

Ozimius concentrates on the Gift again.

Nyza: Still invisible, Nyza whispers to Silva: "Maybe you should go to the inn while we deal with the nasty devil. The humans in this city will not attack you, at least not in the open."

Ozimius: This thing is damned! Or I am damned!

Ozimius slaps the Gift back into its sheath.

Sparta: You should leave it there.

Ozimius yells at the sky in frustration "HELP ME UNDERSTAND!"

Ozimius concentrates on the Gift again.

Nyza is not sure if the devil she referred to is Nagav or Ozimius.

Wintersky: Ozi, I might be able to help, but I do not know what is happening to you.

Manitowoc: I cannot tell what is going on, Sparta.

Ozimius: Wintersky, I will be forever in your debt if you could help me understand this thing!

Ozimius: Nyza can you call a devil?

Silva: I think I will follow you to your inn, if it is alright.

Wintersky: The spell I cast prevents evil beings from controlling you.

Ozimius: Please do.

Nyza: No, Nyza has to use a scroll last time she calls one.

Ozimius: I doubt it will help but it cannot hurt.

Ozimius: What was the price, Nyza.

Sparta: Why would you want another devil? Nagav is not enough?

Ozimius: Because, I must know. This riddle is beyond me.

Ozimius: It just chilled. Again!

Wintersky: We could try to remove a curse when the Gift shows magically. That might help.

Ozimius holds the gift out to Wintersky.

Ozimius: Take it, do what you must.

Nyza: 1500 monarchs for a scroll of Magic Circle Against Evil and Lesser Planar Binding.

Ozimius: I will pay for them if Wintersky is not able to help. Anything to figure out this riddle.

Nyza: It is hard to trap devils, though, and they are really mean to Nyza anyway. You sure you do not want to summon a nice fire elemental?

Wintersky: Unfortunately, I do not have that particular spell at the moment.

Wintersky takes the Gift.

Ozimius: No, Nyza, I just want to talk to them. I want to know what this thing does.

Nyza: Is it still glowing with magic?

Ozimius: Wintersky, does it get hot and cold for you?

Wintersky: The magic has faded again.

Ozimius: hmm

Wintersky: It was cold, but has since warmed.

Ozimius: Hand it back. Maybe you must be like me. Less rightous.

Nyza: Maybe me can identify the magical effect, but it has to be doing whatever it is doing when I look.

Wintersky: It is getting hot.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Then, it is not just me!

Nyza: It is some kind of warning beacon.

Sparta: Hot and then cold? Maybe something is battling for the gift

Ozimius: Perhaps.

Ozimius: I could think into it when Nagav was in it. Now, I cannot reach it.

Ozimius concentrates on the gift once more.

Sparta: Think into it?

Ozimius: Yes. Think into it. Talk with Nagav in it.

Ozimius: Cold again!

Ozimius: I do not understand.

Nyza: Like me say, the magic is a warning beacon.

Sparta: Oh, like when Manty introduced himself to me.

Ozimius nods.

Ozimius sits.

Sparta: Ok, I am warned, but I do not know from what?

Ozimius tries to extend his thoughts to the blade; to feel the blade with his mind.

Sparta: I did not like that dagger to begin with, it is not natural.

Nyza: Maybe we try breaking the 'Gift.' It seems more trouble than it is worth.

Wintersky: Let us get out of the alley.

Ozimius: Bah!

Ozimius: I will leave this thing with the priests!

Ozimius: Let us leave this place!

Sparta: Yeah, maybe someplace with food.

Wintersky: Will the priests take it?

Our heroes make their way to the town core and find Oliveryn performing in the inn.

Imhiakaam's Gift has since stopped pulsing.

Silva follows.

Oliveryn sings praises about Iyam.

Oliveryn is in the process of giving a legendary performance.

Nyza: Oli sings very pretty.

Wintersky: Great performance.

Sparta: Listen, Silva, that is another of Iyam's friends up on stage.

It is such an amazing performance that Oliveryn collects 100 monarchs worth of coins and a gold ring.

Ozimius: Nyza, can you check my tools now?

Nyza (rather loudly): Tools? Oh, right! The thievery stuff!

Ozimius hands her his tools.

Nyza: After dinner okay, Ozi?

Ozimius stuffs them back in his pouch.

Ozimius: Ok.

Oliveryn: So how is everyone been, so far, this evening?

Nyza: Ozimius almost die and then almost get possessed.

Ozimius: Well, I was stabbed again.

Wintersky: Silva you have had a plethora of tragedy of late.

Ozimius: By Silva, this time.

Ozimius: Hey, Oli, where is your sister?

Nyza stays close to the half-kobold.

The group settles into the inn for supper. They have several visitors with condolences for Iyam and congratulations on ridding Tanglewood of Princess Tangle.

Oliveryn: I have not seen my sister in a while, so I do not know.

Ozimius: Ok.

There is a great deal of talk about Oliveryn's ballad and the new visitors lead by a gold half-dragon.

Ozimius excuses himself.

Sparta: She is probably out partying.

Sparta: Ozi?

Sparta: You feeling ok?

Ozimius: Well, if you will all excuse me, I will retire. Almost dying takes its toll on a person.

Oliveryn: Well, if she is related to me, then she probably is.

Oliveryn smiles.

Wintersky: Okay, but keep a healing potion close.

Nyza: You take the dagger to the priests before you go to sleep?

Sparta: Maybe one of us should hold onto it tonight.

Ozimius speaks to the waitress briefly and goes up to his room.

Wintersky: Not alone, you saw what trouble he has just walking down the street.

Sparta: Oh, well.

Wintersky: Night.

Sparta: He is a foolish man.

Sparta: Of course, so are most big people.

Nyza (using a charge from the wand): After supper, Nyza takes an hour to identify the tools.

Sparta: Sparta eats a hearty meal...

Sparta: his first after getting back to "civilization" after several days.

Sparta: He will be there for a while.

Wintersky: Is there a bathing place here?

Nyza: Nyza will knock on Ozimius' door after the hour of identifying.

Sparta: There is the pond outside?

There is much celebrating, eating, preening and other things done far into the night.

Sparta: But, it is a little late for a dip.

Ozimius: Go away please! I am occupied at the moment!

Wintersky: I have not seen anyone bathe at the pond. That is why I asked.

Nyza: You do not want the tools now, then?

Ozimius: Later, my friend!

Ozimius: Thank you!

Ozimius chuckles.

The next morning is hot and humid, but oddly overcast.

Ozimius rises early.

Sparta rises a little later then usual and heads down for breakfast.

Ozimius heads downstairs to the store room.

Nyza: Ozi, here are your lockpicks. The proper name is "Arcane Thieve's Tools". You can sacrifice some spellcasting ability to become better at lockpicking with them.

Wintersky also rises early and eats at her Teepee before going to the inn.

Breakfast, thanks to Sparta, and late sleepers takes until late in the morning.

Sparta: As much as I like the woods, it is hard to beat a comfy bed.

Ozimius collects all the unwanted equipment and takes the potions to the alchemist, the weapons and armor to the balcksmith and sells the lot.

Wintersky arrives at the inn.

Oliveryn walks down to the great room and looks for the innkeeper.

Wintersky: It is hard to beat a good night's sleep at home.

Sparta: Ozi, keep the arrows. I need to refill my quiver.

Ozimius nods.

Wintersky: May I have some arrows, too?

Sparta: There are lots to go around.

Ozimius: They are for all of us, Wintersky. You are welcome to anything we have.

Nyza buys a few more vials of paint at the same time Ozimius goes out.

Sparta: Does anyone use a spear? Nyza? I have not been getting much use out of these.

Sparta: My bow seems to be doing me much better, instead.

Oliveryn: Innkeeper, I was wondering where you can point me to, to sell a magical item?

Wintersky: I sometime use a spear.

Nyza: Me have a longspear, yes. But Nyza rarely uses it.

Sparta: There both short spears, one is a little nicer than the other.

Innkeeper: That would be at Redemption Mercantile.

Wintersky: I use short spear.

Wintersky: Mostly, I use bow though.

Oliveryn: Thank you, sir.

Oliveryn heads over to the Redemption Mercantile.

Wintersky: Hey, where is Silva?

Ozimius returns to the inn for breakfast.

Oliveryn enters the mercantile shop.

Ozimius smiles broadly to the group.

Wintersky: I bargained for a Remove Curse for you, Ozi.

Ozimius: Hello, everyone!

Oliveryn: Good morning?

Oliveryn: to the shop keeper.

Wintersky: I will keep it until we find out if it helps.

Ozimius: Thank you, Wintersky!

Ozimius: Shall we talk to the priests? Have you eaten this morning?

Ozimius: Waitress! Food for my friends!

Ozimius: My treat!

Wintersky: You sound like a man who has spent the night in the skins with a beautiful lady, Ozi.

Ozimius smiles broadly.

Nyza: Sparta!

Ozimius: I shall reveal no secrets, not even under torture.

Ozimius grins and winks at Wintersky.

Nyza: What are you doing today? Nyza is bored, so we do something together, yes?

Sparta: I guess dying is not all that takes it out him.

Sparta: Sure, Nyza.

Ozimius: Sure, Nyza!

Sparta: I need to do a little shopping.

Wintersky: We need to talk to Silva again.

Sparta: Maybe you could help me to find a wizard.

There is a terrible commotion out in the square. Screams and explosions can be heard.

Ozimius jumps up and draws his blade.

Wintersky runs to the door.

Oliveryn looks out though the window on the show.

Oliveryn shops.

There are crowds of people moving away from Redemption Mercantile and the Archives.

Ozimius heads toward the commotion.

Nyza: Ack, do you think it is Cedarcleaver again?

Ozimius: Where is Oli?

Sparta: That does not look good.

Wintersky heads towards the commotion.

Sparta follows Ozimius.

Ozimius: Has anyone seen Oli?

Nyza agrees. She follows.

Sparta: Ozi, put your blade away, you are going to stab someone in this hub-bub.

Ozimius sheaths his blade, reluctantly.

Our heroes cross the bridge and meet near the mercantile where several grotesque beings are wandering.

Ozimius draws the Gift on a hunch.

The creatures begin advancing towards our heroes.

Sparta grabs his bow and fires two arrows at the nearest beast.

Sparta's arrows hit solidly, but they seem to do little to no damage to the creature.

Sparta: Uh, oh.

Nyza tries to remember what these things are...

Nyza fires the only spell she is in range for.

Nyza's missiles slam into the creature and it begins to dissolve.

Oliveryn starts singing and prepares his bow behind the house.

Oliveryn: We are going to battle today, what it is I cannot say. I sing you a

Oliveryn: I'll*

Ozimius shouts out "Good morning, Brothers! Have you come to die this day?"

Nyza: Awfully slow beasties, are they not?

Wintersky whistles for Cinder.

Sparta: Ozi, what are you doing in front?

Ozimius: Greeting my Brothers, Sparta!

Ozimius laughs wildly.

Wintersky cast Cat's Grace on herself and get out her bow.

Sparta: Well, after you are finished shaking hands and rubbing elbows, get back here.

Ozimius nods.

SnowShadow attacks.

SnowShadow charges forward and pounces on the nearest creature, biting into it.

Sparta slings his bow and draws his greatsword while advancing.

Nyza wish she could fly above everyone that ruins her aim.

Nyza's missiles cause another one to dissolve.

Oliveryn keeps on singing and looks around the corner to see what everyone is fighting.

Oliveryn: I am going to see if I can remember what these creatures are?

One of the lagging creatues charges Sparta.

The creature misses.

Ozimius hits the devil with Imhiakaam's Gift. The devil snickers at him, but appears to be damaged.

Sparta: Aye, so they can be hurt.

The devil underneath SnowShadow rakes into her.

The last devil charges Ozimius.

The devil misses Ozimius.

Ozimius chuckles at the lemure.

Another devil advances upon Sparta.

The devil's claw rakes into Sparta.

Sparta laughs, "Tis but a scratch."

Wintersky casts Spiritual Weapon.

Wintersky's conjured weapon misses.

Wintersky mounts Cinder.

SnowShadow rakes and bites, but to no effect.

Sparta swings his greatsword at the thing in front of him.

Sparta's weapon slices into the devil, but the wound closes up.

Nyza tries to manuever for a better position.

Nyza: Hah! Death from above!

Nyza's missile evaporates the devil.

Oliveryn: The devils are bad and ugly so, they are resistant to fire and poison, but if you have some silver too, they will die a little quicker fool.

Oliveryn sings.

Sparta: Silver?

Sparta: The Heirloom's mithral, that ought to do the trick!

The devil in front of Sparta claws at him and misses.

Imhiakaam's Gift slices the devil, but the wound closes.

One of the devil's claws rakes Ozimius.

Another devil claws at Sparta and misses.

Wintersky's spiritual weapon strikes the devil and then an arrow follows.

SnowShadow rips into the devil, but all of its wounds immediately close.

Wintersky urges Cinder forward and leaps over the battle line.

Sparta: I am glad I am short.

Sparta drops the greatsword and draws Manty's Heirloom to attack the devil in front of him.

Manitowoc: Nice poke.

Sparta: The flying horse distracted me.

Sparta's thrust misses.

Nyza looks down on the combat. Haawwwwk....

The acid of Nyza's spell sluffs of the devil.

Oliveryn (singing): If anyone's mighty weapon is thouest good, it shall strike our mortal enemy down to die before our feet. The devils shall not win!

Sparta: Fighting to music is nice, but we have got to get him a weapon.

A devil's claw rakes Sparta.

Wintersky: SnowShadow, come to me.

Ozimius switches weapons.

Sparta: Mosquitoes are thick today.

Ozimius' sword slashes the devil with moderate effect.

Sparta: Keep singing, Sir Bard.

A devil claws at Ozimius, but misses.

Another devil's claw rakes Sparta.

Wintersky's spiritual weapon dissolves one of the devils.

Wintersky change opponent for spiritual weopon

Wintersky casts Divine Favor shared with SnowShadow.

Sparta takes another swipe with the Heirloom and misses.

Manitowoc: What are you doing?

Sparta: I am used to a bigger blade.

Wintersky: Stop thinking so hard, Sparta.

Nyza: Sparta! Is your talking dagger evil too?

Sparta: I do not think so.

Nyza: Nyza sits down to watch more comfortably.

Manitowoc: I am not evil.

Oliveryn: My arrow shall fly from my bow with flight, and dig deep into your evil blight, flee your stink of a creature, or we will beat and eat'cha.

Oliveryn fires.

Wintersky: That is how it should be done.

Wintersky: Now are we not really having fun.

Oliveryn's arrows strikes a devil, but has no effect.

Ozimius: Nagav, if you are here, show yourself!

A devil claws at Sparta.

Ozimius' attack damages the devil.

Both of the devil's claws rake into Ozimius' flesh.

Ozimius: Nagav, why do you send these children to fight for you?

Wintersky redirects her spiritual weapon to another devil.

Wintersky's spiritual weapon dissolves another devil.

Wintersky's fires another arrow into the next devil with remarkable effect.

SnowShadow returns with a pounce, but has no effect.

Wintersky yes flanking

Cinder flails with its hooves and hits the devil.

Wintersky: Do not be nervous, Cinder.

Sparta swings again with the dagger.

Manitowoc: About time.

Sparta finally strikes true with Manty's Heirloom.

Wintersky: That is more like it.

Nyza climbs down from her perch.

Sparta: I am getting the hang of this thing.

Nyza: These creatures die too quickly to be wasting powerful draconic magic on them.

Oliveryn stops singing and fires another arrow.

Ozimius: That is easy for you to say, Nyza.

Nyza: Yes, but do you not think another devil must be here? These things are too stupid too attack from out of nowhere.

Ozimius: I think Nagav is here.

Wintersky: Hey do not hit your friends.

Oliveryn's arrow flies through and narrowly misses Nyza, then Ozimius, then the devil and finally barely misses Cinder.

Ozimius frowns at Oli.

Ozimius' strike dissolves the final lemure.

Ozimius pops a potion.

Sparta sheepishly sheathes his dagger and recovers his greatsword.

Wintersky: Good thinking, Ozi.

Ozimius: Yea, I thought you might be low on spells.

Sparta: Yeah, that is a good idea.

Sparta and Wintersky see red wings flapping high above the mercantile, probably over the town hall.

Ozimius searches the area.

Sparta: Look, that is an odd red bird.

Sparta points high in the sky.

Nyza: Nyza was too busy being a stuck-up sorceress to take a decent look around.

Ozimius looks where Sparta is pointing.

Wintersky sends her spiritual weapon after the creature flying above.

Ozimius: Nagav!

Ozimius: It is Nagav!

Ozimius: I knew he was here!

Sparta unslings his bow and nocks an arrow.

Ozimius climbs the tree to get elevation to shoot at Nagav.

Nyza is quite happy where she is.

Ozimius: Come and play, my friend!

Sparta: Ozi, get down here.

Ozimius looks surprised at Sparta.

Ozimius: Why? I can may be able to reach him with my shortbow from here. You think it is dangerous?

Sparta: I cannot protect you up there.

Ozimius: Ahh. Ok, Let me get off a shot and I will get back down.

Wintersky's spiritual weapon catches Nagav off guard and it hits just before fading away.

Nagav descends out of sight.

Sparta: SnowShadow, come here kitty.

Oliveryn raises his arms in a gesture of "Come and get this" and alter's himself to appear as Nagav with purple, instead of blonde, hair.

SnowShadow approaches Sparta.

Ozimius: Nice trick Oli!

A humanoid wearing chains comes around the mercantile in view of Oliveryn.

Ozimius: So Nagav, instead of leading them you bring them to fight us?

Ozimius chuckles.

The creature animates several chains and begins swing them about.

Nyza: What the heck is that?

Nyza tries to remember if the kyton will burn.

Nyza: Knowledge (the planes)

Ozimius: It is a chain devil, Nyza. It is stronger than the last devils.

Ozimius: Nagav showed me many devils in a vision.

Nyza's bolt of fire just misses the kyton.

The group hears another battle in the distance. It sounds like Silva engaging something in combat.

Wintersky casts Bull's Strength on herself shared with SnowShadow.

Wintersky rides toward the water.

Sparta: Eagle, bull, and wolf; keen, strong, and rabid; now my friend bite, maim and rend the wicked.

Sparta casts Magic Fang on SnowShadow.

Sparta: You will need that to fight Nagav.

SnowShadow growls and moves around the building.

Ozimius climbs down the tree and moves away from the kyton around the mercantile.

Nagav disappears through or behind the roof of the town hall.

Oliveryn runs and spreads his wings launching himself into the air and disappears.

It is apparent that the crowds of formerly celebrating townsfolk are being protected by the army.

Chains flail out from the kyton. One striking SnowShadow and two striking Nyza.

Nyza: The badly cut kobold steps back, raises an arm, recites an incantation, disappearing as well.

Sparta: Hmm, our friends are deserting us.

Wintersky rides skirting the chain devil widely. SnowShadow jumps on board.

Wintersky: KEEHAWN!

Wintersky's arrow bounces of the kyton's chains.

Sparta: Time to dance with the devil.

Sparta lets fly with two arrows.

Both of Sparta's arrows bounce off of the kyton's chains.

Ozimius sprints around the mercantile.

Oliveryn, invisible, climbs into the sky and starts to circle the park.

Oliveryn looks around for enemies.

Oliveryn can see the crowds moved aside by the army and Silva in battle with another kyton in the park.

The kyton moves to engage Sparta.

Four chains whirl at Sparta, but only one strikes.

Sparta: Ow, that stings.

Nyza: Ms. Sky! Nyza could use some of your healing, please!

Nyza's scorching ray strikes the kyton.

Wintersky fires an arrow that hits the kyton squarely in the back.

Sparta shouts,

Sparta: Oli! Get back here with that wand or I will be joining Iyam in the Happy Hunting Grounds.

Both of Sparta's arrows strike the kyton, but it counters with a strike of his own.

Ozimius continues his circuit around the mercantile.

Oliveryn sees Ezra Nanz bolt from the town hall and sprint across the park.

Oliveryn flys after Ezra.

The kyton flails at Sparta again, but again only manages one strike.

A magical force comes into existance about Sparta and the kyton backs off, apparently in pain.

Nyza hurls another flame-bolt at the devil.

Wintersky casts Cure Light Wounds on Nyza.

Nyza: Ahh, me feel much better.

Sparta: 'Sky, this thing is going to kill us all.

Sparta quaffes a potion of Cure Light Wounds.

Manitowoc: Do not advance on him.

Sparta: Was not planning on it, Manty.

Wintersky: I have one last trick up my sleeve. but I need to be close.

Ozimius sees Nagav taunting him through the window of the town hall.

Ozimius moves to the rear entrance of the town hall.

The door opens and Nagav strikes at Ozimius.

Ezra disappears in the crowd.

Oliveryn swings to the right and lands on the roof of the town hall.

The kyton seems to surround Cinder with its chains to rip it open, but Wintersky maneuvers just right to avoid all the strikes.

Nyza: From ultra long range, Nyza picks off the kyton with three more bolts of force.

The missiles cause the kyton to reel.

Wintersky fires an arrow at the kyton from point blank range and the arrow buries itself deep in its skull.

The kyton falls and dissolves.

Nyza: Hurray!

Sparta: Nice shooting, 'Sky.

Sparta takes his last potion.

Ozimius attacks Nagav, but misses.

Nagav runs deeper into the town hall, but Ozimius catches him with a strike from his short sword before he can retreat.

Darkness fills the town hall.

Oliveryn moves to the edge of the roof next to Ozimius and floats down.

Nyza catches up to the others.

Nyza (whispering): Ozi, let me turn you invisible. He will never see your blade until it is inside his chest.

Ozimius grins and nods to Nyza.

Wintersky rides to SnowShadow.

Wintersky leaps from Cinder and pours a potion down SnowShadow's throat.

Sparta moves around the mercantile towards the town hall.

Ozimius waits for Nyza to cast her spell upon him.

Nagav (taunting): Come and get me, Ozi!

Wintersky: Yeah, teamwork!

Ozimius: I will, Nagav!

Ozimius laughs.

Oliveryn casts light to counter the darkness within the townhall.

The darkness within the town hall dissapates.

Nyza: Ozi disappears under Nyza's touch.

Ozimius enters the town hall silently, watching for Nagav.

Nagav is looking to fly to the ceiling.

Ozimius closes the distance carefully and strikes the unsuspecting fiend.

Nagav falls to the floor, DEAD!

Ozimius leans in close to Nagav's face and says softly, "Surprise!"

Nyza moves in and says mockingly, "Oooh, HELLSPAWN!"

Oliveryn steps out of his invisiblity right next to everyone.

Oliveryn: Hey, I am not DEAD!

Oliveryn tries to scare Ozimius.

Kyton (Chain Devil)