Propyltina 7, 1000 PC

Post date: Mar 01, 2009 11:40:53 PM

It was a hot time in the old town tonight.  I cannot think of a better way for the frigid season of winter to begin.

Armed with a scroll scribed with the magic jar spell and a focus gem, I teleported into my favorite alley in Troll's Bridge.  With my new red robe and black mask, no one would suspect I was the white terror that had been hunting the mayor's top operatives...or maybe they would.  While an astute low level thug rushed off to sound the alarm, I made my way to The Scarlet Garter.  I waited to see who would respond and my calculated risk paid off.  Hardun sent his disgraced veteran assassin, my love Ezra, to investigate.  Leaving the gem on a post of a chair, I retreated to a private room, cast the spell from the scroll and entered the gem as Ezra entered the brothel.  Correctly assuming that Ezra is the most powerful presence nearby, I reach out and yank on Ezra's stinking soul.  With a satisfying snap, I switch places with my love, trapping him in the gem and taking complete control of his body.

As Ezra, I turn to his lackeys and say, "Get back to your usual rounds.  I will take care of this bitch myself."

"She went into the room at the end of the hall.  Have you got your protection?" one of his thugs asks with a smirk.

I widen Ezra's grin, wink at the thug and say, "Did it on the way over. Now, get out of here in case she tries to burn the place down."

I walk Ezra over to the chair and pick up the gem and then enter the room at the end of the hall, closing the door behind.  I look through Ezra's eyes upon my own shell for a moment and then begin to remove Ezra's gear, leaving his body defenseless and unarmed.  I have Ezra retrieve the gem again from the pile of gear and stare into it for a moment with a smirk on his face and then leave the room.

"Some Borgosian worship is in order," I think to myself as I make Ezra take the stairs down to the secret chambers below the brothel.

I have Ezra enter one of the chambers of depravity and place the gem as an offering on a table so Ezra's soul can feel what is happening to him.

"I am your slave tonight, big guy.  No safe words, but do leave me alive," I say in Ezra's slimiest drawl to the Borgosian Beau standing by.

With that, the Borgosian priest begins to savagely beat, abuse and violate Ezra's body, while I numbly relive my horror at Ezra and Hardun's hands.  When the beast finishes, I drag Ezra's bruised and bloody body to an antechamber feigning recovery.  I have Ezra pick up a cask of oil used for the lamps of the chamber and a tindertwig along with his tattered clothing along the way.  In the little stone chamber with the door closed, I have Ezra pour the oil over his body.  I have Ezra strike the tindertwig and light the oil.  Making sure that his body is burning and not just the oil, I switch Ezra's soul from the gem back into his body and return to the gem.  Ending the spell by returning my soul to my body, I quickly get up and make my way down to the antechamber.  I catch the last of Ezra's screams as he dies the horrible death he had planned for me.

His last agonized word?  "Celesta!"

Good, I hoped he would realize who was finally ending his miserable existence in this world.  I leisurely collected Ezra's things, strode out of the brothel and through the streets of Troll's Bridge intimidating any thug that dared cross my path.  They wisely cleared the way for my passing.  I exited the city through the Zuodeyja Gate and walked past the place I was left to die.  Moments later I was flying invisibly over Tanglewood, quickly approaching The Floating Tower, planning my next stroke of vengeance.