Redemption is an isolated town that sprawls throughout the Zelmbring River Valley from its headwaters marked by the ancient castle of Zelmbring north for about half a mile.  A deep pond marks the center of the town where the town's most prominent establishes exist.  The town's structures are a combination of elven tree houses and standard wood and stone ground structures interspersed with the vast ironwood trees of Tanglewood.

    This town was originally the Elven Hamlet of Zelmbring protected by the castle Zelmbring.  It is the birthplace of Visaria Ijoynvaeh Random, the empress of The Almebezbikian Empire and deity of the Almebezbikian Pantheon known as Visaria the Beneficent.  When Visaria ascended into the pantheon, her center of worship established itself in the castle and the growing community was renamed Redemption.

Beaker's Flask

North of the town core along the main road leading to the Zuodeyja Gate, this shop supplies potions, poisons and alchemical items of all types.

Blazing Griffon Inn

Next to the pond in the core of Redemption. It includes a wide range of tavern and inn services for visitors to the town:

Broken Hilt Tavern

Along the edge of the caravan staging area at the Zuodeyja Gate, this tavern caters to the teamsters and merchants that are a constant presence in the area.

Crater Crystals

Next to the bare hill on the north side of the town core. All manner of crystal can be acquired here. It is also a central meeting place for the psionic folk of the town.

Deepwell Gems and Jewelry

Across from the deep western tip of the town core's pond.

Queen's Inn

On the south end of the town's core, this is a high class inn where dignitaries visiting Zelmbing stay. It is named for the fact that the Queen of The Elven Monarchy stays here when she visits Redemption.

Redemption Archives

Next to Redemption Mercantile on the northern edge of the town core's park, this is the library of Redemption.  It has works on arcana, general knowledge, geography, history and nature.  Its catalog of local information is also quite extensive.

Redemption Mercantile

Just north of the town hall on the northern edge of the town core's park, anything that cannot be found elsewhere in the core can be found here.

Sleeplijnstamper Smithy

Across from the Blazing Griffon Inn, this is the place for any weapons and armor one could need. Mithral armor and shields are even available, handcrafted by a dwarven master smith.

Zelmbring Valley Herbals

On the south edge of the town core's park, healing and healing supplies can be found here.

Zuodeyja Gate

This is the main entrance to Redemption.  The area just inside the gate is a vast staging area for caravans that service Redemption and Zelmbring.  It is surrounded by a number of establishments that cater to the caravan's teamsters and merchants.

Redemption (large town): Non-standard (council) AL NG; 3,000-gp limit; Assets 742,050 gp; Population 4,947; Integrated (human 37% (1,830), half-elf 20% (991), elf 18% (890), halfling 10% (495), gnome 7% (346), dwarf 5% (247), half-orc 3% (148)).

Authority Figures: Council Diplomat Altark Helm male half-elf aristocrat 7, Council Lord Tserov Random male human paladin 6 of Visaria, Council Guildmaster Rojr Greddy male human commoner 7/guildmaster 7, Council Mistress Merizae Illamaesa female elf bard 4/druid 3/arcane hierophant 3, Council Priest female human cleric 9 of Visaria, Council Seeker Tesela Argrave female human ranger 5, Council Smith Arvind Trollstomper male dwarf expert 9/master smith 3 (militia), Council Warrior male half-elf fighter 4/wizard 2/bladesinger 1, Council Wizard male elf wizard 7

Important Characters: Sheriff Brestis Borshae male elf warrior 10, Angul Postimeer male human sorcerer 8, Brezaya Talisin female human psychic warrior 3, Luvian Witson male human rogue 5/assassin 7, Talis Mayorphyn male human egoist 6, Tracyka Duvalier female half-elf rogue 5/spymaster 1

Others: adept 5, adept 2 (2), adept 1 (24); aristocrat 3 (2), aristocrat 1 (24); barbarian 5, barbarian 2 (2), barbarian 1 (4); bard 5 (2), bard 2 (4), bard 1 (8); cleric 4 (2), cleric 2 (4), cleric 1 (8); commoner 7 (2), commoner 3 (4), commoner 1 (4,338); druid 10, druid 5 (2), druid 2 (4), druid 1 (8); expert 6 (2, 2 militia), expert 3 (4, 4 militia), expert 1 (143, 44 militia); fighter 3 (2), fighter 1 (4); magician 5, magician 2 (2), magician 1 (4); monk 7, monk 3 (2), monk 1 (4); paladin 3 (2), paladin 1 (4); psion 3 (2), psion 1 (4); psychic warrior 6, psychic warrior 3, psychic warrior 1 (4); ranger 2 (2), ranger 1 (4); rogue 6, rogue 3 (4), rogue 1 (8); sorcerer 4 (2), sorcerer 2 (4), sorcerer 1 (8); soulknife 7, soulknife 3 (2), soulknife 1 (4); warrior 5 (2, 2 under-sheriffs), warrior 2 (4, 4 deputy commanders), warrior 1 (239, 43 deputies, 196 militia); wilder 6, wilder 3 (2), wilder 1 (4); wizard 3 (2), wizard 1 (4)