Pentatina 25, 1000 PC

Post date: Aug 25, 2009 7:45:49 PM

I offered my services to Oliveryn today to retrieve Eregard and Zed from Tanglewood for his meeting with the resistance.  Oliveryn came up with the brilliant idea of holding it in a Mordenkainen's magnificent mansion and I suggested that Nyza could cast the spell on the wall of the lounge in The Troll's Bridge Inn from a scroll that he should consider acquiring.  I told Oliveryn I would arrive with his followers at sunset and to have the mansion ready just before I teleported into the lounge.

I then planned on spending the rest of the day flying about Tanglewood in search of The White Blades and Eregard.  Before I got very far from the city, a couple of trolls were causing trouble for a patrol of White Blades.  I assisted them in destroying the giants and then accompanied the elves to their headquarters where I found Eregard and Zed.  I informed them of the meeting and the plan to get Eregard in and out of the city as quickly and quietly as possible.  Eregard insists on calling my Celesta as he is convinced that I am she.  Without conceding the fact, I convinced him to refer to me as Mask when others are around.

At sunset, I teleported the three of us to the lounge in the inn and quickly ushered Eregard into the mansion, but suddenly there was a disturbance in the lounge before everyone could enter.  The concern was that it was another assassination attempt on Oliveryn, but it quickly became apparent that the attempt was on Eregard, the acknowledge leader of the resistance.  The assassin made a remarkable and calculated effort to attack Eregard, but before he could do any damage, I managed to paralyze him.  We bound the assassin and took him into the mansion and interrogated him once I dismissed the paralysis.  We managed to draw out of him that House Quaid had offered 500 sovereign to take Eregard's life before he killed himself on Legeand's sword.  I think Eregard would have preferred to execute the assassin himself, but he was occupied with the head of the Houses.

When I joined to banquet, I was surprised to see Lord Tarcigorkan and Lady Elan among the guests.  I said my piece in support of Oliveryn, but not before letting my identity be known to Juri, but calling him Juri in front of everyone.  Overall, the meeting went very well.  Oliveryn was obviously using his magical abilities to his full extent and General Octavius even whispered such to me in his pleasure.  Agreements were made and a Declaration of Revolution was even signed by all parties involved.  I informed the assembly that Hardun was now under the control of The Grotesque and that Oliveryn, as acting mayor, had an opportunity to begin reversing the mayoral power even before the coup.

The formal part of the night's activities concluded, the nobles could not resist taking advantage of the venue to be their usual decadent selves.  They used it as a way to welcome Methylhexa as the new head of House Elan.  During this soirée, Juri and Eregard managed to get me into one of the other rooms for a private conversation.  Eregard had confided in his father that I was Celesta Artural and Juri wanted to find out with certainty that I was in fact she.  After my slip during the meeting and Eregard's suspicions, Juri abide by my silence.  I finally explained to them that Celesta Artural is dead and there will be know "resurrection" before Hardun was utterly destroyed.  Eregard took this to mean that his aunt would be back and ignored any further discussion between myself and Juri.  Juri pleaded with me to know what happened to Celesta.  I told him of Ezra and Hardun and the night they brutalized Celesta, the birth of Mask and her escapades as the White Witch.  Finally, I impressed upon Juri that this conversation will never leave this room.

After rejoining the festivities for a while, the night wore on and I finally took Eregard and Zed back to The White Blades in Tanglewood once the party broke up.  It is practically sunrise, having finally arrived back at Chicdell manor.