Nyza's Epic Pursuits


Nyza and T'krosh spend only scant time in Troll's Bridge. Only hours after the final battle to save the city, Nyza and T'Krosh fly over the walls in the direction of Tangleton.

Just minutes outside of Troll's Bridge, the pair happens upon a vethObulus army sent to retake the city from the demons. The meeting is tense - the tribe has not fully submitted to Nyza yet, after all. Furthermore, she can't help but suspect that the army intends to kill all softskins inside the city, demon or otherwise. An aggressive attitude on her part almost leads to disaster until T'Krosh, much more diplomatic than Nyza, volunteers to serve as her "ambassador" to the tribe. In truth, he goes to press her claim by any means necessary, but he carries enough respect in the tribe (having grown up there) for the deal to be reached. The two kobolds share an uncomfortable moment as they part ways, neither sure how they feel about separating for what is sure to be a very long time.

Nyza soon arrives at Tangleton. At Bektul's urging, she rushes inside the mountain and to the nursery, just in time to see a large egg shaking on its own. At first, it's a very curious sensation that the sorceress feels. Her elemental body does not show any physical sign of emotion - no rapid breathing, noticeable heartbeat, and certainly no tears. It's like she is merely a spectator in the event while the world passes her by. But as soon as an incredibly tiny snout pokes its way out of the eggshell, it instead feels like the entire world has stopped in its tracks for Nyza and her newborn. There is only one thing in the world that matters, and it isn't Nyza. She steps forward to help the poor thing flailing helplessly about the ground. Bektul looks on in horror as Nyza's flaming hands reach the hatchling. Miraculously (and with the help of an Energy Immunity spell), the hatchling is unharmed. Nyza picks the crying newborn and coos, "Naka Nyde." A beautiful name for a beautiful daughter.

Bektul comments on the child's unique coloration; he can't recall ever seeing a kobold with dark blue scales before. Nyza does not recall ever hearing about a red and a green kobold pairing up before.


Naka is not the only new arrival in Tangleton. The kobolds, not a race known for their inhibitions, have been fruitful since the town was established. Before long, hatchlings become a common sight in the mountain. Refugees also continue to flow into the city. A particularly large contingent arrives from the Obulus tribe after only a few weeks of effort on T'Krosh's part. When Sparta and Dale return from their work in Troll's Bridge, they find that the demographics have changed quite a bit. The kobolds, previously an uncommon sight outside of the mountain, now spill out of the tunnel in low stone houses with cellars for living quarters. Perhaps the strangest sight is that of kobolds and halflings toiling together on one of the larger farms in the valley. Apparently, the Obulus newcomers are accustomed to living above-ground and took to it eagerly in their new home.

Nyza, for her part, dedicates herself to improving the real, measurable living conditions of the residents. It is not as easy as she first thinks it will be. She is a very powerful sorceress as far as destruction and pyrokinesis is concerned. In urbanization projects, she is... less capable. Errant fireballs do not tend to increase farm production. Her lowly divine spells prove to be the equal of her arcane spells in this regard. Nyza is a little disappointed that she cannot build the city single-handed, but it is not as if she is bored. Little Naka sees to that; the toddler excels in placing herself in dangerous situations and thus requires a watchful eye. Nyza's peers caution her to let her to not get too close; to let her child socialize with the community as a whole. That is the traditional style of kobold motherhood, after all. Still, Nyza's long association with the softskins has affected her views, and she finds herself agonizing with worry when she is apart from the girl.