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Dodecitina 25, 999 PC

Our heroes, knowing where the Crystal Cave is, decide to make there way out into Tanglewood to rid the cave of its beetle and claim the horde that Zecrom stated that he found there to his sister Brezaya before he was murdered.

They detect that they are being stalked, most likely, by a green dragon.  It has not made its presence know yet, except by the acrid odors that surround it.

Our heroes warily enter the caves and find that all the crystal has been dissolved.  In the deepest cave, they find two massive folugubs that have trapped themselves in the caves after having gorged on so much crystal.  After a rough fight and a little help from a ghost, our heroes manage to slay the aberrations.

Piled in the darkest corner of the cave is a treasure fit for a dragon's horde.

Iyam: So, Ozi. You have not snatched up Ezra's armor yet?

Ozimius: No. I have not looked at the loot yet.

Oliveryn leaves his room after a long personal time. He heads down to the inn's bar.

Nyza falls asleep in the storeroom after a long night of identifying equipment.

Ozimius: Ho Oli! So the dead have arisen!

Ozimius chuckles.

Legeand: Entering from outside the inn, Legeand makes his way up to a table and sits relaxing a bit.

Oliveryn: We have a necromancer in town?

Oliveryn smiles.

After a wild night of partying, most of you are either hung over or exhausted.

Sparta: Wow, what a party. Feels like home.

Legeand: Hmm, I missed it. Had fun last night I see.

Oliveryn asks the bar keep for ale.

Ozimius: They had a party, Oli. You slept through it.

Iyam (moaning): I drank way too much last night.

Sparta: Not sure how, what with the drums and dancing and all.

Oliveryn: Yeah, well I was trying to figure out how to bring my grandfathers house down around his head.

Sparta: So the reunion did not go so well?

Iyam: I could sleep all day.

Ozimius: You sure you did not have the barmaid up there? I cannot recall seeing her either.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: Well, with my father yes. But now I am the sole heir to Troll's Bridge.

Sparta: The whole city?

Sparta: Whoa!

Legeand (chuckling): Your highness.

Oliveryn: My grandfather is mayor and promised me heirship if I brought my father is lute. I guess he did not think my father was alive.

Sparta: Prince Oli.

Ozimius coughs.

Oliveryn: I am trying to figure out if anyone does not support him, but have not found anyone that will stand up to him yet.

Sparta: Hereditary Mayor? Halflings do not do it like that.

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: I guess I am.

Tracyka Duvalier: I think that would make him at least a Count.

Oliveryn: or something like that...yes.

Ozimius slaps Oli on the back.

Legeand: Nice to see you Tracyka.

Ozimius: You are still our Songbird to me, Oli.

Wintersky: A chief in training?

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn chuckles.

Iyam: So you need some help, Oli?

Oliveryn: Thanks.

Oliveryn: Maybe in the future. Right now I am going to keep low and see what he does. If he tries to come against me here, we can stop his assassins, but I am planning on moving the battle to his front door.

Sparta: I was thinking it was time to blow this town pretty soon.

Sparta: But, we have some unfinished business before we go.

Oliveryn: I need to head over to the messengers anyway, to send off a letter.

Oliveryn heads out of the inn and over to send a letter.

Sparta: There is that cavern and T'krosh

Legeand: Could always flip a coin on it.

Nyza: Me think T'krosh follow Nyza wherever she go.

Sparta: I would rather find him first, before he ambushes us again.

Sparta: and I am itching to find the rest of the Gaedracis.

Iyam: We could use all those quests to build up Oli's power.

Ozimius: I will be right back.

Sparta: That was pretty nasty last time.

Legeand: On our own? There is a wide world out there and that would take a long time.

Nyza: Me was thinking about that actually, Sparta. Nyza want to try making peace with T'krosh, not kill him.

Sparta: Really?

Sparta: No offense Nyza, but you are the first friendly kobold I have met.

Legeand: Stranger things have happened.

Sparta: True.

Nyza: You are right, most of my people are suspicious of softskins, but Nyza does not want to kill any kobolds if it can be helped.

Wintersky: Yes, you look spirit ridden, Legeand.

Oliveryn heads over to the aviary to see Merizae Illamaesa.

Nyza: Me think about tricking him into getting away from his guards with illusions and my invisibility spell, then having a nice 'chat' with him.

Ozimius reenters the room.

Sparta: I am not going to kill any innocents (glances at Ozi).

Ozimius: So, what are we doing today?

Ozimius looks suprised.

Legeand: Glares a Wintersky "Some of us would rather not talk about everything in our lives."

Sparta: But, T'krosh has not exactly been innocent.

Ozimius: Why you looking at me Sparta? I only kill people who deserve to die.

Sparta: Uh, sorry, Ozi. You just came in at an inopportune time.

Wintersky shrugs.

Ozimius chuckles.

Sparta: Nyza wants to make peace with T'krosh?

Nyza: Yes.

Ozimius: I know you do not agree with my methods Sparta, but they get the job done.

Legeand: So, we have the cave or running around looking for people we have no idea where to start.

Oliveryn enters the aviary, looking for Merizae.

Sparta: We have the map for the Gaedracis' hideouts.

Sparta: But, they are more on the way to Troll's Bridge.

Legeand: True, but a map of it does not say where it is.

Nyza: And then there is the matter of killing Nagav.

Ozimius: Nagav is mine.

Oliveryn: Merizae?

Sparta: He will come back soon enough.

Ozimius: Yup. He will. I still have the dagger.

Sparta: And he will not let that alone for long.

Merizae Illamaesa: Yes, Oliveryn.

Merizae Illamaesa: What may I do for you today.

Oliveryn: I need to send this letter to my grandfather in Troll's Bridge.

Merizae Illamaesa: Hardun Chicdell?

Oliveryn takes out a parchment and slides on the counter.

Oliveryn: Yes.

Merizae Illamaesa: This will take a special messenger. I will get it to him immediately.

Oliveryn: Thank you. Do I owe you anything.

Merizae Illamaesa: No charge. I want to see how this plays out and I will help you any way I can.

Oliveryn: Thank you. If you ever want to visit again, I am still staying the inn.

Oliveryn winks and leaves.

Ozimius: But I had some buisiness with Luvian as well. Maybe we should try the cave until Luvian and I are finished.

Sparta: Luvian?

Ozimius nods.

Ozimius: Luvian.

Sparta shakes his head.

Sparta: Be careful, Ozi.

Ozimius nods.

Ozimius: I will.

Sparta: You are starting to act like one of the Trubble sisters.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: You will have to tell me about them someday my friend.

Legeand: Well, you guys figure out what you are doing, I am going to get ready.

Legeand moves upstairs and start getting his gear ready.

Sparta: You should visit Rebelton. Our family priest could regale you with stores till you are blue in the face.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius: I will do that some time Sparta.

Sparta grins.

Sparta: So wha'ch y'all think? The cavern?

Ozimius nods.

Chelsia: Legeand, are you leaving?

Legeand: Hmm... Yes we are going out. They are deciding now.

Chelsia: Can I come along?

Legeand: Hm... I am not sure. Why do you want to come?

Chelsia: You might need my help, Legeand.

Legeand: Sighing he nods, "Alright...come, but try not letting anyone see you."

Chelsia: No problem.

Oliveryn wanders the streets of Redemption, looking for a magic shop.

Oliveryn finds Redemption Mercantile.

Oliveryn walks into the shop and looks for the owner.

Oliveryn: Hello? Does anyone work here?

Oliveryn yells into the back.

Shopkeeper: Sorry, sorry, sir.

Oliveryn: Hi sir, I am looking for something...magical.

Shopkeeper: Anything in particular?

Oliveryn: Well the first thing I am looking for is a nice wand that summons smaller creatures to come and eat my foes.

Oliveryn mimics a creature eating something.

Shopkeeper: I have four flavors of that kind of wand.

Oliveryn: What do they taste like?

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: The flavors?

Shopkeeper: Expensive, really expensive, super expensive and omni expensive.

Oliveryn: Well, what is the first expensive?

Shopkeeper: I actually have only this one, sorry.

Shopkeeper: 750 monarchs.

Oliveryn: I will take it. Does that come with the standard 50 charges?

Shopkeeper: Yes, 50 shots.

Oliveryn: I am also looking for a scroll.

Shopkeeper: I have lot of those.

Oliveryn: I am looking for a spell that will teleport me and my things...maybe someone else...about 500 feet or so.

Shopkeeper: That would be dimension door.

Oliveryn: Yes, I think that is it.

Oliveryn: How about, I buy both for 1300?

Shopkeeper: 1450.

Oliveryn: 1350.

Shopkeeper: 1400.

Oliveryn: 1375.

Shopkeeper: 1380, cannot go any lower.

Oliveryn: Fine, but this is highway robbery.

Oliveryn: Thank you, sir.

Nyza: The cavern sounds fine to me. Was that near where T'krosh attacked everyone before?

Sparta: Yeah, you are right.

Wintersky: So you all are leaving town?

Nyza: Me think so, yes. We were planning to delve into a cave outside town.

Wintersky: You like caves, right?

Nyza nods her head.

Wintersky: Do you think I could come?

Nyza: Me guess you do not come from a cave, Ms. Sky?

Sparta: Of course you can come.

Sparta: But, we are not going far, at least not today.

Wintersky: No, I come from the plains, but I need to learn things before I can go back home.

Sparta: You are not afraid of bugs, are you? Uh, big ones?

Wintersky: I have not ever encountered any bug bigger than my hand.

Sparta: This one was about as big as a horse.

Wintersky: Whoa, can they be trained?

Sparta: I doubt it. They are not very smart.

Wintersky: Why do you want to go and molest huge bugs??

Sparta whispers, "A friend told us there is treasure in a secret cave near here. We think it might be this one."

Wintersky: Ohhh! you want to go shopping!!! This I understand.

Oliveryn leaves the shop and heads back to the inn.

Sparta: Shhhh.

Wintersky: How about breakfast?

Sparta: Breakfast? That's a wonderful idea!

Oliveryn enters the inn.

Sparta: Innkeeper! Scramble up some eggs...and bacon... and biscuits... and...

Oliveryn: Ok, I am back. Are we ready to go and kill something?

Oliveryn smiles.

Nyza: And take its hoard of treasure? Yes sir.

Legeand: Finishing his gear up, he makes his way downstairs, "Ready to go."

Nyza: Hmm, me wonder if huge beetles even keep treasure. Probably not.

Nyza frowns.

Iyam approached nyza and wintersky.

Nyza: Hello, Iyam!

Iyam: Hello, little one.

Iyam: My head has been somewhere else. Listen, I've something to tell you.

Iyam: The half-kobold that I have been chasing.

Nyza: If it is about the smell, I cleaned my robes last night.

Iyam: Is my sister. Well, half-sister.

Nyza: ...huh?

Iyam: She is here in Redemption...somewhere.

Iyam: I must find her.

Nyza: But you are a softskin. How can you have a kobold sister?

Ozimius raises his eyebrows.

Ozimius: Um, Iyam?

Ozimius: How exactly can you have a half-kobold half-sister?

Iyam: She is my sister by adoption through my mother.

Iyam: How she is a half-kobold, I do not know the truth of her conception.

Ozimius: I have never even heard of a half-kobold, no offense, Nyza

Iyam: Mother has never said much and I never questioned.

Nyza: Me neither, but Nyza will not judge. We find her, okay Iyam?

Iyam: She has simply been my...sister.

Iyam: I sense there is trouble at the home.

Iyam: She only leaves there to seek me out, to get help.

Sparta: Iyam, where is your home?

Ozimius: You need our help?

Iyam: I am not certain, my friend, Ozi, but if it comes to that, I will.

Iyam: You all are there for me.

Ozimius nods.

Sparta: Of course we are, big guy.

Ozimius: We are.

Iyam: Looks beyond the group into nothing, reflecting.

Nyza: What is her name?

Iyam: Silva. her name is Silva.

Iyam: Returns his attention to the group.

Sparta: That is a pretty name.

Iyam: Yes, it is.

Nyza grins.

Nyza: Me always like metal-names.

Iyam: She has a gift for hunting, especially with the bow and arrows.

Iyam: She is the best among us in the commune.

Iyam: She is young, but she is determined to be a protector of the commune.

Iyam: It is the only reason that convinced me that it would be safe if I left there.

Iyam (frowns): I must find her soon.

Wintersky: I will help you, Iyam.

Oliveryn sits down next to Ozi.

Having collected gear and gotten ready to go most of the day, our heroes find they are quite tired from the previous day.

Wintersky: Will we be coming back here?

Iyam places the greataxe on this thigh and begins sharpening it with a whetstone.

Sparta yawning, "I expect so."

Oliveryn: At some point I need to go to Troll's Bridge. I have bought myself some time, but not that much.

Innkeeper: You all are not going out into Tanglewood dragging your gear around like that, are you?

Ozimius looks at the Innkeeper.

Sparta: I could really use a nap.

Legeand: Not if we can help it.

Ozimius: Let us head out to that cave. I could use some more money.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: I could use the money too. But I do not want to fall asleep on Ringo's shoulder before we get there.

Legeand: We could rent a cart and grab a ride and a nap there.

Ozimius chuckles.

Ozimius: Your all getting soft from all the celebration.

Legeand: I was out all last night.

Oliveryn: I am rested. That is all I have done.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Party pooper.

Ozimius: So, who is going with me?

Iyam: I will come with you, Ozi, but soon after you will help me find Silva?

Ozimius: I will.

Ozimius: I promise you that.

Iyam: Then let us not idle about.

Iyam packs up his gear.

Legeand: Like I said, hitch a ride out there? We are all not all here.

Sparta: Sure, you get the cart, I will get Ringo and meet you out front?

Wintersky: Wintersky packs up here gear and calls Cinder.

Nyza: Nyza come with of course. There is treasure to be had!

Legeand: Innkepper where can we get a cart and a driver.

Ozimius: Well, if you are not up to it, we can do it another time.

Oliveryn shrugs and gets ready.

Sparta: No time like now.

Sparta heads for the stables to gear up Ringo.

Wintersky: Is it not dangerous to sleep through Tanglewood?

Sparta: Ringo, you are going to meet a new friend today. Now do not go getting all excited. I do not know if she likes dogs.

Legeand: If we have a driver and our rested partner on the watch, we should be fine.

After several of the heroes begin to snooze, the rest of the day is spent resting or preparing to head to the cave.

Then next morning everyone is rested and ready to go.

The group travels through the steamy forest following the path Sparta recalls from their last journey.

As the group approaches the site of the battle with the kobolds, a odd smell wafts through the area.

Wintersky: How far is it, Sparta?

Sparta: Do you smell that?

Ozimius sniffs.

Legeand: Hmm, yea.

Ozimius: I do not smell anything.

Sparta: Smells like a dragon was here recently.

Ozimius wrinkles his nose.

Oliveryn: A dragon?

Sparta: Yeah, like Cedarcleaver.

Wintersky: You think the one that hurt Tesela?

Sparta: Maybe.

Nyza: Hmm, well that is not good. Some dragons like to make their homes in caves.

Legeand: Maybe it got the beatles, but it might be in there then.

Sparta: If it is the same one, he is probably too big for this little cave.

Sparta: But, I do not like that he is this close.

Wintersky: Wintersky looks around for dragon sign.

Ozimius: Well, we will never find out standing around out here.

Ozimius heads to the shadows.

Nyza: Ozimius, do you want me to make you unseen?

Sparta: If a big, green, angry dragon shows up, run away.

Ozimius: Ok, Nyza.

Oliveryn tries to think up dragons that could live around here.

Ozimius: That works.

Wintersky: Green dragons do not live in caves like this one there needs to be water around.

Sparta: We are not ready to take him on.

Nyza casts an illusion over Ozimius. He disappears.

Ozimius heads in to check out the cave.

Wintersky: Casts Warning.

Sparta mumbles, "There he goes, just like a Trubble sister again."

Oliveryn: Cannot think of a thing about dragons around here.

Sparta: Well, let us not let him have all the fun.

Sparta: Besides, there may not be any treasure left if the Ozi gets there first.

Nyza: Do not stand close together in case Cedarcleave is here.

Wintersky: I think we ought to follow him so he does not get eaten alone.

Legeand moves up looking forward at the cave.

Oliveryn tunes his lute.

Sparta hefts his new spear.

Iyam focuses.

Sparta readies his second spear.

Ozimius enters the cave.

Wintersky readys her bow.

Sparta: Oh, I almost forgot.

Legeand: Readies his sword in both hands.

Sparta casts Magic Fang on Ringo.

Wintersky moves closer to the enterance.

Nyza advances slowly.

Ozimius retreats.

Ozimius whispers, "Nyza, light please.

Sparta: Careful, Legeand, you are right in front of the mouth of the cave.

Legeand: Better me then someone soft.

Ozimius whispers to Nyza, "Nyza I need light!"

Nyza whispers back, "Nyza cannot make light. Fire yes, light no."

Ozimius whispers "Anyone have a torch?"

Oliveryn picks up a rock and casts light on it.

Sparta: Ozi, where are you. I have a sunrod.

Ozimius takes the rod from Sparta.

Legeand: Makeshift one if we need to?

Sparta: Hey, that is cool.

Ozimius whispers, "Thanks."

Ozimius tosses the rod into the cave.

Oliveryn throws the rock at Ozi.

Legeand: Is it safe in there?

Iyam manifests a power and his skin thickens.

Ozimius kicks the sunrod further down the cave.

Sparta: Only one way to find out, let us go Ringo.

Wintersky: Wintersky dismounts from Cinder.

Wintersky walks into the cave.

Oliveryn follows after everyone goes in.

Sparta: Ozi, if you can hear me, let me carry the sunrod.

Iyam manifests a power... an invisible force appears before him.

Sparta: Sparta leads Ringo up to the sunrod and picks it up.

Ozimius advances.

Sparta: Any sign of the bugs?

The group notices that all the crystal that was lining these caves are all melted and have dripped to the floor.

Sparta: Oh, that cannot be good.

Ozimius whispers, "Sparta bring the light forward."

Legeand: At least there is no beetle.

Ozimius advances carefully.

Oliveryn: What were you checking for Nyza?

Wintersky: This looks almost dissolved!

Nyza: (quietly) Me want to see if the dragon melted the crystals, but Nyza has no idea.

The light of the sunrod reveals a massive beetle within the next cave.

Oliveryn: Want me to try?

Sparta lagging.

Iyam moves.

Iyam manifests a power... and he sees begins to see seconds into the future.

Wintersky moves deeper into the cave.

Oliveryn begins singing an inspiring song and moves deeper into the cave.

The bug looks menacing, but cannot close.

Wintersky peeks around the corner.

Legeand moves down the tunnel.

Wintersky: Whew that is big! You were not kidding, Sparta.

Legeand: Bigger they are, harder the fall!

Sparta: I wonder how he got in here, if he cannot get out?

Wintersky: Grew in here I expect.

Ozimius tumbles under it.

Sparta closes to 20 feet and throws his new spear.

Sparta's spear hits.

Sparta: Uh, I think I made it mad.

Wintersky: I think they have a crunchy exterior.

Legeand: Makes you wonder how beetles taste.

Sparta: Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside.

The second beatle fumbles about Ozi and slaps him with a long tongue, but does no damage.

Nyza rushes to keep up with her friends.

Iyam lunges for the beetle.

Iyam's psionically charged axe hits the beetle.

Wintersky: Tough bugger.

Wintersky expertly fires an arrow through the crowd and hits the beetle.

Oliveryn advances through the tunnels and continues to sing.

Wintersky: I am good with arrows. Hardly ever hit my friends.

Sparta: Hardly ever?

Nyza: Hardly?

The beatle lashes out at Iyam, but misses.

Wintersky: Have not hit a friend with an arrow since I was seven.

Legeand's dagger careens into Sparta.

Sparta: Ow!

Legeand: Sorry, mind giving that back after?

Nyza: (smiling) says "Me hit Iyam with fire only a few weeks ago."

Wintersky: Ringo just can not bend like that.

Sparta: Sure, just stab me in the back and then ask for it back.

Legeand: Not my fault your so big, and mainly up front there.

Sparta: I think you are getting me confused with the giant.

Sparta: I am the little one.

Ozimius attacks Iyam's adversary.

Legeand: Sarcasm, helps sometimes yea?

Wintersky: Little man, big mouth. smiling.

Nyza: Are you having trouble seeing up there again? You can hold Nyza's hand!

Sparta: Yeah, it takes the sting away so well.

Sparta steps closer and throws his second spear.

Sparta slides the spear just past Iyam and hits the beetle.

The second beetle advances on Ozimius and bites him.

Nyza: Not wanting to risk exploding any of her friends, Nyza shoots three unerring missiles of force at the nearest folugub.

Nyza's missiles weave through the passage and strike the beetle.

Wintersky: Oooo, good one, Nyza!

Nyza: Thanks!

Legeand: Iyam, move aside abit, so I can get near as well!

Iyam moves to the side of the beetle and swings again.

Iyam's swing bounces off the beetle's shell.

Wintersky moves forward and fires again.

Wintersky's arrow bounces as well.

Oliveryn continues singing and draws this new wand.

Wintersky: Glanced the shell.

The beatle bite Iyam.

Legeand's sword rings off the beetle's shell.

Ozimius strikes the original beetle from behind.

Sparta: Spears exhausted, Sparta turns to his new bow and fires two arrows in rapid succession

Sparta's arrows fly, one hurting the beetle and one bouncing off of Legeand's backplate.

Legeand: I guess were even, minding the fact I am not a pin cushion!

Sparta: Sorry, Legeand, but do not stop there.

Sparta: Keep moving up.

The second beetle bites Ozimius again.

Nyza: Another three force missiles emerge from Nyza's fingertips.

Ozimius looks badly bitten.

Nyza: Hang in there Ozi! We'll get you out of there.

More of Nyza's missiles weave through and hit the beetle.

Iyam: Arggggg!

Iyam swings.

Sparta: As soon as Iyam steps out of the way, you can follow him.

A distracted Iyam misses the beetle.

Sparta: Shift, Iyam

Sparta: Let Legeand through.

Wintersky prepares a heroes strike.

Wintersky's arrow buries itself in the beetle.

Oliveryn steps up and summons a beetle of his own with the wand.

The beetle continues to attack Iyam and hits.

Legeand's sword glances off the beetle.

Ozimius attempts to tumble under the beatle.

The second beetle thwarts Ozimius' roll and bites him.

Ozimius falls.

Ozimius falls to rest below the beetle.

Sparta drops his bow and draws his sword.

Sparta: Screw this little stuff.

Sparta's sword rings off the beetle's shell.

Sparta: Keep moving guys, it's getting crowded up here.

The second beetle focuses on Iyam, but misses.

A ghostly image of a woman appears in front of the second beetle.

Nyza: "Ozi!" Nyza looks angrily at the closest beetle after seeing her friend fall.

Nyza's fire engulfs the beetle, the smell of burning proteins fill the cave.

Iyam: Chokes a bit from the charred smell.

Iyam swings.

Iyam's eyes burn from the flames and he misses the beetle.

Wintersky: Wintersky moves to Ozi.

Wintersky is bitten as she moves through.

Nyza: How is he, Ms. Sky?

Wintersky: cast cure light on herself

Wintersky: He is alive, but hurting badly.

Oliveryn continues to sing as his summoned beetle appears.

The summoned fire beetle bites the big beetle.

The beetle changes focus to Legeand and bites him.


Legeand: Upon seeing the apparition and the fall of a friend, Legeand goes into a rage.

Legeand raging swing finds the target successfully.

Ozimius bleeds.

Sparta swings his great sword

Sparta's swing hits.

Sparta: Ringo, get him.

Sparta and Ringo step to the side.

Sparta: inspired? BAB

Ringo's bite glances of the beetle's shell.

The second beetle backs away from the spectre.

Iyam fails to connect when an opportunity opens up.

The spectre chases after the beetle.

Nyza lobs another scorching ray at the tongue-beetle.

Nyza's fire burns the beetle further.

Nyza: Grr, Nyza is out of practice. She has not shot fire for too long.

Iyam steps back, looking weak, but manifests a power.

Sparta: Fire roasted beetle, yum.

Iyam looks as though he is nearly completely healed.

Wintersky casts cure moderate wounds on Ozi after shifting towards him.

Wintersky channels healing energy into Ozimius and he awakes.

Sparta: Hey, welcome back to the land of the living, Ozi.

Ozimius grins, nodding to Wintersky in thanks.

Wintersky: Snowshadow, attack the giant bug.

SnowShadow pounces on the beetle and rips into it.

Sparta: Nice kitty.

Oliveryn moves forward drawing his rapier.

Sparta: Prince Oli, how about putting that new rapier to use?

Oliveryn's valiant thrust does not penetrate the beetle's shell.

The beetle's focus changes to Sparta and it misses.

Sparta: Keep moving in

Nyza: Nice hit, Legeand!

Legeand slices into the beetle and it collapses.

Sparta: Hurrah!

Wintersky: Great strike, Legeand!

Legeand: I am not done, I am not finished, I will crush them all!

Ozimius leaps to his feat and sinks his sword into the other beetle.

Sparta and Ringo run to the other beetle.

Sparta's sword bites into the beetle's shell.

Sparta: You too, Ringo. Get him, boy!

Ringo's bite does not connect.

Iyam: nigght

The beetle flails at the spectre and misses.

The spectre vanishes.

Nyza moves deeper into the cavern to get a shot at the vermin.

Nyza's flames continue the immolate the beetles.

Nyza: Burn, beetle, burn!

Iyam weighs into the beetle.

Wintersky: Iyam are you better or do you need healing.

Wintersky fires her bow.

Iyam: I am all right for now, Wintersky! Destroy it!

Wintersky's arrows sinks in.

SnowShadows claws and teeth have no effect on the beetle this time.

Oliveryn: Does anyone need healing?

Ozimius: I could use some, Oli.

Oliveryn takes out the other wand and heals Ozi.

Oliveryn: The almight God Healing heals you...Ozi

Ozimius grins in thanks to Oli.

Legeand's swing successful strikes the beetle.

Ozimius attacks again.

sneak attack

Sparta's attack connects.

Ringo misses.

The beetle lays into Iyam and bites him.

Nyza: Hey, Legeand, you might want to duck.

Nyza's flames just manage to touch the beetle.

Iyam: did he split it?

Iyam answers back with a strike of his own.

Wintersky moves past Oli and casts cure moderate wounds on Iyam.

Wintersky: That should feel better.

Wintersky: Go snowshadow hurt that bug

SnowShadow leaps onto the beetle and rips into it again.

Oliveryn: Does anyone else need healing?

Wintersky: I do.

Oliveryn heals Wintersky.

Wintersky: Thanks.

Legeand slice the beetle again.

Ozimius assaults the bug again.

Ozimius swings wide.

Ozimius' sword misses its mark.

Sparta cannot manage a hit on the beetle.

Ringo misses as well.

The beetle bites Legeand.

Nyza fires more missiles that weave between her allies.

Nyza's missles slam into the beetle and it collapses.

Nyza: Hah! Six hits and no misses!

Wintersky: Let the shopping begin.

Nyza: You know... I hope green dragons do not keep pets.

A Folugub