Butyltina 17, 1000 PC

Post date: Apr 04, 2009 3:13:58 AM

Today's trip to Troll's Bridge was not very successful.  The mirrors in the castle have mostly been removed or destroyed.  I found all the intact ones I could and uncovered them, but I do not have much hope catching Hardun's attention.

My faction spying today had me look in on Groves again.  He has freed all of his Sajenese slaves to they can assassinate Oliveryn when he returns.  Of course, Hardun expects someone to try to take his grandson out, but not the person he thinks.  He has Thieves' Thought spending a lot of time and resources tracking down plotters.  Oddly, enough the Sajenese are not on their list...probably because the Sajenese are so good and covering their tracks.

After this I tried out House Elan.  That estate is one dangerous place.  I got discovered and dueled one of the lesser members of the House.  I just barely managed to get away as Methylpenta arrived.  Fortunately, I incinerated the only sorcerer to see me and did not teleport directly to The Floating Tower, but detoured to my burning place first.  I hope that location is noted for Hardun if Methlypenta even reports it.

I could not get Hardun's attention, but I did give a group of dignitaries the display I wanted to give to Hardun.  I am sure at least one of them will mention the apparition to the mayor.