Oliveryn's Landing

Post date: Mar 27, 2009 3:49:13 PM

Oliveryn's thoughts as King David of The Seelie Court whisks him off to Troll's Bridge is entering Troll's Bridge from the south.  The King detects Oliveryn's subconscious desire to be home and sets him, his followers, his horses and his carriage down in the city closer to home.

Oliveryn's senses clear and he realizes that he is standing in his estate's stables with Austin, Godric and Isilayligard.  Eregard is nowhere to be seen, the horses are stabled and the carriage is stored in its proper place at the end of the stables, its coat of arms shining with their usual luster.

A stable hand can be seen peering at them from inside one of the stalls where he leapt in surprise at their sudden appearance.