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Undecitina 12, 259 First Cycle of Man

Visaria's grievance against the mayor shortly to be set into motion is interrupted by Malachi's duties, leaving our heroes some time on their hands.  Throughout this time, the chanting in the forest has grown nearer and a couple of scouts have gone missing.  Also, during this time, Visaria seems to be badly effected by the chanting, as though it is in her head.

Dale, concerned for the well-being of the forest and the village, wants to investigate.  She awakens Ironroot, who Sparta and Ozimius met just outside Kettelmettel over a thousand years in the future.  The ironwood treant leads our heroes to the area of the demonic taint that Nyza begins to suspect is the cause of the corruption in the local kobolds.

The kobolds had managed to summon a large number of vrock and now the demons have managed to summon an aspect of Demogorgon, who has been behind the kobolds corruption.

Before the demons can begin to cause any serious trouble, our heroes set upon them and cut them down in short order; just barely avoiding the dreaded Dance of Ruin nearly completed by a group of vrock beyond the clearing where the other demons attempted to occupy the adventurers.

As the dust settles and the Nyza's fires burn out, kobolds begin coming out of hiding, obviously bewildered but thankful that the demons are gone.

Malachi is called away suddenly to deal with a situation and leaves the inn.

He is busy for a couple of days giving our heroes some time to themselves.

Dale: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Dale: That chanting is giving me the willies.

During this time the chanting in the forest has grown closer to the village.

Dale: We need some eyes outside.

As well, two scouts have gone missing, which has alarmed many of the citizens of Zelmbring.

Dale: Sparta, would you accompany me out to the edge of town?

Legeand: Yes, but after that rain do you think anyone wants to even go out?

Dale: I do, and I have an idea for someone else who won't mind staying outside all the time.

Oliveryn stays in the inn with Ergard playing a game of stones, looking out the window, wondering what is causing all the chanting.

Dale: Do you want to join us, Legeand?

Legeand: Grunting and glaring at her he shrugs, "If you want, sure."

Sparta: Let's go then.

Sparta gathers up his gear, like he's girding for war.

Nyza: If it starts to rain again, I could teleport us back in a hurry.

Nyza: Not that the teleportation has been too reliable lately.

Dale: You got us here safely.

Dale: You're welcome to come along as well.

Luanes smirks slightly.

Nyza: Yep, Nyza come with. That draconic chanting is too perilous to ignore.

Dale: All of you are, though this should only take a few minutes.

Wintersky: Come on, Luanes. Let us go chaperone these folks.

Luanes: Absolutely.

Eregard approaches Oliveryn concerned, "Visaria seems badly effected by all the chanting. She is sliding back into her former attitude."

Dale: When the others are ready, Dale leads them to a large tree on the edge of town.

Oliveryn: Do you think that going towards the chanting might be a wise idea? What do you think we should do?

Legeand: Towards sounds like a good idea.

Nyza: What do you have in mind, Dale?

Oliveryn: Well, if we bring her towards it more, will she fully return back to her former attitude?

Wintersky: Perhaps a protection spell might be in order here.

Dale: There, she begins a druidic chant, summoning power from the surrounding earth and plants and feeding it into the tree until the tree begins to sway and move.

Eregard: She is complaining incessantly about the chanting. She is acting like it is much louder than it is, like it is in her head.

Dale: Waken good shepherd of Tanglewood.

Wintersky goes to check on Visaria.

Oliveryn: Maybe we should send her to another plane of existance, think that might help?

Dale: There is evil afoot that threatens your brethren and this hamlet. I need you to watch over this area to protect the forest.

Luanes: Perhaps, it is in her head.

Oliveryn smiles trying to lighten the mood.

The awakened tree groans and stretches, "When is evil not afoot in this forest, druid?"

Legeand: Well, if she is sensitive to evil, would she not be affected by the chanting?

Dale: Good day, there is much that isn't evil in this wood.

Dale: Today, there is something new.

Dale: Can you hear that chanting in the distance?

Nyza looks warily at the moving tree.

Awakened Tree: It has been cycles since evil was absent, but...Yes, very evil.

Dale: Yes, I fear it means harm to one in this village and that your kin will be caught in the wake.

Wintersky checks on Visaria and finds here withdrawn; sitting in the dark.

Dale: Do you have a name?

Wintersky: Visaria, you are not well?

Awakened Tree: We cannot have that! Ironroot must act!

Dale: Wait! Ironroot!

Visaria shakes her head, not looking at Wintersky.

Dale: We are here to help.

Dale: Don't be hasty. The source of evil will surely show itself in due time.

Awakened Tree: You are formidable folk?

Wintersky chants the spell Magic Circle Against Evil, sprinkling silver dust around Visaria.

Dale: I am but the least of these folk, but I awakened you.

Dale: This is Nyza, a wonderful sorceress.

Dale: And Legeand our warrior.

Legeand: We are fairly formidible.

Dale: My best friend, Sparta, knows the ways of the wood.

The awakened tree looks around, first at the nearby trees and then the small folk standing around him.

Dale: There is a great Teton shaman in the inn, a Elfin paladin and a wondrous bard.

Dale: And there are many others who will help as they can.

Ironroot: Ironroot then needs your help.

Dale: Yes, we will help each other.

Ironroot: The evil flowing through the air also flows underground. It must be destroyed.

Sparta looks under his feet.

Sparta: Underground?

Nyza: Like, eating away at your roots? We are not gardeners.

Ironroot: In the waters that feed the trees.

Ironroot: I can lead you to the source of the taint.

Visaria relaxes under the effects of Wintersky's spell.

Dale looks to others.

Dale: Should we seek out the chanters before they grow strong enough to attack as all?

Legeand: What if the chanters are the source?

Nyza: Absolutely! Better to attack when they aren't ready for us.

Luanes nods.

Sparta: Then we should summon the others.

Wintersky: That blessing should protect you for a bit. I will try to stop the problem at its source. Rest easy now. I will be back.

Nyza: Mm, right. Can you wait a bit, Mr. Tree?

Visaria: Thank you, lady Teton.

Wintersky joins Luanes and heads out to where the others are discussing things.

Legeand: Well, he says there is a taint in the air and ground right? Remember the rain? We need to stop that first.

Sparta waves to Miss Sky and Luanes.

Ironroot: You do not have long before their power is at its zenith.

Luanes waves back.

Sparta: Then we should hurry.

Sparta: Luannes, Miss Sky, we need Oli and his man too.

Wintersky whistles for StormClouds.

Oliveryn wonders were everyone is going.

Wintersky: We must hurry. The chanting has changed. I think one ritual has completed and another is starting.

Dale: Ironroot, there are a few more we must gather, then we shall be ready to follow you.

Wintersky rides to the inn door and leans in whilst on StormClouds,"Olivern, Eregard, come. We need help, Trouble is coming.

Dale calls for Ferocious.

Oliveryn exits the inn and hurrys after the others with Eregard.

Sparta whistles to Ringo, "Here boy, let's go."

Luanes calls for Gaelitae.

Wintersky casts Stoneskin shared with SnowShadow.

Besides the new chanting on the wind, a stench wafts in along with the ululation.

Dale: I was thinking the same thing, Miss Sky.

Nyza: Blech...that is demon smell.

Luanes: Wretched fiends!

Legeand: As if dragons were not enough and now we have demons again?

Dale casts Stoneskin on herself and shares with Ferocious.

Nyza: Vulture demons at that. In fact, me bet the kobolds nearby summon them. We know they are demon-tainted.

Nyza: If, when we fight them, try not to kill all the kobolds, 'kay? Maybe they can still be saved.

Wintersky: Let us go. Who knows the way there?

Dale: Miss Sky, meet our new friend Ironroot.

Dale: He can show us the way.

Wintersky: Lead on Great and Mighty One.

Nyza relates some information to the group about the vulture demons.

Nyza: Their dance can kill you and they can scream loud enough to stun people who are close.

Wintersky: When we get a bit closer, I can align our weapons to do more damage to the blighters.

Oliveryn casts Comprehend Lanuages to try and figure out what the chanting means.

Wintersky casts Warning shared with SnowShadow.

Oliveryn: They seem to be trying to summon some Prince of Demons?

Oliveryn: I think he is summoning Demogorgon!

Luanes: That is the name I have heard, also.

Sparta: Are we ready? We should hurry to stop them.

Sparta casts Longstrider and shares with Ringo.

Luanes: We must stop this!

Luanes: Quickly!

Oliveryn: Agreed!

Sparta leaps atop Ringo.

Legeand: Let us be off quickly then.

Nyza will prepare the usual defensive spells on herself as the group approaches the chanters.

Ironroot nods, shaking his leaves and proceeds into the forest.

Wintersky casts Mass Death Ward.

Dale climbs on Ferocious and follows Ironroot into the forest.

Ringo trots to catch up to Dale and her kitty.

Wintersky casts Mass Align Weapon (Good).

Luanes casts Angelskin.

Wintersky: Anybody have two weapons they want done?

Sparta: my bow first & then Grandpa, please

Wintersky: No problem.

Luanes also casts Holy Sword.

Wintersky casts Owl's Wisdom shared with SnowShadow.

Wintersky casts Divine Power shared with SnowShadow.

Wintersky casts Divine Agility shared with SnowShadow.

Ironroot: The horror is close. I am finding it difficult to move on. It is up ahead.

Wintersky casts Divine Favor shared with SnowShadow.

The chanting is almost deafening as our heroes see the first vrock through the trees.

Dale casts Guidance on Sparta.

Dale casts Animal Growth on Ferocious, Ringo, SnowShadow and StormClouds.

Wintersky casts Righteous Might upon herself, "I have to make myself look big!"

A shriek up ahead indicates that one of the demons has detected the approaching heroes.

Legeand draws his sword and readies himself.

The first demon surrounds himself with multiple images and moves forward.

Luanes: There are many more that we can see through these trees.

Dale casts Entangle on as many as she can capture at once.

Dale dismounts from Ferocious.

One of the vrock attempts to move, but is held in the trees.

Wintersky launches four arrows from Blessed Black in quick succession.

The hail of arrows rip into Wintersky's target.

SnowShadow charges and pounces another nearby demon, ripping into it.

Eregard waits for Oliveryn to cast a spell on him.

Legeand charges up to the demon SnowShadow is engaged with and hacks into it.

The vrock hit by Wintersky's arrow surrounds himself with images.

A terrifying creature with two baboon heads and tentacles for arms appears in the distant clearing and roars.

Sparta shoots a volley of arrows at the same demon that Wintersky hit.

Oliveryn casts Indomitability on Eregard.

Eregard moves forward.

Nyza bursts into a frenzy of energy. She speeds up the flow of magic around her, fires an orb of fire at the closest vrock, then flies upward twenty feet.

The vrock explodes in a cloud of burning feathers.

Luanes launches into the air on Gaelitae.

Dale: Burnt feathers. That smells almost as bad as the vrocks do.

Spores spray about striking Legeand, SnowShadow and Eregard.

A vrock appears in the tree and shrieks.

Legeand is stunned.

The vrock flies out of the entangling branches above the tree.

Dale casts Fire Storm in a column of fire reaching up to the flying vrock.

Two of the vrock's images are dispelled in the attack by Ferocious.

The entangled vrock continues to struggle.

Wintersky rides StormClouds into Battle, firing Blessed Black.

SnowShadow goes to help Ferocious, pouncing!

The vrock engaged by the great cats explodes in a cloud of spores.

Wintersky: Nasty, nasty spores.

A vrock flies out of the trees and attacks Eregard, also sporing him.

A vrock begins flying over the entangle.

The demon lord bounds forward, its gaze grabbing Eregard, Legeand and Stormclouds. It then flails at Eregard and Legeand.

Sparta changes to his dagger and charges the aspect of Demogorgon on Ringo.

The demon lord absorbs the dagger strike and much of Ringo's bite.

Oliveryn casts Spell Enhancer and Blast of Flame catching two vrock and the aspect of Demogorgon in its effect.

Eregard, possessed by the aspect of Demogorgon, turns on Sparta with his blades.

Eregard skewers Sparta several times.

Nyza flies forward.

Nyza: Hey, what are you doing! Time out for you!

Nyza conjures a force bubble by casting Otiluke's Resilient Sphere around Eregard.

Nyza: With her quickened magic, Nyza also has time to lay waste to a small portion of the forest, vrocks included.

Eregard is encased harmlessly in the sphere.

Luanes dives towards the fray on Gaelitae smiting the aspect of Demogorgon as they fly through.

Luanes and Gaelitae's fly-by leaves the demon reeling.

The entangled vrock breaks free.

Dale casts Flame Strike on the fleeing vrock.

A pillar of fire holy descents on the nearly free vrock.

Ferocious pounces another demon.

Three of the vrock's images disappate.

Dale dismisses the entangle.

Wintersky dismounts toward Sparta and casts Holy Word.

Sparta: Where'd they go?!

Wintersky's Holy Word banishes the demons near her.

Eregard and Legeand are left deafened and blind.

Legeand: Mothers almighty, that was bloody loud. And why can't I bloody see?

Luanes turns Gaelitae back towards the group.

SnowShadow heads north looking for something with in range to pounce on and finds three vrock performing their Dance of Ruin.

Legeand stumbles blindly, groping for his sword on the ground, "Gods above, you think you guys could take it easy on the bloody spells!?"

Sparta casts Entangle on the three vrocks that appeared from the north. One becoming trapped causes the dance to fail just moments before it would have exploded through the forest.

Wintersky: Dang, he cannot even hear me apologise.

Sparta sheathes his dagger and draws his bow again.

Oliveryn takes a step back and casts Phantasmal Killer at the vrock. The image of a planetar slices its head off and it falls dead.

Eregard stands deaf and blind inside the resilient sphere.

Nyza dispels Eregard's sphere as she flies by. She then focuses on summoning a huge fire elemental, "There's too many trees for just Nyza to burn down."

Luanes has Gaelitae wing around and smites another demon as they wheel about.

Dale summons two huge air elementals.

Four of the vrocks images are dispelled by Ferocious' attacks.

Wintersky (sarcastically): Poor thing self immolated.

A demon charges through Nyza's lingering flames, bursts into flames and vanishes.

Wintersky steps up to Legeand and casts Panacea on the fumbling barbarian.

Legeand: Gah!

Wintersky: The word of the holy spirits is mighty.

Legeand can now see, hear and the demons spores stop growing.

Legeand sprints through the trees and slices into one of the remaining demons.

Legeand: I am sick of these damn demons, on our damn plane!

Sparta launches a volley of arrows at the nearest vrock.

Sparta takes out two more demons with well placed arrows.

Oliveryn pulls out pen and notebook and begins jotting down notes about the battle that is now winding down.

Eregard stumbles, still deaf and blind and completely disoriented.

Nyza: The lingering flames burn out.

And not even spores escape the conflagration of Nyza's three fiery orbs as they strike the final demon.

Legeand: Well, we have enough charcoal bird to feed an army.

Aspect of Demogorgon