General Aifos

Post date: Jul 20, 2010 6:46:8 PM

I was utterly disappointed last night and completely embarrassed. At first, all I could think of was my poorly displayed battle skills under the eyes of THE General Aifos. Turns out, he's been playing with Time and has lost all of his memories!

Six short months ago, he was drilling me in survival techniques, brilliant battle strategies and merciless war training. Even Vivex stood proudly at attention when he saw General Aifos.

I think disillusioned is what I'm feeling for this insecure, paltry elf-blooded man. It's embarrassing to witness how the mighty have fallen.

Wait---his last words to me was that I will face tests along my journey. I think he's testing me and my knowledge! That's why he's pretending to be ignorant. He's checking to see that I've learned and applied his life lessons! Oh! And to stay humble and not look down on someone for ignorance that just needs teaching like I did!

Now it all makes perfect sense. He's here for me to help and instruct him as fully as he did me when I started training to prove that I have learned all he's taught me. I will not fail him!