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Methyltina 27, 1000 PC

After a day or two of rest after destroying the vampire Magnus Artural, Oliveryn is continuing the planning for his coup of Troll's Bridge.  As well, Sparta has improved his fortunes by helping Ringo's bite become permanently magical.  During their activities, they discover that Aifos is sponsoring an event inviting the Queen of The Elven Monarchy to Redemption.  Our heroes are also invited to attend as well as many of Redemption's most important folk.

While making their way to the event, our heroes are waylaid by a number of devils initially believed to be led by a masked figure.  They are part of a larger force attacking Redemption from the sky led by Imhiakaam herself.  As our heroes quickly dispatch the ground-based squad, the might of Aifos' army and The White Blades just as quickly drive off or destroy the aerial assault.

Having trapped the masked figure in Sparta's entangle spell, our heroes confront this masked woman who insists on being called Mask.  After releasing her from the spell, there is a tense exchange revealing her mission to destroy House Chicdell and an indication of what her true identity might be.

Mask opts to keep her distance from the group for the time being, while most of them make their way into the tent for Aifos' event.

Sparta: Hey, Ozi, we have been invited to dinner.

Sparta: Aifos wants us all over to his tent tonight.

Ozimius: Dinner? Now? I was gonna talk to Arvind....wait. Will the girls be there, you think?

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Terrishaw will be, I am sure.

Oliveryn dismisses the meeting with a nod of thanks.

Oliveryn walks out of Queen's Inn leading Eregard to his father house.

Oliveryn: I need to speak with my father before the dinner tonight.

Eregard nods.

Oliveryn quietly knocks on his fathers door.

The door opens for Oliveryn.

Luvian Witson: I saw you coming and got your note, come on in.

Oliveryn walks in leading Eregard.

Luvian Witson: I understand you have hit a snag, Oliveryn?

Oliveryn: Well, not really a snag, just wondering if you heard anything from the underground about Magnus?

Luvian Witson: Not a thing. I have a pretty tight rein on things lately.

Oliveryn: Sounds good, at least he did not share any information before we killed him.

Luvian Witson: You were lucky there. Heading to this Mage's Marshal's event?

Oliveryn: Yes, very lucky. Yes, I will be attending this event. Are you invited?

Luvian Witson: Yes, oddly enough.

Oliveryn: Hmm, it seems like the whole town might be invited.

Oliveryn laughs a little.

Luvian Witson: And, some from out of town, like the Elven Queen.

Oliveryn: Who told you she was coming?

Luvian Witson: I have my sources.

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: You always do, father.

Luvian Witson: I will see you there. I have preparations to make.

Oliveryn: Well, I am off. I hope to see you there. Keep me informed on anything coming from Troll's Bridge.

Oliveryn nods and heads out, Eregard in tow.

Luvian Witson: Will do.

Sparta: I do not know who else is invited.

Ozimius: OK.

Ozimius: Arvind, I will talk to you later I guess.

Ozimius follows Sparta.

Sparta: Do you know where anyone else is?

Ozimius shakes his head.

Ozimius: I have not seen anyone but you.

Sparta: Let us try the Griffon, there is usually a few hanging around the bar.

Ozimius nods and follows Sparta.

Nyza is reading a book in the commons.

Legeand remains resting in a seat drinking an ale at the Blazing Griffon Inn.

Sparta leads the way back to the Griffon.

Wintersky is at her teepee.

Ozimius follows Sparta, watching for the others.

Sparta: Hey look, there is smoke rising from Miss 'Sky's teepee.

Sparta: Let us see if she is in.

Ozimius: Um, you go in, Sparta. That teepee just is not natural.

Sparta: Not natural? There is not much that is more natural, Ozi.

Sparta approaches the teepee.

Ozimius: It is not a box. It is strange. I will wait at the door.

Sparta: Hello? Miss 'Sky? Anyone home?

Wintersky exits the teepee.

Wintersky: Hi, Sparta...Ringo nice to see you.

Ozimius coughs softly at Wintersky and waves, grinning.

Sparta: We have been invited to dinner with Aifos tonight.

Wintersky: Ozi, do not lurk about in the shadows, come in.

Ozimius shivers.

Sparta: Wait until you get a load of his tent.

Ozimius: Um, I will wait here.

Wintersky: Dinner? Dinner sounds nice.

Wintersky: Tent, what tent?

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: On the encampment grounds with his army.

Sparta: Puts any cozy halfing hole to shame.

Wintersky: Pretty snug?

Ozimius: It is nice and square, like a room, Wintersky. Almost like being in the city. Almost.

Sparta: Snug is not exactly a word I would use to describe it. More like lavish.

Wintersky: Sounds unnatural.

Sparta: You might say that.

Ozimius blanches.

Sparta: Anyway, we are to arrive at sunset.

Ozimius: We are looking for everyone. Want to come along, Wintersky?

Wintersky: Yes, I will come. I want to see the room that is not a room.

Ozimius heads towards the Griffon.

Sparta: On to the Griffon then.

Wintersky: Come on SnowShadow let us follow the boys.

Wintersky winks.

Sparta enters the Griffon's common room

Ozimius enters the Griffon, relishing the smells of civilized living.

Wintersky enters the Griffin wrinkling her nose at the cooking smells.

Sparta: There are Legeand and Nyza.

Legeand: Waves at his friends watching them enter, "Yo!"

Ozimius grins at Wintersky.

Nyza flips through another page of To Serve Man.

Nyza: Oh, hi everyone.

Sparta: Howdy, Nyza!

Wintersky: Nyza, Legeand, good to see you.

Sparta: You are invited to dinner tonight.

Ozimius: Nyza. Hello!

Nyza: Hurray! Free food!

Ozimius grins.

Legeand: Who is hosting?

Sparta: You too, Legeand.

Sparta: Aifos.

Sparta: At his tent.

Sparta: We are to arrive at sunset.

Oliveryn walks across the courtyard.

Legeand: Wonderful, hopefully we will not be eating people.

Sparta: Should be quite the shindig.

Sparta: If his tent is any indication.

Wintersky: Is it a party, Sparta? Should I get out my fancy clothes?

Nyza: Nyza is happy to come along. Me wear my best robe.

Sparta: Yes, I think we should dress for dinner.

Sparta: Though it is probably a marshal event, he is a General after all.

Wintersky: Wonderful, I have been waiting to wear my bells and beads.

Ozimius: Do you not think we should tell the others first?

Oliveryn: Eregard, you should get ready for the dinner. I will meet you at Aifos' tent.

Eregard nods and heads towards his room.

Sparta: Let us see, who are we missing?

Bartender: You folks need to get cleaned up for that. Heard the Queen of the Elves was going to be there.

Sparta: Oh, Oli.

Sparta: Where did he wander off to this time?

Legeand: Well, unlike them I lack class. So, I am set.

Sparta: Queen?!!!

Ozimius: Maybe with Luvian. Lately, he is all secrets and plans.

Oliveryn: Hey, Sparta, off to get ready for the dinner.

Oliveryn: What about you?

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Speak of the Devil!

Sparta: Howdy, Oli.

Wintersky: Queen!? By sunset, I do not have time for a sweat bath.

Sparta: You are invited for dinner tonight.

Sparta: Uh, with the Queen?!

Sparta: and Aifos.

Oliveryn: Yeah, I already have been informed.

Oliveryn smiles.

Sparta: Oh.

Sparta looks confused.

Nyza: Queen who?

Ozimius: Told you. Secrets and plans.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius winks at Oliveryn.

Oliveryn: Worry not, I have my sources.

Wintersky: Oli, likes to think he knows all.

Ozimius: Just make sure your sister is invited.

Ozimius grins broadly.

Wintersky: Think with your other head tonight, Ozi.

Ozimius chuckles and tries to look innocent.

Sparta grumbles.

Sparta: Typical bard, always knows where the party is.

Oliveryn: I only hope I know everything when it counts.

Oliveryn smiles.

Wintersky: Sparta I thought you always know where the party is.

Sparta: Any Halfling worth his salt will.

Sparta: But, Oli's no halfling, not by half.

Ozimius: Come on, Oli. Let us get drunk and chase the women till they throw us out.

Wintersky: By the time you know everything you will be dead. Make another wish, Oli. Cancel out the bad one.

Oliveryn: Maybe she will be invited with my father, Ozi.

Ozimius: Then, I will get cleaned up.

Oliveryn smiles at Wintersky.

Oliveryn: But when I die I WILL know everything.

Sparta: Yes, we should all get ready.

Ozimius grins and heads up to his room taking two steps at a time.

Wintersky: True enough, but it is very hard to do anything with the knowledge.

Nyza: Nonsense, you will not die, Oli.

Oliveryn: Knowledge is power.

As our heroes make their way over to Aifos' Mopasepti Tent, they see a column of White Blades escorting the Queen marching into the town core from the direction of the Zelmbring Gate. An honor guard of Aifos' troups await in the area of the tent.

Oliveryn: Why do you say that, Nyza?

A group of six white-robed figures floats into the west side of the park. Glancing up into the sky reveals dozens of other robed figures, the setting sun reflecting greens, blues, indigos and violets off their white garments.

Ozimius looks at the flyers jealously.

Nyza: If you keep telling stories the way you do, your deeds will live far longer than your flesh.

Legeand: Hmm, a few people of importance around, I see.

Sparta: Almost makes one feel small.

Ozimius sputters, choking back laughter.

The moment the figures land, screeches and roars descend upon the area from above as the white-robed fliers transform into hideous winged beasts led by a terrifying black-winged angel.

Legeand: Not that your height helps any, yea?

Ozimius: Wow! I like the black one!

Five of the six who landed also transform into tall red-skinned humanoids with swords and bloated left arms. These five form ranks and move to attack our heroes.

Oliveryn: Interesting transformation.

Wintersky: By the spirits, what is that?

Sparta: Great Zenda's ghost!

Nyza: More devil-friends, Ozi?

Ozimius: Not mine. At least not yet anyway, but one always can hope.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta grimaces at Ozimius' poor joke.

Legeand: Sure their not half cousins knowing you.

Oliveryn: So who is the hot chick with the mask, Ozi?

Oliveryn: A friend of yours?

Ozimius: Hmmm.

Ozimius: Not bad looking. Wonder what is under the mask.

Ozimius: Dibs?

Oliveryn: Your future wife?

Legeand: You got several already.

Ozimius chuckles.

Oliveryn laughs.

Wintersky whistles for Cinder.

Oliveryn: So, do I need to talk to them before we attack?

Ozimius: You probably should, Oli. Do not judge a book by its cover.

Wintersky casts Divine Favor.

Ozimius: Just because someone looks bad does not make they are a bad person.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius looks at Wintersky.

Nyza: What about when they charge us with swords?

Oliveryn: I know, just look at Ozi...wait...bad example.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius: No more rain, please! Let me get away first.

Ozimius frowns at Oliveryn, jokingly.

Ozimius draws rapier and Imhiakaam's Gift and makes his way to chat.

Ozimius: Hello there! Come to dinner? I like your wings by the way!

Ozimius grins.

Legeand: Why do you not just whistle and call her ludly?

The creature snears at Ozimius.

Sparta: They do not look too friendly, this should slow them down a little bit.

Ozimius: No need to be rude.

Oliveryn laughs.

Sparta casts Entangle.

Oliveryn: Looks like you made a friend, Ozi.

Ozimius: I tried.

Ozimius grins.

Legeand: Like calling to dinner and commenting on its wings was not rude?

Ozimius: You wound me, Legeand. I was complimenting it.

Legeand: If that is a compliment, please make sure you never get your gender rearranged.

Several of Aiphos' honor guards conjure horse-size, winged, draconic beasts and take to the sky to do battle with the devils.

Wintersky: Wow! Some party.

Ozimius grins.

The creatures are slowed, but not entangled.

Nyza: Here, Legeand! Fly after them!

Sparta: I wonder if they will burn?

Nyza casts Fly on Legeand.

Legeand: Thanks, Nyza.

Eregard draws his bow and fires a shot at the nearest devil.

The creature blocks the arrow with its bloated appendage.

Oliveryn starts singing and pulls out his bow.

A cloud of arrows bursts into the sky from The White Blades.

Sparta: Well, that did not last long.

Legeand flies towards the entangled creatures.

The creature exits the entangle and jumps swinging and hitting Legeand.

Wintersky mounts Cinder.

Wintersky casts Deathwatch.

SnowShadow pounces the beasty.

SnowShadow tries raking into the creatures and it resists the damage.

Ozimius advances.

Sparta shoots three arrows at the thing.

All of Sparta's arrows miss the mark.

Sparta and Ringo close on the beast.

Nyza: Hmph, me do not like that red skin. They probably eat fire for breakfast.

Legeand: Then give them something to hot for their stomachs, maybe we can give them some of your cooking. Fireball flambe?

Nyza: First, an appetizer!

Nyza's missile slam into the creature.

Eregard fires another arrow.

Sparta: Nice shot, Legeand!

Eregard: It is was me, Sparta.

Eregard smiles.

Sparta: Sorry, Eregard.

Sparta looks sheepish.

Legeand: So the bard is not the only blind one out here.

Oliveryn continues singing and fires another arrow also.

Oliveryn's arrow sails off into the trees.

Oliveryn: Nyza you should learn some ice spells.

Oliveryn smiles.

Nyza glares at Oliveryn.

Legeand attacks the devil before him.

Sparta: Ozi? be careful up there

Ozimius grins at Sparta

Ozimius: I'm not worried. You're at my back!

Petals plows into the creature's skull.

The creature gets a solid hit on Legeand.

Wintersky rides past the devils firing an arrow as she passes.

Wintersky: Sparta, take down the entangle nothing is in it.

Sparta: Except, that thing in the mask.

Wintersky's arrow bites into the creature and all five howl.

SnowShadow rakes into the creature to better effect this time.

Ozimius shifts and strikes one of the creatures.

Sparta fires two arrows at once at a devil.

Sparta's arrows slide between the creatures, missing.

Sparta and rides Ringo around the devils.

Creature steps up to SnowShadow, swinging and missing.

Nyza concentrates on making her next spell burn hotter than ever before.

Nyza's fire blasts the creature to serious effect, but it remains standing.

Eregard moves up and targets another devil.

Eregard fires but misses this time.

Ozimius is missed again.

And then finally hit.

Ozimius: Nice manners you have.

Oliveryn keeps on singing and fires another arrow.

Ozimius scowls at his attackers.

Oliveryn's arrow hits, but has no effect.

Mask seems to sit and waits.

Two more attacks slam into Ozimius.

Ozimius reels a bit but remains upright

Legeand hits and all the creatures collapse at once, except the masked figure still caught in the entangle.

Ozimius looks suprised.

Sparta is surprised.

Ozimius: Get that other one before it summons more.

The creatures begin to dissolve into ichor.

Nyza: Where did your friends go, masked-one?

Sparta: Ewww.

Oliveryn, not expecting to see everything disappear, chokes on his singing.

Legeand: Well, I knew I was good.

Ozimius rolls his eyes.

Wintersky: Ewww, icky.

Ozimius: What a shame. They had nice wings.

Wintersky rides over to Ozi.

Oliveryn: Maybe you should have clipped some and made your own.

Sparta: Hey, what about the ones in the sky?

Ozimius laughs.

Wintersky: Here, you look hurt, let me help you.

Ozimius: Thanks, Wintersky. I will be OK until after we take care of the masked one.

Wintersky: He delirious.

Wintersky: Hold still!

The battle in the sky continues to rage on, but three gold dragons and a silver dragon seem to be making short work of the flying creatures.

Ozimius looks startled.

Sparta: Come on, Ringo.

Ozimius: Yes, mayam!

Wintersky casts Cure Moderate Wounds.

Nyza is stunned by the sight of the dragons in battle.

Nyza: Wow.

Ozimius shifts anxiously.

Ozimius: Hurry, Wintersky, I will miss all the fun!

Oliveryn creates wings on his back and flies into the air, landing behind the entangled figure.

Ozimius looks pleadingly at Wintersky.

Ozimius: Thank you!

Wintersky: Alright, you delinquent, you can go now.

Oliveryn: Speak!

Sparta knocks two arrows and aims point blank.

Oliveryn: Who are you?

Ozimius grins and starts for the masked figure.

Wintersky: Do not have too much fun.

Mask still sits in the entangle, head between her legs.

Sparta: Nyza, do not go through the entangle.

Mask: Why do you want to know who I am?

Mask: Am I not the enemy to you.

Mask: My name seems to be of no importance.

Oliveryn: You come here and attack us with evil creatures. I want to know, who sent you?

Mask: Oh, believe me. I was as surprised to see this as you, little man.

Wintersky moves towards the masked being.

Oliveryn: What is your name?

Ozimius: Not very nice manners, starting a brawl like that.

Mask: My name? Why do you want to know my name? If a name is that important to you, please call me Mask.

Sparta relaxes a little.

Ozimius: Odd name. You sound female.

Oliveryn: Why have you come, Mask?

Mask: Now if you want to talk, like civilize people, free me. Before I get...

Ozimius eyes sparkle at her threat.

Mask: Let us say that my mistress was hoping to meet the Queen.

Oliveryn: Angry?

Ozimius: You'll what!

Wintersky: Hey, be nice. Sparta take down the entangle.

Nyza readies to counter spells the masked person might cast.

Sparta: You sure?

Mask: I never get angry, little man, but I can be quite persuasive sometimes.

Wintersky: Yes, I am sure.

Oliveryn: Little man?

Ozimius pokes Oliveryn and grins.

Sparta hesitates, then lets the spell drop.

Oliveryn looks around to see who she is talking about.

Ozimius: A former girlfriend, Oli?

Ozimius bursts out laughing.

Legeand: Well you are a tad small in height.

Wintersky: How can you hope to be friendly when you have captured her.

Mask stands up slowly.

Oliveryn: Hey, I am taller then half of you...or at least I think I am.

Wintersky: She had no opportunity to show her colors.

Eregard concentrates on Masks voice.

Mask: Ahhhh.

Eregard: Who are you? You sound familiar?

Mask: Better. Thank you, halfling.

Ozimius takes a position flanking Mask.

Oliveryn thumbs his chin.

Sparta nods, but keeps his bow ready.

Eregard: Are you from Troll's Bridge, perhaps?

Wintersky: Miss, are you injured?

Nyza approaches warily.

Mask: Injured? My wounds are far beyond what you can heal.

Nyza: Nyza see no blood.

Wintersky: Perhaps wounds of the body, but not of the soul.

Mask: Well, since I was wronged by what seems to be my mistress, I do not owe her anything now and I will follow my own path.

Ozimius: I do not trust her. It is probably a trap of some kind.

Mask starts to laugh at Ozimius' comment.

Wintersky: My name is Wintersky, Miss.

Legeand: As long as were close, she cannot do much.

Ozimius watches Mask with interest and then joins her in laughter.

Mask stops laughing.

Sparta: We need a truthsayer.

Wintersky: Back up a bit and give her some room.

Eregard gets close, realizing the voice is familiar.

Mask: Well if you do not mind, I will be on my way. Good luck in your quest, what ever you were doing.

Sparta: Maybe Aifos' diviner could help.

Ozimius: Not so fast.

Wintersky: I am a good judge of people.

Nyza: Me would feel better if you attacked the black-winged angel too. Then you would be like Grezeliziea!

Wintersky: You folks are acting like hounds on a hare.

Ozimius grins at Wintersky's compliment.

Ozimius: Thank you.

Oliveryn: Why did you come here, Mask?

Mask: Young Eregard your mother is worried about you. Go home.

Sparta looks suprised, again.

Eregard: My do you know my mother?

Ozimius raises an eyebrow.

Mask: Let us say that I know someone who knows her. But she is not of this world any longer.

Nyza: Um...His mother or your contact?

Nyza: Common still confuses me.

Mask: Who is that creature, is that a...kobold?

Ozimius: Yup!

Wintersky: Now be nice.

Mask seems to be disgusted.

Eregard frowns.

Nyza: Nyza would probably feel the same if you took the mask off, softskin.

Ozimius: What is wrong with kobolds?

Wintersky shakes her head in dismay.

Mask: Kobolds are just good to be killed or taken as slaves. How could you ally yourself with such a creature.

Legeand: Well, I am suprised she is still living, knowing our capture records.

Sparta steps over to Nyza.

Nyza looks seriously annoyed.

Sparta: Nyza is my, our friend.

Sparta: You should not speak of things you do not know.

Mask: Oh, I see. You are lovers.

Ozimius frowns.

Mask: Exactly, the same way you should stop asking me questions like that.

Mask: I am just returning the favor.

Nyza: Enough! Nyza cares not.

Legeand begins laughing pointing at Sparta and Mask, "Oh...Oh, lord that is funny."

Ozimius grins.

Nyza: Go your "own way" then.

Ozimius: I think I like this one. She has an edge about her.

Ozimius chuckles.

Mask: Thank you.

Wintersky: Were you invited to the party, Miss?

Mask laughs out loud.

Sparta whispers to Nyza, "Great, another trouble maker."

Eregard turns to Mask and looks at her quizzically.

Eregard: Aunt Celesta?

Ozimius pulls out a vial and coats his rapier while the others talk.

Mask: My mistress seems to be interested at what happens in Redemption and she wanted us to break up their little party. Her son was killed there, but I did not know...

Mask stops a moment before continuing.

Mask: What was her plan...

Mask: Or, what she was.

Wintersky: Family reunions are always a bit trying.

Mask: I dont know who you are talking about, young Eregard.

Eregard: It is you.

Mask turns her back to Eregard.

Eregard: You sound just like her, although I was young at the time. I can still remember her voice.

Mask: No, it is not. But, I did know her.

Eregard: She disappeared one night.

Mask: Yes, I found her in the woods and promised to help her.

Oliveryn looks agast at all the family relations Eregard has brought to Redemption.

Sparta: Just wait till we get back to Rebelton.

Sparta: That reunion will not be trying, It will be a ball.

Oliveryn: Well Mask, the least we can do is invite you to this dinner and discuss what just happened.

Legeand: And to think, without half the people we have, we could actualy get by without meeting someone we know who does not want to kill us.

Mask: But she died in my arms, since then I am gathering some knowledge to find someone of great power in Troll's Bridge.

Wintersky: Let us go to the tent.

Oliveryn: Great power in Trolls Bridge?

Mask: I never said I did not want to kill you. That was actually my quest. But, now with some evidence, things have changed.

Oliveryn: Kill who?

Oliveryn swallows.

Sparta raises his bow again.

Legeand: Unluckly, I wish it was not just you or our quest out to get us.

Mask: I am after House Chicdell

Oliveryn: Well, that is good, because my last name is Witson.

Oliveryn looks sheepish.

Wintersky: Snorts.

Mask: Good for you. You will be spared then.

Sparta lowers his bow.

Ozimius: Yea, he is not a Chicdell, I am.

Sparta: All this talk is making me hungry.

Ozimius winks at Oliveryn.

Wintersky cuffs Ozimius lightly.

Ozimius laughs and dances away.

Oliveryn: Well, let us go to the tent.

Ozimius: Yea, maybe the girls are there!

Wintersky: I think I said that.

Nyza walks over to the bodies of the liquified devils to see if they had any belongings.

Wintersky: What am I, chopped buffalo?

Ozimius heads for the tent, Mask forgotten in favor of flirting.

Ozimius: Of course not, Wintersky, but we all know Oli has his eye on you.

Ozimius chuckles.

Mask: Oh, Ozimus.

Mask: Is that your name?

Ozimius: Yes it is.

Wintersky chuckles.

Mask: Ozimius Khan. If I am correct.

Ozimius: And yours? Or should I call you Mask

Ozimius pauses.

Mask: Please call me Mask.

Ozimius: How do you know this?

Oliveryn: Because you look like a Khan, even I know that.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: How do you know my name?

Mask: Let us say, my old mistress seems to be unhappy with you.

Mask: Be prepare to meet her one day.

Ozimius frowns a moment.

Ozimius: Your mistress? Her name?

Far in the distance a voice floats through the trees.

Mask laughs out loud.

Imhiakaam: It is Imhiakaam and you murdered my son.

Ozimius sighs.

Ozimius: Nagav.

Ozimius: Once again.

Mask tries to take a step back.

Ozimius: Your "mistress" promised to make me a Pit Fiend. More false promises. And Nagav paid for her deception.

Wintersky (yelling): Your son was causing trouble where he should not.

Sparta: He will haunt you for a long time, Ozi.

Ozimius: Good.

Ozimius (yelling): We have a dagger to discuss.

Wintersky: A pit fiend that would disgust me, Ozi. Do not ever do it.

Mask: Oh, I am sorry for you loss, Ozimius Khan, but trust me, I think I was wronged a little bit more then you.

Nothing more can be heard through the trees.

Oliveryn: Odd...that.

Ozimius: Probably you were. For my part, I will chat with Imhiakaam some day.

Mask (almost whispering): Faster than you think.

Wintersky: Right before you kill her, right?

Ozimius: No Wintersky, I will probably die. But I will die free.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: Sparta, where is that tent?

Legeand: Better free than in chains.

Sparta: This way, to the encampment.

Ozimius shivers.

Wintersky: There are many things worse than death.

Ozimius: I will not be chained again.

Oliveryn and Eregard follow Sparta.

Oliveryn: Death is not bad, Wintersky.

Ozimius follows Sparta.

Mask stands her ground.

Oliveryn: It is life's progression.

Ozimius looks back at Mask.

Nyza: Me think death is very bad, at least in comparison to living.

Ozimius: Well, come on! I want to hear more about your mistress.

Wintersky sighs.

Mask: Why should I go with you?

Ozimius: Why not?

Ozimius: Got a better place to go?

Mask: Your quest do not involve killing House Chicdell.

Ozimius grins.

Nyza: Do not then. Go back to your devil friends, kobold-hater.

Wintersky: You have to eat, right?

Oliveryn: Why do you want to kill House Chicdell so much?

Mask: I was just pointing out the difference little kobold, just to make the big ones around you understand what I was feeling.

Ozimius: Well Mask, Oli is going to teach me to fly if I kill his grandfather. Come along and you can help kill him.

Ozimius grins.

Wintersky: One knew.

Mask: Well actually, two people I want to kill.

Oliveryn: Who are these two people?

Mask: Why do you want to know?

Mask: Who is your grandfather?

Ozimius: Hardun

Oliveryn: Hey, I am suppose to say that. Hardun.

Mask: Suddenly a crossbow appears in her hand, pointing the crossbow at Oliveryn.

Sparta: Here we go again.

Ozimius: No, Oli, I am pretending to be you. Play along.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: And why would you want to kill me, Mask?

Wintersky decides to let the cats fight it out and heads to the tent.

Ozimius: I told you to play along, Oli.

Mask: Because you are related. Actually, Eregard should do it, not me.

Oliveryn: Relation has nothing to do with how someone grows up.

Oliveryn: I am nothing like my grandfather.



Oliveryn: Then I guess you never met my mother.

Oliveryn snears.

Sparta looks between the departing Wintersky and the brewing fight...

Oliveryn: Shall I sing you a song, Mask?

Sparta: Unsure whether to defend Oliveryn or join the dinner.

Ozimius covers his ears.

Ozimius: Oh, no. Not again.

Ozimius grins.

Mask: Do not try your magic on me, bard. It will not work.

Nyza once more prepares to counter Mask's spells.

Oliveryn: Possibly, but I love to play music.

Mask: And what about Ezra Nanz. You know that bastard, too. Did he show you how to abuse people.

Oliveryn looks at Mask coldly, plucking his strings.

Ozimius: Where is Ezra!

Sparta: We have some unfinished business with Ezra.

Ozimius steps up to Mask.

Oliveryn: I hardly know Ezra. You need to find better information, Mask.

Ozimius: Where is Ezra!

Sparta thumbing the string on his bow.

Mask: I have been told he was in Redemption.

Mask: That is actually the reason for my visit.

Mask: But, I guess you are protecting him.

Oliveryn: So, because he is in Redemption and because I am a Chicdell, you assume he will try to teach me something. He has tried to KILL me!

Ozimius: He escaped. Nagav set him free. He has something I need. We are going to find him sooner or later.

Mask seems confused. She lowers her crossbow.

Mask: I do not know what to belive anymore.

Sparta: I believe I'm hungry, let us go eat.

Mask starts running in the opposite direction.

Oliveryn: To me Mask you seem like noble blood, how you jump to conclusions without thinking them out...and from what I can tell you ARE related to Eregard.

Legeand: Believe what you see, not what you are told. It helps in most cases.

Ozimius: Want me to chase her down, Oli?

Sparta: Guess, I should not have let her loose.

Nyza: It was the right thing to do.

Oliveryn: No, she needs answers and it seems like we are the only one that have them. I believe she will come back.

Nyza: She did not attack us with the devils and she did not attack us after the fight.

Ozimius: Ok. In that case, I'm hungry.

Ozimius heads to the tent.

Sparta: Well, that decides it.

Sparta follows Ozi to dinner.

Oliveryn looks at Mask running away. Sprouting wings Oliveryn goes after her.

Calling the Diabolic