This ancient town is an offshoot of Walton, founded over two millennia ago.  It was founded by disgruntled craft guild members that felt they were poorly treated by the leadership of Walton.  Though it is currently classified as a small town, it was a small city at its height while part of Seigneaurie Grotesque near the end of the previous cycle.

    During this period of prosperity, Rebelton was governed by a powerful wizard in league with Zodyu the Grotesque.  After The Seven-Years War, Rebelton's importance waned and much of the city was destroyed during the Fifth Wizards' Cataclysm that ended the previous cycle.

    For most of its existence, it was dominated by humans.  However, in the last five centuries it has grown to be the largest concentration of halflings on Almebezbik outside "The City."  Earthen mounds of halfling homes now dominate the town with human structures interspersed among them to accommodate the small imperial human population dwelling here.

Mantyson Clanhold

This hill in the northeast corner of the town is the home of the halflings descended from the famous Manitowoc the Rogue, a prominent halfling that lived from late in the last cycle into early years of the current cycle.

M.T. Bellies

This is a tavern and modest inn that serves big folk, though it is run by the local halflings.  The food here is top-notch, though the sleeping accommodations are rustic and simple.

Rebelton Townhall

This is an ancient stone building that is believed to be the first permanent structure of Rebelton.  In its long history, it has primarily served the town hall, both when humans governed as well as when halflings inherited leadership of the town.  Beside town meetings, this place serves as the venue for the many celebrations halflings host.

The Wizard's Tower

The only remaining structure of the great wizard that once governed Rebelton when it was a city.  It is thought to be haunted, but there is also a wealth of knowledge stored in its extensive library.  A group of monks keep it during the day and lock it up at night.

Rebelton (small town): Conventional (Mayor) AL N; 800-gp limit; Assets 78,800 gp; Population 1,970; Mixed (halfling 79% (1,557), human 9% (177), elf 5% (99), dwarf 3% (59), gnome 2% (39), half-elf 1% (20), half-orc 1% (19))

Authority Figures: Mayor Alma Heatherfoot female halfling commoner 12

Important Characters: Captain of the Guard male halfling warrior 7

Others: adept 6, adept 3 (x2), adept 1 (x10); aristocrat 1 (x10); barbarian 2, barbarian 1 (x2); bard 3, bard 1 (x2); cleric 2 of Lukinvor, cleric 1 of Lukinvor, cleric 1 of Yondalla; commoner 6 (x2), commoner 3 (x4), commoner 1 (x1,738); druid 2, druid 1 (x2); expert 4 (militia), expert 2 (x2, 2 militia), expert 1 (x57, 16 militia); favored soul 1 of Yondalla; fighter 1; monk 3, monk 1 (x2); paladin 2, paladin 1 (x2); psion 2, psion 1 (x2); psychic warrior 3, psychic warrior 1 (x2); ranger 1; rogue 8, rogue 4 (x2), rogue 2 (x4), rogue 1 (x8); sorcerer 1; warrior 3 (x2, 2 guards), warrior 1 (x96, 17 guards, 79 militia); wizard 1