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Ethyltina 23, 1000 PC

A new heroine introduced and accepted, Luanes joins our treasure hunters in Kettelmettel.  Having indicated that the fog stifling the area is magical, it is Nyza that successfully causes it to dissipate much to the relief of herself and most others in the area.

The day getting on, our heroes hurry to the base of Ladyran Falls before the sun sets and make camp.  However, their night is interrupted by the gargoyle guards that watch the entrance to Princess Tangle's lair.  After these assailant are dispatched, the rest of the night is quite.  Getting an adequate amount of rest, our heroes prepare to enter what has been indicated by Ironroot as a vast labyrinth protecting the dragon's hoard.

With the aid of magic, muscle and some rope, even Wintersky's mount, Cinder, is able to enter the complex of tunnels to assist in the claiming of the treasure.  As our heroes approach the first turn of the labyrinth, they discover a portal to another location within Tanglewood that may prove useful at a later time.  They follow the bone strewn path the labyrinth sets before them, eventually finding its center.  Along the way they handily dispatch the four green half-dragon mintoaurs charged with patroling the passageway leading the Princess Tangle's hoard.

In the chamber at the center of the labyrinth is a vast trove.  Sitting upon it is a towering minotaur armored in plate apparently waiting for someones return.

Sparta: Ozi, WAIT! That is not a demon; not even a dragon. I think it is a pegasus.

Ozimius: Not a demon? How do you know. I will not fall for another trick like Nagav pulled. These Demons, they can get into your head, you know.

Oliveryn still lays on the hay, thinking hard about his dream last night. Trying to drown out what is going on outside.

Wintersky: A pegasus? Where?

T'Krosh: A pegasus and a ringing sword? I have encountered someone like that before.

Sparta: Yes, just do not hurt it.

Luanes: Please, I mean no harm, but I will defend myself.

T'Krosh: Mistress, are you alright?

Legeand: A bit jumpy, Ozi? And thinking ents are coming to get you as bad a demons and devils.

Ozimius: You cannot be too careful, Legeand.

Ozimius stops short in the fog.

Sparta: Besides, the ent was friendly to us last night.

Legeand: You can, but you would end up suffocating yourself in a locked safe.

Ozimius: Hey, Lady, put that sword away. There is a Demon about!

Luanes: I seek Legeand Tre'bruell...and those that travel with him.

Ozimius (pointing): Sparta, I see an elf and a horse with wings over there.

Luanes lowers her sword, but still keeps it out.

Legeand: Oh crap, what did I do to offend someone now?

Sparta: Where? I cannot see anything through this pea soup.

Ozimius (points): Right over there!

Luanes: Can anyone dispel magic? This is a magical fog.

Sparta: Ah, the winged horse IS a pegasus. She may have flown in on it.

Wintersky: How do you know that it is magical.

Ozimius: I can see you just fine, the fog is not so bad. It will give us cover from the demons.

Sparta: What demons?

Ozimius: The ones we heard of course. Go get that elf under cover.

Luanes: This fog is too thick to be natural.

Wintersky begins to chant and rattle beads.

Legeand: Ozi, you need either a stiff drink or a smack up side your head; Even in this fog I can neither see nor hear anything like a demon aside from your screaming like a farm wife.

Sparta: I did not hear any demons, just the Lady's steed.

Wintersky casts Dispel Magic.

Sparta: We really ought to go introduce ourselves.

Oliveryn finally rolls out of his makeshift bed, kicking Eregard to wake up. Shrugging into his jacket he steps outside into the fog.

Ozimius: You wait, Legeand. Someday you will learn to listen to me.

Oliveryn cups his mouth and yells out into the fog.

Oliveryn: Anything I should be worried about?

Ozimius walks up to the Elf, suspiciously keeping an eye on the pegasus.

Sparta: Hallo, I am Sparta of Rebelton. What brings you and your wondrous steed to Kettelmettel in search of our friend Legeand.

Legeand: Are we sure I was the only one affected by the curse? Ozi is about to flip out of his mind if you ask me.

Wintersky: Ozi always want to flip out.

Ozimius: Gee thanks, Wintersky. He does not need any help you know.

Legeand: And my companion who travels with me; shy a few brains so early this morn.

Ozimius sits on his haunches, eyeing the elf.

Luanes: I was sent by my father by the will of Visaria.

Wintersky: Of couse he does, he is just not ready yet.

Oliveryn not hearing anyone reply, Oliver heads out into the fog after the voices with Eregard in tow.

Wintersky: Sent with what purpose?

Nyza: Ouuch... my head... So where is that demon?

Ozimius spots Oliveryn trying to find the group and retrieves him.

Luanes: To aid and protect you.

Oliveryn: Hey, Ozi, what is going on?

Sparta: There is no demons, Nyza, Ozi was just hallucinating

T'Krosh: There is no demon, just an elf and a pegasus.

Legeand: Aid us? That is fine, but protect us from what? We have fought dragons and demons already.

Ozimius: Oh, some elf on a flying horse. And, of course Legeand and Wintersky think I am crazy. And I heard Demon wings. Other then that, not much.

Nyza: Oh, me see. Did the gnomes give us the horse for our breakfast too? Maybe they are not so bad after all!

Luanes: I am told that the road ahead of you is long and perilous.

Wintersky: Sad, but true words you speak.

Oliveryn raises an eye brow at Ozimius. He looks towards the new comer.

Oliveryn: She does not look like a demon.

Oliveryn laughs.

Ozimius begins a grid search, looking for the demon he heard, keeping the group at the center.

Sparta: Nyza, I do not think the pegasus is for eating.

Legeand: Do not wander far, Ozi.

Luanes: No, she is not.

Oliveryn walks up to Luanes and bows.

Oliveryn: Hi, good lady. I am Oliveryn.

Nyza: Oh well.

Wintersky walks toward the voice.

Luanes: The Prince?

Legeand: Not common to ride a pegasus, is it?

Oliveryn: I am a prince by heritage, but not by choice.

Luanes: Is it possible to have this discussion in another place?

Ozimius returns to the group.

Ozimius: He got away. A shame.

Wintersky: Please come closer. We will not attack unless you attack first.

Oliveryn: My good lady, I will guard you with my life against these savages.

Oliveryn smirks at his party.

Nyza: Let us step inside then, there is less of this cursed fog.

Legeand: If you wish the gnomes here lent us their barn.

Ozimius rolls his eyes at Oliveryn.

Wintersky: Which savages are those?

Luanes walks closer to them, slipping her sword, oddly enough, into the quiver on her back.

Ozimius: Well, I am going back to the barn, in case the demon returns.

Oliveryn: Did I say savages?

Gnomes begin to exit their houses and approach cautiously.

Wintersky: Please come into the barn, it is marginally drier there.

Legeand eyes her sword sheath curiously before entering the barn himself.

Sparta follows.

Nyza and T'Krosh go inside too.

Oliveryn sends Eregard towards the barn to make preperations, if it possible.

Luanes follows them into the barn, urging her mount to follow her.

Wintersky: Come, I am Wintersky.

Ozimius begins packing up his bedroll and equipment, keeping an eye on the elven intruder.

Once inside the barn everyone can see each other and several gnomes can be seen standing in the doorway admiring the pegasus.

Wintersky: May I approach the pegasus?

Gari Arro, the thorp's elder, enters the barn.

Luanes: Yes.

Sparta: She is a beautiful animal.

Wintersky approaches the pegasus.

Luanes: That she is.

Gari Arro: Greetings, Lady Ilrya. It has been too long since your last visit.

Oliveryn: Welcome, Gari Arro.

Ozimius waves his hand and his eyes return to normal.

Wintersky: My, you are quite the extrordinary creature.

Oliveryn: We are glad for your hospitality.

Luanes inclines her head to Gari.

Legeand: You have seen each other before then?

Luanes: I travel a lot.

Gari Arro: She visits a nearby tree periodically.

Wintersky strokes the pegasus' shoulder gently.

Sparta: Aye, there a plenty of good trees around here.

Nyza: Is that why you are here now?

Luanes looks with curiosity at each of them.

Ozimius (mumbles): Hmmm, another one who talks to trees.

Legeand: I see. that would at least step you closer to being friendly, I guess.

Wintersky: That is an asset, Ozi.

Luanes: No, as I said. I was sent here by my father. It is the will of Visaria.

Wintersky: Who is your father and who are you?

Luanes: I am called Luanes Ilrya, daughter of Taevon Ilrya, servant of Visaria.

Wintersky: Nice to meet you. Wintersky of the Tetons, Clan Dragon.

Sparta: Ozi, maybe the Lady is here to save your soul.

Sparta smirks.

Luanes: My father named you as an aspiring shaman, Wintersky.

Ozimius chuckles.

Ozimius: Perhaps.

Legeand: And I would be Legeand. I hold no title or land, only my sword and my cloths.

Wintersky: I seek to serve my people.

Oliveryn: Are you from Troll's Bridge, Luanes?

Luanes: No, I am not.

Nyza: Nyza vethIxen, vethiSha'Tek! Good tidings to you, Luanes.

Luanes: Legeand, my father named you as a northlander swordsman.

Oliveryn: I remember you in the company of some Noble Houses in Troll's Bridge.

T'Krosh stays silent. He looks less than pleased to see Luanes again.

Legeand: That would be the closest thing of a title I would know of.

Ozimius moves over to T'Krosh.

Ozimius (whispers): You do not look happy she is here. Something we should know?

Oliveryn (whispers): She has dealings with House semi-opposed to my grandfather.

T'Krosh (whispers): We have been adversaries before.

Ozimius (whispers): So she is evil? In league with the demons maybe?

Wintersky: Luanes, how do you wish to help us?

T'Krosh restrains a laugh.

Ozimius looks indignant.

Oliveryn (whispers): No, I would not think so.

Luanes: My father wished me to accompany you on your journey, offering protection and aid when you need it.

T'Krosh (whispers): But she is a fey creature, hardly better than the demons.

Wintersky: So what are your talents?

Ozimius (grins and whispers): Unnatural. I see.

Oliveryn: Our plans do not rest here for long. Our overall goal is returning to Troll's Bridge.

Nyza: As long as you do not mean any harm to us, me is OK with you coming along.

Sparta: In the mean time, we have some business up river that could get dicey.

Luanes: If you will have me, I can accompany you there. I can offer my sword and the gifts granted to me by Visaria.

Nyza: But you promise to not hurt Nyza!

Luanes smiles at Nyza.

Luanes: I promise not to hurt Nyza.

Wintersky: Would you like me to rain on her and set your mind at ease, Nyza?

Ozimius: No, Wintersky!

Ozimius: No rain!

Oliveryn: I have no problem with you joining our party, but you must know that I am not my grandfather's son. I do not believe the same things he does.

Sparta laughs a deep belly laugh.

Nyza: Hehe, me trust her. Nyza never meet a mean softskin who ride a pegasus before.

Legeand: I will trust you as far as I can toss you, but we will see as time goes by.

Wintersky: I have never met anyone who rides a pegasus before.

Sparta: Does she have a name?

Wintersky: Does she speak?

Wintersky: Pardon, Do you speak beautiful one?

Luanes: I am blessed to have my friend to transport me.

Luanes: She does not speak, though she understands you.

Luanes: Her name is Gaelitae

Wintersky: Gaelitae. I like the sound of that.

Oliveryn ponders the implications of Luanes joining the party, when or if she rides with them into Troll's Bridge.

Wintersky: This is Cinder and this is SnowShadow.

Sparta: Gaelitae. Her name is as beautiful as she is.

Sparta whistles.

Sparta: And, this is Ringo. Say hi, Ringo.

Wintersky points to her horse and a black panther.

Luanes smiles at the animals, relaxing a little.

Oliveryn moves about from the huppla.

Oliveryn (whispers): People and their animals.

Ozimius: Yea.

Wintersky: Better than people and their relatives!

Ozimius chuckles.

Nyza (pointing at several creatures): This is Yentis, my weasel familiar; Biter, my big-weasel mount; and T'Krosh, my witchdoctor guard. And, then Bektul and Srik'Na and Ka... well, the other twenty-five are away. But me have lots of friends!

Oliveryn: What are you implying, Sky?!

Oliveryn: Sky!

Wintersky: Besides they are not my animals. I am their person and I never forget it.

Oliveryn shakes his head in confusion.

Wintersky: Nothing.

Luanes smiles.

Ozimius pokes Oliveryn, "If she could grow wings like you can, she would not need animals."

Oliveryn: True.

Oliveryn smiles.

Wintersky: Of course I would. They are part of my heart.

Gari Arro: I will leave you to your getting acquainted. I sure hope this fog lifts soon.

Sparta: Have you had breakfast, Luanes? We were just finishing up, but there might be a little left.

Luanes: It was nice to see you once again, Elder Arro.

T'Krosh: Is it often like this?

Luanes: I have had breakfast, thank you.

Gari Arro bows and exits the barn.

Oliveryn: Ozi, do you want to help scout a head and look over the entrance to Tangle's lair?

Ozimius: Well, I hate to break up this wonderful little party, but I would really like to raid that lair.

Ozimius: Yea, let us go, Oli.

Sparta: I was just thinking the same thing.

Wintersky: I like meeting new people.

Luanes: As do I.

Ozimius shoulders his pack and heads out to scout the entrance.

Sparta finishes packing his gear onto Ringo.

Legeand: Sometimes I think I have met enough people to turn my brains to mush with how differant they are.

Wintersky saddles up Cinder.

Ozimius, having let his spell expire quickly gets disoriented in the fog.

Ozimius: Oli!

Oliveryn grabs his gear and heads outside of the barn with Eregard, waiting for everyone else.

Oliveryn: Yes?

Ozimius: Oli, I cannot see a thing. Where are you?

Luanes walks to Gaelitae, mounting her.

Oliveryn: Over here next to the entrance of the barn.

Sparta: Perhaps we should tie ourselves together.

Ozimius frowns.

Nyza: Hmm, maybe we have everyone hold a rope, so we do not get lost?

Ozimius: That does not help me much.

Sparta: The forest looked mighty dense in the valley yesterday, this fog will not help matters any.

Nyza casts Detect Magic.

Ozimius looks around for some small sticks to strike a fire.

Nyza: Let us see about just getting rid of the fog.

Nyza casts Dispel Magic, but it does not seem to effect the fog.

Oliveryn: Maybe this fog was cast by our lovely friend Cedarcleaver. Although, I am lost at who won the last argument with him in the woods.

Oliveryn looks quizzed.

Nyza: Grrr, again!

The fog suddenly begins to disapate.

Oliveryn looks around as the fog lifts.

Oliveryn: So, I wonder how that happened.

Sparta: Wow,that is better.

Wintersky: Thanks, Nyza.

Luanes: Well done.

Ozimius frowns at becoming lost and makes his way toward the waterfall.

Nyza: My pleasure. Nyza was getting soaked.

Our heroes realize as the fog lifts that it is well into the afternoon.

Sparta: Well, the day has passed quickly.

Wintersky: Do we want to camp rough or sleep another night in the barn.

Sparta: I would prefer another night in the barn and hot food from the gnomes.

Nyza: Nooo, let us get away from the gnomes before someone else takes Lady Tangle's gold.

Oliveryn: I think we should press on. I feel things are moving past our control.

Legeand: We can rest there; eat on the way if we need.

Sparta: I suppose you are right, the falls do not look to far away. Let us get going.

Wintersky: Do you think it is safe to camp just outside her lair?

Oliveryn nods in agreement with Sparta.

Sparta: Probably safer outside her lair than inside it

Sparta: Ironroot told us there were guardians inside the labyrinth.

Luanes: Exactly what is your mission?

Oliveryn: To loot a dragon's lair.

Oliveryn laughs.

Oliveryn gets an excited look in his eyes.

Luanes: ...a dragon?

Legeand: Uh, mission? We are going into a cave and maze system to take treasure we earned from slaying a dragon; if you consider that a mission.

Sparta: Do not worry, she is dead.

Luanes displays a combination of fear and fascination.

Luanes looks almost disappointed.

T'Krosh: It is still a wonder to me how you softskins accomplished that.

Oliveryn scratches his head.

Luanes: What kind of dragon was it?

Oliveryn: Although I have a feeling we might get visited by another dragon.

Wintersky: Princess Tangle.

Luanes: And you defeated her?

Luanes: Impressive.

Oliveryn shrugs.

Wintersky: Ask Ozi to see the skull.

Sparta: Aye, but we lost a good friend in the battle.

Luanes: I am sorry for your loss.

Sparta: We will have to be more careful next time.

Wintersky: Shall we go?

Oliveryn: Well, let us head off before we loose too much light.

Oliveryn starts heading out, with Eregard in tow.

Luanes gigs the pegasus forward, keeping her on the ground.

Legeand: Prepares all of his gear for travel.

Sparta: Oli, perhaps you can sing a song about Iyam while we walk.

Nyza hops on her decidedly less-impressive dire weasel.

SnowShadow lopes into the trees nearby.

Our heroes make their way up the valley towards Ladyran Falls, cutting their way through the thick undergrowth.

Oliveryn: I guess I could.

Oliveryn coughs a little bit and thinks as they walk. He takes out his father's old instrument.

Wintersky mounts Cinder and follows.

Sparta mounts Ringo and rides with the group up the valley.

Oliveryn: We go on a journey to wander a cave. To see and to find a wondrous save. Iyam a memory, a true hero be. He will always live in infamy.

Ozimius continues making toward the falls, ahead of the group, watching for trouble.

When the group finally reaches the base of the falls, there is just enough light left to make camp.

Oliveryn looks around at the sky.

Oliveryn: I guess we must have slept in pretty late.

Wintersky: Weird dreams.

Ozimius (looking at Oliveryn): Some later then others.

Oliveryn: Yeah, tell me about it.

Sparta: There it is. Ironroot said the entrance is behind the falls.

Oliveryn: I want to say my dream was a nightmare, but who is to say.

Oliveryn smiles slightly.

Sparta: Nightmare? I had a pleasant dream last night.

The falls, this close, reveals more detail in the crown, which has several sculpted features such as gems and statues.

Ozimius looks around for a nice patch of brush to bed down under.

Sparta thinks of sending his arrows after Cedarcleaver.

Luanes dismounts gracefully and begins unpacking her bedroll.

Wintersky: So, who sent the fog I wonder.

Legeand: Well, we were warned about illusions from the dragon.

Sparta hunts for dinner.

Luanes: I thought the dragon was dead already.

Oliveryn: I am guessing our other lovely dragon friend. He was kind of confusing me on if he knew where the lair was, or if he thought that I thought he knew where the lair was.

Oliveryn: Oh, there is another dragon.

Nyza: She is, but there is a bigger, meaner dragon in the forest.

Luanes unpacks some feed, giving it to the pegasus.

Oliveryn shrugs like its no big deal.

Legeand follows Sparta to help.

Ozimius spreads his bedroll under some branches, keeping himself hidden for the night.

Luanes unpacks a book from her backpack and a silver holy symbol from her belt pouch.

Nyza: Before everyone falls asleep, we need to set a watch, yes?

Oliveryn sets his bedroll on the ground and starts munching on his trail rations.

Nyza: The gnomes are not here to "protect" us anymore.

Ozimius: Yes, we need to set watches.

Luanes takes some of her own trail rations and seats herself on her bedroll.

Ozimius sets a simple snare trap before he gets in his bedroll.

Legeand: I can take a few; most of you need rest for your magic.

Nyza scatters four Alarm (bell) spells around the camp, one in each direction.

Sparta: There are plenty of us to share, we each take an hour or so.

Wintersky: I would prefer either an early watch or one tomorrow morning.

Sparta: Though, the spell caster should go first or last so they can get a good nights sleep.

Ozimius: Wake whenever you want me to watch. I have no preferance.

Nyza: Whomever is on watch tonight, the password to bypass the Alarms is "korth".

Oliveryn: I cannot see anything so I am heading to bed. Night all.

Oliveryn rolls over into his bedroll.

Wintersky: I will watch first.

Sparta: You can wake me next.

Luanes: I will take a watch when you need me.

T'Krosh: I will stay awake with you Sparta.

Sparta: Do you need time in the morning to meditate?

Sparta: Thank you, T'Krosh.

Luanes: Yes.

Ozimius rolls over and goes to sleep, ignoring the conversation on who watches when.

Wintersky casts Warning.

Camp settles down and watches progress through the night from Wintersky to Sparta & T'Krosh to Ozimius to Legeand.

Nyza: Ah, ack! I'm up! Who's there?!

Ozimius opens his eyes but remains still, trying to see what has caused the disturbance.

As alarms ring, four gargoyles enter the camp, each from a different direction.

Luanes scrambles to her feet, reaching for her sword.

The gargoyles quickly press in to attack Legeand, who effectively defendes himself and receives only a minor wound.

Sparta draws his greatsword.

Ozimius rolls slowly out from under the branches, drawing the longsword and Imhiakaam's Gift.

One of the gargoyles press Legeand, but manages only hits on Legeand's armor and shield.

Wintersky casts Cat's Grace shared with SnowShadow and then gets up to mount Cinder.

SnowShadow pounces a gargoyle. While the great cat's bite sinks in, her claws have no effect on the beast.

Gaelitae pummels and bites at a gargoyle, but the attacks are ineffective.

The gargoyle pounced by SnowShadow turns on the cat and bites her.

Ozimius moves up behind a gargoyle but misses with his sword.

Oliveryn stands and looks at who is attacking the party, realizing they are gargoyles.

Legeand sidesteps the gargoyle, drawing the Deathspike and strikes. The attack is deflected by the gargoyle's stony skin.

T'Krosh crawls over to Nyza and shakes her.

T'Krosh: Wake up! Blow up these statues or something!

Sparta closes with the nearest gargoyle, but the beast avoids the sword.

Sparta: Ringo, get up here you sleepy head.

Sparta: Oli, I sure could use some fightin' music!

Nyza wakes up with a start and stands.

Nyza: Assessing the situation, she casts Greater Invisibility on herself.

Biter snaps at a gargoyle, but cannot sink his teeth into the stony thing.

Luanes speaks a single word then attacks the nearest gargoyle as she springs to her feet. Her strike causes the gargoyle to roar in pain.

A gargoyle manages to barely get through Legeand's defenses causing a minor scratch.

Eregard stands.

Eregard attacks the closest gargoyle. He strike is true, but repeled by the stony skin.

A gargoyle turns on Luanes in retaliation and causes significant damage.

Wintersky: Luannes are you hurt bad?

SnowShadow is caught by a horn of the gargoyle she is engaged with.

Luanes (shouts): I am fine!

Wintersky mounts Cinder and brings out Blessed Black. The arrow bites into a nearby gargoyle.

Snowshadow attacks the gargoyle that she is rolling on the ground with, sinking her teeth into the beast.

Cinder also attacks the stoney beasts, but her hoof has no effect.

Gaelitae pummels and bites at a gargoyle, knocking it prone.

The gargoyle flails back in vain.

Ozimius swipes at the gargoyle's back and causes it to double over in pain.

Oliveryn stands in the middle of the group casts a spell on himself.

Legeand strikes twice chipping chuncks from the gargoyle.

T'Krosh stands up and then clicks his heels together. His magic anklet activated, he teleports behind Legeand and heals him.

Sparta takes another swing with his greatsword, crushing it to the ground.

Sparta: C'mon Ringo, you lazy dog, get up here.

Ringo's magical bite finishes another crumbling gargoyle off.

Nyza targets the least chipped-at gargoyle with a scorching ray, which causes it to begin cracking.

Nyza remains invisible, but her footsteps are heard moving away from her old position.

Luanes strikes with Taevron's Mercy, causing a third gargoyle to crumble.

Eregard moves to attack the last gargoyle, but his attacks are avoided by the final gargoyle, which flails to no avail.

Wintersky again takes aim with Blessed Black, this time firing three arrows, which strike the final gargoyle down.

Sparta: Nice shooting, Miss 'Sky.

Ozimius: Why do they always bother us when we sleep.

Wintersky: Been watching you.

Oliveryn lifts up his hands about to say something and then does not seeing all the gargoyles are dead.

The final gargoyle falls into a pile of rubble.

Luanes: Simply a tactic.

T'Krosh: They must be guardians of the cave. We are so close, it cannot be a coincidence they attacked.

Wintersky (replying to Ozimius): Because there is no rest for the wicked.

Ozimius: Well, I'm going back to sleep.

Sparta: I am not wicked. Only Ozi is.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta laughs.

Legeand: And, it is bad enough with him here.

Wintersky: Yeah, but we get the roll off from Ozi.

Ozimius: As I said, Legeand, you will need me someday. The thing to ask yourself is will I bother to help you.

Luanes places her sword into the quiver once again.

Legeand: The same question is always asked of onesself to others as well, Ozi.

The camp settles down for the rest of the night and a bit into the morning.

Nyza and T'Krosh do their few minutes of praying or meditating.

Oliveryn: Does anyone need healing?

Luanes does her daily meditation and prayers.

Ozimius checks the snare for breakfast.

Sparta: Catch any gargoyles, Ozi?

Oliveryn pulls out the Wand of Cure Light Wounds.

Ozimius: I was hoping for a rabbit or something actually.

Oliveryn: Did anyone get hurt? I do not want you hobbling around in the lair all beat up.

Legeand: I am fine.

Luanes: I have healed my injuries.

Nyza: Lady Luanes, me think me see you get hurt?

Ozimius: Good here, Oli.

Luanes smiles at Nyza.

Luanes: Thank you. It was kind of you to remember.

Oliveryn puts the wand back in his bag.

Nyza smiles back.

Looking up at the crown of Ladyran Falls, our heroes notice that four of the statues are now gone.

Sparta: Um, Oli, you should help the Lady.

Ozimius: The guardians it seems.

Legeand: Better now then never, yea?

Oliveryn: Help her with what, Sparta?

Nyza: Next time, we explode any statues we see!

Luanes chuckles.

Sparta: She was injured defending you from the gargoyles last night.

Oliveryn: Well, I asked and she said she healed her injuries.

Luanes: Visaria blesses me with her healing.

Wintersky starts casting a spell.

Wintersky casts Warning.

Sparta: A quick bite of breakfast, then how about we go for a little swim?

Ozimius snorts.

Sparta: Hopefully, this will not hurt Ozi like Miss 'Sky's rain dance.

Ozimius grins.

T'Krosh: I would love to take a dip.

Nyza: Nuh-uh.

Wintersky: I like rain and water.

Our heroes breakfast and bathe. Those who manage to see between the split streams of water from the middle of the pool notice an opening about half way up the falls.

Legeand: So, the question is, shall we climb up or down?

Ozimius enters the water, looking for a spot to climb, but finds shear wall with no hand or foot holds.

Wintersky: Up is easier once one can see where one is going.

Luanes: Does anyone have any rope?

Legeand: Down, one can assist the others.

Nyza: Launes, would you and Gaelitae see if that is actually an entrance first?

Sparta: Of course, what self respecting halfling would be without a bit of rope.

Legeand: I have lots of rope.

Luanes: Let me go check to see if it is an entrance and if it is, we can decide from there.

Sparta: Lady Luanes, could you lasso the crown?

Ozimius: Can someone get me up to the top?

Luanes calls for Gaelitae and mounts with ease, flying up to the opening.

Luanes lands on the ledge to demonstrate the sturdiness.

Nyza (calling from below): How is it, Luanes? Everything look OK?

Luanes (hollers): Yes, this is a solid place to stand.

Sparta: Oli, can you sprout wings again and fly a few of us up there?

Oliveryn: I might be able to carry someone small.

Oliveryn: I am not that strong.

Nyza: Oh, take me!

Luanes wonders if Gaelitae might allow some of them to ride her.

Oliveryn casts Alter Self and sprouts wings.

Nyza casts Fly on T'Krosh before Oliveryn takes her up.

Wintersky: I can cast fly and share it with SnowShadow.

Oliveryn gets a running starts and lifts off into the air with Nyza.

Legeand: Well, that helps most of us.

Luanes: Who else needs to come up? I may be able to get Gaelitae to let someone else on her back.

Ozimius: Throw the rope down already!

Oliveryn lands on the ledge and lets go of Nyza.

T'Krosh: T'Krosh, with Nyza's spell, flies into the cavern without trouble.

Oliveryn jumps off the ledge and spreads his wings, flying down softly.

Wintersky casts Fly and shares it with SnowShadow.

Luanes flies back down.

Sparta: Lady Luanes, do you think Gaelitae would carry Ringo?

Luanes: I do not see why not.

Wintersky flies to the ledge.

Oliveryn flies to the ledge also.

SnowShadow flies up too. With the help of a sling and any fliers Cinder makes the ascent.

Ozimius follows the passageway, keeping an eye out for traps.

Nyza: Legeand, can Nyza see your sword a second? Me want to make it bright.

Sparta: If your light runs out, I have an sunrod too.

Wintersky: Is this passage big enough for Lord Tangle?

Sparta: Lord Tangle or Cedarcleaver?

Nyza casts Light on Petals of the Wind, if Legeand lets her.

Ozimius snickers over his shoulder, putting some space between himself and the noisy party.

Legeand lets Nyza cast light on his sword.

Our heroes begin moving down the passage way into Princess Tangle's lair.

Before long the passage turns and begins to curve in a great circle.

Sparta: Ironroot said there was a labyrinth, any ideas how to solve the maze?

Sparta: or at least not get lost in it?

At this turn, a portal that appears to open into some other part of Tanglewood is seen.

Oliveryn thinks to himself for a second.

Oliveryn: This not like a typical maze. It has a begining and end, if we just follow it and not get turned around, we should make it to the center.

Sparta: That sounds easy enough.

Oliveryn: Let us follow it to the left. Let us not get sidetracked.

Sparta: Agreed.

T'Krosh: Following either the right or left wall usually gets you through a tunnel. Should work.

Ozimius: If it only has one path, all we have to do is form a line and continue. The danger is turning around from what you said.

The group follows the passage through twists and turns.

Before long the passages become littered with bones of numerous animals and humanoids.

Ozimius ignores the bones and continues down the path.

Wintersky: Not very tidy is she?

Sparta: As long as none of these bones are still moving.

Wintersky: And, not gnawed by some other creature.

Ozimius: Trouble ahead!

Legeand moves into position to engage a green-scaled, winged minotaur.

Ozimius draws his longsword and Imhiakaam's Gift and advances.

T'Krosh draws his ranseur while moving then stabs away! He strike misses, however.

Luanes maneuvers Gaelitae into the middle of the group.

Luanes casts Bless.

Oliveryn takes out his trusty instrument and plays a battle song!

The green half-dragon minotaur expels a cloud of corrosive gas, engulfing Legeand, T'Krosh and Ozimius.

Sparta: What was that? Minotaurs do not have breath weapons!

Ozimius laughs at the pathetic attempt to attack him.

Eregard moves forward and draws blades.

Wintersky moves into view of the creature.

Wintersky casts Holy Smite.

T'Krosh shrinks back from the burst of holy power in front of him.

SnowShadow pounces the minotaur and rips into it with teeth and claws.

Sparta draws his greatsword and swings at the beast as Ringo turns the corner, biting as he closes. The beast falls under assault.

Nyza: Is something happening up there?

Legeand: Nope, nothing to concern any small lizards. Geckos even.

Oliveryn: Do I need to keep on singing?

Ozimius looks over the corpse.

Sparta: Sure, I like the music.

Oliveryn keeps up the music, but softer as he moves forward.

T'Krosh lays a healing touch on himself.

T'Krosh and a minor heal.

Ozimius: Hey Oli, do you think if you sew these wings on my back I can fly too?

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn thinks for a second.

Oliveryn: No, I do not think it would work that way.

Ozimius: Damn.

Oliveryn plays a never ending loop of music that gets annoying really quick.

Oliveryn: "The wheels on the cart go round and round..."

Nyza sets Legeand's and Luanes' swords on fire.

Wintersky casts Bull's Strength on Legeand, Sparta, Luanes and Eregard

Wintersky: Okay

Legeand: So does this Bull's Strength help in other things too?

Nyza: Finally, Nyza casts Mirror Image.

Wintersky casts Divine Favor on herself and SnowShadow.

After continuing on, our heroes run across another of these draconic minotaurs.

Legeand charges up to the minotaur and slices into it with Petals in the Wind.

Ozimius also charges up and plunges Imhiakaam's Gift into the minotaur.

T'Krosh steps up and beseeches his Scaliness for his help, materializing spectral spear that plunges into the minotaur.

Luanes rides in and dismounts.

Oliveryn continues to sing, but moves forward.

Eregard moves forward drawing his blades.

Wintersky shoots over the mass in front of the beast, two arrows striking it.

SnowShadow pounces as well and shreads the beast with tooth and claw.

Nyza: What are you all yelling about again? What am I missing??!

Nyza hops up and down, trying to see over the heads of the people in front.

Ozimius: Not much Nyza.

Ozimius chuckles.

Wintersky: Combat Nyza. You need to get to the front to participate.

Sparta: Ewww.

Nyza does not get the joke.

Our heroes navigate the rest of the labyrinth encountering two more guardians which are felled quickly by various attacks.

Ozimius: You sure none of those wings will let me fly, Oli?

Eregard: Yeah, I can only cast them on myself. Sorry, Ozi.

Ozimius sighs.

Our heroes make it to the center of the labyrinth to find a vast horde on which an armored minotaur sits.

Tangle Lair Labyrinth