Sparta's Page

Sparta is the latest in a long line of halfling adventurers descended from Manitowoc the Great Halfling Rogue, Manty's wife Zenda the Bard, and their grandson Hurley the Heroic Halfling Bard.  Over the course of the many generations and hundreds of years since Manty's adventures, their exploits began fading from memory into legend.  The stories are still told of Zenda's miraculous flight from the fall of Walton and how Hurley tracked down Manty to help lay Zenda's ghost to rest.

While Zenda moved the family to Troll's Bridge after the Fall, her family was originally from Rebelton.  When Hurley retired from adventuring, he returned to Rebelton to be closer to the rest of the family.  There the family line descended from father to son until the births of Sparta and his older brother Elroy.

As tweens, Sparta and Elroy began venturing away from their home in Rebelton to hunt conies and other small game in the fields around Rebelton.  Eventually, the young halflings began ranging to the edges of and then under the eaves of Tanglewood, where they learned the ways of the forest and developed their hunting and tracking skills.

Elroy took to adventuring when he turned thirty, putting his hunting skills to good use as he became a ranger protecting the halflings in and around Rebelton from marauding bands of brigands and beasts.  Being the eldest son, Elroy was the proud inheritor of Manty's Heirloom Dagger.  A mystical weapon that has been handed down through the generations to the eldest son as they reached the age of adventure.  As Elroy gained experience and skill as a ranger, he began training his little brother in the ways of the land.

When Sparta entered his tweens, he began raising dogs for the hunt.  As he neared thirty, he became very close to one dog in particular.  Ringo is a bull mastiff who weighs more than twice as much as Sparta.   Sparta trained Ringo to follow many commands, including how to wear a bit, bridle, and saddle so that Sparta could ride him.  As Sparta and Ringo grew up together, they would often go hunting.  When Elroy was home from his adventures, he would often join them.

Recently, Elroy was out hunting for dinner alone when he was ambushed and killed.  Manty's Heirloom was lost in the attack.  After the Rebelton halflings hosted their typical wake, Sparta gathered his gear, saddled up Ringo, and set out for revenge.  Sparta has been tracking the killers ever since.  He followed the trail deep into Tanglewood, south and then east from Rebelton.  Yesterday, he lost the trail but found a road and followed it to Redemption.


Ringo, Sparta's hunting dog and mount

Sparta Longshanks