Hexatina 16, 1000 PC

Post date: Sep 29, 2009 3:22:7 AM

I finally arranged with Isildul to have my companions visit The Floating Tower when Imhiakaam was nowhere to be found and make use of the artifact kept in his gallery, a magical chest that can exchange wealth in one form to wealth in another form as well as state the properties of anything held over its opening.  I explained the purpose and use of the great trunk and my companions began exchanging various bits and pieces with others to their hearts' desire.

Wintersky completed her desired use of the trunk and then wished to thank Isildul personally for the opportunity.  He brought her in to see my master and after their conversation escorted Wintersky to the teleportation circle, so that she could return to Troll's Bridge.  As a means of thanking me as well, she embraced me in a hug that I found utter excruciating.  I extricated myself, my bodily condition having been deteriorating during my recent, extended absence from the tower, as politely as possible. Wintersky's desire to help me suddenly became paramount to her, which resulted in an argument during which, Isildul tells me, I collapsed.

When I regained consciousness, I was in the bath in my suite.  I looked down at myself and could not believe what I was seeing.  At first, I thought it was a dream as I looked at myself in the mirror I had grown to hate.  I was whole again!  I looked about to find an exhausted Wintersky, shiny with perspiration, staring hopefully back at me. She had not only healed me, regenerated me, she had lifted the weight of the world from me.  I think I shrieked in delight and leapt from the bath.  I danced around the chamber and returned Wintersky's hug properly.  Wintersky was delighted as well.

I spotted the robes and mask on my bed.  I realized I was not quite done being Mask yet, dressed and suggested to Wintersky that we keep my recovery a secret. I led Wintersky back to the teleportation circle, thanked her again and she stepped into the circle and vanished with her animals.

Immediately, my thoughts turned to Imhiakaam and keeping her in the dark.  I knew Isildul was aware of what happened when he visited me in my chambers for the first time I can ever recall and helped me clean up and put up new wards.