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Post date: Jun 14, 2010 8:41:30 PM

The small but elite army of Dragon Samurai stood at attention in row upon row of gleaming armor. Enormous warhorses stamped impatiently beneath the warriors, champing at the bits and tossing their heads.

Sjach reined in Vivex with a firm hand, restraining the massive animal with practiced ease.  His bronze eyes betrayed nothing of his intolerance for the ceremony.

The young man already was an impressive sight at six foot one, 200 pounds, but astride the giant coal black charger, he was more than just a little intimidating. Sjach Aujir was the newest addition to the Dragon Samurai Army.

Once the tedious ceremony ended, the men disbanded with alacrity, except Sjach. The young half-dragon sidled his horse toward the general and stopped at a respectful distance. From the saddle, Sjach bowed with deference.

“Your work is not finished Aujir.”

“No sir. It is not.”

“You will accomplish your final task now. There is word of unbridled chaos at Troll’s Bridge. Get your horse, yourself, and your gear prepared. Keep me apprised of the situation as it happens.”

“Yes Sir. I will find and accompany a worthy group of heroes. I will offer to assist them in their efforts until I have sufficiently proved the honor and value of my skills and myself, Sir. My word is my bond.”

The general nodded a brief dismissal to Sjach and wheeled his horse away.