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Decitina 25, 259 First Cycle of Man

Oliveryn as Lukus Falkin begins his performance for the packed Old Walton Inn as Celesta and Nyza (disguised as Athena) return from their encounter with Isildul.  At the same time Legeand offers Luanes his increasingly common wise counsel as she struggles with with being a paladin and a fey at the same time.

Oliveryn's performance is the first of many legendary events that Lukinvor Trubble will soon make famous in Walton, elevating the city-state's prestige.  Nyza, as Athena, also shows her skills with the lute that have apparently been lurking below her fiery surface.

Legeand and Luanes inform a priest of Armee the Father of their alien temporal nature when wyverns begin the worst of their assaults ever against the city-state.

Luanes and Legeand join those that had been at the inn and move to the summit of The Mount of Walls where the greatest concentration of the false-dragons seem to be focusing on Castle Dal.

There the greatest of wyverns from Tanglewood occupies the top of one of the castle's towers, battling the castle's stalwart lord.  The gargantuan wyvern bests the knight before its attention is drawn to the gathered heroes.

As the main group battles this monster, Zodyu and Ozimius cut down many smaller wyverns attacking the Thieves' Quarter and Wintersky defends the menagerie outside the colosseum.  The great wyvern and Legeand clash as the group fires arrows and spells at the beast.  As it flies by, it attacks most of the group, doing a great deal of damage, but none more devastating than its stinger piercing Luanes.  As Nyza's summoned fire elemental finished off the wyvern, several in the group turn to see Luanes slumped over dead in the fading pegasus' saddle.

The group at The Old Walton Inn is settled in to dinner and Oliveryn is preparing for his debut.

Oliveryn rolls back his shirt sleeves and takes his lute in his hand, eyeing the crowed that has slowly moved into the inn.

The dining hall is buzzing with the gossip of the day and the anticipated performance.

Sparta: Well, Dale, this should be interesting.

Oliveryn lightly tunes his cords, humming the tones.

Dale: I hope he doesn't let slip with any news from Troll's Bridge.

Oliveryn: Hmmmm......hmmmmm

Concierge nods to Oliveryn and steps onto the stage to announce Lukus Falkin.

Dale: Dinner was pretty good for big folk. I wonder if they have a halfling back in the kitchens.

Oliveryn bows lightly to the crowd, listening to see if there are any requests.

Concierge: Ladies and gentleman! A special guest performer has arrive in Walton this day. Please welcome, Lukus Falkin, Bard Extraordinaire!

Polite applause greets Oliveryn.

Oliveryn waves to the crowd, all smiles.

Sparta and Dale offer a very quiet round of applause; quite restrained for halflings.

Celesta enters the inn, followed by Nyza and T'Krosh, as the applause subsides.

Oliveryn: Good evening my great audiance, for you are great. For there is no city greater then Walton!

Nyza (to Celesta): He seems like a nice human anyway, when he is not dead. You should take him up on it.

Nyza: Oh, just in time.

Celesta glances at Nyza with a tight-lipped expression.

Oliveryn: Tonight will be a great night, as I will first off, play you a song that I once new, from long past, that bards have passed down to me throughout the ages. Please, give me your ears, your thoughts and your emotions. Listen to the songs of the lute as it speaks with your heart.

Oliveryn starts off lightly strumming the lute, sending forth calming sounds throughout the audiance. Sitting on a chair, he continues the melody, lightly plucking the music in tune with the whole audiance.

As the performance begins at the inn, Luanes is shaken from her reverie by Legend's interruption.

Nyza works her way through the crowd to get closer to Oliveryn.

Luanes looks at Legeand, blinking once or twice, but still looking shell-shocked.

Sparta waves to Athena and Celesta.

Sparta: We have room for you over here.

Nyza waves back to Sparta, but she continues toward the lutist for a moment.

Nyza makes her way through the crowd, managing to not get the illusion of the hat dispelled because of large bustled gowns and heavy coats.

Legeand moves and takes a seat in front of Luanes, crossing his arms and putting his foot up on the opposite legs knee, "Takes a lot to finally hear what Ozi had to say; probaly making you all confused or fustrated no?"

Luanes: ...I do not...understand...how I am to proceed...

Legeand: What is it you do not understand?

Nyza: Hey, Oli! Do you want any accompaniment? Maybe on a flute if you have one, but me is not master like you.

Legeand: The path to walk or the means to do your task?

The crowd is mezmerized by the ancient tune.

Luanes: My goddess...is not yet a goddess...I am told...that my nature will...drive me...*sighs*

Oliveryn shakes his head slowly to Nyza, signaling that he does not have a flute.

Legeand: You strive to be lawful and good, right? To do what it takes to uphold the law for the just and righteous?

Luanes nods slowly.

Oliveryn has picked up on the tune for Ballad of Founding Walton.

Legeand chuckles, "Well, how in our time is your task complete? We have two halves of a religion in our time."

Oliveryn progesses slowly, almost stopping his song. But instantly as the crowd is about to applaud, he starts off on a ballad, once known around these parts, during the founding of Walton.

The crowd is obviously familiar with the tune and begins to hum along. Comments about how they have never heard it this way before are made and highly appreciated.

Luanes: I have been...instructed...to follow the law...but not to let it bind me.

Nyza nods and steps back. She winds through the crowd again to get to Sparta's table, her hands gripping her hat tightly.

Legeand: You know why you should not let a law bind you? It is something that would plague you if you keep thinking on it.

Celesta sits down with Aifos among the aristocrats of Walton.

Luanes takes a shakey breath.

Legeand: Some laws you must bend, others you must break; for the greater good or for the lesser man.

Sparta (to Nyza): We got you and Friday adjoining rooms.

Oliveryn sings.

Oliveryn: ..."For there once was a land so far and strong, that no one could defeat the absont throng. Come fight they say to the fleeing orcs, come flight they say to the dead dragons..."

Nyza: Thanks for that. You must have rented out the whole inn if we each have separate rooms.

Luanes: How is that possible?

Sparta: They seemed to have room to spare.

Sparta: Pretty nice place here, but the staff is a little snooty for my taste.

Nyza: They are too used to the good life maybe.

Nyza: Well...let them enjoy it while they can...

Luanes: How can I uphold the law and break it at the same time?

Legeand: If a law states theft is punishable by death, but you have no money to feed your family would you steal food to feed them? I would. It is an extreme example, mind you.

Dale: Yes, but we should be careful of that kind of talk.

Legeand: On the other side, if you caught a person doing such, would you punish them?

Dale: You never know who's listening.

T'Krosh is occupied downing a pint at the bar.

Oliveryn: ..."The land was once dark, mysterious and bleek, no one could hold this ford beyond belief. The death from above tried to kill us all, but the noble knights from the east chased them all off..For there once was a land so far and strong..."

Oliveryn has the crowd's rapt attention; they seem to hear nothing but him.

Luanes: I know that there are...difficult situations...but...

Nyza: "Yes, of course," Nyza looks a bit saddened by the thought, however.

Luanes: I would follow the law...but it...it would cause me distress...

Legeand is facing the door and notices the elderly priest listening in with a sympathic expression.

Sparta: Falkin's on a roll tonight

Sparta: He's got them eating outta his hand.

Legeand: Letting his foot down and leaning close to Luanes, Legeand props his chin in his hand and smirks, "Ozi was only half correct. Yes, you cannot have good without evil, but there is a hole in his logic he does not see."

Oliveryn: ..."The mighty gods of long past, stepped in and saved the last...the hope for life for strong and far. For people of old and child bare. Come bring us to a town now built, upon the stone of Walton hills...thhhhheeerrrreee once was a land so far and strong...

Luanes listens.

Legeand: He sees two extremes and not the filler between. Remember that because it is a law does not always make it right. People do what they will to survive when they are at the bottom, people at the top will exploit those for their own personal greed and lust. Mind you, not everyone is like that.

Oliveryn stands up with the last part, strumming the lute fast, bringing forth beautiful strings of harmonic chords, contrasting in points and counterpoints...then stops.

Nyza: Mmmhmm. If he keeps it up, maybe we see some extraplanar visitors come to listen, hehe.

Celesta sits as enraptured as the rest of the crowd, realizing the tune is from a musicbox back in The Floating Tower.

Oliveryn listens to the stunned silence of the room.

Legeand: A lord of the land raising tax too high for his peasants to pay to finance his greed; starving the land. That is a rule to break, catching that person and letting them go; tell them to find a new path... That is how you bend the rule.

Luanes: Then what purpose does the law serve?

Sparta: As long as he plays for our supper, I'll be happy.

The crowd leans toward the bard.

Dale: I'm sure the guard won't be happy if you go out hunting.

Legeand: Structure; if you flaunt a law over and over you do not need second chances.

Oliveryn: With the slight break...continues with a soft chord melody, to bring the tone back down.

Oliveryn plays something more current in his timeline, something most of his part might know.

As Lukus switches tunes, the crowd begins to applaud vigorously.

Legeand: A law serves to keep the people like Ozi behind bars or punish them for their deeds and to make sure the weak can get a chance; but that does not mean there are people who do not abuse the power too.

Sparta: Hunting? Well, not tonight anyway. But, I don't want to stay cooped up in this city for too long.

Luanes: ...she said my nature will destroy me if I...continue...

Oliveryn watches imaginary coins falling into his money purse later tonight.

Elezor Forgostan quitely enters the chamber with Luanes and Legeand.

Legeand: Sometimes you need to step aside of your nature; you know me well. My rage within consumes me, but I do not let it control me.

Luanes for the first time, chuckles.

Luanes: That is all I do...I surpress my nature...constantly.

Nyza: You know, Mr. Friday has an enchanted box that provides food and drink for our entire party.

Elezor Forgostan: This northlander is quite wise, Lady Ilrya.

Nyza: You probably could not sleep in it though...

Luanes turns to look at the new arrival.

Legeand looks to the priest casually, "It tends to be that way lately, Father."

Sparta: Food out of a box?

Sparta: Isn't fresh game much better?

Nyza: Mm... meat.

Elezor Forgostan: You seem to have been through your own struggles and may be able to help her.

Nyza: Box-food does not taste so good, no.

Oliveryn: ..."I watch the star, drifting by, the song was cold, the weather dry, I sang a tune to my love and she threw me out the door"...

Legeand smiles and speaks quietly to Luanes, "You know your task affects me; the one my soul belongs to is in part with your actions."

Sparta: And, I saw plenty of mushrooms down in the ravine yesterday...

Sparta: ...find a few taters and turnips...

Sparta: ..that'll beat Mr. Friday's box anyday.

Nyza: Well, we do not starve, is what me mean to say.

Luanes looks back at Legeand quizzically.

Nyza: Friday! Join us.

Dale pats Sparta's growing belly.

Legeand: Melora, an Armee's Avenger.

T'Krosh grabs his pint and walks over to join the other "halflings."

Dale: I don't think Sparta needs to worry about starving for quite some time.

Oliveryn: ..."she threw my sword, my armor, my shield out the window...to my fright and doppelganger stole in the daylight...that swine"...

The tune Oliveryn sings is ancient, but familiar to the rest of our heroes.

Luanes: ...how....I am...*is at a loss for words*

Its levity has the patrons beginning to giggle.

Oliveryn: ..."I tried to sell my house with her in it, but it turns out the person I sold it to was her secret lover..."

Nyza: "Lover..." Oh right, Sparta. Celesta and me see Isildul at the mage-school. Still alive.

Oliveryn: ..."Oh my fortune of my pain, why did I have to throw away my prized slain, it was mighty and large, possibly as big as her secret lovers"...

Sparta: Isildul? And, he's alive?

Legeand: Father, sorry to ask, but how does Armee see laws. As a swordsman, I am not too knowledgable in the ways of gods and demons.

Oliveryn wonders if his rude music is affecting this fine establishment.

Laughter rings throughout the crowd.

Sparta: Pity, I'd love a chance to prevent his future. But, I guess we're not supposed to do that.

Oliveryn: ..."Lucky for me, the bastard didn't know, I gave her the itch, let him rest in peace as I laugh me-self to sleep"...

Nyza: You never know, us talking to him might be what convinces him to abandon his humanity.

Laughter roars throughout the crowd.

Oliveryn: ..."Oh, I watch the stars, drifting by, the song was cold, the weather dry, I sang a tune to my love and let's just hope she's long and dead!"...

Dale kicks Sparta under the table.

Oliveryn stops singing and smiles at the crowd.

Raucous applause breaks out.

Elezor Forgostan: Armee's Avengers are fairly strict. Armee the Father, however, is more beneficent.

Oliveryn motions for Nyza to take the stage as he takes a break.

Dale: So we've met Zodyu and Isidul.

Legeand: Might makes Right isn't it?

Luanes (said more to herself than anyone else): What am I to do...

Elezor Forgostan: Also, Eins und Zwei worshipped together weigh the consequence of every law.

Oliveryn: Now, let us hear a round of applause to my great friend!

Oliveryn points to Nyza.

Nyza: Well, Nyza is on. T'Krosh, come help.

Dale: I wonder if we'll get to meet the others before they ascend?

T'Krosh gives Nyza a death-glare, but he sets his pint down and follows.

Sparta claps loudly and hoots for Athena.

Nyza steps onto the stage.

Legeand: And, of those who have no might, Father? How much weight do they have in your God's eyes?

Dale applauds robustly, if a slightly more politely than Sparta.

Oliveryn claps as well, as Athena gets to the stage.

Oliveryn walks over to the bar and orders a stout rum.

Nyza: Mmm, Oli. Your lute please?

Oliveryn gives Nyza the lute.

Nyza: Any drums? Or a war horn?


Elezor Forgostan: No might? The Gods have a physical presence, as you must know, and they wield the might. Mortals such as ourselves remain aware of this at all times in case one should appear.

Nyza: While our Master Falkin rests his voice, Miss Athena and my partner Friday will strike up a tune.

Legeand chuckles and looks to Luanes quietly "and your God, Luanes, does she think right by might? Are all people who are evil banished to being evil or do they have a hope for redemption, laws or no laws?"

Nyza: If there are any couples in the audience, this song is quite nice for dancing, and there is a lovely empty floor in front of me.

Luanes (whispers): No, she teaches that no one is beyond salvation.

Elezor Forgostan looks confused.

Dale looks longingly at Sparta.

T'Krosh does not quite know how to begin. He looks to Nyza for guidance.

Nyza: Start uh, tapping.

Oliveryn gulps down his rum and looks for the most well endowed women in the inn that looks single.

T'Krosh starts to produce a steady beat with his foot.

Legeand smiles, "Your first step Luanes: Do laws have to bind those you need to help or do you need to follow every law to the letter?"

The tapping that T'Krosh is making seems very out of place for his halfling feet.

Nyza: Realizing that the noise is awkward, Nyza quickly begins strumming the lute.

Luanes (whispers): I am a paladin, though...If I do not follow the law, then Vis...I mean...then I am not granted my abilities.

Sparta returns her look; when the music starts up he offers her his hand and guides them onto the dance floor.

Legeand: I belive the word there is the law, THE Law, not Every law.

Nyza begins playing a rapid tune, a tune she picked up in Rebelton during the after-victory celebration.

Oliveryn finds a plump serving lady, well endowed and holds out his hand to her.

Oliveryn: Would you like to dance?

Luanes quietly mumbles, "Her law..."

The woman blushes and takes Oliveryn's hand.

Sparta and Dale begin to cut a rug in a traditional halfling jig.

Elezor Forgostan: Whose law?

Oliveryn smiles wide and moves out on the dance floor.

Oliveryn tries a couple of simple dance moves from Troll's Bridge.

Legeand nodding to Luanes and eyeing the priest carefully, "Gods are far and wide, Father. Some gods follow each other, some are on different paths. What would you do if your god brought you to change everything you know?"

Luanes looks up at Elezor, surprised.

Nyza makes a remarkable beginning as T'Krosh's efforts add to the comedy of the situation.

The dance floor quickly fills up to dance to Nyza's halfling party tune.

Elezor Forgostan: I know of only Alavasia and Borgose as female deities. Neither have paladins serving them.

Oliveryn spins the serving lady around the dance floor finding her quickly picking up the unfimilar dance steps.

Elezor Forgostan: Who is this Vis?

Elezor Forgostan: I have heard you mention her twice now.

Legeand sighs a bit, remembering people of the past are not fully versed with knowledge of the future, "Visaria the Beneficent, a god to be."

Elezor Forgostan: A god to be?

Legeand: One of several gods who will rise within the next many years, Father.

Luanes: Do you know of anyone by that name, Father?

Elezor Forgostan: It is a common enough name.

Luanes: Does Armee have paladins?

Sparta: The halflings whirl and spin, moving deftly among the legs of the big folk.

Legeand sits back in his seat with a smirk.

Elezor Forgostan: Armee the Avenger has many paladins serving him.

Luanes looks confused.

Legeand: Do they work well as a group?

Elezor Forgostan: When necessary.

Luanes quietly says to Legeand, "That is not what I was told."

Legeand (quietly back): Depends on how they serve him, maybe, or they have fallen."

Nyza: About four minutes later, Athena segways into her next song. It is much slower paced, though still cheeful in nature.

T'Krosh sighs and rests his foot.

Legeand: How many paladins total, Father. Exact number?

Oliveryn releases his dancing partner to continue her work and looks out among the crowd seeing who else wants to dance.

Sparta: As the music slows, Sparta and Dale twirl together and embrace for a gentle two-step.

Elezor Forgostan: Many hundreds across this world. I know not an exact figure.

Legeand: And now many has He come to and chosen specifically?

Luanes quietly says, "He said I would be the only one."

Legeand: How many?

Athena performs comfortably for the crowd of dancers.

Elezor Forgostan: Ah...You are the one we were told of. The only paladin of Armee the Father.

Luanes: You were.....you were told of?

Elezor Forgostan: It is almost unheard of that an elf would be a paladin. That is what confused us. An angel visited us at prayers yesterday.

Luanes: ...

Legeand: And what did he say, Father?

Elezor Forgostan: He said an elf of templar status would join the fold and bring new vision to The Father's realm.

Luanes mouth drops open.

Legeand: A new vision...a new path...A new way? Luanes? What path and what way does Armee need change?

Luanes: Mercy and compassion...

Legeand: Two sides of a coin; Armee the Avenger, who take the evil who can not change, Armee the Father who can guide them back to the light.

Elezor Forgostan gasps, "That is what Taevon said next."

Luanes: You saw my father?

Elezor Forgostan looks dumb-founded.

Legeand chuckles and grins, "Father, we are not from this time. The Gods have placed us here to help change the past for our future."

Elezor Forgostan looks wide-eyed at Legeand.

Legeand shrugs, "What do you say, Father? Are you ready for change?"

Luanes: Legeand, I do not think we are meant to speak of it...

Legeand: Not to many, but we need help, Luanes.

A shadow seemingly blots out the sun, darkening the windows of the inn and the cathedral.

Sparta: As Athena's second song winds down, Sparta leads Dale back to their table.

Elezor Forgostan: That is odd. A darkday is not predicted yet.

Nyza: Um.. time for a short intermission.

Luanes slowly stands up as she looks towards the windows.

A terrifying roar pierces the darkened city.

Legeand: Standing up, he checks his sword, "Then I think I might need this."

Oliveryn stops dancing, looking around.

Horns and bells, not unlike the alarms of Troll's Bridge, begin to sound.

Luanes: I think this is the not so pleasant affair Armee spoke of...

Nyza approaches Oliveryn and hands him the lute.

Legeand: If change could come about without blood, I will eat a gold coin.

Luanes smirks at Legeand, "Someday, I will take you up on that wager."

Sparta: I need my armor.

Legeand grins, "Shall we go see this distubance then?"

Luanes moves towards the window to peer outside.

Dale follows Sparta to his room to help him into his armor.

Oliveryn takes the lute and secures it with all his belongings.

Oliveryn: Eregard, go outside and see what is wrong.

Eregard nods, taking out his blades and going out side in a rush.

A city watchman enters the dining hall a bit disheveled, "It is a wyvern attack! Stay inside unless you are capable of fierce battle!"

Luanes: Shall we?

Eregard stops short as he hears the guard and then looks at Oliveryn, to see what he does.

Legeand: Let us. It will help with that fustration you have had today.

Cries and gasps break out throughout the crowd.

Nyza: We'd better go, eh troupe? For a different kind of performance.

Sparta and Dale rush outside, still tightening buckles and strapping on weapons.

Luanes throws her quiver over her shoulder and draws her sword.

Legeand: Draws his cleaverbow and shield.

Luanes and Legeand exit the temple to find wyverns circling the summit of The Mount of Walls, the top of the city. Wizards from the university are already firing spells at them from the heights of their buildings.

Oliveryn tries to think if this has to do with anything in actual Walton past history.

In the minutes it takes for Legeand and Luanes to make their way up towards the inn, the rest of our heroes are ready.

Oliveryn recalls tales of multiple wyvern attacks, but thinks this one may be of more note that the others. Zodyu was mentioned in a particularly vicious attack as well as a dragon that helped.

Wyverns fly by and whirl about the town, but seem to be centered primarily around and over Castle Dal, the fortress on the summit.

Legeand: Glad to see you guys are ready. Where are we heading?

The streets seem to swarm with all manner of adventurers that choose to lure various of the beasts to walls and tall building to battle them.

Nyza: Wherever we can do the most damage!

Legeand: To the top then, huh?

Oliveryn: Shall we get tangled in history?

Celesta: Most definitely.

Sparta: Onward, into the history books.

Oliveryn: Why is that? I do not like the fact that my fate has already been written, but...

Nyza places a Mirror Image and a Fly spell on herself.

Legeand: Nyza, Fly on me? I can do more damage up there.

Nyza thinks deeply about it.

Nyza: Sure, hehe.

Luanes summons Gaelitae.

As the heroes arrive at the summit, wyverns begin to fall and fly away after other luring groups. Alone on a castle tower is an enormous wyvern.

Legeand: Saved the biggest for last, huh? Better for us.

The wyvern seems preoccupied with his brethern swarming about and does not immediately notice the heroes.

Nyza: What's the plan?

Oliveryn: Parlay?

Oliveryn smiles.

Dale: I wonder if we can befriend it.

Legeand: Cripple its wings and beat it on the ground.

Celesta: We need to get close enough to it to fight it. This is no intelligent dragon.

Luanes concentrates on the wyvern.

Luanes Detects Evil.

Oliveryn: So its just a beastial thing, based soley on desire and need?

Celesta: Closer to animal, yes.

Nyza: So is a man, so do not insult the dragon so.

Dale: You say that like it's a bad thing, Oli.

The dragon begins to turn on the parapet and you notice it is being confronted up there.

Eregard looks around wondering why everyone else is so slow on the uptake; why we sat here and looked at it for so long.

The wyvern picks up his armored assailant and flings him off the castle.

Dale: Oh, that's going to hurt.

Dale: Where's Miss 'Sky.

The knight falls lifeless to the ground in front of the castle.

Legeand: Probably busy in town still.

The wyvern turns following his throw until he notices the heroes.

Eregard draws his short bow back...and fires.

Legeand charges forward as the wyvern flies towards them.

The wyvern clamps down on Legeand as he approaches.

Sparta (in draconic): You do not need to die today! Fly away and take your brethren with you!

Sparta rides off to the side and then launches an arrow to punctuate his words.

Oliveryn: I wonder what scares you, my winged friend?

Oliveryn casts Phantasmal Killer causing the shadowy image of a colossal dragon to envelop the wyvern.

The wyvern shrieks.

Oliveryn: Now leave before I harm all your friends as well!

Several wyvern break and head back towards Tanglewood.

Luanes whispers a couple of words while gazing at the creature attempting Hold Monster before moving into position to attack.

The monster seems unfazed by Luanes' gaze.

Nyza speaks an arcane word and the air around her chain shirt begins to waver with a strong heat, as with a mirage.

Nyza begins summoning a huge fire elemental.

Dale looks sadly upon the magnificent beast before calling forth her natural power to summon fire from the sky above.

Dale rides Ferocious away to the south.

T'Krosh runs to catch up with the melee fighters, despite being a good thirty feet beneath them and not flying.

Celesta moves and casts Disintegrate.

The beast roars as Celesta's ray hit it and takes a huge chunk out of it.

Eregard pulls back his bow and fires, hitting twice more.

The beast flies by attacking as it goes.

Oliveryn casts Celerity and then Blast of Flame up into the air as the wyvern passes, but also engulfing Nyza, Dale and Ferocious in the cone.

Nyza: Et tu, Oli?

As the wyvern flies through it bites Legeand, stings Luanes, claws T'Krosh and Nyza, and wings buffets Gaelitae and Eregard.

Legeand runs down the wyvern and strikes it from behind.

Oliveryn feels dazed.

Legeand: You running away!? I will slaughter your kind wyvern!

Sparta: Save some for me, Legeand!

Sparta fires three arrows at the retreating wyvern.

Oliveryn continues to feel dazed.

Luanes slumps in Gaelitae's saddle as Galitae trots away from the wyvern.

Nyza finishes summoning a very, very large fire elemental.

The wyvern crashes as the fire elemental scorches it.

With a dying roar, the other wyverns flee the city.

Oliveryn: Mmmmm, wyvern meat.

Legeand: Should be fine, Oli.

Wyvern Maximus