Pentatina 22, 1000 PC, Evening

Post date: Mar 25, 2010 5:53:33 AM

At times, our group has an odd sense of priorities. The duerger ghost from last night mentioned something about an invasion of mind-flayers: MIND-FLAYERS! The squid people who have domination magic and can suck out your brains through your nose! You'd think we would want to do something about that, yes? But no, instead we're going to focus on stealing some slaves for Ozimius. I shouldn't complain too much. After all, everyone went out of their way to help me rescue (the corpses of) those mercenaries I hired. I need to pay back that favor of course. But Ozi won't have much use for his slaves if his brain is sucked out by an illithid tentacle.

About the slaves, they are more of Ozi's countrymen, like those at the auction where Oliveryn was assassinated. Only these ones are owned by House Elan, so they were out of Oliveryn's power to free. Not that there's any sort of plan for helping them back on their feet. It sounds like we're going to unlock their cells, kick them outside in the cold, and tell them to fend for themselves in this lousy city. They'd be better off as slaves! Sparta suggested that they could come to our new settlement, so that is a little more realistic - there's plenty of work to be done there (I could use a softskin slave too...). Although, I'm not sure how Ozi would feel about such a drastic relocation. He might want to keep his distant family close by in the city.

This isn't to say we didn't make any plans about the mind-flayers. We did decide to gather information about them first. Mask is going to speak with her lich master about them, and we decided to also ask the githyanki, mortal enemies of the illithid, for advice. That task was left to me, so I got to speak with Grez through a scrying spell! It's been so long! And our first encounter was rather brief, but I liked her anyway. Something about her running away from home and fighting off her pursuers was very familiar, yes? My conversation through the scrying spell was unfortunately short. She say she couldn't let me come to her home for research - gith only! - but that she'd try to come to Troll's Bridge soon. I can't wait!