Hardun Letter

Post date: Nov 10, 2008 7:26:41 PM

Dear Grandfather,

I am deeply concerned on what is happening.  The carriage that you sent me arrived early this week with a group of young men from Troll's Bridge. Many of them try to convince me to join their cause against you.  Why would I do this? I dismissed them as their prince and they have not talked to me in days. I wonder if they might try to attack me openly?  On that note, a man claiming him self as Magnus Artural tried attacking me and my group of friends that I have made here.  He told me you sent him? Why would he attack me? Are you loosing your hold on your own minions, grandfather? I was not hurt in this battle but have killed Magnus by throwing him into a river.  I have in the mean time decided to stay in Redemption until spring.  This will give me time to end my relationship with father and the group here and also stop this group of men from Troll's Bridge from doing any harm.

How is my mother doing? Is she well? Ask her to write me?

Your Heir,