Field Marshal and Nymph

Post date: Mar 19, 2009 1:42:33 PM

Mystol Alaphasus, the Field Marshal of Grayholm, and his cohort Meliamonee the Nymph had been together for over 500 years before they finally gave in to their feelings and consummated their relationship.  The results was the beautiful and cherished baby girl they named Luanes.

The glabrezu Darzagon, who has been a constant thorn in Mystol's side since before Isildul's Arcaners' disappearance, is always seeking ways to bring grief upon his ancient enemies.  In this case, he grants the wish of a needy and desparate couple to have a child of their own. He grants them the power to abscond with the infant Luanes and escape, giving Luanes' parents now way to discover their child's whereabouts.

The couple flees into Tanglewood, where they are set upon by the jealous and scheming succubus Sezdelishae.  While her summoned vrock tortures the woman to a point near death, the succubus slowly and horribly drains the life and soul from the man.  She then leaves the man for the vrock to rend as she rips the soul from the woman.  The infant, in the attack, being dropped, squirms and rolls into the safe branches of the treant Ironroot, of which the demons are unaware.  Being unable to locate the infant after her kidnappers' demise, the demons rend the body of the woman in a rage before fleeing the approach of the celestial paladin Taevon Ilrya.

Ironroot deftly deposits the infant in the hollow of a tree and departs, at which point the baby Luanes draws the attention of the paladin as he comes upon the terrifying scene of devastation the demons had wrought.  Taevon rescues the infant and takes her to Eternal Fires to raise her as his own.  He serendipitously names her Luanes.

Mystol, being an elven high mage as well as the general of all elven armies on the continent of Almebezbik, could not with all of his power discern the location of their lost Luanes.  For a century, he and Meliamonee searched in vain.  During this time and using his vast knowledge of magic, Mystol managed to develop a mythal that allowed him and Meliamonee to determine that their child was still alive, but not where she was.  After the decades of searching without success, the couple has grown to cherish the fact that Luanes is still alive and hope that she will someday find them.

* * *

Almost a century and a half after the loss of their daughter while Mystol is visiting "The City" to consult with Emperor Ran MCXI and his generals on their campaign along the northern edge of The Barbarian Plains, an female elven paladin named Luanes Ilrya is recognized by Ran MCXI and Visaria the Beneficent for her heroism in the north of the empire rescuing a farming village from the depredations of a virtual army of marauding brigands.  In the course of goings on in court that day, the Field Marshal and his daughter are introduced to each other during the discussion of her tactics that allowed her and three villagers to defeat the leader of the brigand force that was preparing to destroy Isilville.  Neither recognizes they are father and daughter, though Mystol makes note of the coincidence of the elven paladin's given name and apparent age.

Mystol relates this information to Meliamonee when returning to The Kinfolk Forest.  Trying not to get their hopes up, they plan a journey to Troll's Bridge, where the Empress suggested Luanes travel next in Her service.

Meliamonee immediately begins watching Luanes' activities and quickly realizes the full extent of Luanes' fey blood as she subdues attacks directed at her by all manner of thugs without more that a look.

Meliamonee allows her daughter only glimpses of her leaf-cloaked figure from time to time, but on one occasion disrobes to help Luanes survive a particularly vicious attempt on her life, blinding several of the assailants.

When Elán Tower is destroyed the glabrezu Darzagon, who had been trapped by Methylbutyl over a century earlier, gains freedom and immediately begins a fresh assault on Mystol by trying to capture Luanes.  However, Mystol and Meliamonee are close by and banish the demon before he can steal their daughter away from them again.

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