Undecitina 28, 1000 PC

Post date: Jul 26, 2010 8:45:9 PM

I came face to face with Imhiakaam today in the guise of Mask. She was very hesitant even though she was surrounded by fellow devils to make any move against me as she believed it was Isildul behind the mask. Having heard Isildul address Imhiakaam in the past, I imitated him as best I could. She seemed to believe it and sauntered over in her usual manner.

How disgusting.

She was playing also, but I was prepared and, in her overconfidence, I managed to make a hold spell stop her in her tracks.  The other devils, not immediately perceiving the danger their leader was in, hesitated allowing me to stop time and erect my full defenses, which must have been quite a sight when Mask suddenly shone with multiple auras of flame and terrifying presence. The devils did not wish to upset the lich that had been behind the mask until this time and after dismissing the obvious lieutenant, the others fled leaving Imhiakaam at my mercy.

Being one to torment my enemies, I mockingly addressed the pleasure devil with a litany of the more sappy things I had heard Isildul use in affection toward her in the past.  Hearing my voice, Imhiakaam whimpered in anger and fright. She pleaded telepathically to Isildul to stop this treatment, as she believed that it was Isildul behind the mask and that we were working together to torment her. I continued the torture, informing her that dominating her would be the height of irony, but the spell failed, though I gave the impression of not actually completing it, feigning that I had something more appropriate.  She continued to implore Isildul to stop. I removed the mask and laughed. I told her she was no longer welcome on The Mirror and as the hold spell expired I teleported to the safety of my warded estate.

Letting the horror of the situation sink into the devil's psyche, I turned my attention to getting the sending stone to function through the barrier.