Hexatina 19, 1000 PC

Post date: Apr 03, 2011 11:21:41 PM

How things have changed since this morning! After T'Krosh and I finished breakfast (and made up for an argument that I don't wish to repeat here), I teleported us to the Sha'Tek once again. Cedarcleaver was not there this time, thankfully. Destibier's sudden appearance must have sent him into a panic, that's for certain.

I have to say, I was very nervous about meeting with Boss Varnil. I needed him to be cooperative, submissive. Destibier specifically told me that I'd have to destroy anyone who didn't agree to serve under me. So what if the Boss refused? I couldn't kill him! I'm trying to lead the kobolds into a golden age, a period of good relations with the softskins. I'm not trying to be some sort of bloodthirsty tyrant! I was confident in my ability to be persuasive, but T'Krosh is much better with these formal things. I'm glad I brought him along.

So, I called a meeting with Boss Varnil, laid out my reasons for taking control over the tribe (making sure to stress the charge from Destibier), and asked if he would submit. Nothing too fancy, and no long speeches. Well, T'Krosh may be a better negotiator than I, but I'm a quick learner! Varnil presented me with his headdress. I am now the official Boss of the Sha'Tek! ... How many lives does that place under my responsibility now? More than a thousand if I include Tangleton's halflings, I should think. No, I shouldn't dwell on that. Yes, I'm responsible for them, but I can also guide them to a better future. Risks and rewards, and all that. On that note, I made my first act as Boss to order many of the kobolds moved to Tangleton - it's simply safer, what with Destibier there and all.

What's next, then? I need to get Wybak to be follow me too, but I don't think he'll be so willing. And even if I wanted to fight him like Destibier commands, I don't think I would win. Ugh, I can just imagine this turning into some kind of war between the Sha'Tek and my two towns. What a disaster that would be! Kobolds fighting against kobolds! Absolutely not! If any sort of fight does break out, I need to keep it one on one - me and Wybak. But hopefully, he'll see reason and a fight won't be necessary.