Ethyltina 9, 1000 PC

Post date: Dec 31, 2008 8:17:29 PM

Isildul had granted me access to his entire tower, but not before a standoff between Imhiakaam, his consort, and myself.  Ironically, her instruction and treatment of me over the years gave me the advantage of being able to resist her powers.  She was infuriated when I just brushed her off.  I believe this may have convinced Isildul to forgive my intrusion.  In fact, he took me throughout the entire tower and welcomed me to occupy the entire first level of it, of which I had only occupied one room in the past.  If I can avoid further confrontation with the pleasure devil, this will be an excellent place to plan my revenge and possibly assist my acquaintances in Redemption and Troll's Bridge when they arrive there.