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Dodecitina 3, 999 PC - Late Afternoon

The young kobold named Nyza, having made another narrow escape from the vethObulus that have been following her, leaves the tree line near a high stone wall.

Oliveryn, an aspiring prince of Troll's Bridge, trudges up a worn path towards the same stone wall after retrieving his belongings from the wrecked coach that had shielded him from an ambush unknown hours earlier.

Ozimius Khan, an escaped slave from Troll's Bridge, approaches this stone wall as well. It has been a harrowing few days avoiding the creatures and getting lost in the vast forest known as Tanglewood.

They all notice each other but are more concerned with a heavily armored and armed human woman approaching from along the wall. She does not immediately notice any of them, but soon looks up the trail and spots Oliveryn. She approaches him, addressing him rather rudely. She gets a better look at him as she passes under several large trees. Her tone changes.

While Oliveryn converses with this warrior named Brezaya, Nyza moves towards the wall to get around her. Ozimius also moves towards the wall, heading for the gate he can see from his vantage point.

Nyza, being careless in her desire to avoid the humans, is spotted by the warrior. The warrior is distracted from Oliveryn by the presence of the kobold and fails to notice several other kobolds following the path Nyza had taken.

A bolt of fire cast by the robed kobold in the group of four chasing Nyza strikes Brezaya, sending her into a smoking sprawl. The kobold, identifying himself as T'Krosh, orders the other kobolds after Nyza and conjures a cloud of vapors to cover his retreat.

As the kobolds cautiously approach Nyza, Ozimius takes cover in some bushes and Oliveryn begins a chant and approaches the cloud of vapors. Nyza waits until one of the kobolds approaches just near enough for her powers of enchantment to seize his mind.

Ozimius moves into the trees surrounding Brezaya. Nyza convinces her new friend to help her out and he trips one of the three other advancing kobolds. Nyza launches her own fire to attack the kobold that has moved too close for comfort and then moves into Brezaya's trees. As Oliveryn approaches the cloud, he is spooked and makes to flee.

Ozimius and the kobold Nyza just struck with flame exchange blows when Ozimius advances upon him. Nyza's kobold friend leaps on the one he just tripped, but gets skewered on its spear and falls bleeding. Nyza raises a protective force around herself. The tripped kobold leaps to his feet, looking for Nyza. Oliveryn flees from the cloud.

Ozimius strikes the kobold he is facing and that kobold drops his spear and retreats. Nyza moves out of the trees and casts fire at the kobold that killed her friend and engulfs him in flames. It drops to the ground billowing smoke. Oliveryn continues to flee the cloud.

As Ozimius advances on the remaining kobold and strikes him down. A white wolf runs onto the battlefield to Brezaya and licks her. Brezaya quickly regains her feet. Nyza advances towards the cloud and draws her spear. Oliveryn shakes the fear and runs up to Brezaya to see if she is alright. He sings a song in celebration of Nyza's fiery display.

Why do you want to take away

This beautiful Kobold that we love today

Don't take her away from our sweet touch

Because we want to eat her also for lunch

Oh don't look at me like that you evil thing

I love extra meat in my stomach because it sings

So go away before I call my troll

Because he loves kobolds for dinner as all

Ozimius moves back to the trees. Nyza closes in on the cloud and casts a ball of acid into it. It dissipates. The white wolf, who Brezaya calls Armaestis, races into the woods and the yelp of a kobold can be heard in the distance. Oliveryn serenades the gathering further.

Once there was a mist of evil

But it was dealt by me friend Nyz(i)a

She thrust her acid of splash

And killed that mist in a flash

So don't come troubling our friends anymore

Because she likes meat in all the right lores

The battle done, Armaestis returns from the woods to investigate the downed kobolds. Satisfied they are no longer a problem, he turns to the humans and the kobold. He indicates that they should follow him. He leads them into Redemption to a park where they meet the beautiful leader of the town council, Merizae Illamaesa. She welcomes them all warmly and invites them to stay in the town.

You have all been wandering through Tanglewood hoping you are approaching the town of Redemption. Finally, you come to a point in sight of a high stone wall.

A human female in fine banded armor carrying a heavy shield and longsword is walking along the wall, approaching from the direction of a gate.

Brezaya Talisin: Roll a Hide check in "the box," if wish to avoid being spotted by the warrior.

Nyza: (ack, tall folk! With soft skin!)

GM: She doesn't appear to see any of you.

GM: To Oliveryn

Brezaya Talisin: Halt! What are you doing here.

Oliveryn: I'm tuning my lute, what else?

Oliveryn: starts to tune lute

Brezaya Talisin: Hello friend. You have found Redemption...the town, that is. The Zelmbring Gate is back along the wall the way I have just come. Enter and take refuge, but conduct yourself in a lawful manner during your visit.

Nyza attempts to slip past the warrior by moving against the wall

Oliveryn: Is it lawful to sit in these woods and tune a lute?

Brezaya Talisin: Certainly

Oliveryn smiles widely

Oliveryn: Thank you, maybe I shall write a song about this moment

Brezaya Talisin: Your a charming fellow, where are you from?

Oliveryn: Oh, I am from Troll's Bridge where my parents raised me, I was attacked a while ago and was knocked out in a carriage. Luckly, my charming good looks scared them off.

Oliveryn *laughs litely and smiles*

Brezaya smiles

Oliveryn stands and extends hand

Nyza: (Aha, the humans are distracted! Run Nyza, run!)

Oliveryn: I am Oliver

Brezaya Talisin: What is that?!

Oliveryn: What is what?

Nyza freezes.

Brezaya Talisin: That little creature by the wall.

Oliveryn: Possibly some rodent walking these woods. I saw one a little while ago...I fed it a cracker.

Oliveryn *smiles*

Brezaya Talisin: A creature of your sort should not be this close to town. Away with you!

Ozimius walks over to Nyza

Nyza: Noo, no hurt Nyza! Me just wants a warm stone to lie on for the night...

Ozimius: Good dog, come on home!

Ozimius guides Nyza toward the gate

Oliveryn: Well I must be off toward the city. Thanks for the...well what ever you did. You are nice.

Nyza continues walking toward the gate, slower this time.

Oliveryn walks toward gate.

As the conversion winds down, a terrifying bolt of fire sears the air and strikes Brezaya squarely, engulfing her in flames. She collapses unconscious.

Nyza: Was not me!

Oliveryn dives to the ground.

In the direction from where the bolt of fire came stands a kobold draped in simple robes with several fetishes affixed about his body. He leans upon a short staff. He is joined by four other kobolds armed with spears.

Oliveryn um....?

He barks orders to his guards in a high-pitched raspy voice pointing at their target.

Oliveryn runs.

T'Krosh: Clax arominakir! *T'Krosh* valignat arcaexir. *T'Krosh* pok etheaesthyr thurirli. GETHRISJ!

GM: Roll initiative, please.

Nyza barks back in the strange language, "Ekitash nova listra!"


Ozimius moves into the cover of the trees

Oliveryn: What the hell are you doing, don't come near me I am infected with a deadly disease!! [In Draconic]

GM: They appear to be more interested in the other kobold.

Oliveryn looks confused

Nyza waits for one of the kobolds to approach, then focuses a piercing gaze on him.

Nyza readies action to cast Charm Person on the first to close within 25'

Nyza then move back 10 ft after the cast, heh

As the kobolds move forward, The lead kobold begins to gesture and intone another spell.

Ozimius brings sword and shield to the ready

GM: The closer one is 24' away.

Nyza focuses her gaze on the closest kobold, then says [draconic] "You would not hurt a girl, would you?"

GM: It looks confused.

Oliveryn takes out lute and starts to tune and warm up his vocals and walks slowly over to the cloud

GM: on your next move

Nyza: says innocently, [draconic] "Would not it be terrible if your friends hurt my pretty face? Cannot you stop them?"

Nyza lobs a ball of magical fire straight at another kobold.

Charmed kobold trips other advancing kobold.

Oliveryn runs like a sacred panzy man

Kobold misses Ozi

Nyza makes a strange circular motion with her hands and speaks in a mystical language. A shining set of armor springs into existance all around her

Nyza casts Mage armor

Charmed kobold jumps on tripped kobold.

Charmed kobold skewered by tripped kobold and falls down.

Tripped kobold gets up and looks for Nyza

Kobold looks very hurt.

Kobold drops spear and retreats.

Nyza steps over the body of the fallen human, then forms another ball of fire in the palm of her hands

Nyza: oops

Kobold is burning.

Nyza cheers

Oliveryn: Why do you want to take away

Oliveryn: This beautiful Kolbold that we love today

Oliveryn: Dont take her away from our sweet touch

Oliveryn: Because we want to eat her also for lunch

Oliveryn: Oh don't look at me like that you evil thing

Oliveryn: I love exta meat in my stomach because it sings

Oliveryn: So go away before I call my troll

Oliveryn: Because he loves kobolds for dinner as all

Nyza looks worried about the bard's lyrics.

Nyza moves closer to the fog and draws her longspear.

A snow-white wolf appears on the edge of the battle and quickly trots over to the fallen Brezaya. After giving the warrior a lick, Brezaya jumps to her feet ready to take action.

Oliveryn: Interesting

Oliveryn heads over to Brezaya and see if she is alright

Oliveryn song still rings loudly in his ears.

Brezaya Talisin: Go get him, Armaestis!

Nyza: Nyza is not with the other kobolds. She fights them, see?"

Brezaya Talisin: No worries little one.

Nyza conjures forth a spray of acid, shooting it at the fog cloud

The fog disappates.

The wolf sprints across the battlefield and disappears into the forest. Moments later, you hear a desparate yelp from a kobold.

Nyza whispers to her backpack [draconic] (stay in there for now my friend, the human is dark and scary looking)

Shortly, the wolf returns and proceeds to sniff around the kobold bodies and then turns its attention to you. When it is satisfied you are not a threat, it nudges one of you and looks towards the Zelmbring Gate. It starts trotting in that direction, hesitating a moment to look over its shoulder.

Ozimius gazes at the warrior with obvious attraction.

Oliveryn sings with delight

Oliveryn: Once there was a mist of evil

Oliveryn: But it was delt by me friend Nyz(i)a

Oliveryn: She thrust her acid of splash

Oliveryn: And killed that mist in a flash

Oliveryn: So don't come troubling our friends anymore

Oliveryn: Because she likes meat in all the right lores

Nyza looks as if she's about to say something to Oliveryn, but changes her mind

Nyza: Human! Nyza thanks you for helping!

The wolf nudges Nyza, gently

Oliveryn: Wow that was awesome guys, way to go

Nyza looks very much scared of the wolf, as if it wants to eat her.

Brezaya Talisin: He will not hurt you, he just wants you to follow him.

Nyza: ...... 'okay.

The wolf stops and looks back at the humans and barks.

Nyza whispers to the wolf, "But if you try to bite me, Nyza will set that pretty fur on fire"

Wolf sneezes

Oliveryn: I am guessing the wolf wants us to follow too

Oliveryn *smiles and chuckles*

As you follow the wolf, it leads you through a large gilded gate. Within the walls is a town of elven tree homes and standard wooden and stone ground structures. You follow a path along side a river into a park with a fountain and benches.

As you enter the park, the wolf quickens it pace and runs up to a beautiful elven lady. As you approach each other, the elf and the wolf appear to be speaking to each other.

Oliveryn: So I was thinking, I do not know your name ms. warrior person

Oliveryn *smiles*

Brezaya Talisin: Are you smiling at me?

Nyza tugs on the pants of Oliveryn.

Nyza: Nyza doesn't blame you for running away, tall person. T'Krosh is a fierce shaman

The elf gives a kindly, concerned look at Brezaya and anyone else who was injured.

Oliveryn: I am always smiling. Why not. I say because isn't it a beautiful day....

Oliveryn *starts singing about some far away land*

Oliveryn coughs

Her voice is soft and lilting as she addresses you.

Merizae Illamaesa: Welcome weary travelers to Redemption. I am Merizae Illamaesa, a member of the town council.

Then specifically to the kobold.

Merizae Illamaesa : Martivir kosj vorastrixi, wux ssifisv vur clax *Redemption* thricdartak arokarthel ihk kearthurkear.

Oliveryn looks at the lady with detached interest but listens

Again, to all.

Merizae Illamaesa: Take refuge from the chaos and woe of the world. Lodging is available at the inn across the pond.

She gestures back to her right toward the pond.

Oliveryn: Free lodging I suppose right

Oliveryn *smiles*

Merizae Illamaesa: Any other services, save religious, may be found in this ring of buildings around the pond and park.

She raises her arms in presentation.

Nyza: She responds in common. "Thank you much! Nyza likes this tribe already"

Merizae Illamaesa : Your welcome.

Merizae Illamaesa : Zelmbring is where The Lady Beneficence and The Protector await those inclined to worship.

GM: The temple is to Visaria and Corellon

She raises a hand, palm up, to a point somewhere behind and above you. Turning, you see a castle situated on a bluff above the town.

Nyza wonders if the inn has any caves or shallow tunnels for a night's rest.

Nyza sighs.

Nyza exchanges introductions with the others.

GM: You're all standing in the park

Brezaya Talisin: I'll be returning to my rounds.

Oliveryn: So miss wizardly lady, I am guessing, whats your name [speaks to Nyza]

Nyza: Nyza is Nyza. She not wizard, though. Magic just happens.

Oliveryn: Wow, nice [switches to draconic] So you live far away from your home?

Ozimius: I am Ozi. Greetings to all

Merizae Illamaesa: So, you are not acquainted with each other?

Oliveryn: Hi Ozi I am Oliver, world expert in almost anything, well kind of

Olivyern *smiles*

Ozimius smiles

Nyza: [draconic] Yes, I come from a tribe far to the east of this city. But they wanted me to do terrible things for them, so I ran away. And those others from *another* tribe followed me!

GM: Ozi doesn't understand anything the kobold is saying

Ozimius looks confused

Oliveryn: She was just talking about her home and why she is here, Ozi. It is ok...

Oliveryn *smiles*

Nyza: [common] Nyza greets you Ozi! Her home does not like her anymore...

Ozimius: You have your freedom. That is most important.

Oliveryn: Well Merizae, it looks like you got both the good looks from your mother and father. Tell me, where do you live around here...*smiles wide*

Ozimius grins at Oliver

Nyza: To Merizae: "No, we just meet today."

Ozimius pouts

Merizae Illamaesa: I live here in town and you are correct, I received a great deal from my parents.

Oliveryn: [whispers to Ozi] You can say that again *wink*

Oliveryn: Well lets go see what they have in this inn, who is with me

Oliveryn *smiles and hums a song*

Ozimius agrees completely

Nyza: Your ears are big. Are you an elf? Nyza only sees humans before.

Merizae Illamaesa: Yes, am one of many elves in this town.

Oliveryn raises an eye brow

Oliveryn: [speaks elven] Oh really, what elven part did you live before here, or where you born here?

Merizae Illamaesa: I was born in Nienil. I live in that tree house next to the pond [she points].

Nyza: Which tribe are you from Sir Ozi? Are they all swordsmen like you?

Ozimius: I have no tribe little one.

Oliveryn: Well thanks Merizae for all the help, we will talk later if we need anything *winks*

Oliveryn heads over to the inn

Nyza follows.

Ozimius follows Oliver

Merizae Illamaesa : Good night, then.

Oliveryn: thank you

Merizae Illamaesa : You are most welcome.