Paul Chavez, Sparta Longshanks

Post date: May 04, 2008 1:2:56 AM



Years Roleplaying

More than I can remember, but fewer than Steve.  I think I started in '79 or '80, but took a hiatus for about 15 years in between.  So let's call it 15 in round numbers.

Versions of D&D Played

Basic D&D, AD&D 1st Edition, then skipped straight to D&D 3.5


Campaign Settings

Quite a few different home-grown games and a few out-of-the box.  I DM'd my own campaign for years and might start one up again soon.


Other Roleplaying Games Played

I dabbled more in board games than in role playing, but I tried RuneQuest and Gamma World a long time ago.


Wichita, Kansas, USA

What I Do for a Living

They call me the Business Communications Group Director, Technology at work.  That's a long winded way to say I lead a team of computer programmers.



Divorced about 3 years now.

My daughter, Amber is 19.

My puppy, Chief is 8

Other Interests

Camping - just bought a pop-up camper!

Cycling - Joined Team Wendy this winter -- prepping to ride the MS 150 from Milwaukee to Madison in August.


Sailing (if only I had a boat)

Kayaking - (found a kayak on sale last fall!)

TV - CSI is great, but so are Monk & Numb3rs

Movies - Most anything Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Action/Comics.

Books - Sci-fi/mystery (Tony Hillerman), I've been getting into more non-fiction lately too.

Football - Go! Pack! Go! - Hey even though I was born in Kansas I grew up in Green Bay.

And of course technology - I've been programming since '83 in almost every language you can imagine (except Cobol)