Post date: Jul 25, 2008 4:49:28 PM

Dear LongSpear,

I cannot believe that I'm being sent away. Sure it is with great ceremony, feasting, the beating of drums and many dances; but I do not want to be SpiritWalker. Me responsible for the spiritual well-being of the whole Teton People, are they crazy? I already make people edgy. I see too little and I see too much. I don't say the right things. I do not believe the lies and ignore the truth. A little power and I will truly be reviled.

Maybe, it is because I make people mad that I am being sent away. All I ever wanted was to be a warrior; protect the People and hunt. I like hunting. What do I know about helping anyone else's spirit? Spirits are everywhere, some are good, some are bad, some are helpful some are mad. Oh Scales! Now I sound like that silly troubadour from Marshes Edge, Shaemus O'Cleef. But, there is a whole range of beings. I can not be the only one who can see and talk to them. Dances Fast says he sees them, but if he does, he interacts with a realm unknown to me. The others, Tall Tree and Red Clay say they do not see them yet. Even so, everyone likes Tall Tree and Red Clay, they would make better shamans than me (if only they could see and talk to the spirits.)


Well, I am being sent North to the outlanders. If Shaemus is any indication, I am in for a strange time. Luckily, SnowShadow and Cinder are exiled with me and I will not be completely without friends.

Love, Wintersky