Hexatina 3, 1000 PC

Post date: Mar 29, 2010 4:17:46 PM

Doesn't the gnoll lich have anything better to do with immortality? He could be studying ancient spellbooks, or crafting an army of invincible golems, or pondering the mysteries of godhood! Instead, he recently attacked Rebelton. How petty. Just because we killed him a few times and severed his head! I mean, he got better didn't he? He should just get over it.

Sparta wanted to get some halfling workers for Tangleton - oh, we settled on a name for the new settlement - so I teleported him to Rebelton about a week ago. That's when we saw that something was wrong. There were nobody around on the streets, not even animals. We searched around for a bit and, after dodging a few arrows from them, found the scared softskins hiding in their clanhold. Long story short, I fetched everyone else from Troll's Bridge so we could go on a lich hunt. And a ghost hunt, since Legeand's ghost friend is apparently here too.

The whole scene was very suspenseful at first. Some of the halflings were sickened by the undead, so Wintersky had to immediately start treatment. Some Rebeltoners were trapped in their mage tower, so Mask and I had to see about freeing them before they starved. Most unnerving was that the graveyard was dug up! Clearly, the lich worked some animation magic on the corpses, because we found bony tracks leading away. But one by one, we solved each problem.

Except the lich's army. The party has been spending the last week trying to find where the Gaedracis is hiding at, without luck. Now that we have greater responsibilities (Tangleton for me and Sparta, Troll's Bridge for Oli), a week is a long time to spend killing undead. So I've been working on my own until we find where the lich is, burning undead corpses and helping the excavation of Tangleton. Mining is not ideal work for me, I find. I can superheat rock walls, but as for handling a pick? Any of my followers are more productive. I suppose that's not too unusual though. The general of an army is expected to be a good leader, not a super-being in combat (although that is often the case anyway).

Dug up graves are never a good sign.