Soft, silk-like, chestnut brown hair, with a light red tinge, eyes sharp and cold as ice of light blue,her face was slender, with a bit of puffiness near her cheeks giving her an innocent look. Slender in frame, she was a bit small in her waist and hips, and only had slightly formed breasts. While living in the same hamlet as Legeand, Chelsia was one of the quieter girls, mostly clinging to a few of the groups that hung around some of the mothers. She remained this way till she had met Legeand, He was a bit of an outsider when it came to the groups of kids that ran around the town. They were at first shy around each other, but slowly they warmed up to each other and with many friends flocking behind them.

It was after a time she began to change, holding up an innocent image yet she was always thinking and acting in behind things. She usually was the one who would plan things, or would take a leading hand with Legeand in their small little group. Others in town began to have eyes for her as she grew and developed, but she had eyes for only one man in that town. She had believed his pleas and his stories; his wants and desires were hers. It was when she had listened in on a group of travelers in the tavern had she hatched a plan, her fate was sealed the next day...

* * *

Panting hard, she ran as fast as she could. Looking to the sky she could tell the time was nearing for this meeting she was instructed to be at. Why so far from the village she could not tell, maybe for quiet. stopping for a minute she inhaled sharply and quickly; catching her breath as fast as she could in her burning lungs. Boys could run out this far easy, but she wasn't one of them! Looking around she thought back to the tavern: she had caught a man outside after listening to him and two others talk quietly, she almost did not hear them with how secretive they were being. They were discussing recruiting some people from town to try and take them into a bigger town, she heard a whisper or two about dealing with Isilville first, but that wasn't what concerned her. She could use them to take her and Legeand far away from here and not only that see the world finally!

Catching the mans arm, she pulled him just offside of the door "Your looking for someone to guide you around right?" she smiled quaintly at the man. He was tall, though his face hid within a cloak's hood. She could see his smile and nod softly.

"yes my young lady, but who may I ask would be listening into a private conversation of mine and my associates?" his smile was wry, from what she could see. He seamed a bit intrigued by her curiosity.

with a small curtsy she speaks quietly "My name is Chelsia, and I could easily guide you around these parts." she a nod and a smirk of self satisfaction he glared at the man and with thinking he needed convincing she continued before he could speak "I've studied many maps, and know navigation very well. Horseback riding is just plain knowledge for use here"

With a chuckle and a nod the man turned half-away "there is a clearing, a good two-three miles south of here, a few trees form a bowl know of it?" with a nod he continued "Meet me there just before first dawn and we can discuses this further. By the first tree on the south end of the bowl." with that he turned and left, her heart beat as fast as a horse galloping. 'tomorrow it is' she thought with a grin.

Finally catching her breath she continued to the bowl of trees and clearing, Pressing a hand to the tree she inhaled again, she wished she took a horse but she knew that would have drawn attention she did not need. "Your a bit late" the voice called, she jumped back startled, hands pressed to her chest. "Its a bit after first dawn, and I did say before girl." The man was leaning away from her behind the next set of trees.

"I'm sorry, but running this far takes a bit of time in skirts" she glared at him coolly and she heard him chuckle. "You did not wished to bee seen I assumed as well"

"Yes, a smart girl you are. Now you know what I want; knowledge of terrain and navigation to... a few specific places." With a soft chuckle he turned his head a bit "What is it that you want?"

"safe transport to see the world, for me and another." she smirked softly "But I'd like to know who you are before I agree to do such things" she moved to see him clearly, but he shifted to remain just out of her sight.

"We are... well most of us were a raid party you could say; from a far war" he chuckled darkly "If you listened into out conversation you know I don't plan to leave Isilville standing before I leave."

A wince and she shrugged "well one has to suffer some to gain even a small bit" she turned away and bit her lip 'Is this the right way... No, This is my only chance, I need to take it!' he thoughts caused her bit bit her lip in concern.

"Two weeks, meet me here with your friend, and I'll see about saving as many as I can from your silly village." He got up and began to move, but stopped after a moment "Don't bring anyone else; or I'll assume I have chosen wrong, and Isilville will burn. Or if you don't come I'll need to send a scout to see what happened to you" the man laughed darkly; enough to make her shiver.

"Alright, two weeks!" she began to run back, two weeks, and she would be free from her parents, and with her lover... yes free at last!

After she left he turned to watch and grinned wickedly "Silly girl, silly foolish girl..." before laughing at some inane personal joke.

* * *

Looking upward into the gray sky Legeand breathed deeply; Even with a soft warm breeze he knew a storm would come later that night by the smell of the air, and how rich and thick it felt.. Sighing he looked around him, he was trying to find a good place to buy some of his mother's items she required from a long list he had been given. Taking a look at the list scribbled down onto a scrap parchment he felt a tug on his arm. "Hey day dreamer" the voice called.Looking up he saw one of his close friends, Chelsia. Even in a simple dress and blouse she was beautiful. Shoulder long curled chestnut brown hair with a light ting of red, and sky blue eyes sharp and cool as ice. She stood a bit under him, and smirked pulling his arm "Come with me for a minute you."

"As you wish" he bowed joshingly, placing the scrap inside a pocket he moved to follow her tug. He followed her quickly as she lead the way though a few groupings of people, and around several stalls; only taking a quick glance into them he tried to keep his mind onto the task of the list. Eventually she pulled him inside a small side alley alongside two shops. turning around with a warming smile she looks like she was ready to burst from something she wanted to say. "What?" he said quizzically, a slight chuckle and he asked again.

"I found a way for us and some of our friends to get away, to see the world!" she almost laughed with glee as she looked deeply at him.

"Wha.. How, who where?" he asked looking at her; almost wanting to disbelieve her. she looked around for a moment, and moved in closer to him, and began to talk in a soft whisper.

"there are some people, from outside of town a few miles away. They want a guide to one of the bigger cites." she still spoke softly, keeping a look around before continuing. "War raiders , they said they'll spare some of us if some can take them to one of the bigger towns."

He flinched at the words she spoke and screamed out at her " War Raiders?! War raiders, are you an idiot!" turning and walking a few paces, he was angry and did not want to hit her " They can say anything and mean the opposite, They go against everything we stand for! And you stand here and tell me you wish to deal with them?" he spat at the ground.

"Well its better then just being killed at their hands, do you think a militia can even fight them? they have more training then you can get from that fool of a twit that is your dad." her face was contorted in anger, her features no longer feminine, but showing true emotion. "Better then a simple death here alone and not have even seen a different sky, and different ground. Why can you see I'm only thinking of us!"

"Because you don't! I can not leave hurting anyone I know and love, not anyone." he winced in pain that he felt at her words, he turned and took a few steps away again " I must go tell everyone about this, maybe..."

"Legeand! If you are not with me..." he turned and looked at her, but in that instant he felt the warmth of blood along his face. In her hand was a short sword, where she had hid it, he did not know. " If you are not with me, You are against me." she growled lowly at him. Taking a step she went to slash at him. Time seamed to slow in his mind everything emptied, nothing remained; but a spark arose, clean and azure in his mind. It exploded into a storm of energy; His vision narrowed, tunnel vision set into his eyes. Darkening even the grayed sky, everything centered on this moment. One heartbeat and he recoiled his arm, and a second he struck her in the shoulder forcing her to drop the sword. A second followed and a third, she stumbled and he kicked at her knee snapping it gruesomely. His face contorted in a grimace, or was it a grin of blood lust? "Legea..." her voice Yelped for a moment, eyes filled with tears, but the voice was lost in this moment of clear mind.

Standing up, he panted. An eternity had past to him, He could not stop- not till her spark was snuffed out; his hands bloody, and his scar bleeding all over. A crowed had gathered, and it was then he noticed people had began to hold him, stop him from continuing his maddening brawl against her. They spoke, but he could only hear her last word, running though his blank mind. " what... What have I done?" he only could speak meekly.

Rain pounded against the roof of his house; The a small rain storm was raging outside quietly while the voices below Roared like thunder. Every time he could make them out clearly, it made him wince. It had been at least a quarter of a day since the incident, he had spent the first two hours crying and trying to wash the blood of his hands that was no longer there; moving a hand in front of his face he winced and let out a stray tear again. It self dirty as his eyes felt dry; the shadows of his room were no comfort to his pain, getting up with a groan he opened the curtains over his window. looking out the streets were empty, except for a few people running back and forth from place to place. Leaning on the sill he looked at the sky.

"He should be cast from the town in chains! he has fouled the very earth we walk!" one elderly man called

"you say the crows foul your bloody fowls in the night! This is not the first time this has happened around some of us" replied with haste from one.

"He has wronged this town aye, but the ladd hardly did it for his own. Didn't you hear what some of those people said they heard lads?" Said another.

"Hearsay, their-say; Nothing but gossip from nickering hens and sleepy boys who lack work! Hes a foul one I know it in my old bones!" recoiled the first.

"Your old bones need to sit down and quiet themselves, before this old one does it for you aye?"

Waving his hand the last of the four hushed them. They had not heard the knock on the door, opening it he let in Legeand's father. The man was close to elderly already now but he insisted on going out himself to collect the towns choice on what to do. Patting himself off by the first he looked at the rest "He leaves, never to return" coughing lightly he looked at the four. Two nodded right away if a bit solemn, the loud one was about to say something but was quieted by the last.

"So be it, as Elder in this counsel I abide by the towns choice." The man gasped his beard slightly and ran his hand down it "We can not have him here if he can not control himself." Waving a hand to keep the one quiet he looked at the father "Go tell him the choice" with a nod he looked at the others " You two go back to your family's" looking at the last man he frowned "You come with me, your to old bones are requiring some manners; such words from someone as old as you, Lords above..."

Looking at his father as he entered, Legeand remained quiet. Sighing softly he looked up at the ceiling. "I heard..."

"Then It till hurt less. Pack your things, you leave at once; you mother shall not see you off, or any others." sighing deeply, the old man sat on Legeand's bed. He was short, only about 5'6", his short cut dull brown hair was already almost all gray, like his trimmed mustache pretty much was.. His blue eyes aged, and creases crossed his forehead every which way. " I can only give you one word of advice, and hope it eases the pain for you.Son, know this: You can not Hold your weapon to protect all that you love; and embrace all that you love. You end up hurting those closest, but you my boy, you suffer now before doing either. I have told you many things like this but this is the last." Getting up and moving beside the door he pulls out an old sword, and tosses it to Legeand, who barely catches the thing before he drops it. " Its my old sword; hope it does you well on the road. It goes by the name Petals in the wind." He smiled lightly "Remember all that I have taught you, and all you have learned from everyone here, you shall not see us for a long time I think.

He left town, packed up everything he had into a small backpack. Looking back upon the town once he grimaced, pain was more powerful when in your heart, then though the cut of a blade. Looking at his new sword, he though of the name. It was one of many old sayings: "be like a Petal in the wind, strike with the force, do not fight the flow and you shall cut cleanly- and shall cut true." It was a good name. He began down the long road ahead; the storm would follow him, and it looked to be begining to clear over the town already, a long road ahead...