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Legeand was born in one of the smaller villages of the Almebezbikian Empire, a small community of farmers and militia men called Isilville. Isilville is half way in between The Castle of the Canyon Guardians and the port city of Lower Bard's Bridge more commonly referred to as Hell. His father was once a young adventuring warrior, found a wife and settled down, becoming one of Isilville's militia men. His mother is a seamstress and also helps around the village with many of its other tasks. As one of many youths growing up, he trained with his father and helped out the local farmers and blacksmith. A wonderful life for a simple world. However, it was not enough for him. He shared his dream to go and see the world, of his dream of becoming a great swordsman. He told this to many of his friends, but they all said he should keep his head out of the clouds. His father taught him how to wield a blade and how to focus his mind by fueling a single blaze of energy in his mind to burn up all other emotions. A void and a spark of energy.

It was a cloudy morning when she came to him. One of his close friends named Chelsia told him she had found a way for him to go and see the world, but it would mean the destruction of his humble home. He outright refused and scorned her for thinking and doing such things as she had done. Turning, he went to leave, but she called to him.  It burned, the blade with which she slashed his nose. Reaching out his mind, he gasped his father's lessons and a blaze of energy more brilliant than an exploding star rampaged though his mind. Not until after the deed was done did he realize what he had done. She was pummeled into a state like a limp rag and torn apart like parchment. Their conversation had not been as private as she had wanted, and several people in the building near them had listened in on their conversation. He was not blamed for what he had done, but they were afraid of the dark side that had burned out in his moment of fury.

* * *

Looking upward into the gray sky, Legeand breathes deeply. Even with a soft warm breeze, he knew a storm would come later that night by the smell of the air and how rich and thick it felt. Sighing, he looked around him trying to find a good place to buy some of the items his mother required from a long list he had been given. Taking a look at the list scribbled down on a scrap of parchment, he felt a tug on his arm.

"Hey, day dreamer," the voice called.

Looking up he saw one of his close friends, Chelsia. Even in a simple dress and blouse she was beautiful. Shoulder-length, curled, chestnut brown hair with a light tinge of red and sky blue eyes, sharp and cold as ice. She stood a bit under him in height and smirked, pulling his arm.

"Come with me for a minute, you."

"As you wish," he bowed jokingly, placing the scrap of parchment inside a pocket. He moved to follow her tug and followed her quickly as she lead the way though a few groupings of people and around several stalls, only taking a quick glance into them trying to keep his mind on the task of the list. Eventually, she pulled him into a small side alley alongside two shops. Turning around with a warming smile she looks like she was ready to burst from something she wanted to say.

"What?" he asks quizzically, a slight chuckle and he asks again. "What?"

"I found a way for us and some of our friends to get away; to see the world!" she almost laughed with glee as she looked deeply into his eyes.

"What? How? Who? Where?" he asks looking at her, almost wanting to disbelieve her.

She looks around for a moment and moves in closer to him and begins to talk in a soft whisper, "There are some people, from outside of town a few miles away. They want a guide to one of the bigger cites."

She still speaks softly, taking another look around before continuing, "War raiders, they said. They will spare some of us if some can take them to one of the bigger towns."

He flinches at the words she speaks and screams at her, "War raiders?! War raiders? Are you an idiot!"

Turning and walking a few paces, he is angry and does not want to hit her.

"They can say anything and mean the opposite. They go against everything we stand for! And, you stand here and tell me you wish to deal with them?" he spits on the ground.

"Well, it is better then just being killed at their hands. Do you think the militia can even fight them? They have more training then you can get from that fool of a twit that is your dad," her face contorted in anger; her features no longer feminine.

"Better than a simple death here alone and not having even seen a different sky and different ground. Why can you not see I am only thinking of us!" she screams back at Legeand.

"Because you are not! I cannot leave, hurting anyone I know and love. Not anyone." he winces in pain that he feels at her words, he turns and takes a few steps away again. "I must go tell everyone about this, maybe..."

"Legeand! If you are not with me..." Chelsia screams.

Legeand turns to look at her, but in that instant he feels the warmth of blood on his face. In her hand is a short sword. Where she had hid it, he did not know.

"If you are not with me, you are against me," she growled lowly at him

Taking a step she goes to slash at him again. Time seems to slow in his mind, everything empties, nothing remains. A spark arises, clean and azure in his mind. It explodes into a storm of energy. His vision narrows, darkening even the grayed sky, everything centered on this moment. One heartbeat and he recoils his arm and a second he strikes her in the shoulder, forcing her to drop the sword. A second strike followed by a third and she stumbles and he kicks at her knee, snapping it gruesomely. His face contorted in a grimace or was it a grin of bloodlust?

"Legea..." her voice yelps for a moment, eyes filled with tears.

But the voice is lost in this moment of clear mind.

Standing up, he pants. An eternity has past. He could not stop; not till her spark was snuffed out, his hands bloody and his wound bleeding all over. A crowd has gathered and it was then he noticed people had begun to hold him, stop him from continuing his maddened brawl against her. They speak, but he can only hear her last word running though his blank mind.

"What... What have I done?" he asks meekly.

* * *

The village elders voted for him to leave. Packing what he needed, his father stopped him before leaving his home. Giving him his old adventuring blade, a beautiful hand-and-a-half sword that is straight ending in a single angled cut bending over to the opposite edge. Both edges are sharp, it has a small edge of metal extend from a straight hand guard up the long edge of the blade. Along the flat of the blade are etched many types of pedals in a manner to make them look like they were floating on a light breeze. He says that this is the time for him to find himself and to find out why his void and spark created such a nightmare. A story like many and a bloodline yet hidden. The future waits for him to begin walking his path.

It has been a long journey for him. Reaching Redemption took much from him. A true hardship, traveling to Redemption to deal with the ramifications of Chelsia's betrayal, death and his own banishment from his home of Isilville. Most would be in glee or rapture at the sight of such a beautiful town such as Redemption, but he could not find it in his heart to be in wonder. Many things worried him and he felt a heavy burden on his shoulders.

"Petals in the Wind" doodle. Also shows sheath and quiver device worn by Legeand.

Note- sorry the doodle is a little off, Its a strait blade, and the markings are supposed to be petals, but I'm not that good at doodling yet ^^;

Legeand Thre'bruell