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Pentatina 6, 1000 PC

Our heroes have gathered at the Chicdell estate to assist in the safe journey to and from Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos for an audience between Oliveryn and his grandfather, Mayor Hardun Chicdell.  After an extended absence from the group, Mask arrives offering her help (and the chance to get close to Hardun).

The group sents out lead by Mask as the sun begins to get low in the sky, intending to reach the castle just as Tetrasol sets.  Within sight of the castle's gates Wintersky spots an assassin attempting to get in proximity to Oliveryn to kill him.  Despite the assassin's clever tactics, the heroes are too much for him and is not even able to approach his quarry.  Spared his life, the assassin is interrogated by Ozimius, Mask and T'Krosh, who tells them that Groves hired him and another dozen assassins to assassinate the mayor's grandson before biting down on his alchemical tooth and commiting suicide.

Our heroes enter the castle just after sundown and are treated cordially by the staff and Hardun.  The mayor acknowledges the problem with House Groves and that he is allowing his enemies to disgrace Morrisul and his House.  He also assures Wintersky that Teton ambassadors will have safe passage to and from Troll's Bridge once Groves is dealt with.  After indicating that Oliveryn and he will meet again to discuss business, Hardun bids our heroes a good night and dismisses them.

The night has grown particularly dark by the time our heroes begin their journey back to the Chicdell estate.  As the pass through the area where the assassin attacked, nearly a dozen vampire spawn set upon the group.  The night is illuminated by multiple fireballs and holy radiance, which quickly destroy the undead.

Our heroes safely make their way back to their various destinations, Mask to The Floating Tower, Ozimius to Blood Cloth Inn and the remainder of the heroes to the Chicdell estate.

A busy week goes by with the spending of money, performing of duties and getting familiar with the city.

The sun begins to set as preparations are made to visit Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos and Hardun Chicdell.

Sparta: Oli, are you sure you want to go see your gaffer?

Oliveryn: It is customary to visit the head of government with a new heir to a house has taken over.

Nyza: If we all travel as a group, me do not wear a disguise.

Sparta: You big folk sure make life complicated.

Oliveryn: Usually, I would visit the Council of Houses, but since my grandfather is the Mayor and new ruler. I think it is still customary to go.

Oliveryn adjust his formal attire.

Sparta: But, I must say, Lord Oli, you sure look spiffy and sporting those threads.

Wintersky practices looking regal.

T'Krosh: I doubt anyone will notice if I do not dress formally, heh.

Legeand: Scratches his stubble.

Legeand: As long as we keep near and the assassins do not try to attack, we should be fine.

Nyza (to Wintersky): You have that revive spell ready, just in case?

Our heroes have all gathered at the Chicdell estate to plan how to get Oliveryn to and from the castle.

Sparta: Fine? We are going to visit a vampire in his castle. You sure have a cheery outlook tonight.

Oliveryn: I think the securtiy at the Castle will be fine, as the Mayor and the Mayorial Heir will be in the same building.

Ozimius watches the group, staying to the side and a bit behind.

Wintersky: Yes, I have it ready. Did you know that it requires diamonds.

Nyza: Oh, me did not know! It is not fair that you pay for them, yes? The diamond-fee should come from our group hoard.

Wintersky: I paid for the first, but cannot continue to pay forever.

Oliveryn: On one point of discussion, there can be no verbal discussion about the rebellion and my part associated to it. We need to look like I am the good son. The one that will be his voice in the daytime.

The butler interrupts the discussion.

Butler: My lord, there is a rather mysterious visitor at the gates going by the name of Mask. Shall I have the guards escort this person in?

Ozimius: Take the money from the group funds. Otherwise, we waste time putting money in the pot, Wintersky.

Ozimius: Mask? Mask who?

Oliveryn: Escort her in, but bring guards.

Nyza: How do you forget, Ozi! She is the wizard that travel with us (and insult me...)

Ozimius winks.

Ozimius: We do not know any Mask.....

Sparta: You are too generous, Miss Sky. You should have your patrons reimburse you.

Wintersky: I do not have patrons, only friends and soon to be friends.

The butler leaves to retrieve the visitor.

Ozimius (to butler): Bring porcelain face in if you would.

Wintersky: Be nice, Ozi, it costs you nothing and makes you seem generous.

Sparta: I thought you did not know her?

Ozimius grins at Wintersky.

Ozimius: I will try.

Wintersky: He has not had sex with her yet.

Legeand: He is as bad as rabbits in the spring.

Ozimius chuckles and winks at Wintersky.

Oliveryn: "Know her" is too loose of a phrase with Ozi, these days.

Oliveryn brushes of his coat and puts it on.

Ozimius: I am repopulating the Sajenese Empire, one baby at a time.

Wintersky: Just be a good papa.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: There is nothing bad about Ozi or rabbits carrying on. It is perfectly natural.

The butler leads a red-robed, black-iron masked Mask into the room, guards nearby.

Wintersky: Now that Ozi's sex life is taken care of, perhaps we should plan how to get to the castle.

Sparta: Though Ozi does seem to have trouble recognizing what is natural

Mask: Hello again, all.

Nyza: Hail.

Ozimius looks Mask over.

Oliveryn: Hello again, my dear Mask.

Wintersky: Nice to see you again.

Mask: You are too polite, Wintersky.

Wintersky: Not at all.

Oliveryn: What might we do for you this fine day.

Mask: I thought I may be of service to you in your audience.

Mask: I have become quite familiar with the castle lately.

Oliveryn: My audience, when I visit my grandfather?

Mask: Yes.

Ozimius watches Mask with distrust.

Wintersky: What have you been doing at the castle?

Mask: You are all planning on attending, yes?

Oliveryn: I suppose you will be wearing some, other form of disguise.

Ozimius: Do we have a choice?

Sparta: Sure you have a choice.

Mask: Of course, you have a choice, Ozimius.

Nyza: Assuming the facepiece is not a disguse already. You ARE Mask, yes? Not an assassin perhaps?

Sparta: Lord Oli is the only one obligated to go.

Ozimius: If she is, we can take care of that.

Ozimius grins wickedly.

Mask: I am Mask. I have only acquired new robes and a new mask.

Sparta: Though if we send him up there alone, he may not come back in one piece.

Mask: Being recognized as the white witch was becoming to difficult to deal with.

Oliveryn: I think I will be the only one to actually visit my grandfather, but I am entitled to an entourage.

Wintersky: You think you are going in there alone?

Nyza: That does not sound very safe. You may come back with a new "gift" if you catch my meaning.

Mask: I would not suggest a one-on-one meeting with that monster, meaning no offense, Oliveryn.

Oliveryn: Possibly to see him, but I think we are all invited to the castle. So, if there is trouble, you will be close at hand.

Ozimius: I am looking forward to meeting him, actually.

Oliveryn: Well, I doubt he will be willing to see all my...knew found good friends. Would you say, Mask?

Wintersky: I think visiting him in private is a mistake.

Oliveryn: But then again, he gives the final orders when we get to the castle, so maybe he would like to see you all.

Mask chuckling behind her mask, "I am sure he is quite interested."

Oliveryn: Possibly.

Oliveryn smirks.

Ozimius: Perhaps Oli should arrange a meeting in a more neutral place. The Blood Cloth, perhaps?

Mask: Neutral to whom?

Ozimius: To Hardun.

Wintersky: I am sure he wants blood, just not sure that cloth will satisfy.

Ozimius: Or perhaps a more secure place. Atop the highest roof perhaps?

Oliveryn: The Mayor would not agree to that Ozi, unless he was drugged and kidnapped.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: That too may be possible.

Wintersky: How about the main square at high noon?

Sparta: As good as that sounds, I do not think drugs will do him much harm.

Nyza: As long as Oli acts as the "good" son, me do not see how he will convince Hardun to meet anywhere else.

Oliveryn: I doubt think he would show up way or another.

Wintersky: Did not think he would. just do not get into the gilded cage.

Oliveryn: I agree with Nyza. I doubt this will be the time we kill him. We still have a lot of planning to do with the rebellion; positioning the Houses.

Oliveryn: We will get our chance, though. In due time.

Oliveryn: This is just a meet and greet and get out.

Wintersky: Let us assume that we go to the castle and behave ourselves. The only thing is refuse to be separated.

Wintersky: I dislike the idea of buffets.

Sparta: Buffet? Where?

Oliveryn: Meet and greet makes you think of a buffet?

Ozimius: I do not care where. Let us just do it and make it someplace dark. With lots of shadows.

Oliveryn: Meet, not meat.

Ozimius: Oh, and an open roof.

Mask snickers behind her mask.

Wintersky: Sparta must be rubbing off on me.

Wintersky: Halfling must be catchy.

Oliveryn: I thought you were a vegetarian, Wintersky.

Legeand: Just do not get too short, Wintersky.

Sparta: We are really rather hard to catch.

Wintersky: You thought wrong. My people hunt and gather.

Ozimius: So, when is this meeting Oliveryn?

Oliveryn: Hunt large broccoli I see.

Wintersky: Attempts to tweek Sparta to see if halfling are truly hard to catch.

Oliveryn: Anyway, we can leave now. I believe there are two carriages waiting for us outside.

Mask: So, what plans have you made for the trip to the castle?

Ozimius: Let us go. We have been standing here so long; the grass is growing between my toes.

Oliveryn: Go in, say hi. Leave without losing any blood?

Wintersky: None so far. We have been chawing wood.

Mask: Halfling is catchy.

Sparta dodges out of her way.

Nyza: Oli, perhaps you should wear my hat. Assassins cannot attack you if you are not "with" us.

Mask: I mean getting you there without you getting assassinated.

Wintersky: His grandfather cannot welcome him if he is not with us.

Mask: Again.

Oliveryn: Thank you, Nyza. But I can do that already. If we are attacked I will alter my image to someone else.

Oliveryn: How far is the carriage ride, I forget.

Wintersky: After you are attacked, it is too late.

Mask: It does not matter. The whole city knows about this visit.

Sparta: The last assassin was sneakier than Ozi.

Nyza: Remember last time, Mister Dies-to-a-single-wimpy-stab?

Oliveryn: Well, if they take the carriage while I am inside with the blinds down. I can alter my image inside.

Ozimius: Shut up, Sparta.

Wintersky: I will be very near, Oli.

Ozimius frowns.

Ozimius: Do not rub it in.

Oliveryn: Is that a proposal, Winter.

Oliveryn winks.

Mask: Hmph.

Ozimius: Jealous, Mask?

Mask: Do you think a carriage is going to protect you?

Oliveryn: Well, my friends here can ride in the carriage and Mask can teleport me.

Mask: Not I.

Legeand: Makes for an interesting distraction.

Ozimius looks dubiously at Mask.

Oliveryn: Why not. I have seen you zoom in and out of places like a lightning bolt.

Nyza: Nyza can, if you do not mind the very small risk of having your body scattered into a million different locations at once.

Mask: That is an excellent idea, but I do not teleport by myself.

Wintersky: How many can you teleport, Nyza?

Oliveryn: Sounds dangerous.

Oliveryn: Maybe I will just sprout wings and fly myself.

Nyza: Myself and three others, Ms. Sky. It would take several trips.

Wintersky: Oh, are you Ozi now?

Ozimius grins.

Wintersky: Some of us could ride over to the castle first.

Oliveryn: No, but I can sprout wings and fly if need be.

Mask: Are all those halberdiers going to escort you as well. I think you will just get them killed if there is a mass attack from assassins.

Ozimius: Well, let us get moving.

Oliveryn: Yes, but their honor in protecting me will be fulfilled, Mask.

Oliveryn: Their honor will be hurt if they cannot come and die for me. You should have heard them crying last time I almost died.

Oliveryn (sarcastically): They were almost heart broken.

Wintersky: You are their Lord and supposed to protect them.

Mask: I do not think you pay them enough for that.

Oliveryn: Then, I need to get better guards.

Oliveryn look at Ozimius.

Ozimius: Do not let your position go to your head, Oli.

Mask: The sun is getting low in the sky, we should get to the castle as the sun sets to avoid the night creatures at least on the way there.

Mask: Less assassins too.

Oliveryn: OK, sounds good.

Wintersky: Do we have to go today?

Oliveryn: And, no I am not letting my position get to my head. I just think some of this talk is humorous.

Ozimius starts off in the direction of the castle, staying in the shadows.

Oliveryn waits for Mask to lead the way. as it seems she knows the best way.

Nyza: How long will this trip take?

Wintersky casts Warning and mounts Cinder.

Mask: It is about a half an hour. We have just enough time.

Sparta whistles to Ringo and follows Lord Oliveryn.

Wintersky: Are we planning to stay all night?

Our heroes depart the Chicdell estate and head out to the main road, travel through the Lord's Plaza and take the castle road passed the Illman, Quaid and Donamal estates.

Wintersky watches for assassins.

Ozimius moves from shadow to shadow.

Nyza gauges the reactions of the locals as she rides by in her normal shape.

Just passed the way to Honor Shipping, a suspicious wagon on the side of the road draws the groups attention.

Oliveryn wonders what he is going to say to his grandfather.

Ozimius stops and watches the wagon from the shadow of a nearby tree.

Nyza: Oh Legeand, do you have that ring handy? The one that stores spells.

Legeand: Ah, yes.

Legeand holds out the ring.

Nyza taps the ring, casting Mirror Image into it.

Nyza: There. If we get in a bind, it should help you much.

Legeand: Not that I cannot handle too much, but it should help.

Wintersky: TalksMuch can you tell what is up with that wagon?

Nyza: What is with the rain? Did Ozi annoy you again, Ms. Sky?

Legeand: Just do not roll the dark ones eyes.

Wintersky: Assassin in the tree.

Just before rain begins to fall the area falls into darkness.

Ozimius frowns at Wintersky and her rain.

Sparta: Who would a thought entangle would be useful in this damn city.

Legeand: Always think ahead Sparta. never know what can be useful where.

Legeand moves forward in the darkness.

Nyza begins casting a summoning spell from the depths of her robe.

Oliveryn casts Invisibility.

Mask chants and casts Dispel Magic.

Mask's spell seems to have no effect.

Ozimius casts Ebon Eyes.

Ozimius (yells): By the wagon!

Sparta begins summoning a small fire elemental.

Legeand: Like we can see!

Ozimius: In that case Legeand, the wagon is the safest place. Stand there!

T'Krosh: Darkness can be useful, but not now! Kurtulmak, banish this magic!

Ozimius: Wintersky, please stop the rain before you hurt someone!

Legeand: Now is when the fun begins!

The darkness fades.

Wintersky charges passed the assassin and fires her bow at him as she rides by.

Legeand: Runs forward drawing his sword.

Three glowing lantern archons materialize in the middle of the battle.

Nyza: Archons! The dark one by the wagon kills for money - punish him!

The archons advance on the assassin at Nyza's prompting.

Nyza moves up and casts her missiles.

The assassin drops to the ground unconscious.

Wintersky looks around for more assassins.

Nyza: Assassins are no match for a dozen rays of light at once!

The archons hover over the assassin.

Wintersky peeks in the wagon to make sure all is safe.

Nyza: Little ones, can you detect the area for more evildoers?

No more assassins appear to be around.

Oliveryn dispels his invisibility.

The archons pointing at Ozimius, T'Krosh and Mask, "They are."

Sparta moves to Oliveryn's side.

Ozimius makes an obscene gesture to the archons.

Sparta: I think we knew that already.

T'Krosh: Hmm, but they do it for the greater good!

Legeand: Yea, pretty much.

Nyza: Err, right.

Nyza dismisses the archons quickly.

Ozimius: Amazingly intelligent friends you have there, Nyza.

Wintersky: Nothing like airing your dirty leggings in public.

Ozimius chuckles.

Mask: That rain will end soon, Wintersky, correct?

Ozimius: Scared Mask?

Wintersky: Well, Oli, is not evil. That is good to know. I have not wanted to look at my companions that way.

Oliveryn: Well, that was interesting.

Mask: I have been burned enough for a dozen lifetimes.

Oliveryn: How would I be evil?

Ozimius: Hmm. Good to know, Mask.

Ozimius grins.

Wintersky: I suppose it is watering the tree.

Legeand: There is a bit more than good and evil, but it is not why they do what they do, but what they do.

T'Krosh examines the assassin's life pulse.

Ozimius: He lives, T'Krosh?

Sparta: Not for long.

Mask: That was enough of a delay for darkness to fall. The gates of the castle are just up ahead.

Legeand grins a bit wickedly, "If he does live, heal him; let us bring a gift."

Ozimius: I think a few of us should talk to him. Perhaps the rest of you should leave.

T'Krosh: He lives, but he may soon wish that he did not. Let us extract some information from him.

Ozimius: I agree.

T'Krosh: Away from prying eyes, that is.

Oliveryn: Stick him in the portable hole and we will talk to him later.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius: T'Krosh, Mask and I should stay. You others should leave.

Sparta: Oli, we should get you indoors.

Ozimius: We will talk to our new friend.

Sparta: Do not dally long with him, Ozi.

Ozimius chuckles.

Mask: I can do that, but we should be quick.

Wintersky shudders.

Wintersky mounts Cinder.

Ozimius waits for the others to leave.

Mask: Revive him a bit, T'Krosh, please.

Nyza: Fine, let us continue on. Just do not kill him.

Ozimius: Yes, please do T'Krosh.

T'Krosh: How good are you at tying a knot, human?

Legeand: Check the wagon while your at it. You never know what you might find.

Ozimius: Not to worry, T'Krosh. He will not escape.

There is nothing in the wagon.

Wintersky: Let us go.

Nyza takes Oliveryn's hand and leads him back into the carriage.

The assassin comes to.

Nyza: That went much better this time!

Wintersky: So far.

Oliveryn: Yeah, I think so also.

Ozimius draws Imhiakaam's Gift and waits for the others to go.

Mask: So, we have an assassin to interrogate.

Sparta stays by Oliveryn's side.

Ozimius: That, we do.

Sparta: Yes, you did not die.

T'Krosh: Ozi, I do not know this town. Where do we take him?

Wintersky: But if we do not leave soon, I am going to be sick.

Assassin looks terrified at Mask as her mask glows with red electric streaks.

Sparta: Let us get Oli to the castle. They will not be long.

Ozimius: Gag him T'Krosh. Any dark place will work for the moment.

Assassin: I...I... do not kill me.

Ozimius (chuckling): We wont.

Mask: Are you sure?

Wintersky leads the way to the castle gates.

Ozimius: But, we must make sure you do not escape.

Mask giggles behind her mask.

T'Krosh: Cooperate with us and you will not die.

Ozimius: T'Krosh asked you a question.

T'Krosh: (whispers to Ozi) I did?

Assassin: I am cooperating.

Ozimius: Who hired you.

Sparta: Come on Oli, let us go.

Oliveryn follows Sparta.

Assassin: Groves...Morrisul Groves.

Ozimius: How many others are waiting?

Mask: He is becoming a problem.

Oliveryn stops a second and goes back to the assassin.

Ozimius gently runs Imhiakaam's Gift over the man's knees.

Assassin: A lot...A dozen.

Sparta: Oh, bother.

Ozimius: Where are they.

Sparta follows Oliveryn.

Oliveryn: You said Groves hired you?

Wintersky: Come on, you two.

Assassin: He paid me.

T'Krosh: Ozi, we have an opportunity here. Let the softskin justice system do its work.

Oliveryn: How much?

T'Krosh: What is your name?

Assassin: A thousand monarchs.

Ozimius: Justice?

Oliveryn laughs at the amount.

The assassin bites down hard.

Oliveryn: Are you all about the matter who pays?

Sparta casts Delay Poison in vain.

The assassin burbles and chokes...and dies.

Ozimius: Damn!

T'Krosh: Wonderful.

Ozimius uses Imhiakaam's Gift to cut off his head.

Oliveryn: Well...I guess I will not use him to kill Groves.

Mask: Is that not your option, Ozimius?

Ozimius: Wintersky will need this to get the answers from him.

Nyza (calling from the carriage): Hey! Nyza say not to kill him!

Ozimius: I think we should split up.

Sparta: He killed himself.

Oliveryn heads off towards the castle.

Nyza: He cut his own head off?

Ozimius: Oli and you can go to the castle by magic. The rest of us can take the wagon to draw out the assassins.

Oliveryn: We need to hurry before my grandfather gets...frustrated.

Ozimius: No Nyza, I cut it off for Wintersky to talk to.

Sparta: I think you just like dead heads.

Mask: Are you insane...never mind. A dozen assassins is more that we can handle.

Ozimius: What do you suggest then, Mask?

Mask: Let us get in the castle before the children of the night start prowling.

Ozimius: Fine. Let us.

Sparta runs to catch up with Oliveryn.

The heroes make their way to and enter the castle.

T'Krosh: Oh yes, one child of the night that we know is much better than a dozen unknown ones.

Our heroes are greeted by a group of servants and butlers and other castle staff.

Butler: Welcome to Schloss Tanglewood Zuooririmystos.

Nyza looks to Oli, waiting for him to speak.

Ozimius looks the servants over, watching for any Sajenese.

Butler: Mayor Chicdell is expecting you.

Oliveryn walks into the room and nods to the butler.

Oliveryn: Thank you.

Several of the staff look curiously at Mask as she enters.

Mask glares back at the staff from behind her mask.

Ozimius (whispers to Mask): Gee, making friends I see.

Oliveryn looks to see if he notices anyone from the old Chicdell estates.

Our heroes are lead through chambers and halls until they arrive at the great hall where an old man dressed in noble finery stands.

Ozimius looks over the old man.

Hardun Chicdell: Welcome, Oliveryn, my grandson.

Oliveryn: Greetings, my grandfather.

Oliveryn bows slightly.

Hardun Chicdell bows back.

Oliveryn looks towards the others to do the same.

Hardun Chicdell: How is the lord of House Chicdell this evening?

Nyza curtsies politely. T'Krosh simply nods.

Hardun Chicdell smiles.

Ozimius nods slightly.

Ozimius grins evilly.

Oliveryn: Doing well. Looking to buy some slaves and also to hire some new workers for the House.

Hardun Chicdell: And, these are the Heroes of Redemption I have heard so much about?

Oliveryn: Yes, yes they are.

Hardun Chicdell: Slayers of brigands, assassins, dragons and all manner of monster?

Oliveryn: Yep...a long list it seems.

Oliveryn smiles.

Hardun Chicdell: Come, sit.

Hardun Chicdell motions to a large table.

Hardun Chicdell takes a seat at the head of the table.

Oliveryn follows suit, sitting to his right.

Nyza looks at the seat. Then, grumbling, she looks for a box she can sit on.

Legeand, being one of the few to not bow, takes a seat midway along the table.

Ozimius takes a seat close to Hardun.

Hardun Chicdell: Bring wine for my visitors.

Sparta follows Oliveryn and sits at his other side.

Ozimius looks to see if the silverware polished?

Ozimius sees that the silverware is brilliantly polished and that there is no reflection of Hardun in it.

Sparta stays quiet and listens carefully to Hardun.

Wintersky stands off to the side.

Ozimius grins and chuckles softly to himself.

Mask takes a seat at the far end of the table.

Ozimius uses the silverware to look at Mask as well.

Ozimius then looks at Oliveryn's reflection.

Ozimius then verifies all of the others reflections.

Ozimius sees that everyone reflects except Hardun.

Oliveryn: So, grandfather. I hear the Houses have a grand festival planned for me soon.

Hardun Chicdell: Oh, yes. It should be grand, once the assassin problem is taken care of.

Oliveryn: Yeah, about that.

Oliveryn takes a sip of whatever drink is next to him.

Nyza: Why anyone would want to take your life is beyond me, Oli.

Oliveryn: It seems Lord Groves is a little jealous, recently.

Hardun Chicdell: There seems to be some sort of resistance that do not like you and, yes, Morrisul is very jealous.

Hardun Chicdell grins.

Hardun Chicdell: The resistance is in the process of destroying Groves and I am letting it happen.

Oliveryn: Well, I am glad you are very knowledgeable on what is happening.

Hardun Chicdell: His former Sajenese slaves have a particularly vicious surprise for him, I understand.

Ozimius grins.

Hardun Chicdell looks at Ozimius.

Ozimius widens his grin at Hardun's gaze as he looks him in the eyes.

Hardun Chicdell: I am glad that you have such capable protection while things settle.

Hardun Chicdell looking at Wintersky, "The noble Teton will find safe travel to the city once Groves is put in his place."

Nyza: He probably have learned it from the family. Being the leader of a city, you must need substantial protection yourself.

Hardun Chicdell: Quite right, maekrix.

Wintersky gazes at Hardun thoughtfully.

Nyza ponders Hardun's choice of words.

Hardun Chicdell: So, Oliveryn. Are you taking to your duties alright. I know they probably seem tedious.

Hardun Chicdell: You know...meetings, aristocrats calling, cetera.

Oliveryn: has been kind of tedious at first, but I am slowly getting into the flow of things.

Hardun Chicdell: That is very good to hear. I thought you might have gotten the adventuring bug.

Hardun Chicdell: I would not blame you.

Oliveryn smiles.

Nyza: Oh, were you an adventurer yourself?

Hardun Chicdell: Hardly. Aristocrat to the end.

Ozimius scans the room carefully, looking for any small animals such as familiars.

Oliveryn: It has been a little difficult adjusting from walking all day to now sitting all day.

Oliveryn: I think so it is a good change in the end.

Oliveryn: Less blisters.

Hardun Chicdell: You could use a little weight on those bones.

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn slaps his stomach.

Oliveryn: Maybe a little.

Oliveryn laughs.

Hardun Chicdell: Well, I do not want to keep you too late and I have much to do as well. I am sure there will be no end to the gossip about this meeting come the morning.

Ozimius "accidentally" cuts his finger with the silverware and watch for a reaction from Hardun at the sight of blood.

Hardun Chicdell sniffs ever so slightly and grins.

Oliveryn: You know the Houses. They will spin a thread into a shirt by tomorrow.

Ozimius chuckles and grins at Hardun slightly.

Hardun Chicdell chuckles.

Hardun Chicdell: Tis true, my boy.

Hardun Chicdell: I will let you go and will schedule some more time to talk business when things calm down.

Hardun Chicdell stands.

Oliveryn: Sounds good.

Oliveryn stands as well.

Ozimius stands.

Hardun Chicdell: I wish all a good night.

Oliveryn bows slightly to his father.

Ozimius nods to Hardun

Oliveryn: Goodnight, grandfather.

Legeand rises and gets ready to leave.

Hardun Chicdell makes a courtly bow to all.

Nyza follows suit, as does T'Krosh.

Hardun Chicdell exits the hall followed by several advisors.

Butler: May I show you out, Lord Chicdell.

Oliveryn: Yes. please.

Ozimius follows the butler.

Wintersky follows the procession out.

Our heroes are escorted out the way they came.

Oliveryn: Well, that went well.

Oliveryn nods to everyone in the party.

Wintersky: We are not home yet.

Legeand: Meh, politics are to stuffy for me.

As the heroes leave the castle, they see that darkness grown almost pitch beyond the lights of the courtyard.

Ozimius: Nice night it seems.

Wintersky: Wintersky casts Greater blindsight shared with SnowShadow.

Nyza: Me wonder if assassins will attack if Oli is not among us.

Legeand: It would be smart, seeing as we are protecting him.

Nyza: The two of us could teleport back to the manor, but me do not want to leave the rest of you in a fight.

Ozimius: Take Oli and go. They want Oli, not the rest of us.

Nyza (to Oliveryn): Shall we?

Oliveryn: If that is what everyone else wants to agree on. I will be willing to stay and give any service if there an attack.

Oliveryn: But if you want to teleport back to the House, then that is fine as well, if everyone agrees.

Ozimius: Since you are the target, there will be no attack, Oli.

Wintersky: You are the one we are trying to protect.

Oliveryn: Maybe since you assicate yourself with me, they will attack you, drawing me out.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: I do not mind. It is good to get to know the local competition.

Wintersky: Let us stay together. We are stronger together than apart.

Legeand: I am fine either way.

Nyza: Alright, together it is then, Ms. Sky.

Mask: I think someone will die anyway if we are not all together. Any force they want to bring will out match any part of our number.

Wintersky: Let us go. Time is flying.

Nyza: You full of cheer, Mask.

Ozimius sighs and starts off into the darkness.

Oliveryn: Mask is always full of cheer, we just cannot see her smile.

Wintersky: Come on, Nyza. you like the chance to blow things up.

Legeand walks behind Ozimius.

Oliveryn: Well, let us all go together then. Mask, lead the way.

Wintersky follows on Cinder.

Nyza casts Mirror Image on herself.

Ozimius opens the gap between him and Legeand.

Our heroes begin the thirty minute trek back to the Chicdell estate.

Mask casts Darkvision.

Mask casts Mage Armor.

T'Krosh casts Freedom of Movement on Oliveryn.

Ozimius listens in the gloom.

Ozimius hears the typical sounds of the night of the city, but at a distance to the east.

Ozimius continues walking in the darkness.

Wintersky casts Mass Resist Fire on everyone except Nyza.

Wintersky: Now you can use your fireballs without killing us Nyza.

Nyza: Hah, that sounds like a challenge, almost.

Wintersky: Hey, burn up all the assassins.

Legeand: I like my skin not seared, thanks.

Wintersky: That is what the protection is for.

As our heroes approach the abandoned wagon there is movement up ahead in the darkness.

There are several slathering humanoids up ahead, blocking the way. There eyes glow with an evil, red light.

Ozimius grins.

Vampires: You killed our master...You killed our master...You killed our master...

Sparta readies his bow.

Ozimius: Not yet, we have not. But we will. I like your eyes by the way.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius advances towards the vampire spawn.

Sparta steps back.

Sparta and fires three arrows into the nearest of the nearest vampires.

Nyza: Hmph, no spell stops my fire.

Nyza casts a Searing Fireball.

Sparta feels his hair curl under the intense heat.

Nyza's fireball torches three of the four vampires it engulfs.

Sparta: Thanks, Nyza.

T'Krosh calls forth a smite in the form of Deific Vengeance on the vampire in front of him.

Mask casts a Fireball of her own and torches two of the three it engulfs.

Legeand advances and hits the vampire T'Krosh just smote.

Sparta shouts, "Use silvered weapons if you have them!"

Oliveryn starts playing an inspiring tune on his lute.

The vampire charges Legeand and slams into him. Legeand pales from the draining attack.

Wintersky activates her Talisman of Undead Mastery, holds aloft her Medicine bag and commands the vampires,"By the power of the Spirits I command you to be gone!

All the remaining vampires explode.

Wintersky: That worked well.

Nyza: Well, me cannot argue with results anway.

Ozimius sighs.

Legeand: Leaning over and grumbling "Damn vampires."

Sparta coughs at the vampire dust.

Oliveryn: Wow! Nice, Wintersky.

Ozimius: And they had such pretty eyes too.

Wintersky: I am fine with crisping them. I just can not do it.

T'Krosh: Are you alright, Legeand?

Legeand: I feel a bit weak from that last one.

T'Krosh: If you do not mind accepting healing from an EVIL lizard. Damn archons.

T'Krosh casts Restoration on Legeand.

Legeand: Like I said before. It is not your reasons, only your actions.

Legeand: Thanks you for the healing.

After the vampires have been defeated there are no signs of assassins anywhere.

T'Krosh: We are all in this together, so do not mention it.

There is nothing but dust left of the vampires.

Nyza sighs.

Sparta: I wonder who their master was? The vampire we fought in Redemption?

Wintersky: Did the assassin carry any treasure?

Nyza: They could not have come from your...acquantaince, Oliveryn. He had all night to kill us.

Ozimius: I do not agree, Nyza. I suspect Hardun sent the vampire to Redemption, and by default, these.

Oliveryn: I have no clue where these came from. If there is one vampire in Troll's Bridge, I have no doubt there are more. Possibly some that work for Groves.

Mask: They could have been Magnus Artural's spawn from centuries ago.

Sparta: Ozi, you think Hardun toys with us?

Ozimius: I do.

Legeand: What does it matter, they said their master was dead and now they lie dust at our feet.

Mask: Of course, he does.

Ozimius: Hardun, I suspect, is more powerful than we believe.

Mask: I imagine the rest of our way is clear if there were nearly a dozen vampires roaming the area.

T'Krosh: Perhaps this was some twisted test of Hardun's.

Ozimius: And, he has a great deal of self control.

Sparta: And, he can still pass for human.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: For the most part.

Nyza: Right, Mask, and Nyza do not want to spend all night in the cold.

Mask: Let us go then.

Wintersky: Are you not wearing your boots?

Oliveryn: Lets us go.

Nyza: Of course.

Nyza smiles at Wintersky.

Ozimius heads off toward the estate.

Legeand takes a moment to sheath his sword and catch a breath before heading to the estate.

Nyza: But, there is a little more to it than just heat, yes? Fire is movement, motion, excitement. Cold is still death.

Mask: I will return to The Floating Tower for now. It was good to see you all again.

Mask casts Overland Flight and takes off.

Wintersky: Good bye, Mask.

Ozimius: I think you can make it safely to the estate as well.

Ozimius unfolds his wings.

Ozimius: I will be in touch. Now, I wish to get some rest.

Nyza: Me stay by your side until we get home, Oli.

Ozimius leaps into the air, heading for town.

Wintersky rides beside the carriage.

Oliveryn: Thank you, Nyza. I will.

Our heroes make it back to the estate without incident in their own way.

Hardun Chicdell