Pentatina 3, 1000 PC

Post date: May 01, 2009 1:32:29 AM

I made another of my weekly visits to Troll's Bridge to torment and spy on Hardun this time.  This time I borrowed a couple of items from Isildul that altered my body to its former beauty and protected my mind from Hardun's vampiric domination and left my robes and mask behind.  I used Isildul's teleportation circle to enter Schloss Tanglewood Zuooriri Mystos and had a long look around the place while remaining invisible.

I then began teasing guards and staff until it prompted an appearance by the mayor.  Hardun's propensity to be hands off was displayed when he order me siezed, but the his guards were easily discouraged, subdued or dispatched depending on their persistence in assaulting me.  Of course Hardun just studied the array of spells I used in my defense and when the guards finally gave up, he spoke.  His dominating powers washed over me, but my defenses prevented held.

"You are not the naive, powerless girl Ezra brought to me all those years ago, Celesta," states the vampire.

I smile a seductive, evil smile learned from Imhiakaam, "No."

"I am to understand you took revenge upon Ezra?," Hardun surmizes.  "This is understandable after what he did to you.  I suppose you will not stop until I am destroyed as well?"

"I am reserving judgement on that," I lie. "I would rather assist your grandson in staying alive, provided he proves worth keeping alive.  That remains to be seen."

"Oh," the vampire says.  "You will find he is as vicious as I, but take your time testing him.  I am sure he will end up stronger for it."

Apparently one of Hardun's lackeys had been stalking up behind me, which I miraculously noticed in Hardun's perturbed glance at something behind me.  I quickly turned and forced the assailant to confront his greatest fear, which appeared to be his employer in a raging blood frenzy.  The poor fellow fell frightnened to death.

"That is too bad," I taunt Hardun. "All that blood gone to waste."

Hardun takes a step forward with a growl showing his true vampiric nature.

I point at him with a flare growing in my hand that causes him to pause.

"Do not make me snap to judgement, Hardun," I spit, restraining the launch of a ball of fire.

"Fool!" shouts Hardun, referring to the dead one behind me. He quickly calms himself and smiles.

"You have powerful friends to have restored your infinite beauty after such a conflagration," says the mayor returning his attention lustfully to my naked figure. "I would like just a little bit of that."

"I am sure you would, but not of this," I say as I drop the effect making me beautiful to reveal the horror that my body now is. "Someone even more evil than you kept me alive after what you and Ezra did to me.  She has my emnity, but also my gratitude for a chance at vengeance.

I drop the fireball between Hardun and myself, the distance just great enough to effect neither of us, dash out of the hall and launch myself into the sky.  As I enter Tanglewood, I can hear the distant insane cackle of Hardun.