The Legacy of Imhiakaam's Gift

Post date: Mar 22, 2009 4:1:47 AM

Ozimius has begun the long, dangerous journey to The Hells. Nagav, Imhiakaam's son, has lured him into the first steps of this path by convincing him to steal Luvian's Lute from Oliveryn in exchange for a Baatoran green steel dagger.

Ozimius had resolved to steal the dagger properly and kill Gaultarkis as Nagav adviced. Ozimius tacks a note to the back entrance of Redemption Mercantile with Imhiakaam's Gift stating so. Thus, Ozimius slips closer to Imhiakaam's grasp.

Nagav tries to destroy the group's trust in Ozimius as well as Ozimius' confidence by bringing the note to the town council and slipping the dagger back into Ozimius' belt. In an effort to thwart Nagav's designs, the council suggests a visit to Zelmbring to consult with the priests there.

Nagav is at the inn when Ozimius arrives back there alone. Nagav enters Imhiakaam's Gift, enchanting it, after striking a mutual deal with Ozimius to increase each others power. Ozimius immediately reneges, confiding in the rest of the group and Tesela Argrave. Nagav quickly begins to assert his dominance once Ozimius attempts to return to Zelmbring.

For now, Ozimius seems to have shaken off Nagav, though he still carries Imhiakaam's Gift. When Ozimius finally kills Nagav, Imhiakaam begins her attempt to seduce Ozimius and conceive another offspring to wield Imhiakaam Gift's powers.

Ozimius meets Imhiakaam disguised as Balis Sphinx, a seductive Sajenese rogue, and she will do everything in her power to get him to trust her. She eventually wants him to father her next child, since he killed Nagav. She finds the irony that his own child will be his ultimate downfall humorous.

To Imhiakaam's delight, it only takes one month to get Ozimius into bed with Balis and consummate their relationship.  Now she feels the need to begin distracting the assassin with concerns for Balis' safety, once he discovers she is pregnant.

Timeline of Events