Kobold Tribes

The Sha'Tek


A young tribe found within the Tanglewood. It is located far to the east of Redemption.

Leader: Varnil

Habitat: The tribe consists of a series of tunnels that run deep underground. A walled guard post on the surface keeps watch over the entrance.

Status: Engaged in mining operations and tunneling efforts. The tribe is still establishing itself in the area.

Note(s): A young sorceress by the name of Nyza recently slipped away from this clan without permission.

The Obulus


An old, well fortified settlement found southeast of Redemption. It is close to (but not situated on) the Almebezbikian River.

Leader: Wybak

Habitat: Dwellings are packed closely together above ground. There are some mining tunnels, but the majority of work is done harvesting ironwood trees to the northeast. The settlement is surrounded by a thick ironwood wall.

Status: Waging war against fey that oppose the foresting efforts.

Note(s): A kobold witchdoctor named T'Krosh departed this village after hearing news of the Sha'Tek tribe's missing sorceress.

(more to come! ... probably)