Ethyltina 28, 1000 PC

Post date: Jun 29, 2009 1:6:30 AM

Woke at sunup. Meditated, ate breakfast. Yentis still asleep.

Visited stable. Fed Biter. Exchanged greetings with Sparta and Luanes while there. Yentis still asleep.

Went back to inn. Tempted Yentis with a sliver of cheese. No answer.

Walked to library. They are still closed.

Am in park. Sleeping on rock until stores are open.

Late morning. Disturbed by softskin children playing with a ball. Did not incinerate them. Yentis awake. Cheese missing.

Visited seamstress shop about adjusting new robe to have a tail-hole. She is cautious about cutting a magic item. I insist.

Accidently summoned a fiendish giant wasp. Dismissed the spell, then was chased out of shop with a broom.

Am in library. Reading about magical beasts. Shocker lizards look tasty.

Mid afternoon. Returned to shop. Apologized. Finished adjustments on robe. Summoned a huge viper to test it. Chased out of shop with a broom.

At inn for lunch. Asked about getting a shocker lizard, but innkeeper says he does not cook them (nor does he know anyone who does).

Took Biter for ride on outskirts of town. Used rocks as target practice for spells.

Suggested throwing familiar into the sky and practicing feather fall. Yentis not enthusiastic.

Evening. Went to treasury. Swam in pile of dragon-gold for a few minutes.

Returned Biter to stables. At inn. Not enough meat for dinner.

It is getting cold at nights now. Fireplace fire is weak. I shoot a ray of flame at one of the logs, exploding it. Innkeeper wants 2cp for the wood. Did not incinerate him.

Scried on Bektul. No injuries in warband. Prospecting continues. Camp set up in shallow part of tunnels.

Tired. Yentis sleeping on my pillow again. Will rest at other end of bed.